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Sap Bi Architect Resume

Jackson, MichigaN


  • 15 years of Information Technology experience with Big Five Consulting and Fortune 500 companies.
  • SAP HANA Certified Application Consultant (2013). Experienced in SAP HANA Migration
  • Knowledge of Business Objects Cloud and HANA Cloud Platform.
  • Extensive experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing techniques and architecture.
  • Experience in HANA Modeling, Monitoring, Data Provisioning, and Security.
  • Strong Project Management skills in the Application Management area.
  • Along with the ability to monitor and control disparate resources both onshore and offshore.
  • Provide strategic leadership and planning to position the firm’s Business Intelligence systems to the next level by operation/production support and promote continues change and growth.
  • Foster and maintains key relationships within different departments (IT and Finance organizations) in order to facilitate a teamwork approach to resolve issues.
  • Constantly search and implement process improvements to ensure maximum value is realized.
  • Strong business background in Corporate Finance/Budget & Planning
  • Work extensively in gathering and converting business requirements into functional and technical specifications
  • Experience in documentation and end - users in BI Adhoc Reporting
  • Outstanding people skills, with the strong ability to interact as a lead and team player


  • Extensive experience in SAP BusinessObjects/Business Warehouse (BI/BW) and HANA Modeling
  • Architecture Data Lake concept (Big Data)
  • Experience in SAP BW on HANA Migration and Business Objects 4.x Upgrade
  • Experience in SAP ECC, HANA Sidecar, BPC, Integrated Planning, Business Explorer, HANA Design Studio, Business Objects Web Intelligence, Lumira, Explorer, Crystal Reports, Dashboards, and Tableau.
  • FOX, ABAP, HTML, C, C++, Java Script, R, Python, and Visual Basic.
  • SAP Applications package installation and configuration
  • Setup and configured Tableau Server
  • HP Service Desk and Mercury Test Director (Quality Center)


