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Sr Sap Basis Lead Consultant / Sap Solution Manager / Basis Architect Resume

Springfield, IL


  • SAP Certified Consultant with 20+ years of SAP Technical experience.
  • 1+ year experience as senior manager
  • 3+ years as Basis Practice manager and 10+ years of experience as Basis team Lead
  • 3 years of experience as Service Delivery Manager, Product Delivery Lead with Confidential
  • 8+ years of experience working with big SAP consulting companies
  • 15+ years of experience working with global teams with on site and offshore delivery models
  • 5+ years of Basis Team lead experience exclusively working with full life cycle implementations
  • 15+ years of Production support experience ( including upgrade and migration projects)
  • 2+ years of Training and mentoring experience
  • Expert in strategic planning, preparing policy procedure documents, system run books and standard operating procedures
  • Expert in SolMan 7.x system installation and configuration
  • Good understanding of change management, escalation, risk mitigation process
  • Expert in team leadership and technical project management.
  • Team player who always get the job done.
  • Excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills.
  • Having a MBA degree in E - commerce (majors: Project Management & Accounting and information systems)


Languages: ABAP,4, C, PL,SQL, JAVA, HTML, HTML5

RDBMS: HANA DB, Sybase ASE,MaxDB7.x, Oracle7.x,8.X,9.X,10.x, MS SQL Server 7.x,2005,2008,2012, Confidential DB2 UDB 9.x,10.x


SAP NW Standalone Engines: Content Server, Gateway, Live cache, Web dispatcher, Trex 7.x, Diagnostic agents

ECC: 3.1h,4.0.4,5,4.7,5.0, 6.0 with EHP7

BW,BI: 1.0,2.0,3.0b,3.5,7.x

BPC: 7.5,10.1

Portal: 7.x

PI,PO: 7.x

SRM: 7.x

SCM: 7.x

CRM: 7.x

PLM: 7.x

SolMan: 4.0, 7.0,7.1,7.2

Non ERP Products: ESS, MSS,BOBJ 4.x,BODS 4.2, GRC 10.1

Install,Upgrade,Migration Tools: SWPM, SUM, SUM with DMO, SAPINST

SAP Clients: SAP GUI 7.x, Business Explorer(BEx), Web Browsers, NWDI client, NW Developer Studio, MaxDB studio, HANA Studio

Hardware: Confidential iSeries, Confidential Blade,HP,Compaq,Dell Servers on INTEL, SAP HANA Cloud

Operating System: Windows 2012, 2008, 2003, AIX 5.x, OS,390, UNIX, Red Hat Linux 5.x, Solaris, Confidential iSeries, AS,400, iOS 9.x

3rd Party Software & Tools: IBMWebSphere7.x,WilyIntroscope9.x,PineyBowes7.x,Verrtex4.x, BSI 10.x,UPerform 4.x, HP Quality Center 11.0, Kofax, Auditbot, SABRIX, Confidential s Clear Quest, Siebel, Remedy, Lotus Notes


