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Sr. Sap Abap/ Technical Consultant Resume

Sunnyvale, CA


  • SAP Technical Consultant with 9+ years of technical experience in ECC/CRM/SCM/SRM Components, which includes Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflows(RICEFW) in SD, MM, WM, PP, QM, PM, HR, FI, and CO areas.
  • Experience working with Data Dictionary and in ABAP workbench tools, reporting, customization, conversions, master/transactional data loads and data extraction programs.
  • Experience with interactive ALV/OOALV reports, module pools and standard reports customization.
  • Experience in Inbound/Outbound interfaces using IDOC’s with ALE/EDI mediums RFC’s, BAPI’s and ABAP proxies.
  • Experience working with Inbound/Outbound SOAP based web services, ODATA services.
  • Expertise in Data Migration and writing Conversion programs using BDC call transaction - session method, BAPI and LSMW using various methods like Batch input recording, BAPI and IDOC’s.
  • Enhanced the SAP standard functions using user exits, screen exits, menu exits, field exits, enhancement points, BADI’s and enhancement framework.
  • Involved in developing various forms (SAP scripts/smartforms/adobeforms) exchange between business partners and within organization.
  • Good experience in developing dialog programming using screen painter and menu painter.
  • Experience in Creating and Configuring new workflows for validating business process includes data processing credit approvals.
  • Expertise in designing SAP Workflow based integrated solution in various SAP modules including extended notifications and offline approvals.
  • Experienced in performance tuning techniques using runtime analysis, SQL trace and buffer trace.
  • Experience in problem solving and debugging techniques.
  • Highly analytical with proven track record in troubleshooting workflow/programs, resolving issues and enhancing their performance.
  • Good experience in Object Oriented Programming by using OOPS concepts like data abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Strong experience in development and enhancement of standard Webdynpro applications, involved in creating context, Views, Windows, component usages across multiple projects.
  • Strong experience in documenting the existing process, analyzing business requirements and designing to be state process documents and working with the Quality Team.
  • Proven experience to deliver quality of work on schedule, meet customer expectations and adaptable in changing environments.


ABAP Expertise: classical reporting, interfaces, function module, RFC, BAPI,BDC, LSMW, workflow, webdynpro, SAP scripts, smart forms, ALE/IDOC, BADI, user-exits, and interactive reports using ALV,OO ALV, OO ABAP.


Operating system: WINDOWS2000/XP/7,UNIX.


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr. SAP ABAP/ Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0(SD/MM/FI)


  • As part of the CRU(Customer Replaceable Unit) automation project, involved in the development of the inbound interface which receives the file from GCRM in JSON format and create a return order for each CRUID using BAPI CUSTOMERRETURN CREATE and an email communication is sent to the concerned team if an there is an error while creating a return order.
  • Developed a routine which sends an email communication to the customer about the status of the RMA goods received and to confirm the next steps.
  • Worked with ROVER for email communication, which receives the XML file from the SAP and sends the email to the concerned parties in various languages
  • Developed a Workflow for sales order delivery block credit limits. When a sales order is held for credit check, workflow triggered and work item is sent for approval to the credit manager. If credit manager approves, the sales order is automatically released. Customized the business object for approval process.
  • Re-developed, for global template use, three Order to Cash OTC process workflows controlling delivery, billing and credit blocks on SD sales documents using SD-module BOR objects with special filtering logic to prevent one workflow process from spawning others.
  • Worked on BADI USER EXIT SAPLV50I 004 with Webdynpro to update outbound shipment processing information to customer.
  • Implemented a User exit for the FI module to deal with decimal places for currency amounts
  • User exits to give an error message if valuation type is not starting with values in custom table, depending on movement types for transaction MB1B.
  • Created a Function Exit to check any form of telecommunication available. If none of the fields (Phone/Telex/Fax) are provided for a vendor, an error message is shown.
  • Created multiple SAP Netweaver Gateway projects and fetched the data from the backend development system through OData and expose to the frontend UI.
  • Consumed restful API's to get the CRU details from the from front end based on the regions.The filtration is done through CRUID and regions.Based on this pulled up the backend data through an Odata service and to enable download function in a local computer through a fiori app when user clicks on the download button.
  • Added download functionality in an OData service,which downloads the report from a FIORI app when user clicks on the download button.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. SAP ABAP/ Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0(SD/MM/PP/FI).


