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Sap Fico/ar/fscm Solution Architect Resume


  • Over 13 years of IT experience along with 12 years of functional experience in implementing SAP with an emphasis on FI/CO, FSCM modules with Six full life cycle implementations including configuration
  • SAP R/3 system using ASAP methodology including Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, System Design, Feasibility Analysis, Configuration, and Testing
  • Experienced in FI - General Ledger, Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Asset Accounting (AA) and Treasury (TR)
  • Expert in Collections management, Dispute management and Credit management in Financial Supply chain management
  • Experience in Controlling module includes Cost Center Accounting (CCA) with good conceptual understanding of Profit Center Accounting (PCA), Cost Element accounting (CEA), Internal Order (IO) Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
  • Expert in House Bank Master data and Vendor Master Data for the requirement of Automatic payment transaction
  • Experience in Dunning, Foreign exchange configuration, Interest rate calculation and Sales tax Configuration
  • Expert in Bank Accounting: Manual Bank Statement, Electronic Bank Statement, and Lockbox processing.
  • Expert in Asset Accounting: configuring Asset Master records, Chart of Depreciation, Depreciation keys, lean implementation, Acquisition and Retirements
  • Configuration of Assets by creating Chart of Depreciation, Asset classes, Depreciation keys and Automatic running of depreciation.
  • Expert in Cost center and Profit center hierarchies, Activity types, Statistical Key Figures, Distributions and Assessments
  • Expert in Operating concern, Characteristics, Value fields, maintaining the Derivation rules and Structures, Planning versions, Planning layouts, Planning profiles, creating Drilldown Reports
  • Integration of FI-CO module with other modules like Material Management (MM) and Sales & Distribution (SD)
  • Expert in data migration system from legacy to SAP R/3 using Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) and ECATT tools. Expert in preparation of reports using Report writer/Report Painter.
  • Effectively interacted with the clients to understand business processes for GAP analysis and proposed long term and short-term strategic solutions
  • Highly organized, productive, extremely work-devoted and good team player
  • An excellent communicator with keen analytical ability and proven skills in working with technical as well as non-technical teams with minimal supervision


