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Sap Hana Basis Administration Resume

Plymouth, WI


  • Over 10 years of SAP Basis experience in Installation and maintenance of NW systems S/4 HANA, ECC, BW, CRM, SRM, APO, Fiori - Gateway, Solman, EP, XI/PI, CRM, Live Cache and BI. Expertise in Planning, coordinating and executing SAP upgrade projects for SAP ECC, CRM, BOBJ, ERP-HCM, SCM-APO, Solman 7.0 & 7.2
  • SAP HANA: Expert in SAP HANA Administration and SAP HANA Installation and Patch upgrades. Configured HANA cockpit & Backup and Recovery. Involved in S/4 HANA implementation. Experience in Oracle to HANA Migration (Tools: SWPM, DMO). Configured SAP LT server for data replication from ECC to HANA. Data migration from Oracle 11g to SOH (Suit on HANA 1.0) using SUM DMO tool.
  • Oracle DB: Install Oracle DB RAC and non-RAC systems, upgraded oracle DB from 11G to 12C. Responsible for Database backup, Archiving, and recovery process. Configuring DB Backups Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM 12c) console to backup servers and Backups to TSM - Tivoli storage Manager (Archive log backup, Online, offline using Brtools, Scripts and via rman).
  • Performed post Installation Setup of SAP Components: Initial System Backup, Configure SAP Transport Management System, Request / Set-up SAP Developer Keys, Setup SAPROUTER connection to SAP, RFC connection setup, install support packages, Client Copy, Install OSS notes, System Monitoring Setup (CCMS, Patrol, Solution Manager) Configure SAP Note Assistant, SAP DBA configuration, Tuning Modification of SAP and instance parameter files, configuration of the SAPLOGON entries for the newly installed system and setup of printers.
  • Performed Homogeneous and heterogeneous system copy (OS/DB migration). Experienced in data migration from Production to Test system using SAP TDMS. System refresh via TDMS application deployment.
  • Extensive experience in Production Support - Activities, Management & Leading. Handled Production or Application Support teams both in offshore and onshore. Handling weekly maintenance change windows.
  • ITIL Certified - Good at Business process consulting/ Incident Management Problem solving and Leading the projects. Troubleshooting and solving the technical issues on priority tickets related to Basis activities using BMC Remedy, Citrix Met Frame Presentation server and CMIS ticketing tools as per ITIL standards.
  • Experience in reviewing, analysing, troubleshooting, documenting and following-up on issues. Ability to prioritize and deliver tasks against agreed timeline. Excellent analytical, problem solving, decision making, strong influencing, collaboration and relationship building skills.
  • Handled complete life cycle implementations of SAP System Landscapes and fresh System Builds, Cutover, Go-Live,
  • Solution Manager: Configured all aspects of Solman preparation, Basic configuration, Managed system configuration, System Landscape SLD, LMDB, Configured Charm, ITSM, Service Desk integration, Configured HANA, BI, PI and other systems in Monitoring, Configured Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Solution maintenance SOLAR01, SOLAR02 roadmaps System Monitoring Setup using Solution Manager as the central system, automatic triggering of emails for alerts of EWA configuration & Charm configuration.
  • Expertise in the fields of SAP Basis administration activities like Client administration, System Landscape design, Spool management and transport strategy, TMS and Performance Tuning.
  • Performed System sizing exercise and recommended hardware and software requirements and coordinated with vendors and clients in selecting the hardware.
  • Designing and Implementing the Disaster Recovery strategy for all SAP Applications. Performed DR (Disaster Recovery) Test for different production systems.
  • Developed a daily, weekly and monthly checklist in the SAP, database in conjunction with the housekeeping jobs.
  • Served as an integrator to the functional and business teams for technical services, client infrastructure provider, and vendors / other service providers.
  • Working on large and complex SAP production environment providing on-call and 24X7support, monitoring and troubleshooting and other activities to maintain SAP System Landscape Integrity and maximize uptime. Providing day to day support and performing Health Checks for SAP and Non-SAP systems. Pro-active monitoring, troubleshooting, and tuning of the systems at the SAP and database levels. Provided advice on SAP landscape strategy.
  • Maintained strong working relationships with customers and acted as a single point of contact to customers for knowledge exchange and product updates/implementation.
  • Responsible for producing monthly storage reports for all the systems to the management and work with hardware vendors to procure required storage. Managed storage for Large ERP platforms (13 Trillion bytes Storage utilization).