Confidential, Springfield, IL

Sr SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager / Basis Architect


  • Deloitte is implementing SAP for Confidential . I am part of implementation team (Basis Team) and provided Basis Architect/Steady State Manager services
  • Deloitte team successfully completed 3 go-lives and 13 state agencies went live during my tenure
  • Validated the systems for installed components, kernel and DB and OS patch levels
  • Performed system integration activities after the systems were built by NS2
  • Configured SSL and SSO from Portal to backend systems.
  • Performed ADS configuration in ECC and SRM systems using ADS service from Portal systems
  • Independently installed and configured REDWOOD BPA9 on J2EE 7.4 and scheduled and maintained BG jobs in ECC and SRM systems. More than 150 independent jobs pulled into more than 25 BG job chains and each BG job chain scheduled based on business logic and dependency. Also added/updated BG jobs and BG job chains during new implementation/cut-over.
  • Reviewed EWA reports and made recommendation for missing patch levels for application support packs and kernel
  • Implemented performance tuning profile parameters based on SAP recommendations during Early watch alert sessions
  • Provided KT, technical guidance, documentation to basis team to resolve various technical issues during realization, go-live, hyper care, and post go-live support phases.
  • Attended daily, weekly status meetings with client, implementation and production support teams, Hosting partner and provided status updates, system performance metrics.
  • Provided guidance and direction to client on system performance and monitoring
  • Prepared documentation (SOP) on system copy and post system copy procedures. Basis team executed the system copy successfully many times using this document.
  • Worked with SAP NS2 and prepared custom dash boards ( for performance monitoring) in Solution Manager
  • TMS configuration, TMS projects creation and maintenance, maintaining the TMS routes during cutover ( adding systems in and out between production and project landscapes), troubleshooting with broken TMS connections
  • Performed KT session on regular basis and mentored basis team
  • Prepared documentation on BODS system configuration (a complete end to end process used in this implementation) and helped on-site and off-shore junior basis team to perform this activities on other own.
  • Created and maintained password document for all system in the landscape(OS level, SAP application and DB level users)
  • Prepared document on system start/stop procedures
  • Coordinating system patching ( OS/DB patching), correspondence with Client, hosting partner and end user communication
  • Leading technical teams and providing technical guidance and help them to follow proper escalation and troubleshooting procedures, during System down and severity one situations. Providing status updates to client and Deloitte management on daily basis
  • Configured Solution Manager 7.1 and enabled EWA reports, technical system monitoring and alerting and PI channel monitoring functionalities.
  • Adjusted default thresholds based upon customer requirements for monitoring templates and forwarded critical alerts to Basis team.
  • Trouble shooting SolMan system when EWA report’s status was GREY
  • CTS+ configuration in SolMan 7.1, moved transports using CTS+ to Portal and PO systems
  • Applied ST/PI and ST-A/PI patches to ECC, SRM and GRC systems.
  • Applied latest OSS notes to resolve connectivity and performance issues
  • Worked on SolMan 7.1 to SolMan 7.2 upgrade proposals with Client and Hosting partner
  • Created projects in SolMan for each go-live phase for ECC and SRM systems.

Environment: ECC 6.06, SRM7.02, PI7.4, Portal7.3, GRC10, SolMan7.1, REDWOOD9.0, HANA DB1.0, SYBASE ASE 1.6, MSSQL 2012, Linux 5.8, Windows 2012, SAP HANA Cloud

Confidential, Carmel, IN

SAP Basis Practice Lead / SAP Solution Manager / Basis Architect


  • Supported multiple customers concurrently (details of client and projects given below) while working on-site and remote, based on the need.
  • Supported and maintained Confidential ’ internal SAP system landscape by performed activities such as installations, upgrades, EHP upgrades, system copies, migrations, configurations and trouble shooting performance issues. Configured SolMan 7.1 system to monitor entire landscape and alert the on-call team with sev-1 and sev-2 alerts.
  • Prepared documentation on operating procedures and trained and mentored the junior team members. Performed Technical lead role and completed many challenging projects for Confidential.
  • Worked and completed the below Internal Projects:
  • SAP Landscape Maintenance: Supported internal SAP landscape and performed activities such as EHP upgrades, application and DB upgrade, system copy, system migration, DB backup and restore, SAP security administration, applying SLD content, Solution Manager system configuration, SAP router installation, configuration and maintenance, performance and tuning SAP applications, providing basis support for Development and Functional teams in configuring, testing and show casing solutions to customers.
  • EHP7 Upgrade for PLM and FIORI: Performed EHP6 to EHP7 upgrade for ECC 6 (with PLM 7.4) and NW 7.4 (with FIORI and CPM2.0) systems.
  • Enabling PCOE Support for VAR customers: Confidential is a Channel Partner for SAP and providing PCOE type support services to customers. Sigma Tau and Aunt Millie’s are few customers being supported under this model. In In Nov’2015, successfully completed annual audit process for customer Sigma Tau. I was involved in completing all the technical audit requirements such as configuring SolMan system to support ITSM, Opening and closing Remote connections for customer systems from SolMan, enabling system monitoring and alerting, generating EWA reports and business process monitoring, enabling a direct tunnel connection between Confidential and Sigma Tau networks, Correspondence with SAP Auditors in identifying the audit requirements and making the systems audit compliant.
  • Sizing and migrating internal SAP systems to AWS cloud: Currently working on migrating all our internal SAP systems to AWS cloud. Also working on installing a new ECC on S/4 HANA in AWS environment.
  • POC&PILOT projects:
  • SAP S4 HANA instance installation in AWS.
  • SAP FIORI implementation pilot project support for customer BMG
  • SolMan7.2 Ramp up System Installation and configuration, for customer Allison Transmission.
  • EHP3 to EHP7 Upgrade Planning and effort analysis for customer: UAE
  • Installed and Configured Solution Manager 7.1 and enabled EWA reports, technical system monitoring and alerting, ITSM and ChaRM, BG job monitoring, PI channel monitoring functionalities.
  • Installed Wily Introscope Manager on SolMan and connected the wily agents running on Java systems to SolMan
  • Performed SP stack upgrade (from SPS08 to SPS12).
  • Migrated SolMan system from on premise to Cloud.
  • Performed DB upgrade ( MSSQL 2008 to MSSQL2012)
  • Installed SAP router (maintained saprouttab entries) and established connection between Confidential network and SAP OSS, to open and close service connections using SolMan. Enabled SNC communication for sap router and renewed SNC certificate. Prepared documentation on this process.
  • Performed end to end CTS+ configuration in SolMan 7.1, and tested importing transports using CTS+ to Portal and PO systems
  • PCOE auditing for SolMan - worked with SAP auditors and got the system PCOE certified.