  • Developed an Editable ALV report which provides the sales order details such as the status of sales order, available quantity, pricing details etc. using OOPS. Added the functionality of assignment of sales orders to contract and adjustment of the Contracts.
  • Developed an interactive actual vs plan comparison report for COPA with which business will get a plan to actual comparison report in ECC for supporting day to day operations with drilldown capability.
  • Created an ALV report listing sales orders with delivery block to identify if entire order is blocked for delivery. The selection criteria were based on the customer with partner Function, Sales Area (Sales Organization, Distribution Channel and Division) and Material.
  • Worked with BAPI PO GETDETAIL to get the details of delivered quantity of each items in the PO and worked with BAPI PO CHANGE to change the PO.
  • Developed an ALV report to list various details of the materials that are being dispatched on a day.
  • Developed ABAP Webdynpro ALV report for material shortage report for PP-module. Users use this view to see a stock requirements shortage report and use the information to save time when running material Requirements Planning (MRP) with adobe interactive form.
  • Created a report (Planning v/s Actual Production) that compares actual production done with planned production.
  • Enhanced standard IDOCs for B2B Customer Invoice, Purchase Orders, vendor contracts and transmitting to business partners via EDI (WTX). Configured message types, partner profiles, ports, custom outbound process codes and distribution channels.
  • Extensively working on Inbound IDOC creating and defining process code. Created partner profile and generated distribution model.
  • Created IDocs in FI for sending FI document using FIDCC1 and IDoc FIDCCP02 and Invoice using INVOIC and IDOC INVOICE02.
  • Worked on custom advanced planning and scheduling system via RFC in the Materials Management (MM) module.
  • Created ABAP proxy and developed inbound logic to create/update sales orders using BAPI SALESORDERCREATEFROM DAT2 and issue outputs by consuming data coming from B2B website via PI 7.10 and return created sales orders and messages.
  • Worked with the BAPI function calls to create a purchase requisition, fetch data related to the purchase requisition using BAPI PR CREATE, BAPI PR GETDETAIL and BAPI PR CHANGE.
  • This BAPI reads system status for a production order from table JEST and system status text from table TJ02T.
  • SAP PI such as message monitoring, component monitoring, performance monitoring, end-to-end monitoring in runtime workbench.
  • Extensively worked with Integration Builder Design & Configured PI Adapters like File, RFC, IDOC, SOAP, SFTP and MAIL as sender & receiver channels.
  • OSS Notes Analysis to fix the issues in standard transactions and implementation to resolve the issues. Trouble shoot BPC transport errors, BPC model & dimensional missing structures and fix by applying OSS notes, activate objects and deleting cache memory
  • Developed OData service to retrieve open invoices using service builder by generating model/data provider classes, creating entity sets using custom RFC’s, mapping RFC fields, redefinition of entity set methods.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. SAP ABAP/Technical Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0(SD/MM/FI-CO).


  • Developed custom report programs for financial reporting needs to facilitate a set of manual journal entries. The report display is done through ALV using the CL SALV classes in OOABAP.
  • Developed reports in SD for open sales order, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, shipping details using ALV grid display.
  • Generated ALV reports listing purchase orders based on vendors, materials, PO number, material group and plant giving total value of the purchase order for specified durations.
  • Implemented a BAPI to post the Goods Receipt for the given purchase orders from the selection screen using the BAPI BAPI GOODSMVT CREATE.
  • Configured PI interface to update vendor invoices in ECC system from external EDI 880 by mapping XML file and IDoc by using FTP adapters.
  • Reprocessing of transactional data IDoc and escalating to respective resolution group after troubleshooting the issue with the help of IDoc segments.
  • Developing/Enhancing ABAP Objects in already SAP implemented systems which include Smart forms, Enhancements and Custom Exits in Applications.
  • Implemented the BADI BADI MATERIAL CHECK to validate the profit center in material master.
  • Implemented a classical BADI, which triggers when a shipment is saved to do automatic post goods issue.
  • Inbound Interface is created, to read the incoming files from legacy system, which contains GL accounts of Balances and payments details and these files are differentiated upon the availability of Cost center and Profit center data. A custom Program is created to fetch data and map accordingly to SAP fields, using BAPI GL accounts documents are posted in SAP FICO. Tables used are BKPF, BSEG.
  • Implemented FM exit EXIT SAPLKBER 001 for cost center authorization checks functionality in FI.
  • Designed and developed smartform for printing the packing list during PGI process for the outbound delivery
  • Modeled workflow tasks as Webdynpro applications using the Visualization customizing settings with a custom BOR object and Workflow template
  • Developed and enhanced a Purchase Requisition workflow to automate the approval process for a Purchase requisition, for different levels of approval in the MM module.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

SAP Technical Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0(SD/HR).