SAP: Netweaver Business Suite - ECC 6.0, SAP-SCM APO, SRM, CRM, BW, and Supplier Portal, Biller Direct Portal, Java Stack Systems Enterprise Portal, XI/PI/PO, BOBJ, BW on HANA, SLT, BODS, BI, BPC, MDM, SmartOps, Solution Manager, Fiori, IDM, GRC, Vertex, Taxware, JIRA, and ESPX (Job Scheduler)

Operating Systems: AIX, Linux (OEL 6), RedHat, SuSE, UNIX and Windows.

Database: HANA, Oracle 11G RAC, OEM 12C & DB2.


Confidential - Plymouth, WI



  • Performed Full implementation of S/4 HANA 1610 Installation, Configuration, Add-on deployment and Fiori gateway integration on DEV/QA servers. Involved in planning and execution phases of S4 HANA and Fiori implementation.
  • Installed S/4 HANA 1610 application, SAP Fiori 3.0 Gateway, P.O & Solman 7.2 in HANA 2.0 DB. Worked on post steps of S/4 HANA 1610 and SAP Fiori applications
  • Installed HANA 2.0 SP1 database on SUSE Linux and supported the Multi-Tanent (MDC) database architecture.
  • Upgraded HANA 2.0 database from SP1 to SP2 and configured system replication for High availability (HA).
  • Involved in the design of implementing High Availability & Disaster Recovery (DR) for S/4, Fiori and HANA systems.
  • Troubleshoot HANA database performance issues. Set up Backup and restoration strategies for HANA Database.
  • Configured HANA Sitter, Auditing and Alert monitoring for HANA database.
  • Configure SAP Fiori apps, setup Fiori catalog and Tiles. Supported regular basis and security issues for users experiencing issues with Fiori apps.
  • Configure SAP GUI, Transactional, Web Dynpro, Analytical & Fact sheet apps in SAP Fiori frontend system. Setting up and activating of SAP UI2 & UI5 ODATA services in SAP Fiori frontend system.
  • Configured Technical systems, Mandatory Configuration, SLD, DVM (Data Volume Management), Manage system, EWA & System monitoring in Solman 7.2 for the entire landscape.
  • Working on HANA Side car approach for real time data replication using SAP SLT system.
  • Migrate SAP BI reports and universes between environments. Resolve issues with Webi reports and OLAP connections.
  • Perform end to end integration of S/4 systems with Ariba. Install and configure Ariba integration adapters.