ERP: SAP R\3 4.6b, 4.6c, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0

SAP Interfaces: BDC, RFC, ALE, IDOC, EDI

Operating Systems: MS: DOS, UNIX and Windows95/98/2000/NT/XP

GUI Tools: Microsoft Visio

MS Office Tools: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Power Point



SAP FICO/AR/FSCM Solution Architect

Environment: 4.6C, ECC 6.0, S/4 Hana


  • Worked as AR/FSCM Architect on Global implementation for Confidential lighting including EMEA and NALS (North America Lighting Solutions)
  • Conducted Fit Gap sessions and created prototyping of business processes in SAP
  • Configured AR/FSCM system for Confidential Lighting and developed RICEFW functional specs for business requirements
  • Worked with ABAP & PI developers to help build technical specs and build RICEFW
  • Tested business processes from end to end for AR/FSCM requirements with integrating to Order to Cash, Record to Report processes
  • Prepared and executed cutover tasks before Go-live
  • Provided Hypercare support after Go-live of EMEA and NALS implementations
  • Worked in various Projects in Confidential Circuit, NALS Go-live, Circuit 2.0, Solar project, Daintree (acquisition to Confidential Lighting), Harvest (Separation of Tungsram), Espresso (Separation of Current) where all FSCM implementation
  • Designed accounts receivables process for EMEA & NAM. Configured dunning, automatic payment program for customers.
  • Designed Statements & Dunning letters for European customers with multiple languages
  • Configured Statement & Dunning as per Confidential lighting requirements
  • Designed and configured lockboxes for RBC, BOFA banks with BAI2 format
  • Designed EMEA specific automatic payment runs for customers including Direct Debit, Bills of Exchange, RIBA, Turkey Post dated checks
  • Designed and configured SEPA Direct debit for Germany & Spain
  • Designed and configured various interfaces for Confidential ’s WCS Dataware house, Confidential ’s Corporate Dash board
  • Built Customer refund process for Confidential Lighting customers
  • Built Customer payment processes for EDI820 and credit card payments
  • Designed & Implemented EBS (Electronic Bank statement) for Confidential with BAI2 Format
  • Designed Factoring interfaces for GEAR ( Confidential Accounts Receivable) and WCS
  • Implemented Cash management Report such as Cash management and Liquidity Forecast
  • Worked with business leads to gather requirements of FSCM modules such as Credit management, Collections management & Dispute management modules
  • End user documentation & Training documentation were prepared and explained to business users
  • Designed and Configured Business partner creation process from customer master to FSCM business partner.
  • Configured Master data Synchronization for General and Company code data.
  • Configured Credit segments, Risk classes, checking rules and blocking reasons
  • Configured credit check rules according to EMEA & NAM regions
  • Configured credit exposure updates according to business requirements
  • Configured Recourse and Non Recourse credit limits for business partners
  • Configured FSCM/Web services and de activated PI queries
  • Activated BADIs for credit management
  • Configured and worked on integration of accounts receivable and Sales and Distribution with credit management. Resolved issues in integration
  • Configured collection profiles and collection segments per region and country specific
  • Configured collection strategies specific for region
  • Designed and configured promise to pay, notes, dispute cases etc in collections module
  • Designed dispute management module for Confidential Lighting
  • Integrated dispute management with SFDC (Sales force dot com) for EMEA specific region
  • Customized creating Credit memo from Dispute management
  • Designed and configured auto creation of dispute cases from Accounts receivables
  • Designed auto write off process from dispute management
  • Designed and implemented Cash management Report
  • Designed and implemented Liquidity Forecast Report
  • Re-building of Cash management report was done
  • Built credit card processing for Confidential Lighting with Cybersource as a payment processor
  • Designed Intercompany Billing process (IBS) for Confidential Lighting. Configured Product relevant billing process and non product relevant billing from Confidential Lighting to Non Confidential lighting entities
  • Designed and configured settlement process for IBS billers Extract
  • Designed customized Month end Accrual program for IBS
  • Designed PO & Receivers extract interfaces from IBS to SAP
  • Lead DRM project for brining Master data segments from DRM into SAP
  • Designed GL accounts, Cost centers, Profit center master data interfaces.
  • Designed interfaces for Company code, Trading partner, WBS element, Reference, Product line relevant data from DRM to SAP

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr. SAP FICO/FSCM Consultant

Environment: 4.6C, ECC 6.0


  • Payment Processing (Inbound/Outbound) - ACH, Domestic Wire and Cross-Border Wires.
  • Free-Form, Repetitive, Vendor, Customer, Investments and Debts payments.
  • F110, F111
  • Electronic Bank Statements - Prior day and Current Day EBS statements from multiple domestic and international banks (BOA, JPM, CITI, NTB,Wells Fargo, HSBC, BNP Paribas, RBS,Societie Generale, Standard Charter, Duetche Bank) in BAI2 and MT940 formats.
  • Cash Position Report for domestic and international bank accounts and legal entities
  • Liquidity Forecasting Report
  • Worked on Treasury investments, Money market- Short term/Long term debts, Commodities, Hedging, Derivatives, Futures/Forwards, Swaps, Options, Foreign Currency (FX).
  • Generated payments files out of BCM module with using Data Medium Exchange Engine (DMEE) / Payment Medium Workbench (PMW)
  • Developed a logic to map ACK, Reject and Confirmation messages from XML file into SAP PI maps to update payment status in the Payment Monitor.
  • Closely worked with SAP PI team to establish connection to SWIFT Network
  • Interfaces: SWIFT Network, SFTP, AS2.
  • Worked on In House cash management set up. Worked on Spot/forward transaction in FX.
  • Redesigned Confidential ’s global Treasury processes and SAP configuration standards for greater flexibility and efficiencies; specifically involving inter-company netting, foreign/domestic payments, electronic bank statement processing and Accounts Receivable cash application, foreign currency hedging, and accounting for automatic zero-balancing account (ZBA) cash movements.
  • Worked in Confidential and integrated Confidential SAP. Created outgoing payment file specification and worked on trouble shooting of file transfers.
  • Configured Collections management, credit management and Dispute managements
  • Defined Collection rules, collection strategies, Collection profiles, collection segments, collection groups and collection specialists as per business requirements
  • Defined Resubmissions, settings for Promise to pay
  • Configured RMS ID, Attribute profiles and status profiles.
  • Worked on creation on FSCM business partner master data and conversion of business partner master data
  • Configured Credit segments, Risk classes, checking rules and blocking reasons
  • Configured and worked on integration of accounts receivable and Sales and Distribution with credit management. Resolved issues in integration
  • Defined Credit groups, Credit representative groups and created custom enhancements.
  • Configured Dispute case relevant Attribute profiles, and values for attributes etc.
  • Activated dispute management and configured automatic status changes
  • Configured automatic write off settings for dispute cases
  • Implemented workflows for Dispute case write offs and Credit limit approval processes
  • Created workflows for credit limit approvals. Resolved issues in workflow approval processes
  • Presented Biller Direct functionality to business to convert from e- Confidential to biller direct
  • Configured payment terms, correspondences, Automatic outgoing payments for customers
  • Designed and configured Credit card payment system for Confidential
  • Worked on Dunning processes.
  • Worked with XI team and Payment warehouse for interfacing of credit cards and pay metric systems.
  • Configured Lockbox payment settings for incoming payments. Configured Check related Lockbox payments and EFT payments in lockbox configuration
  • Enhanced Lockbox program with custom requirements to improve matching criteria and hit rate in lockbox application
  • Defined Alternate payer set up and configured Alternate payer functionality in SAP
  • Dealt with Bank file and recommendation sent over to bank on MICR related information settings for customers
  • Enhanced and created custom program to deal with Deductions processing which is related to charge backs, credit memos, debit memos, returns etc which are specfic to Confidential related customers

