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Sap Technical Lead Analyst (abap/mdg - Edm/ehs/ppm/otc) Resume

Saginaw, MI


  • SAP Techno - functional consultant with more than 10 years’ experience in design, developing, implementing and supporting solutions using ABAP, MDG, PPM, WebDynpro, FPM, Adobeforms, EDI, PI and Workflow in modules SD, MM/WM, EHS, PPM, QM, GLM and FI.
  • Worked extensively in MDG FPM Material and EHS FPM Incident Management in design and build.
  • Experience in Implementation, Rollout, Upgrade, enhancement and Production Support projects.
  • Expertise in ABAP/4 in all RICEFW objects, including ALV interactive tree reports, OOABAP, adobe forms, BAPIs, BAdI, Data Conversions, Data Uploads from Legacy Systems, Enhancement switch framework, EDI, ALE/IDOC, ABAP Proxy, ABAP Query, BDC, LSMW, Logical database, Dialogue Programming, Debugging, Scripts/Smartforms, RFC, User Exits, BTE and Authorization Objects.
  • Implemented QM labels using intermac software by generating LAB and ITF files and learnt installation of required software and its usage. Developed new custom screens using RFID programming integrated with hand held devices/scanners for RF/LM transactions in WM area.
  • Worked extensively on areas MM-FI, MM-SD, SD-FI integration scenarios, substitutions and validations, DMEE payment runs, dunning, correspondence, remittance advise, invoice notifications, report painter, report writer, SAP Query, G/L and revenue account determination, third party, subcontracting, physical inventory, consignment, release strategy, BOM, STO, MIGO, MIRO, RMWB, GLM label printing, template generation, pricing procedures etc.
  • Implemented complex OSS notes, manual and kernal activities and coordinating BASIS with SAP AG
  • ABAP Code optimization and performance tuning using SQL trace tool, and runtime analysis, and code optimizer tools. Experience of production support& post implementation support.
  • Experienced in coordinating and developing test scenarios for unit testing, integration testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing and created test plans and raised defects in HPQC, HPSM and SD4 tools.
  • In-depth knowledge of configuration, implementation methodologies, business process re-engineering, as well as sound understanding of business processes. Lead multiple concurrent projects and major operational enhancements, involved in integration of projects across other systems in the enterprise. Coordinated effectively with other teams (Dev, Config, QA, Security and Basis) to manage code releases to production.
  • Work closely with Functional project managers in design of solutions and enhancements.
  • Ability to work with various teams to support ongoing company activities and also coordinate with offshore team from different geographic locations to complete the developments within Business defined timeline.
  • Experience on Support Pack Installation and Upgrade Projects. Well versed with SPDD/SPAU, OSS (SNOTE).
  • Experience in multiple SAP full lifecycle implementations and Rollouts using SAP Solman. Played a major role in Cut-Over, Go-Live and hyper care phases of the project.
  • Experience with Change Request Management (CHARM'S) and HPQC for Defect management
  • Independent thinking with keen problem solving skills. Excellent verbal, written, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • A motivated individual and a quick learner, committed to teamwork, multicultural experience.
  • Helped project team(s) in technical demonstrations and conference room pilots to validate technical design, verify gap assessments, and explore gap resolution options.
  • Ability to multi-task and be flexible, potentially working many concurrent tasks through obstacles to a successful conclusion.
  • Trained in TBIT40 and TBIT44 courses from SAP academy in PI 7.0
  • Certificed from OpenSAP in - ABAP development for SAP HANA.
  • Familiar with SPAM/SAINT (Support Package Manager) and SUM (Software Update Manager) for release upgrade, installing enhancement packs, applying support package stacks, installing add-ons or single components et.