Environment: ECC 6.06, EP 7.31, PI 7.31, BI 7.31, BPC 7.5, GRC 10, SAP DS 4.2 SP5, BOBJ4.0 SP5, SolMan7.11 Windows 2008 SP2, MSSQL2008

Confidential, Evansville, IN

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager/ Basis Architect


  • Worked closely with Project management, change management and MJN management teams in identifying the SOP process, time line and successful implementation of many projects as well as day to day production changes.
  • Activate participation (as a mentor) in EHP4 to EHP6 upgrade for entire SAP landscape and performed PORTAL systems upgrade independently.
  • Reviewed system copy, EHP upgrade Documentation for accuracy and updated as necessary
  • Post EHP pack upgrade, involved in testing and resolved technical issues
  • Team member for BW7.3 and BPC7.5 systems migration to HANA DB using DMO (option in SUM).
  • Exported BPC 7.5 system using tcode: UJBR. Installed a Fresh BPC 10.0 system on HANA DB and imported the BPC 7.5 export dump into BPC 10 system. Ran report UJT MIGRATE 75 to 10. Optimized the models and ran report: BPC HANA MIGRATE FROM 10.
  • Team member who enabled HANA for BPC systems. Post HANA migration, worked on BPC system performance optimization.
  • Escalation point for day to day production support( Tier-3 support issues )
  • Performed SAP production system changes following change management guidelines and performed activities such as: Creating CQ tickets, requesting and attaching validation team and Business owner approvals, attending CAB meeting, planning and executing changes and responding to change management team queries, writing change process documents (SOPs).
  • Provided Technical Support for multiple projects such as: SAP Data Archiving, DaRT, Audit Bot (SAP license auditing), and CLM projects
  • Performed Content server 7.0 sizing, Installation and configuration
  • Resolved issue with CTS+ configuration in PI landscape
  • Maintained password sheet for all SAP system users
  • Resolved issues with RFC, Jco destinations between Portal and back end systems
  • Configured SSO between BOBJ and ECC
  • Performed ESS,MSS patching to Portal Landscape
  • Installed and configured new TREX instances and connected GTS instances to TREX
  • Analyzed EWA reports and made recommendations to improve system performance and initiated proactive measures
  • Review and suggest best practices for better operational performance to minimize time and cost
  • Attended weekly status meetings and provided status on various ongoing issues to MJN management
  • Installed FIORI components on ECC, SRM and NWGW systems and performed post installation configuration, and supported development team in resolving technical issue
  • Participated in OneSource cut-over activities, monthly maintenance windows and resolved issues with brining up SAP applications after patching the OS and DB.
  • Active participation in severity one issues, Production system down issues and provided technical guidance to support teams in fixing the issue and prepared RCA documentation and updated the management on how to proactively avoid such things happening in future.
  • Performed SPstack (SP08 SP13) upgrade for SolMan 7.1
  • Configured Solution Manager 7.1 and enabled EWA reports, technical system monitoring and alerting
  • Installed Wily Introscope Manager on SolMan and connected the wily agents running on Java systems to SolMan
  • Performed SP stack upgrade (from SPS08 to SPS13).
  • Applied ST/PI and ST-A/PI patches to ECC, SRM and GRC systems
  • Maintained saprouttab entries and established connection between MJN network SAP OSS, to open and close service connections. Upgraded SAP router software. Enabled (renewed the SNC certificate) SNC connection to SAP OSS. Documented the process.
  • Was part of the team who implemented the retrofit process ( due to some technical difficulties, this was de implemented later as per customer’s request)
  • Resolved issues with CTS+ for importing PI transports.

