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Sap Mm/wm/le Consultant Resume

Nashville, TN


  • Over 8 years of experience in SAP Material Management (MM), Warehouse Management (WM) and Logistics Execution (LE).
  • Good knowledge and experience with MM Sub - Modules Procurement, Inventory Management, Logistics Invoice Verification.
  • Experience in Quality Management (QM), including and not limited to Quality Planning, Quality Inspection, and all logistics of Quality Control.
  • Successfully completed 2 Full lifecycle implementations for MM/WM using ASAP Methodology and Production support post Go-Live.
  • Experience of working with different external systems for Quality Management, Planning, Distribution and Manufacturing systems.
  • Configured Inspection Plans, assigned Inspection Characteristics and Sampling Procedures to Inspection Plans.
  • Successfully completed 2 upgrade lifecycles for Procurement, Inventory management, andWarehouse management.
  • Experience in Integration testing, Unit testing, and User Acceptance testing of MM/WM related functionalities.
  • Experience in master data migration from legacy to SAP systems using LSMW.
  • Developed functional specifics for RICEFW objects, BADIs, BAPIs, IDOCs, EDIs, and User Exits.
  • Performed testing for MM/WM modifications using Cognos front end.
  • Coordinated with BI team in pulling various reports to be used in testing.
  • Worked in all phases of ASAP Methodology Project Lifecycle; including Project Preparation, Blueprinting, Realization, Final Preparation, Go-Live and Production Support.
  • Experience in configuring, testing, and documenting of business processes of Procurement, Inventory Management, and Warehouse Management on technical level.
  • Extensive experience in setting up master data related configurations for master data such as material master, vendor master, Purchase Info Records, source list, and quota arrangements for Procurement Module.
  • Experience in setting up quality inspection notifications and error messages for internal problems.
  • Did workshops on and configured Put-Away strategies, Stock Removal strategies, and Batch Management.
  • Excellent customer relationship, communication skills, a good independent worker and a team player.
  • Experience in Purchase Requisitions and order processing from both technical and business perspective.
  • Experience in maintaining master data such as material master, vendor master, Purchase Info records, and conditions.
  • Experience in Batch Management, such as creating high number of Purchase requisitions and Purchase orders automatically in batch mode.
  • Experienced with stock transport orders, purchase orders, vendor master, and Inbound/Outbound delivery processes.
  • Good understanding of transfer posting from stock to stock transfers between different stock types such as from quality inspection to unrestricted use after quality testing.
  • Experience in using MB1B for transfer posting of stocks as well as MIGO.
  • Excellent knowledge of basic Shipping functions, Deliveries, Delivery schedules, Picking/Packing, Goods Issue, Replenishment deliveries.
  • Experienced in setting up put away, picking strategies, defining movement types and interfacing the warehouse module with MM and WM.
  • Experienced in creating & setting up storage types, sections, bins, transfer requirements, Transfer orders & confirmations.
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills accompanied with team leading capabilities.
  • In depth understanding and practical application of SAP MM, IM, WM configurations.
  • Analyse and solve complex system problems as part of the overall SAP Warehouse Management and Supply Chain Support process, including: Delivery processing, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping, transportation, material staging for manufacturing, intercompany/interplant shipments.
  • Performed integration between warehouse management, inventory management, production planning, and delivery processing.
  • Experienced in warehouse management functionalities such as Bin Management, Planning and monitoring of movement of goods, Radio frequency, and Warehouse controls.
  • Carried out Warehouse management technical integration with Inventory Management, Shipping, and Production supply.
  • Business and functional knowledge of various storage types of material, such as high rack storage, bulk storage, and fixed bin storage.
  • Understanding of put away controls such as Controls in Storage Type, Storage Type Indicator, Storage Type Search Sequence, Storage Section Search Sequence, Special movement indicators.
  • Configured various Storage unit types such as Boxes, Pallets, and Lots for different clients as per business needs.
  • Experience in configuring WM and PP interface and good understanding of goods movement between warehouse and production plants.
  • Configured various production order types for clients as per business needs.
  • Configured and experience in using Warehouse Activity Monitor to monitor various warehouse goods movement.
  • Ability to manage projects in a timely manner, clearly anticipate and communicate project issues.
  • Completed successful go-live of procurement, end to end implementation.
  • Part of a successful go live of inventory management, end to end implementation.
  • Provide input to integration points with Warehouse Management and other SAP Modules.
  • Thorough understanding of the processes of goods receipts, return deliveries, subsequent deliveries on business and technical level.