Confidential - Milwaukee, WI

SAP Basis Technical Architect


  • SME for SAP ECC & BI systems for JCI Corp portfolio. Handling SAP BW process chain issues and providing all the daily support to BW loads.
  • Lead RUN team to achieve organization goals and Business/Client requirements.
  • SAP BASIS Support included SAP system health checks and working on tickets raised by CMIS tool, OSS Administration, Transports, printer Administration, File system clean ups, tablespace extension.
  • Directed team to anticipate problem & propose solutions timely and to provide solution to existing Business/Client problems.
  • Performed Upgrades as per road map and requirement.
  • Performed Netweaver EHP upgrade from NW 7.4 to NW 7.5
  • Restricted TLS 1.0 protocol version to the supplier network by performing Kernel and Java software components upgrade activities in PI and SNC systems.
  • Proposed and completed (DEV) NW and GRC Component SP upgrade in GRC system and backend PI/SRM/SNC/ECC systems to resolve Sod Risk analysis job issue and many more issues that were affecting Security team.
  • Participated in All Major Outages and resolved the issues in time - 24/7.
  • Successfully completed SAP ECC System Refresh Based on Client requirement.
  • Deleted 230K + Workflows from users and helped in performance improvement.
  • Provided Oncall support daily & during Month end closures and Quarter end closures. Supported during Business Critical and Mission critical systems with 99% availability.
  • Remediate Vulnerabilities and maintained Security compliances of the systems. Helps our systems from exposure & potential cyberattacks - Business is free from Security/cyber risk.
  • Conducted daily and weekly call with team to discuss open items, roadmap and resolutions provided.
  • Supported the systems as per plan and followed road map to keep systems up to date - Performed upgrades (Kernal upgrade, Disp+Work, Host agent, SP, DMIS - ECC/SRM/PI/SNC/HANA/BODS/GRC) of the systems on regularly manner to update with the releases as per the requests from Business.
  • Installed SmartOps EIS database schema and EIS application. Deployed EIS application to Netweaver and configured EIS application and later upgraded the EIS application along with database schema.
  • Identified and proposed for performance tuning of the system and achieved by working with partnering teams.
  • Ensured system availability and performances by setting up alerts /continuous monitoring/ automation.
  • Resolved production Incidents/ Adhoc tickets in time and created RCA’s for problem tickets in remedy.
  • Installed SAP HANA 1.0 scale out with 8 nodes (2 masters, 5 slaves & 1 standby node).
  • Upgraded HANA 1.0 SPS10 to SPS12. Given post upgrade support and fixed bugs in SPS12 for smooth performance.
  • Upgraded HANA revision version from SPS12 122.01 to SPS12 122.07 to fix some bugs as per the SAP recommendation.
  • Performed data replication from varies ECC to HANA using SLT.
  • Test system refresh online using TDMS functionality quarterly wise task.
  • TDMS Tasks- Installing add-on in ABAP system for TDMS functionality, creating tablespace, creating the project and sub-projects for ERP time-based reduction package, Managing RFC connection for all the three systems. Monitoring the data deletion and data load process from TDMS central system. Managing the system analysis, Data scrambling, data transfer & post processing.
  • Created KT/Process documents, made sure that continuous KT process between team members.