Environment: ECC 6.06,EP 7.31,PI 7.31,BI 7.31,BPC 7.5, SRM 7.31,SCM 7.31,GRC 10, NWDI7.31, TDMS4.0,BOBJ4sp5,SolMan7.11,GTS7.02,TREX7.01 AIX6.1 with DB2 v10.1fp1, Confidential Clear Quest, IMPACT, One Source, Confidential Web Sphere, HANA 1.0, SUSE Linux 8.0

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / Basis Architect


  • Planning DQM and Data Service upgrade time line, dependencies
  • Perform technical upgrade:
  • DS 4.1SP04 to 4.2SP05
  • IPS 4.023 to 4.150
  • DQM: FLDQ SP02 to SP06
  • Post upgrade testing, preparing documentation
  • Resolved issues during testing and implemented necessary fixes
  • Provided status updates to customer on weekly basis
  • Post upgrade support (stabilization) support
  • Resolved issues with security compliance audit BG job in Data services server

Environment: ECC 6.06, EP 7.31, PI 7.31, BI 7.31, BPC 7.5, GRC 10, SAP DS 4.2 SP5, BOBJ4.0 SP5, SolMan7.11 Windows 2008 SP2, MSSQL2008

Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager/ Basis Architect


  • Day to day production support activities
  • Prepared system copy documents ( including post system copy configuration with BG job variants)
  • Performed system copies using DB refresh
  • Full in-charge for database backups and restore, using BRTOOLS
  • Responsible to maintain SAP technical infrastructure to meet the SLAs
  • Supported customer with SAP system license auditing and prepared license audit reports
  • Installed printers and created/updated print queues and resolved issues with hung print queues
  • Wrote custom scripts to delete the old backup files from OS level to minimize the disc space utilization and schedule them as cron jobs
  • Installed a home grown (developed by Confidential ) ticketing application “g-Track” on ECC PRD system. This application used as Trouble ticketing system and all day to day trouble tickets and work related SRs was created using this tool. Customer was very happy with this application used this application for status tracking and reporting.
  • Performed EHP8 to EHP12 upgrade to SolMan 7.1
  • Configured SolMan 7.1 for EWA reports, System monitoring and alerting and BG job monitoring.
  • Adjusted the default monitoring templates and adjusted the alert thresholds as per the customer requirements.
  • Maintained saprouttab entries and established connection between Confidential network SAP OSS, to open and close service connections. Upgraded SAP router software. Enabled (renewed the SNC certificate) SNC connection to SAP OSS. Documented the process.

Environment: ECC 6.05, Solman7.1, Sun Solaris 10.x SPARC, Oracle 11.2.x, 10.2.x, g-Track