Confidential, Jackson, Michigan

SAP BI Architect


  • Designed a custom solution based on predefined theft algorithms to detect electric theft.
  • Merged Smart Meter data (~ 120 Billion records) with SAP Work Order Information to flag possible thefts and identify percent of confidence level for each record.
  • Integrated Outage Management System data to further enhance the data set.
  • Designed a Semantic Layer (Universe) based on BW/HANA objects that merged and consolidated Work Order Management, Notification, Class and Characteristics, Costing, Materials, Customer Details, WBS Elements, and Employee Timesheet data. The universe allowed the business to simply drag & drop fields into the report and eliminated the need to call multiple universes and then merge the data at Webi.
  • Business was very impressed with the overall report performance (2.5 million records in 12 seconds) and allowed the business to perform data analytics that was not possible in the past.
  • Worked with business to identify critical and time intensive calculations and pushed them down to HANA.
  • Applied security levels at the universe and the BI Launch Pad Folder Structure.
  • Assisted in Tableau Server setup and configuration and became a backup to Tableau Admin
  • Loading flat file data to SAP HANA via Business Objects Data Services
  • Designed Analytical and Calculation views in HANA
  • Consumed HANA artifacts with in Tableau and Business Objects tools such as Webi, Crystal Reports, Lumira, Explorer, Design Studio and Analysis for Office
  • Prepared an upgrade project plan that capture tasks, major milestones, resources, and timing
  • Assist in system sizing and captures system statistics prior to the upgrade from BOBJ 4.1 to 4.2
  • Worked with business to identified critical reports and dashboards that requires UAT validation
  • Troubleshoot and documented issue resolution after the upgrade and prepared production cutover activities
  • Validated CMS security structure before and after the upgrade
  • Enabled security for the new BOBJ features and functionalities
  • Download & Packaged BOBJ Client tools, Crystal for Enterprise, Dashboard Designer, Analysis for Office and Design Studio application
  • Designed a Semantic Layer (Universe) on top of MS SQL database for real-time reporting.
  • Integrated multiple datasets such as Inspection Tracking, GIS, SAP, and Services information to return a unique record in reporting.
  • Push down all calculations to the database level and created SQL views for optimal performance.
  • Extracted, Transformed and Loaded data using MS SSIS jobs to SQL Server.
  • A key player in designing and architecting a Native HANA solution; which extract data from SAP and non-SAP systems via SLT, DXC, Data Services, and Smart Data Access.
  • Assist in design and setup of HANA Security - Object, Analytical, Package, and Application privileges.
  • HANA Modeling - developed Calculation and Analytical views based on business requirement.
  • Configured Business Objects Analysis for Office and Design Studio to directly connect to HANA.
  • Developed a semantic layer (universe) to be used by Web Intelligence and Explorer tools.
  • Designed an efficient BW data flow that extracts data from SAP ECC into BW system; which applies the complex work flow logic and scenarios.
  • Designed Webi Reports that fetch data from composite provider for optimal performance
  • Designed Integrated Planning model via Analysis for Office to allow business to plan future gas consumption
  • Developed an executive dashboard via Design Studio that display required KPIs.
  • Designed and integrated Handheld device data into SAP BW via Smart Data Access and Open ODS View
  • Designed/developed an executive dashboard and 6 other operational/tactical dashboards
  • Designed/developed a Gas Leak Dashboard that integrates BW data with (Esri) mapping solutions
  • Configured and executed HANA Cockpit Migration tools such as sizing reporting and check list
  • Worked with SAP experts to build a project plan and analyze the migration impact
  • Analyzed and executed BW housekeeping task and scheduled them to run on regular basis
  • Analyzed top tables and cleaned up over 4 TB of business, temporary, and system tables
  • Prepared a detail plan for data validation prior to HANA database migration to ensure that all data was successfully migrated and values are matching pre/post migration
  • Identified top reports and data loads for performance benchmark and captured results before and after
  • Enabling Webi reports to connect directly to HANA database bypassing the application layer via a universe
  • Created test scenarios and cases for HANA Migration
  • Investigate and resolve defects during each migration cycle
  • Developed BW cutover and data loads catchup plan after migration
  • Worked with business to establish test cases and scenarios to validate BPC application
  • Troubleshoot BPC issues such as connectivity, data integrity or package execution failures that occurred during the upgrade process
  • Analyze long running BW process chains and proposed an optimization plan to improve data load and overall system performance
  • Developed a real-time data availability dashboard that display BW Process Chain status
  • Work with IT colleagues and business users to improve and redesign BEx and BOBJ reports
  • Evaluated/Supported BOBJ (3.x and 4.x) Webi reports during and after migration
  • Participated in Hypercare to support BI month end and year end
  • Participated in SAP BPC

Confidential, Detroit, Michigan

Senior Associate


  • Developed a very detail project plan that list out all of the necessary conversion activities, assigned to resources, duration, due dates and identified the major milestones.
  • Hosted daily meeting to discuss project status, monitor issue log, assign defects to the appropriate resource, escalate issues, and generate status reports to top management.
  • Facilitated team meeting to translate business requirement to technical and functional design documents.
  • Ensured accurate development of data conversion rules and transformation based on business requirement.
  • Managed five offshore resources in India on a daily basis. My major responsibility is to ensure 24X7 BW production monitoring and support. My ultimate goal is to promote a work/life balance by continuously monitoring workloads of all team members, adjusts and redistributes assignments accordingly. Also, prioritize and manage break-fix and enhancements within agreed timeframe (SLA)
  • Managed multiple projects such as - Data load performance tuning by designing detail project tasks that list out the necessary activities to achieve the optimal performance desired. For instance, the business was frustrated with the total extraction time of Profit Center Accounting PCA ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) in to BI system. However, we were able to identify, configure, and redesign the data flow; which reduced the PCA load time by 50% and improved the overall system performance. The report performance also improved due to effective data structure.
  • Analyzed high frequent and long running queries and proposed several resolutions to management. Was responsible to organized several team meetings to discuss and to come up with the best approach that will decrease reports performance by 35% to 50%.
  • Designed and developed complex reports to meet business needs
  • Responsible for the development of different Test Cases/Scenarios and validation of BI reports at various stages of testing such as Unit Test, User Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, and etc.