Confidential - Philadelphia, PA

SAP Basis Lead Consultant / HANA Administrator


  • Full life cycle implementation of vSAP systems worked on different landscape designs installations and configurations.
  • Installed and configuration of BI 7.3, ECC6.0, PI 7.3, Netweaver 7.3 and EP7.3, SRM along with TREX service, SAPAPO-SCM with Live cache, and CRM. Installed MDM systems and SRM-MDM catalog systems.
  • Performed ECC upgrade from EHP 5 to EHP7 and other Netweaver Business Suite systems SCM-APO, SRM, BW to Net Weaver 7.4 EHP3 and Java Stack Portal upgrade.
  • Migrated Oracle 11g Database to Suite on HANA 1.0 using SUM DMO tool.
  • Performed SAP HANA DB Backup and Recovery.
  • Performed HANA DR setup configuration.
  • Working on SAP HANA Administration Tools - HANA Studio, DBA Cockpit, and HDBSQL CLI Tool
  • Installed S/4 HANA Simple Finance 1503 on-Premise edition.
  • Experience on SAP BODS configuration and setup
  • Upgraded BODS from 4.0 to 4.2 and done post configuration steps after the upgrade.
  • Upgraded the BODS support pack from SPS2 to SPS8.
  • Experience in data services administration to transform the data from non-sap systems to sap.
  • Installation SAP IDM 7.1 and then upgrade it to 7.2. Latest upgraded SAP IDM 7.2 to 8.0.
  • Integrated SAP IDM with GRC system and regular support work on IDM issues. Upgrading its support packs and kernel versions.
  • Upgraded Solution Manager System from 7.0 to 7.1 configured EWA reports to all the landscape systems, Charm configured
  • Worked on establishing connectivity from SAP PI to ARIBA Network through Adapter framework.
  • Created the communication channel for both receiver and sender from PI to ARIBA Network.
  • Configured backend systems in SAP Java stack Portal systems, Connection setup, SSO Setup, Portal transport Management, and Apache configuration.
  • Completed splitting dual stack system (BI ABAP / JAVA).
  • Extensively performed java administration using Java (J2EE) Administration Tools - Visual Administrator and Config tool.
  • Java Support Package Implementations using JSPM Tool and Deploy view.
  • JAVA and ABAP Patch level up-gradations.
  • Performing portal monitoring and verify the J2EE Cluster logs.
  • Moved SAP Portal System to Cloud
  • Monitoring and resolving PI system issues. Maintain SAFE connections for PI system.
  • SXMS QREG to manage queues (register, de-register queues), and SMQ1 & SMQ2 queue administration. PI Engines (configuring / troubleshooting).
  • Integration Engine Configuration and tuning “RUNTIME” parameters.
  • Installed Fiori, Gateway, installed Travel and other components, enabled the required UI services, and providing the support to the Fiori application.
  • Performing data archiving in ECC. Discussed with the functional teams to identify the workflows for archiving and created/configured storage for the Archive and schedule the required jobs for the Archive. Make sure that the Archiving objects can be view / restore after archive using BOBJ, SARA, and RSWWARCR (Client dependent) report for the Archived objects. Making sure that take the proper approvals for the Arching objects and schedule the Archiving jobs in the non-peak load.
  • Scheduling and monitoring all SAP production BATCH JOBS in IBM Server (Called ESPX).
  • Handling the Crisis Management Bridge calls and coordinating with teams to resolve issues and providing the root cause analysis report to higher management.
  • Install Oracle DB SBP/PSU patch updates in standalone and RAC systems
  • Involved in Fixing SAP, OS, DB vulnerabilities in all the SAP environments.
  • Worked on DR system setup for all the production systems.
  • Working with Splunk logs analyzer.
  • Gathering log File systems to be configured in Splunk. Using Splunk logs for the root cause Analysis
  • Configured AS-JAVA and AS-ABAP systems for the Splunk monitoring.
  • Providing daily support to the end users and functional users. Monitoring and taking care of all the system related issues.
  • Configured Apache and handling all apache related issues
  • Extensive experience in BO reporting Administration including versions BOXI (3.X), 4.0 and 4.1 Linux environments. Installed SAP BO (3.X, 4.0., 4.1) on Tomcat and Netweaver Web Application server. Configured and integrated SAP BO with Backend Systems.
  • Involved in User Administration and SSO Implementation / SNC configuration for SAPGUI updating the parameters of SNC and configure GUI with Secure Login client Kerberos token across the landscape.
  • Upgraded SAP BO from 3.x to 4.0 and 4.0 to 4.1.
  • Troubleshooting the general BO administration issues which include security and application level issues. Scheduling BO Reports handling issues.
  • Handling SAP BW process chain issues and providing all the daily support to BW loads.
  • Deployment of WAR files from BO to Java environment
  • Coordinating between different teams for meeting project deliverables.
  • Updating the Vertex servers and maintaining vertex server connections to SAP systems.
  • Updating SAP GUI Package and sending the GUI package along with updates to SAPGUI version through Marimba to all the business users and other functional users.

Environment: SAP HANA database, Oracle 11g, ECC 6, BI 7.4, APO, SOLMAN, SAP PORTAL, LINUX OEL 6 & WINDOWS 2008.

