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Sap Bo/boxi Developer Resume

Alexandria, VA


  • Over 10 years of experience as now a Senior SAP BO/ Business Intelligent
  • Over 10 years of experience with SAP BI and BW/BO development and support.
  • Experience with SAP ECC 6, and SAP BOBJ tools and Hana.
  • Experience with Project Management and team leadership.
  • Expecting PMI (Project Management Institute) this year
  • Confidential Army project experience
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience in Agile Methodology and ASAP Methodology


BI Application: SAP BW 7.3, 7.0, 3.5 BOBJ 4.1 (Explorer 4.1 & 4.0, WebI 3.x, 4.2, Dashboard, Universe 4.0 Design, Crystal Report), S/4 HANA

SAP Applications: SAP ERP/ECC 6.0, Sap R/3 4.7, 4.6, SAP Netweaver 2004S, Lumira

Operating system: WINDOWS 95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, XP, Vista, Unix/Linux

Computer skills: MS Word, Power Point, Excel, Visio, SharePoint and MS Access etc.


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

SAP BO/BOXI Developer

Environment: Oracle E - Business Suite, Informatica Workflow ETL, Oracle Data


  • Develop new SAP Bo reports for the DDR Services while providing support for existing reports and changes in Universes in order to increase report performance.
  • I also work with Junior Developers in the team to provide them support and readiness.
  • Create over 100 new SAP BO Webi Reports DDR Personnel, DDR Manpower, DDR Live
  • Personnel, DDR Interfaces, DDR payroll, DDR Finance following the JIRA System acceptance criteria forms and transport them to the public folder for appropriate Users.
  • Modified several SAP BO reports like DDR Payroll reports to improve responses time Performances.
  • Create local variables and formulas and user prompts for Webi reports.
  • Created and modify new and existing Universes in order to add tables and classes for Webi
  • Reports and transported them to CMC repository.
  • Attended several discovery meetings to discuss Reports design and security model with the services department and Army PMO.
  • Create Business Objects to support dashboard, Reports and KPIs.
  • Create Ad Hoc Webi query through BOXI web based query tools that interact with the Business Objects Universe.
  • Create and maintain a very friendly and proper interpersonal work environment with all Junior developers, coworkers and military personnel.

Confidential, Ashburn, VA

SAP BW/BI BOBJ Reporting Lead

Environment: SAP BW 7.3 SAP BO 4.x APO and ECC 6, BI Portal Primary Role: Lead SAP BI team for the transition of the Confidential WBSCM project from CSRA to Confidential . participate in the development of the Blueprint


  • Review Functional and Technical Specifications, BI modeling, Development SAP BW Datasources, Infocubes, DSOs, Multiproviders, Transformations, DTPs, Infopackages, Bex Queries and Analysis Workbooks to meet technical specifications and business requirements
  • Manage change requests and do impact analysis on the Data Warehouse and OLAP
  • Meet stakeholders to assess and plan deliverables
  • Prepare knowledge transfer meetings documents and Weekly status update
  • Prepare presentation on BI Reports, Process Chains and data Flow for Confidential Management team
  • Trained for Service Now and HPQC for defects and incidents responses.
  • Interacted with Confidential users in order to prepare successful transition for the WBSCM project
  • Successfully gathered SAP BI developers from different background and coordinated project
  • Analyze and assess the impact of production system changes and new business requirements to the existing data architecture

Confidential, Mount Laurel, NJ

Advisor Software Product Developer/Manager SAPBW

Environment: SAP BW 7.3 SAP BO 4.x APO and ECC 6, BI Portal, HANA 1.0 SP8.