OS Platforms: UNIX, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/windows 7.

Databases: MS-Access

Modeling Tools: Microsoft Visio

Other Tools: MS Project

Other ERP Tools: Microsoft GP

SAP Core: ALE, IDoc s

SAP Reporting: ALV Reporting, Hierarchical display, Business Objects XI

SAP Modules: MM, IM, QM, PP & WM

SAP: Procurement to pay cycle, Shipping, Transportation, Shipping Costs, Interfaces, Pricing, Account determination, release strategies, Inventory Management, MM-FI Integration and valuation, Logistics Invoice Verification, Warehouse Configuration, Decentralized warehouse, MM-WM, MM-SD Integration MM-PP and MM-PP-PI Integration, Split evaluation, SAP Console, Requirement gathering


Confidential, Nashville, TN

SAP MM/WM/LE Consultant


  • Conducted blueprint workshops to gather business requirements and make the client familiarize with SAP processes.
  • Prepared templates for migrating legacy data from the Sybase and oracle systems for vendor master, purchase order output determination.
  • Prepared documentation for mapping rules to migrate vendor master through LSMW.
  • Worked on solution manager for documentation maintenance and configuration activities.
  • Configured different account groups based on internal/ external number ranges, views, and field selections.
  • Worked on third party drop ship orders and creation of purchase orders based on item category determination in sales orders.
  • Worked in enhancing the program for conversion of purchase requisitions into purchase orders based on rules defined by the business.
  • Configured additional purchase order document types required by business to place orders with vendors.
  • Created class, characteristics and assigned configuration profiles to materials for variant configuration.
  • Created spec documents for enhancements for capturing rejections by vendors through EDI and automate the reject process.
  • Created spec documents for enhancements to capture credit card details during purchase order creation process.
  • Worked on returns process for third party scenario’s involving situations where the returns were routed through the warehouse.
  • Created functional specifications for various RICEFW objects identified during the business blueprint stage.
  • Analyzed EDI mapping templates for gaps and suggested fields in the IDOC segments to cater for orders placed via EDI.
  • Identified fields on IDOC segments to capture unplanned delivery cost during invoicing process.
  • Created specifications for purchase order output forms and packing slips for outbound deliveries and also capture additional field requirements as required by the client.
  • Created specifications for custom reports and also worked with the BW team in assisting them in determination of SAP fields required for BW reports.
  • Coordinated with ABAP and XI teams for enhancements and interfaces.
  • Coordinated with extensions teams and interface teams for creation of new part requests.

Confidential, Maryville, OH

SAP MM/WM Functional Consultant


  • Configuration in the areas of Material Management Overview, Organizational Structure, Purchasing, Master Data, Purchasing Info Record and Inventory Management.
  • Coordinated and performed successful analysis, design, configuration, testing and implementation of SAP Materials Management (MM) application module using SAP Reference IMG.
  • Configured Master Data: Created material groups. Setup quantity, value, valuation control, and valuation area grouping and valuation classes.
  • Configured Organizational Data - Created plants, storage locations, purchasing organizations and groups. Assigned plants, purchase organizations to company code, assigned factory calendar to plants and plants to purchasing organization.
  • Set up raw material planning using MRP. Set up bulk item in such a way that rail or truck shipment schedules are updated by MRP using scheduling agreements.
  • Master Data-Material - Maintained G/L accounts posting automatically. Created Material Master for different types.
  • Experience with integrating with the third-party procurement system for the consumable goods and the stock materials.
  • Configured settings for the Automatic PO generation in such a way that Purchase requisitions can be consolidated to form one Purchase Order provided Automatic PO is set for the material and the vendor.
  • Transaction Data Configuration-Maintained automatic posting for Goods Movement to G/L Accounts Transaction Data Configuration-Purchasing: Maintained purchasing tolerance limits.
  • Transaction Data Process - Created Purchase Requisition, request for quotations.
  • Maintained quotations. Performed price comparison and vendor evaluation, generated ranking list. Created Purchase Order, scheduling agreement and delivery schedule.
  • Transaction Data Configuration-Inventory Management: Maintained Goods Receipts Tolerance Limits. Created default values for Inventory Management Reservations.
  • Transaction Data Processes-Receiving - Created Goods Receipt.
  • Transaction Data Configuration & Processes-Invoice Verification: Maintained Invoice Receipt Tolerance Limits. Created default values for Invoice Verification. Created an Invoice Receipt.
  • Transaction Data Processes-Material Consumption - Created Goods Issue. Checked Materials & Account Documents.