Confidential - Philadelphia, PA

System Specialist (SAP Basis Consultant)


  • SAP Basis Support for Various SAP systems of the Landscape like R3, APO, SRM, CRM, BI, PI etc in Linux RDHAT (Red Hat).
  • Configured connection from SAP to other Third-party tools as VERTEX, TREX & BEX.
  • Performed monthly taxware updates and Deployed the regular Taxware upgrade into SAP ECC systems.
  • Installed Netweaver 7.3 and upgraded its support packs and kerner upgrade.
  • Worked on missing authorizations and assigning Roles to users & Profile maintenance through PFCG.
  • Java Monitoring and performance analysis in java engine using VA and Config tool
  • Handled Transports to DEV, QAS and PRD.
  • Performed quality system refresh using test data migration system TDMS.
  • Configured Operation Modes.
  • Raising OSS messages and opening the connection to SAP and working with them by seeing through the resolution.
  • Monitoring space utilization of database file system and Database growth.
  • Scheduling Housekeeping Jobs. Time based, event based Scheduling of background jobs and monitoring them.
  • Implemented SAP SBP patches in all platform.
  • Performed SAP ECC system workflow data archive process using TAANA, SARI & SARA.
  • APO- LIVE Cache administration.
  • Analyzing any locked arguments, which are locked for a long time and ABAP dumps.
  • Installing and configuring MDM system and MDIS/MDM services stop start in MDM system.
  • Worked on Linux scripting for automating alert monitoring of SAP systems. Configured Linux cronjobs to schedule sap BR jobs
  • SAP BASIS Support included SAP system health checks and working on tickets raised by CMIS tool, OSS Administration, Transports, printer Administration, File system clean ups, tablespace extension.
  • Client Administration including client copy / export / import.
  • Administration of qRFC requests and clearing if any blockage in the data flows.
  • Installed GRC in Windows Operating system platform and in Linux RDHAT (Red Hat Linux).
  • Monitoring the performance of data loads for BI/APO/BODs systems.
  • SAP SCM Live cache administration like backup/Restore using Database Manager GUI, monitoring.
  • Handling SAP BW process chain issues and providing all the daily support to BW loads
  • Cleared the PI Cache and monitored the XI engines & SAFE connection.
  • Moving Portal and XI transports to QA and production

Environment: ECC 6.0, Oracle 11g, LINUX OEL 6.


Analyst (SAP Basis Administrator)


  • Implemented Test Data Migration Server & Data Migration from Production to Quality system.
  • Install DMIS add-on in ABAP system for TDMS functionality in AIX OS platform, System refresh via TDMS (ERP Initial Package for Time based Reduction: Package Settings, System Analysis, Data Transfer, Post processing).
  • Daily maintenance activity of SAP system & Database.
  • Basis support in NEW GL-Migration project.
  • Created RFC destinations from QA to TDMS to PROD systems.
  • Created a package for online data transferring from PROD to QA via TDMS.
  • System analysis during the process where the storage need to be accurate from source to target.
  • Monitored data transfer from TDMS and resolved any data related issues and performed post processing activity.
  • Monitoring DR logs

Environment: ECC 6.0, TDMS, Oracle 10g, AIX 5.3


Software Engineer (SAP Basis Administrator)


  • Life cycle implementation of sap system ECC in windows server OS environment.
  • Installation of SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 with oracle 10g on windows 2008, (32 and 64bit environment).
  • Regular Kernel upgrade and support patch up gradation and SPAM updates & Applying Add-on & Plug-ins using SAINT.
  • Application of SAP OSS notes to resolve the issues. Applying SAP license Audit and maintenance certificates.
  • Configure TMS between Development, Quality and Production systems of R/3 using STMS.
  • Profile maintenance - Start, Instance and Default Profile.
  • Client Administration - Client copy, export & imports, Deletion.
  • User Administration - User creation, Deletion, User copy, Password Activation, Authorization and Profile maintenance. Creating Roles (Parent and Child Roles) and Authorization, assigning roles to users.
  • VERITAS backup configuration for SAP system in windows server.
  • Printers Set-up and reconfigure for the Sap R/3 system through SPAD. Monitoring Spool status.
  • Raising OSS messages and seeing through the resolution.
  • Installation of Solution manager 7.0 and configuration of Solution Manager for Daily activities
  • Installation of SCM 5.0. Live cache installation and administration.
  • Language installation.
  • SCOT configuration.
  • Table space Administrations and adding data files using BRTOOLS

Environment: ECC 6.0, Oracle 10g, AIX & Windows 2008.

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