SAP Components: ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 4.7/4.6C, PPM, MDG and Solution Mgr 4.0/7.0, and SAP IS-Oil

SAP Interface tools: Print forms, ALE, RFC, LSMW, IDOC's, PI 7.0

Programming language: ABAP/4, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL and JAVA

Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, XML

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, MS SQL Server 2000/2003 and MS Access

Middleware: TIBCO, XI/PI and Biztalk

Operation Systems: Windows 9X, 2000, Server 2003, XP, MacOS X and Linux

Application & Web Server: SAP Net Weaver AS 7.0, ABAP WebDynpro, Unicode


Confidential, Saginaw, MI

SAP Technical Lead Analyst (ABAP/MDG - EDM/EHS/PPM/OTC)


  • Prepared POC, configured, build applications for MRO tool replacement with MDG 8.0 for Indirect material.
  • MDGM 8.0 - Analyze existing tool and create optimized and enhanced applications.
  • Data modelling - defined entities and its attributes, field properties, relationships etc.
  • Process modelling - Change request types and its properties, rule based workflow and additional service based BADI for dependent change request creation.
  • Data replication - MDG as hub for material across the landscape including tenants and federated changes to all systems using replication model.
  • UI modelling - made use of standard UIBB, feeder classes and created enhancements for custom UIBB for custom entities.
  • Created and supported BRF+ check functions, derivations and validations.
  • Cross entity BADI for more custom control on derivations and across UIBB field population etc.
  • Implemented SAP EHSM 5.0 Incident Management module on portal application to support transitioning existing Java EAT tool. Implemented WebDynpro FPM applications for EHSM. Configured and developed custom UIBB (user interface building blocks) using FPM (floor plan manager) for incident management in EH&S.
  • In EHSM, developed Evaluation tool, incident reports and developed pages for Basic information, Injury / Illness, Compliance, Monetary loss, MVA (Motor vehicle accident), Non-Injury pLife, Process safety containment event (PSCE) and Transportation incident type.
  • Supporting existing developments in WEBDYNPRO, FPM (Floor Plan Management) in Master Data Governance for Direct material scenario.
  • Created and supported extensively interfaces on PPM (portfolio and project management) and performed end to end configurations of Attributes, templates, roles, assignments, authorizations at portal level, responsibility creation etc.
  • Enterprise Data Management (EDM) data uploading tools including dynamic ALV tree interactive tool based on the configuration tables, feasibility to create, modify, delete, reassign data as nodes with easy drag and drop and additional custom buttons.

Confidential, Saginaw, MI



  • Worked as a Techno-Functional in Data design for SAP OTC/SD data elements like Customer Master, Sales Order, Contracts, Pricing, Shipping and Returns Management. Facilitate field mapping and design process.
  • Implemented rush order, free of charge and credit block DOA approval workflow designs integrated with UWL, portal and approval process.
  • Designed a custom process to split sales order into multiple outbound deliveries, determined dynamically based on the material and container properties.
  • Designed labels for all packaged products that shipped to 82 PMLA hub locations. Label templates built in Dow and custom program to export label raw report, convert, import and regenerate in Confidential and also performed EHS configurations for labels, made use of scenarios make-to-stock, make-to-order, delivery and generic labelling.
  • Process of segregating the Dow business processes under switch framework and enabling switches to its TENANTs, hence each tenant with unique and independent functionality with reusing the existing infrastructure and cost saving.
  • Developed new interfaces and performed end-to-end configurations including ALE/IDOC, workflow, output procedures, pricing procedure, condition records, messaging and master data etc.
  • Configured inspection characteristics, operations, inspection plan, inspection lot based on specification, recorded results for an inspection lot and plant and enhancements in RMWB in Plant Maintenance.
  • Knowledge in Substance, Dangerous goods and waste management Environment, health and safety.
  • Responsibility to understand the existing DOW Next Enterprise Architecture and suggest the best practices and implementation of SAP to Confidential (SAUDI ARAMCO Company) client, DOW is a service provider.
  • Developed a user exit USEREXIT MOVE FIELD TO VBKD updating pricing date (VBKD-PRSDT) in SD on varying requested delivery date (VBAK-VDATU).
  • Developed an application to create the Transfer postings and Goods issues documents based on Movement types (301,302) using BAPI GOODSMVT CREATE.
  • Extensively worked with VOFM routines for SD-FI integration, controlling Output types, billing documents and Pricing procedures functionalities.
  • Preparation of Technical Specifications, Testing functionality, Unit Test Plan, Run Time Analysis, SQL Trace, documentation in Sol man.