Confidential, St Charles, MO

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager/ Basis Architect


  • This was a brand new implementation - went live with NW7.31 products: ECC6.0 with EHP6, BI 7.31, and BPC 10 with NW, PI 7.31, EP7.31, GRC 7.02 and SOLMAN 7.11
  • Performed a role of SAP technical Architect in designing and building SAP Technical infrastructure
  • Independently handled system build process and resolved SAP product related issues by coordinating with SAP support resources on-site and SAP technical support through customer messages.
  • Architected an ideal system landscape based upon customer business needs
  • Actively involved in Project preparation, Blue print, Realization and Go-Live phases.
  • Prepared technical blue prints, after reviewing with customer and project manager
  • Prepared technical documents with system design, system build and post installation configuration details.
  • Provided guidance, and technical support in completing conference room pilot projects on-time.
  • Prepared technical installation and configuration documents ( including screen shots )
  • Mentored technical teams, and customer on various technical issues, security issues
  • Worked with SAP global support team and development teams in escalating, troubleshooting and resolving SAP NW product related issues
  • Implemented SSO from OS for SAP GUI and J2EE ( SPnego and Microsoft Kerberos)
  • Resolved technical issues with implementation of Products: PDCE, BPC10
  • Configured SSL and installed SSL certificates
  • Identified Tcodes used by Basis team and helped security team to build basis security roles.
  • Configured CUA client and connected all child systems, and maintained and resolved technical issues with CUA.
  • Configured SOLMAN for LMDB, MOPZ, Business Process monitoring, Technical and System monitoring.
  • Installed and Configured Solution Manager 7.1.
  • Performed post installation activates for SolMan (basis setup, LMDB, Install SAP router, maintain saprouttab and connect SolMan to SAP OSS etc..)
  • Used SolMan MOPZ to calculate the SP stacks for rest of the systems (ECC, BI, GRC, Portal, and PI).
  • Performed managed system configuration, EWA reports, technical system monitoring and alerting, ITSM and ChaRM configuration.
  • Made the system ready for pre and post go live checks
  • Performed SP stack upgrade (from SPS08 to SPS12).
  • Installed Wily Introscope Manager on SolMan and connected the wily agents running on Java systems to SolMan
  • Resolved issues with LM Service ( downloaded and upgraded latest version) to resolve issues with SMD agent / Wily Introscope agents connectivity

Environment: ECC 6.06,EP 7.31,PI 7.31,BI 7.31,BPC10 with NW, BOBJ4sp5, SolMan7.11 Windows 2008 with Hyper-V,SQLserver2008

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager / Basis Architect


  • Performed SAP application migration from Solaris to Red hat Linux
  • Prepared migration plan and updated the customer with work progress status daily.
  • Captured screen shots and prepared migration documentation
  • Involved in functional testing and resolved technical issues with BW data extraction ( post migration activities)
  • Installed and Configured Solution Manager 7.1 on Red hat Linux with Oracle 11.2
  • Performed post installation activates (initial setup, LMDB, managed system configuration, connecting SMD agents and wily agents)

Environment: ECC 6.05, Solman7.1, BI 7.1, Sun Solaris 10.x SPARC, Oracle 11.2.x,Red hat Linux 5.5

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Senior Manager


  • Perform analysis and prepare SAP environment for EHP5 upgrade
  • Responsible for EHP5 upgrade planning, scheduling, status reporting and execution
  • Validate the environments after EHP upgrade
  • Working with basis team and development team in fixing bugs identified during post EHP5 upgrade testing
  • Handle escalations from day to day production support, recommend process improvements
  • Review,Prepare,update technical documentation on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Coordination between on-site and off-shore basis teams, delivery managers and project managers to understand the issues, bring the consensus and getting the necessary attention and cooperation to meet the task deadlines.
  • Handle customer escalations, resolve conflicts, provide technical guidance
  • Prepare and update weekly status reports and share with on-site and off-shore project managers
  • Take ownership to restore the production functionality as quickly as possible during system outages while following the customer accepted escalation process
  • Actively involved in root cause analysis and implementing changes proactively to avoid the same issue reoccurring again
  • Training junior team members on handling technical issues
  • Taking advice from senior management and SAP in resolving complex issues.
  • Reviewing EWA reports from SOLMAN to proactively monitor and maintain the environments without breaching SLAs

Environment: ECC 6.05, SolMan7.1, BI 7.1, Sun Solaris 10.x SPARC, Oracle 11.2.x, Red hat Linux 5.5