Confidential, PA

Sr. SAP FICO Consultant - Architect

Environment: ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0


  • Conducted Blue print workshops and created prototyping of global template.
  • Configured Credit management, Collections management and Dispute management
  • Created workflow for credit management for credit approvals
  • Created workflow for dispute case write off processes
  • Worked on creating collection management reports. Worked on dispute cases issues.
  • Worked on enhancements of Dispute cases.
  • Conducted workshops on Biller Direct
  • Worked on vendor and customer master data creation and master data conversion
  • Create LSMW script to convert master for AP and AR
  • Worked with customized program for open item conversion for open payables and open receivables from legacy company codes into new company code
  • Involved in the Purchase to Pay (Procure to Pay) analysis for Accounts Payables and integration with Materials Management with Finance Department.
  • Worked on Integration MM with Finance module. Assigned automatic account determination for materials posting using different valuation modifiers and valuation classes.
  • Defined Automatic account determination for different goods movement in Finance
  • Worked on Validations and substitution in different modules to replace and validate values
  • Investments (Money Market, Securities, Derivatives and Foreign Currency Trades) Payments
  • Debts - Intercompany and Third Party loans Payments
  • Link to Cash Management Module
  • Electronic Bank Statements for Bank Of America and Chase Banks.
  • User exit developments for improving matching criteria
  • Created functional, detailed design, and testing specs for the IHC and Confidential solutions
  • Designed a specialized In-House Cash (IHC) and Cash Budget Mgmt ( Confidential ) solution without CFM to maximize Confidential ’s return on investment on its 4.6c system. Goal was to increase Confidential ’s capital borrowing capacity to fund its major utility projects by tracking and reporting inter-company cash flow for its affiliates.
  • Worked on BCM (Bank Communication Management)
  • Worked on Asset data conversion in company code mergers.
  • Converted legacy (non SAP and SAP) asset master data belongs to tangible and intangible assets into SAP.
  • Worked on split valuation for material master and designed special procurement keys for material master
  • Created account assignment category for customer, material and account keys required for automatic account determination from purchasing and sales side
  • Worked on GL consolidations on global template environment. Created One Global Chart Of Accounts for Confidential Reporting plus alternative Charts of Accounts as needed to support local legal/fiscal requirements
  • Created account groups with respect to group and operating chart of accounts, sample account creation, retained earnings account, accounts assignment
  • Customized the Account Groups, Field Status Groups, Posting Keys, Document Types, Posting Periods and Creation of G/L Account Master Records.
  • Demonstrated document splitting concepts with relevant examples and online demo.
  • Created segments and configured document splitting in New GL environment
  • Configured multiple ledgers with leading and non leading ledger
  • Worked on multiple currency environment and foreign exchange rates for multiple currencies.
  • Worked on Foreign exchange revaluation process.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. SAP FICO Consultant