Confidential - San Antonio, TX



  • Worked as an ABAP, Workflow and PI single developer for BPI enhancement project, including required master data configurations and test plans.
  • Automated the process of BOL from KinderMorgan integrating PI to ECC for creation of delivery and material documents.
  • Update of route determination and lead to automated process of creating shipment, shipment costing and purchasing order. Transport account is automated.
  • Automated FIFV correspondence issue of FI invoice PDF generation.
  • Automated freight invoice creation against vendor orders.
  • Implemented new screens of standard agreement and orders of sales and purchase sections for carrying new pricing based on carbon indicator - CI value.
  • Enhancements in the process of purchase order e-mail notifications.
  • Update on T LLP new company code validations and implementation of new logo.
  • Implementation of new ACH LOCKBOX procedure for Confidential.
  • Experience in interacting with PI including configurations in enterprise service repository, integration builder, alert configuration and mappings.


Sr. SAP ABAP Developer(ABAP-OTC)


  • Customer portal screens integrated with backend ECC for sales order functionalities, each functionality linked to BAPI’s.
  • Order creation, change, schedule line updates, availability checks and custom validation rules are implemented by making use of custom classes and custom BAPI’s and created custom additional tab screens.
  • Configured pricing procedures including condition records, access sequences, requirement routines, formula routines, group conditions and maintenance of condition records etc.


Sr. SAP ABAP Developer and Audit lead (ABAP-SD, MM, FI, IS-Oil)


  • Maintain business continuity by supporting current business processes and work towards value aded and result driven deliveries.
  • Handling support tickets on day to day production environment with various ticket priorities.
  • Implementation of new business processes for small scalre enhancement and roll out projects.
  • Perform and lead audit team for complete project support and rollout projects code delivery by adhering to standards and performance with various measures.
  • Implemented in house tools which helped in audit activities, tracking issues and analyzing production issues.
  • Implemented new wrapper BAdI and custom tool to plug-in and out-out functionalities of standard user exits and substitution/validation rules.
  • Trained and mentored junior team members to build the team.
  • Prepared project audit reports and estimators, ticket flows report and work load analysis etc.


SAP ABAP Developer (ABAP-SD, MM, FI)


  • Worked at different roles at each individual project including onsite coordinator, point of contact, audit member.
  • Took part in requirement gathering, documenting functional specification, high level design, technical design, code build, unit testing, product testing, user training documents, reviews and signoff.
  • Additional responsibility, as part of welcoming new member activity, request on new user access, knowledge sharing, project documents, coaching and mentoring.
  • Developed Load Monitor tool and pallet calculation methodology in Order processing.
  • Additional responsibility, as a performance improvement activity, made use of standard and custom tools developed and helped team members to maintain quality.
  • Created and implemented new ABAP proxies and integration with PI.
  • Developed claim and quality notifications for europe business.
  • Effectively used tools SD4, MSPS, solution manager and test scripts and Worked on P1/S1 priority tickets with SLA timelines.
  • Developed interfaces to generate invoice files for the distributed and centralized model to be sent to third party systems.
  • Developed interface to submit invoices using OB10 web electronic system.
  • Developed an interface within using Dialog programming to manually update the billing data for contract.
  • Developed a batch input program to remove the billing blocks from the contract.
  • Changed copy control routines and other pricing routines, to fetch the pricing and quantity details from sales portal rather than the contract, while generating the Billing documents.
  • Developed custom layout and print program for purchase order and order acknowledgement, delivery, quotation, debit note, credit note and invoice for APAC, europian countries which includes local languages.
  • Effectively used field symbols, object oriented programming, class method approach, OO ABAP and performance related precautions during code build.
  • Implemented multi tabbed selection screen program with different types of ALV outputs including list, grid, hierarchical, blocked, tree and classical.
  • Developed new SMARTFORMS for output type communications to customer and vendor for sending acknowledgements.
  • Developed new SAPSCRIPTs for issuing correspondance, payment advice and dunning notice.
  • Attending functional walk through for peers, for guidance.
  • Suggested High Level technical approach, conduct Business meetings and recognize required developments with phase wise implementation.
  • Worked on inbound interface to create Credit Memos in SAP using INVOIC message type with XI, Web methods as middleware. Developed and modified Forms SAP Scripts and Smartforms.
  • Implemented OSS notes after proper analysis and documented the changes.
  • Created ABAP proxies for a PI inbound interface and utilized it to trigger asynchronously from a custom load program.
  • Did performance optimization by analyzing SQL Trace (ST05) and Runtime Analysis (SE30) on RICEF Objects since it involves querying multiple large tables using join conditions.
  • Maintain the proper track record of the objects under development or completed and move them to QA.

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