Confidential, Troy, Michigan

Business Intelligence Lead


  • Manage a team of 3 in daily sustain activities, enhancements and new projects relating to SEM-BPS
  • Assist in developing a transition and knowledge transfer plan for the new SAP modules (ECCS & Project System) to sustain production support
  • Ensure that formal issues/defects, change and risk management techniques are leveraged to project success
  • Creating and defining System Integration and UAT test scripts
  • Work with the group to enhance and modify materials for support releases
  • One of the major responsibilities was to validate the entire functional and technical BPS design on the new system
  • Manage forecasting cycle activities to be completed within the seventh business day of the forecasting cycle
  • Partner with business as an expert in resolving, explaining, and relating how technology impacts their business functions
  • Make approved changes to applications to fulfill requirements in accordance with development standards
  • Assisted with creating 200+ BPS objects
  • Trained end-users and prepare documentation on using BPS and BEx reports
  • Engaged in BPS enhancements, analyze code, configure, test, implement, and coordinate changes that are needed within SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Working extensively to analyze and resolve critical production and high severity tickets
  • Participated in 24/7 production support and troubleshoot load failures
  • Experienced in performance tuning and aggregates in both reporting and transactional cubes
  • Monitor BPS layouts and reports statistics regularly
  • Constantly cleaning up the system from unused BEx queries and BI/BPS objects
  • Worked on various tasks such as blueprinting, systems design, implementation, customization and testing
  • Assisted in performing pre-upgrade and post-upgrade tasks
  • Used Mercury Quality Center to update test results and also track the progress
  • Participated in testing (unit, system and integration) & knowledge transfer
  • Ensured and validated all of the BI/BPS items within the migrated server
  • Gathered requirements to help identify and assist client in defining the best possible solution based on budgets and time constraints
  • Assisted in team meetings to facilitate requirements, capture gap analysis, and project update
  • Managed project scope and defined time estimate for expanding and enhancing the project
  • Designed and configured transactional and basic BI InfoCubes, Multicubes, custom InfoObjects, DTP, InfoPackage, and Process Chains
  • Analyzed and implemented appropriate transformation logic for Transfer Rules and Update Rules
  • Expand Planning Layouts to accept multiple Consolidation Groups
  • Studied and analyzed non-SAP source systems
  • Developed characteristic relationship, BPS variable definitions and parameter groups of type exit function.
  • BI/BPS Consultant
  • Supporting of mapping table loading and BPS Custom Copy function execution
  • Sharing responsibilities for transporting BPS and BW objects to other environments
  • Upload master and transactional data from files, data mart, R/3 system and 3rd party applications such as DataStage
  • Development of BPS Objects such as Planning areas, multi-planning areas, Variables of type Fixed Value, User-Specific Values, User Exit and authorization
  • Created planning levels, planning packages, planning functions, and parameter groups such as formula, copy, repost, delete and exit function.
  • Planning sequences, global planning sequences, planning folders, and manual planning (layouts)
  • Sharing the development and design of BEx reports
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

Confidential, Southfield, Michigan

SAP BW/BPS Consultant


  • Worked on various tasks that included blueprinting, systems design, implementation, customization, testing, and production support
  • Extensive BPS Layout functional and technical design documentation
  • Maintained/owned functional and technical design such as GL accounts, update rules, Custom Copy function.
  • Created Testing Scripts and participated in testing (unit, system and integration) and knowledge transfer
  • Developed/Designed complex BEx workbooks and Queries.
  • Designed and developed Process Chains to load BPS data to BI InfoCubes
  • Defined the Planning Item structure based on characteristics combination and Key Figures
  • Assisted in ticket/defect resolution and documented root cause analysis and resolution in Test Director
  • Worked with client to obtain a thorough understanding of the data defined in the driver trees.
  • Interface with the build team to resolve all testing and reporting issues.
  • Worked consistently to meet project deadlines.

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

System Technician


  • Quickly promoted to on-site technical support
  • Add/Remove NT and Exchange Accounts
  • Troubleshoot, repair and configure Desktops, Laptops, Printer and Networking related issues
  • Support majority of Confidential Company applications
  • Developed creative solution to challenging support problems
  • Effective communication skills with individual and groups

Confidential, Dearborn, MI

Industrial Robotics Lab Instructor


  • Taught students on how to build and operate a robot's workstation including all safety requirements
  • Taught students the Advance Control Language (ACL) to program the robot
  • Maintain and troubleshoot the robots, controllers, teach pendants, and PCs

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