Environment: ECC 6.0


  • Worked on Different outbound payment files processing for banks. Tested Outbound payment files including E4X drafts and wires, Global wires and check files.
  • Worked on Inbound collections file processing from banks and resolved issues
  • Worked on Automatic payment program running for Vendors and customers
  • Worked on All interfaces related to Accounts receivables and accounts payables. Worked on customer account groups, number ranges, payment terms, and payment methods for AR, cash discounts.
  • Defined house banks, bank determination and rankings for each payment method. Dealt with Bank master data transfer and fixed issues in IBAN, Bank accounts and SWIFT codes.
  • Assisted with data migration for assets from legacy to SAP system.
  • Created Risk categories based on information from Collections management department and updated master data using an interface.
  • Worked on write up and write off processes to clear bad debts using workflows.
  • Defined collection strategies and assigned collection strategies to collection groups.
  • Each collection strategy was assigned to collection rules and Each rule is assigned valuation points.
  • Created customized reports needed for Credit & collections and Debt &Recovery department
  • Created outbound interface to update collections management transactional data into third party system.
  • Worked on Aging of receivables per selected customers.
  • Worked on past payments, Open promises to pay, open dispute cases, past customer contacts, open resubmissions, customer contact person.
  • Training: Worked with users and trained users on collection management functionality
  • Created functional specifications for FSCM modules and trained users after development
  • Worked with business leads and technical team to transfer knowledge on collections management and required customization for business
  • End user documentation was prepared and explained to business users
  • Worked on Intra day and Previous day files to update cash management and updated memo records
  • Created source symbols, planning groups and planning levels in cash management
  • Designed GL account structure to accommodate Cash management applications
  • Worked on cash management position, liquidity forecast and cash concentration
  • Worked on zero balancing of intercompany balance transfers from bank statements
  • Created product types, transaction types and configured money market and Foreign Exchange, securities and derivatives etc.
  • Worked on Commercial bonds, Short term investments, hedging, foreign currency revaluation.
  • Configured Electronic Bank statement for Confidential bank with BAI file formats.
  • Worked on BCM Module.
  • Developed algorithms to enhance matching criteria and improved hit ratio and matching

Confidential, Richardson, TX

Environment: ECC 6.0 on a global implementation for CSC

Sr. SAP FICO/FSCM functional Consultant


  • Worked on Global template of SAP by consolidating business processes.
  • Lead the team with business users to understand the business requirements and prepared the business blueprints. Was part of full life cycle from blueprint, configuration, realization, testing and go-live activities and provided post production support as well
  • Lead the Workshops with business leads and IT team in different countries for size of 7 to 20
  • Worked closely with business users and with ABAPers to help understand the business requirements in development.
  • Designed over 56 Functional/technical specifications for customized business requirements.
  • Incorporated the new requirements from business into configuration and development.
  • Designed the functional specifications for the business requirements for Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and workflows (RICEFW)
  • Was responsible for all Enhancements in Accounts receivables and Treasury.
  • Designed high level Workflow functional specifications according to business requirements.
  • Involved in Month end closing activities and supported users in month end closings.
  • Worked with business users to show the prototyping of business requirement in prototype client. Configuration: Whole configuration was done using Solution Manager by updating the business processes.
  • Defined and configured customer account groups, payment terms, and payment methods for customers, Special GL indicators, Interest calculation, Automatic and Manual payment incoming settings for customers. Configured outgoing payment settings for customers and configured Direct debit setup for customers.
  • Consolidated Payment methods belong to AR &AR and configured unique payment methods for global implementation.
  • Configured Credit control area and defined Dunning areas, Dunning Keys, Dunning procedures. Configured and dealt with different types of dunning procedures and customized dunning forms and programs to fit as per business requirement for different countries.
  • Dealt with Many external interfaces which feeds billing data into SAP for Confidential internationally. Dealt with intercompany payment processes in payment clearings.
  • Worked with DME (Data Medium Exchange) files to be sent to Banks after automatic payment program run in AR for collection process.
  • Worked on EDI and IDOC interfaces for Accounts payable and Accounts receivables
  • Worked on Integration of Sales and Distribution module with Finance. Worked on Access sequence procedures for SD integration. Created customer group, material group and account key and defined sequence of automatic account determinations
  • Created automatic account determination of SD with finance
  • Worked on Credit card processing using AR module through middle ware (payware and Caledon) for US and Canada.
  • Defined inbound and outbound parameters for Credit card processing
  • Worked on Collections management and dispute management
  • Worked on Credit management. Created customized reports in credit management.
  • Created collections strategies, collection rules and assignments etc.
  • Created dispute cases out of open receivables through lock box statements, open item clearing processes.
  • Worked on the influence of terms of payment on collections management (Ex: Cash discounts)
  • Created customized reports needed for Credit & collections and Debt &Recovery department
  • Created outbound interface to update collections management transactional data into third party system.
  • Worked on Aging of receivables per selected customers.
  • Worked on past payments, Open promises to pay, open dispute cases, past customer contacts, open resubmissions, customer contact person.
  • Worked on customer master data and accounts receivables data transfer to the collections management department using a standard SAP report
  • Worked on periodic data transfer, initial data transfer and data transfer according to selection
  • Configured Electronic bank statements for Bank of America and Bank of Montreal (Canadian bank) with BAI file formats. Dealt with European bank statements formats of Multicash. Converted BAI formats into multicash formats. Dealt with LSV+ statements for Switzerland.
  • Configured Japanese Electronic bank statements by applying OSS notes.
  • Configured external transaction types and assigned with posting rules. Configured the posting rule specifications for each transaction type given banks.
  • InHouse Cash design and implementation
  • Configured Lockbox statements with BAI and BAI2 formats for US (BOA), CANADA (Mellon Bank).
  • Improved searching criteria in lockbox and electronic bank statements by adding logics into user exits.
  • Worked on Intra day and Previous day files to update cash management and updated memo records
  • Created source symbols, planning groups and planning levels in cash management
  • Designed GL account structure to accommodate Cash management applications
  • Worked on cash management position, liquidity forecast and cash concentration
  • Worked on zero balancing of intercompany balance transfers from bank statements
  • Extracted Customer master data using Query and uploaded legacy data into SAP using LSMW tool. Used ECATT and LSMW tools to upload the master data
  • Prepared functional specification for legacy open item data extraction. Extracted open items using customized program and uploaded Open items using standard SAP program RFBIBL00.
  • Made settings for asset legacy data upload by using Master data and Take over values.
  • Involved in the Functional unit testing (FUT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with business users and resolved the issues in testing