Confidential, Detroit, MI

SAP MM/WM Functional Consultant


  • Studied the organizational structure to analyze the viability of implementing SAP MM/WM.
  • Discussed the feasibility and gathered information required for implementation at the client site.
  • Created and maintained the material and vendor master and incorporated all existing client records of the same into the system.
  • Assisted in legacy system transfer of master data through LSMW.
  • Configured the purchasing cycle including purchase requisitions, vendor evaluations and purchase orders with release procedures to suit client requirements.
  • Developed source lists and MRP procedures based on consumption.
  • Set up quota arrangements with vendors for purchase requisitions/orders, scheduling agreements, MRP.
  • Prepared documents for procurement of consumable materials.
  • Set up info records for subcontracting & consignments to meet certain core business requirements.
  • Configured the system to process goods receipts with tolerances for over and under delivery and further carry out invoicing
  • Defined goods transfer into various stock, created and confirmed transfer orders and postings.
  • Adopted stock transfer order techniques to assist in plant to plant stock transfers.
  • Created necessary documents required for the client to carry out the physical inventory process for cycle counting.
  • Conducted warehouse visits to visualize physical warehouse and configured the WM module interface with MM by defining storage types, sections, bins.
  • Set up RF devices for put away, picking activities & involved in the customizing of Mobile data entry such as Verification control, RF queue management, and Bar-code settings.
  • Defined put away and picking strategies and configured automatic creation of transfer requirements, transfer orders.
  • Activated Kanban replenishment system in warehouse management in co-ordination with production.
  • Tested the integration between MM /WM, PP, and SD.
  • Coordinated with the ABAP team by preparing FDD’s to develop specific user exits as required by the client.

Confidential, Seattle, WA

SAP WM/MM Consultant


  • Lead the MM efforts for new project for Confidential.
  • Configured new sites for Confidential .
  • Mass maintained existing articles for extension to new sites.
  • Prepared functional specs and worked with technical consultants to build interface with other systems for new sites.
  • Used test scenarios for Unit and Integration testing for SD Business Processes, Integration testing for new enhancements.
  • Resolved existing interface problems.
  • Worked with technical consultants on changes to existing code in custom programs to include new sites in the program.
  • Configured the consignment cycle for the new sites in Confidential .
  • Lead and supported testing of Master Data, Purchasing data and Inventory data along with business team.
  • Prepared LSMWs to extend article master to new sites, update article master data, upload initial inventory data.
  • Configured and monitor inbound and outbound Idocs and help to resolve the errors.
  • Responsible for analysing the problems in EDI/Idocs faced by the business.
  • Performed the Unit testing and supported testing team for regression testing and integration testing for processes in new sites.
  • Prepared and executed the cut over plan.
  • Involved in month end activities for Confidential and Confidential .
  • Involved in providing Production support to end user in MM.

Confidential, New York, NY

SAP MM/ P2P/ WM Consultant


  • Participated in AS-IS business process workshop and understand the current business requirements. Presented TO-Be workshop to the business users and mapped in SAP.
  • Identified the gaps between business requirements and SAP delivered functionality for Materials management and Production planning modules.
  • Configured WM Structure by Defining storage types, storage sections, storage bins, quants, doors etc.
  • Defined Storage Bin Structure for all Materials by defining Template, Structure, Start Value, End Value and Increment.
  • Defined Warehouse number, shipping point & assigned warehouse to storage location, shipping point to plant, transfer types, and movement types.
  • Assisted in SAP Console Implementation- Verification Profiles, RF Menus, Barcode Scanning, Screen Management, RF Queue Management.
  • Configuration of Put away rules and strategies.
  • Configured Warehouse Structure for RF devices and Mobile Data Entry for various movement types in warehouse and Activated RF monitor for various warehouse and inventory transactions, Created new forms for bar code labels and also Standard labels EAN128 and CODE39.
  • Configured storage types with and without Storage unit management and Handling Unit Management.
  • Worked on Split valuation for different valuation of material.
  • Worked on Batch management and split valuation.
  • Configured Account determination process and Configured Pricing procedure.
  • Developed Bar Code scanning and SAP Console for RF system integration which involved Warehouse Hierarchy structure, Placement and Picking Strategies, Shipment methodology, Customizing of Mobile Data Entry screens, activated RF monitor and user authorization analysis.
  • Configured HUM (Handling unit management) for Inbound and storage of goods.
  • Worked on Batch Management and activated batch status Management at Client Level Created Batch Classes Components (Finished Goods).
  • Built Shipping interface to the third-party system using EDI/IDOC.
  • Customized the "Serialization" and Serial number profile for inventory management
  • Configured invoice verification process, tolerance limits and planned and unplanned delivery cost.
  • Worked extensively on Service Parts Procurement with authorized suppliers.
  • Involved in Functional Integration Testing, end to end testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Hands on experience with testing tools, Creating test plans, procedures, issue resolution and user acceptance.