  • Developed custom ALV HR report to get the Overtime wage type amounts for the employees using FM CU READ RGDIR and FM 'PYXX READ PAYROLL RESULT'.
  • Developed remote function module used to update status of the quote after the pricing procedure is performed using BAPI CUSTOMERQUOTATION CHANGE.
  • Developed an Interface to send employee data from SAP HR system to External Payroll system by ABAP Proxy to FTP Scenario using client proxy.
  • Designed and built a new ALE/EDI interface into SAP (creating new IDoc type, message type and inbound processing code) to process tracking data from carriers with longitude, latitude, and "signature" data for updates to custom Z-fields on delivery header and handling unit header tables and set-up ALE partner profile for inbound distribution of these new IDoc.
  • Supported on-going issues and analyzed the business processes in-order to offer suitable solutions to the problem
  • Inbound Interface: Created a time inbound interface to load the Infotypes 2001, 2002, 406, 2010 for the files coming in from different plants.
  • Outbound Interface: Created an outbound ALE using IDOC message type interface from the SAP HR box to the four different SAP FI boxes; NAT, CHEM, CORP and RETAIL. It is used to post all payroll accounting documents. Symbolic accounts maintained in Finance Boxes will match the symbolic accounts used in the HR Box.
  • Worked on interfaces using ABAP proxy communication. These interfaces are build using proxy communication with PI as middle between SAP system and the legacy system
  • Configured various adapters like RFC, File and SOAP. Unit testing and preparation of test script, error analysis and providing solution during UAT. Testing the interface End to End with partner.
  • Designed and developed Screen Exit for purchase order and batch details by accessing data on the screen in functions even if it is out of scope using memory variables and field symbols.
  • Worked on credit card authentication with paymetric third party credit authorization system.
  • Developed Time Statement form for the hourly employees using the smartforms. This form is developed by copying the standard HR form into customer name space and made the modifications as per the requirements.
  • Application Approval workflow - To activate the application process when an application is already for review. This will initiate a letter to the applicant on the approved or denied decision.
  • Developed a workflow which triggers to send an email whenever a material is created.
  • Created custom feeder class implementing POWL interface, defined POWL application ID, types and queries, and created views on EP to point to the Standard POWL UI Component.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: ECC 6.0(WM/SD/PM)


  • Involved in creating reports based on client requirements and inputs from EPA.
  • Worked on several classical and interactive ALV reports related to equipment, measuring points and measurement documents using Object Oriented Programming.
  • Modified the reports which needs to be submitted to department of oceanography based on the change requests filed by the business team.
  • Worked with BAPI ALM ORDER MAINTAIN change the status of work orders.
  • Add new fields to the output of standard transactions like IW38, IW39, IH08 using enhancements.
  • Developed LSMW and scheduled data loads in production environment for SAP SD - pricing updates, Equipment - classification updates, partner function updates, material master - obsolete labor code update, reorder point update & customer lockbox updates.
  • Modified the existing SAP script of equipment work order to add long text in a separate page whenever the long text field exists.
  • Created Remote Enabled Function modules to display the output of the methods of various classes
  • Worked extensively on equipment, maintenance plan and measuring point master data.
  • Created an exit which automatically filling the field "payment terms" by fetching data from customizing table based on contract number and disable the same while creating PO using the transaction ME22N using exit MM06E005.
  • Developed script for goods issue label using SAP script triggered by a custom driver program
  • Developed a Smartforms for Quotation Comparison from different Customers.
  • Developed a Function-exit for vendor master creation 'XK01' to enhance delivery priority field.
  • Designed custom RF Transactions in the system for client's requirements to display PO for GR, Bin to Bin movement.
  • Developed an RF based program which is used to generate goods receipt for a purchase order. The functionality includes the ability to receive both pallets and a container.
  • Hands-on experience in creating complex POWL reports as per the business requirement using feeder class.
  • Designing and executing test strategies & plans, UAT activity and gap analysis to ensure that business requirements and functional specifications are tested and fulfilled.

Confidential, Benton Harbor, MI

SAP ABAP consultant

Environnent: SAP ECC 6.0 (SD /MM/WM/FI).


  • Created a module pool to display and modify data from customer table using table control with validation and search help.
  • Developed a report using OO ALV grid display that gives the balance of a company and compares it to the balance of trading partner center
  • Developed a program to update the Judging factors to the table related to SD.
  • Integration of FI with MM and SD with procure to pay and order to cash Cycles.
  • Responsible for developing the design document and test results and unit test apart from developing the object.
  • Design and development of outbound and inbound interface programs to third party systems using Intermediate Documents (IDoc) and Application Link Enabling (ALE) tools. Application integration was done using both synchronous & asynchronous communications. Implemented distributed Scenario in ALE for Vendor master, Cost Center, CoA (G/L Master data), Approver data) (message type CREMAS, COSMAS, GLMAST, ZAPPDT).
  • Developed BDC for sales order creation using BDC session method using transaction VA01
  • Created a BDC to upload material information using session method.
  • Developed script for goods issue label using SAP script triggered by a custom driver program.
  • Developed a program to delete the schedule agreements which are outside the release order and correct the scheduling agreements which are having the wrong dates assigned.
  • Used Web Services like REST and SOAP for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP
  • Created a report for Sales Quotations based on the consignment Purchase Orders for Finished Goods using Bill of Materials (BOM) master data, Sales Order conversion using BDC, developed a Web service Interface with Legacy PPS system to post Order information.
  • Modified the program which will allow confirming the quantities for the scheduling agreements.
  • Involved in RF based cycle counting programs which are used for inventory management. This includes cycle counting by operator, cycle counting by auditor and the physical inventory cycle count.