Confidential, Everett, WA

Environment: ECC 5.0

Senior SAP FI/CO functional Consultant


  • The project involved detailed study of the entire accounting operations, studying the current business process, organization structure finalizing and mapping & configuring of to-be Business process and providing necessary support.
  • Configured account groups, fiscal year variant, posting period variant, G/L account master records, field status groups, posting keys, automatic account determination, financial statement versions, number ranges and document types, line item layouts.
  • Worked on Balance interest calculation procedures to update General Ledger records.
  • Configured house banks and maintained accounts in house banks. Defining Check Lots, Payment Terms, Set Up bank determination for all payment transactions, Define posting keys and posting rules for check deposit.
  • Worked on Customized Payment medium programs and Payment medium FORMS to fit the business requirement.
  • Dealt with EDI and IDOCs for payment files for accounts payables.
  • Integration of Materials Management with Finance: Worked on Automatic account determination of MM with Financne. Defined automatic account determination of each material (Inventory) based on valuation modifiers and valuation classes.
  • Resolved issues in Automatic account determination in MM integration points.
  • Implemented treasury for various countries. Implemented Lock box statements for Bank of America and Wachovia banks. Worked with BAI and BAI2 file formats for lockboxes. Designed functional specifications for automatic processing of lockbox files on daily basis.
  • Electronic bank statements were designed for BOA. Processed Multicash formats into SAP and converted Multicash formats into BAI formats. Worked on Imaging of payment advice to help resolve post processing of electronic bank statements. Improved matching rate (hitting rate) of larger volume (around 10k records in one file) bank statement files.
  • Worked on Cash management and Cash concentrations for treasury. Designed functional specifications for GL structures which impact treasury flow into Finance.
  • Cost Element Accounting (CO-CEA): Created primary and secondary cost elements, created cost element groups, maintained cost element attributes, costing sheet, assigned the cost elements to various cost centers, activating the reconciliation ledger and maintaining accounts for automatic reconciliation posting
  • Created cost center and profit center hierarchies. Created Assessment and Distribution cycles. Configured Activity types and statistical key figures to calculate the cost to the cost centers. configured asset master data, asset classes, chart of depreciation, unplanned depreciation, depreciation areas, depreciation posting, acquisition and retirement of assets, assets under construction and capitalization of assets.
  • Integration of Materials Management and Sales & Distribution modules with Finance.
  • Worked on Moving Average prices vs Fixed prices scenarios in Goods movements in integration for MM with Finance module.
  • Configured and used LSMW for uploading master data of Assets, GL, Customers and Vendors.

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