Confidential, West Palm Beach, FL

SAP MM/ WM Consultant


  • Understanding the business processes, mapping and preparation in MM for the SAP implementation.
  • Participating in the activities related to upgrading the system from ECC 4.6C to ECC 5.0.
  • Creating Purchase requisition, RFQ and Purchase orders using Source lists and purchase info records and using Release Procedures based on predefined Release Groups, Codes, Indicators and Strategies.
  • Defining conditions in purchasing process and implementing suitable condition type for the same to determine the pricing procedure.
  • Adding Contracts, Quota Arrangement and Scheduling Agreements to assist in source determination in the long run.
  • Setting up screen layouts for purchasing documents like Purchase Requisitions, Request for Quotations, Quotations, and Purchase Orders.
  • Taking care of Management of Stocks and Goods movement for implementing Goods receipts, Goods issue and Transfer posting.
  • Configuring settings for Goods Issues, Goods Receipt, Movement types and other relevant objects in Inventory Management as required by business logistics.
  • Maintaining Goods Receipt for a number of Purchase Orders and Goods Issue for various production orders and plant maintenance.
  • Processing Stock Transfers between Storage Locations and Plants using suitable procedure and movement type.
  • Configuring the Valuation of the Material for different material types; working on Debit & Credit Posting keys for Automatic Postings to G/L Accounts.
  • Creating specs for custom modifications and working with development team on user exits.
  • Testing the integration and compliance between MM and FI modules during customization.


SAP MM Consultant


  • Involved with Major Global implementation (nearly 40 countries) and as a part of Confidential site from Blue printing, Functional Design(WRICEF), Configuration and Testing
  • Interacting with cross functional team PP, TM, WM and GTS
  • Involved with Intercompany Process having one with Legacy and the other one with SAP.
  • Involved with sending from PR through Invoice through interface which involves iDOCs
  • Involved with Interim Intercompany Purchase to Order drop ship with Sales Order trigger PR, Auto PO conversion, Sending PO out through output type, receiving POA, ASN through iDOC, Auto Goods Receipt, Batch split and Invoice verification.
  • Involved with MRP different types of Planning, Planning order to PO, Reorder planning and Schedule lines
  • Involved with incomplete procedure IBD creation set up, for TM and Shipping.
  • Responsible for configuring Purchasing Document Types, Master data configuration like PIR, Source list, Vendor Master and Material Master.
  • Involved with PDD List: Purchase Requisition Processing, Standard Purchase Order Processing, Consignment Procurement, Subcontract Procurement, External Services, Third Party Order processing, Inventory Management, Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory.
  • Assisted each of the above processes catering to both MTS (Make-to-Stock) and MTO (Make-to- Order) environments with VC (Variant configuration) materials and Sales Order BOM’s (Bill Of Materials)
  • Solved the issues related to normal PO, Inter and Intra STO based PO and provided solutions to avoid future errors
  • Coordinated with cross functional / technical consultants in solving Cross-functional issues.
  • Solved the issues related to normal PO, service based PO and service entry sheet (SES) and provided solutions to avoid future errors.
  • Customized the price determination process by defining condition types, access sequences, calculation schemas and schema determination using condition techniques.
  • Involved with Setup Release Procedures for purchasing documents.
  • Involved with Configuration of Message outputs for Auto GR, POD, Scheduling Agreements.
  • Created a method in LSMW to extend material to multiple plants, storage locations and split valuation (New, Used and Damaged). Extend support to data migration using tools like ETL, LSMW, BDC Recording and interact with Back office associates during data migration.

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