Confidential, Boston, MA

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant / SAP Solution Manager


  • Deloitte was implementing SAP for State of MA. I was part of Deloitte’s implementation team and provided basis team lead services.
  • Responsible for system architecture, client strategy, transport strategy, installation, configuration, integration with 3rd party products, oracle RAC implementation, solution manager implementation including CHARM and CTS+
  • Performed hardware sizing, reviewed, updated hardware sizing documents based upon client recommendations. Created new project in SAP quicksizer, collected details from respective technical team members and updated in quicksizer
  • Performed all NW 7.x products installation, prepared installation and post-installation configuration documentation
  • Resolved many technical issues during installation and post installation activities and helped other basis team members to achieve the targets on-time
  • Created weekly work status reports and shared with management.
  • Actively involved in resolving SAP SR and WSRR web service replication, UDDI configuration and troubleshooting activities
  • Played a key role in working with software vendors like Confidential and SAP in resolving technical configuration issues. Attended meetings with Deloitte management and explained the status and strategy adopted in resolving many complex technical issues to meet the critical project deliverable deadlines.
  • Performed homogeneous and heterogeneous system copies and system build using system copy
  • Played key role in identifying client strategy, transport strategy and backup strategy for SAP systems
  • Actively participated with security team in configuring CUA and resolving issues with trusted systems. Helped security team in configuring and testing Confidential Tivoli (TIM and TAM) security configuration tool and enabling SAML 2.0 security configuration for web services.
  • Configured SSL & SSO between portal and all SAP backend systems.
  • Configured MOPZ, EWA, CTS+ and central monitoring in solution manager. Installed wily introscope enterprise manager on solution manager. Installed and configured wily agents on j2ee instances and collected j2ee performance data to show up in EWA reports.
  • Actively involved in Installation, configuration, integrating with SAP ECC and testing of 3rd party software such as Pitney Bowes Spectrum
  • Installed and Configured Solution Manager 7.0 on windows platform..
  • Performed post installation activates for SolMan (basis setup, LMDB, Install SAP router, maintain saprouttab and connect SolMan to SAP OSS etc..)
  • Used SolMan MOPZ to calculate the SP stacks for rest of the systems (ECC, BI, GRC, Portal, and PI).
  • Renamed the SolMan 7.0 server name. Performed SolMan system export. Un installed SAP. Renamed the server. Re installed SolMan 7.0 using the export dump. Re executed SolMan setup, managed system configuration templates. Updated saprouttab and restarted saprouter.
  • Applied ST/PI and ST-A/PI support patches to ECC, SRM and GRC systems

Environment: ECC 6.0,CRM 7.01,BI 7.02,EP 7.3,PI 7.11, SolMan 7.01,GRC 10.x, Red hat Linux 2.6, Oracle 11.2

Confidential, Decatur, IL

Sr. SAP Basis Lead Consultant


  • Prepared client specific system copy document and tested and validated
  • Lead and executed HR support packs and tax tubs implementation successfully
  • Prepared documentation on various technical issues to enable support team to quickly identify and resolve critical production down issues
  • Replaced SAPLPD service with SAPsprint service in all SAP instances to improve printing efficiency. Resolved issues with printer migration from local to print server.
  • Performed SAP license auditing for all SAP systems and submitted audit data to SAP
  • Resolved performance issues with ECC and Portal systems
  • Resolved issues with ADS, single sign-on and portal certificates
  • Resolved issues with SAP GUI on citrix thin clients
  • Attended weekly status meetings and provided status updates to management
  • Configured EWA for JAVA systems including installing and configuring wily Introscope agents
  • Active participation in planning, scheduling and implementing HR support packs
  • Active participation in Disaster Recovery systems configuration and testing
  • SQL server database tuning, compression and performance & tuning
  • Installing, configuring BI accelerator(BIA) instance on BI production server
  • Active participating in installing BOJB instance and configuring universe and establishing communication between BI and BOBJ servers
  • Configured Solution manager7.0 for MOPZ, EWA, and technical system monitoring and alerting
  • Reviewed EWA reports every week and shared the critical issues with management
  • Planned and executed proactive maintenance activities ( tuned the SAP application and database) based on EWA report recommendations.
  • Applied ST/PI and ST-A/PI patches to ECC, SRM and GRC systems.

Environment: ECC 6.0,ECC 5.0,BI 7.0,EP 7.0,PI 7.1,SolMan 7.01,Windows bit Unicode Cluster, MS SQL server 2005 and 2008

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