Confidential, Knoxville, TN

SAP ABAP consultant,

Environnent: SAP ECC 6.0(SD/MM/FI-CO).


  • Designed and developed programs for KKPAN cost estimate using module programming.
  • Designed and developed dialog programming for entry of warranty claim(s) details received from customer. This functionality was not provided by standard SAP and hence separate Z-table, data elements and domains had to be created along with the dialog program.
  • Developed reports in FI for processing postings of invoices and receipts according to the functional design and requirements.
  • Developed an outbound interface to transfer the payroll results to 3rd party.
  • Developed an inbound IDOC interface to load the employee update (master data) into HR system of SAP.
  • Developed program to upload customer master, characteristics and extend to different company codes.
  • Designed and developed a BDC program to load bank statement data which comes on CD from bank to SAP for transaction FF67.
  • Developed and designed a BDC program to create asset master record for the company using through the transaction code AS01.
  • Designed and developed a BDC program to extend G/L account balances for the given requirements by the user to the specified company level using through the transaction code FB01.
  • Worked on LSMW by standard Batch Input Interface Program (RFBIDE00) for T-code XD02.
  • Worked on LSMW by Transaction Recording Method for T-code MM01.
  • Designed and developed screen exit for purchase order and batch details by accessing data on the screen in functions even if it is out of scope using memory variables and field symbols.
  • Developed Custom SAP scripts and driver programs for check printing for US checks.
  • Worked on Coding blocks to extend the custom fields in BSEG table in FI-CO module.
  • Created substitution rule for set of users to access the OEM and AM data for FICO transactions.
  • Designed and implemented PMP and talent review smartform, which summarizes associates performance and skill set.
  • Developed different work flow for notification events like modification approved, modification denied, modification request, cancelled and duplicate.


SAP ABAP Consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0(SD/WM/MM/HR)


  • Created a report for monitoring stock levels of material master records for the last 12 months using dialog programming.
  • Developed a dialog module program to assign sales order quantities that are grouped by master order.
  • Developed technical specification based on business requirements.
  • Created report for material change using BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA function module.
  • Developed IDOC to file interfaces between ECC and third-party Warehouse Management system.
  • Defining RFC destination and Distributing master data like material master, vendor master data.
  • Changes done in user exit SAMPLE INTERFACE 00001650 to get sales revenue, sales discounts general ledger line items with Item, item quantity and gallon quantities by matching the dollar amounts.
  • Worked on exit V45A0002 to predefine sold-to-party in sales document.
  • Handled and created several Info packages to load data through SAP R/3, BIW and other legacy systems. Check order quantity (SD): User exit for VA01, which checks if the order quantity is more than the available quantity. If so, it blocks the sales order in VA01 transaction.
  • Troubleshooting & debugging of programs, Performance tuning / bug fixing in old programs.
  • Developed a custom batch program, which takes the labor hours from the routings of planned orders against each material and send to application server as part of the labor confirmation process.
  • Modified HR objects and also created custom info types based on the requirement of the organization.
  • Worked on overtime approval workflow for the hourly employees in the organization unit. The mail will be sent to HR Manager once request is approved.
  • Design and developed Webdynpro application for SAP HR E-recruitment.


SAP ABAP Developer

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0.


  • Developed custom reports as per business requirements by using the ABAP editor (SE38).
  • Developed custom domains, data elements, data structures, and transparent tables using ABAP dictionary
  • Involved in the developments related in reports, interactive reports and ALV reports.
  • ALV reports using ABAP objects, dialog programming with table controls, file handling and BDC interfaces.
  • Involved in the development of application server file handling, BAPI's, BDC's, user exits and enhancements, BADI's.
  • Created enhancement to create a next item line with the pending material quantity.
  • Code development, code review, performance tuning and unit testing.
  • Development of function module, report and BDC.
  • Used BADI to perform budget availability check for each network activity in a project.
  • Coded for various user exits for customer requirements related with standard process code in IDOC.
  • Modification of code in user-exits USEREXIT SAVE DOCUMENT PREPARE to check the sales order input data.
  • Worked with module pool programming in SAP using dialog programming, navigation between screens, working with different events, creation of screens in SE51.
  • Created a RFC enabled function module, which generates the sales and shipping details of the day.
  • Configured RFC to send sales data to another SAP system, which is physically separated.
  • Developed custom function module for integrating the quality notifications with credit.

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