  • Daily support of the Army Logistics Modernization Program ( Confidential ) who supports 100,000 users at different Army and Confidential locations, managing billions in inventory, and handling millions of transactions daily.
  • Daily monitoring of all systems in Confidential - and loading systems
  • Worked on assigned Maintenance, PSSE and IPMS tickets and completed the work using best practices.
  • Extensive hands-on experience involved in complete Confidential lifecycle process implementation including project proposals and project preparation, blue printing, designing, development and testing, user documentation and supporting BI system.
  • Worked in Transport of objects to Test System (QAS) with transports. Debug the transport logs for various warnings and errors in transport of various objects.
  • Functional and Technical expertise in SAP BW covering all areas in BW: Back-end (Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL)), Front-end (BEx ), Portal, Security, ABAP.
  • Experience with various SAP BW components: PSA, Routines (update, transfer), Structures (extract, transfer, communication), ODS/DSO’s, Cubes, Multiproviders, Analysis Process Designer APD, Infosets, and process chains.
  • Designed and activated BW MultiCubes, Multiproviders; and assisted in performance tuning for loading data and improving the query response time.
  • Experienced in activating standard business content and enhancing according to user requirements.
  • Designed and implemented Sales supply availability and sales backorder trend analysis solution. The solution involved backend, frontend and automation objects.
  • Performed Cutover activities involving data loads in the Purchasing and Sales modules including filling set up tables and extracting the data to PSA all the way to the Integration layer and validate the data by executing BEx
  • Enhancement of SAP BW objects including Multiprovider, InfoCubes, DSO, Transformations, Start/End Routines, DataSources, InfoPackages, DTPs and Extractors etc.
  • Migration of older SAP BW 3.x objects into BI7.3 and regression testing as required.
  • Associated with HANA installation and upgrade service packs for SAP BW applications.
  • Developed several HR, Operation, Finance BEX and BO reports and BOM details merged reports in SAP BO (WebI and Dashboard) tools.
  • Developed HR Standard/Adhoc BEx reports and WEbI SAP BO Reports and Planned Units and Integration Tests Scripts with Other teams.
  • Experienced with Production Support On-Call rotation monitoring daily and nightly to resolve issues to make sure all the data is available to the user community on time.
  • Developed utility that monitors the Network Process chains in a daily basis and alerts BW on call for any canceled or failed jobs.
  • Implementations of Near Line Storage with Portal, Infrastructure, Basis teams. Develop Data Archiving Processes and Archiving request to send data to Sybase database partitions.
  • Coordinate with Basis team to conduct all pre-and post HANA migration activities for BW system.
  • Corrected Post Migration Issue HANA Implementation by debugging SAP delivered programs
  • Worked in Confidential lifecycle process to include development of CRD/CDD/QA Test Script/functional/technical specs in Finance, HR, Logistic, Budget etc.
  • Wrote functional/Technical Specification for SAP BEX queries and WAD templates in order for developers to enhance reports.
  • Integration experience with portal,, BASIS and infrastructure teams.
  • Developed the Datamart Objects in Finance, Sales, Operations Acquisition, Master Data for data Modeling and help text for users in the SAP BW and ECC.
  • Coached and advised new hires and junior SAP BW developers.
  • Worked with other teams such as Solution Delivery on peer reviews, design reviews
  • Experience in Confidential BW Network monitoring including daily/weekly jobs
  • Interact with other teams such as Solution Delivery, MS on peer reviews, design reviews etc.
  • Developed SAP BO Class (Web Intelligence, Dashboard, Crystal Reports) for the team
  • Developed Reports in BO Web Intelligence, Crystal reports, Dashboards
  • Data modeling experience in ECC areas of Sales, Master data & Purchasing
  • Worked on data design and modeling, ETL processing, Enterprise/Web Reporting, Query analysis & development in Increment 1 and 2 of Confidential
  • Validated the reports in both BEx and Portal and scheduled the reports using Bex broadcaster to various types of channels.
  • Experience in developing Business Objects reports using Universe and BICS with Filters
  • Worked with other teams such as Solution Delivery on peer reviews, design reviews
  • Monitored Process Chains Data in Confidential BW Network including daily/weekly jobs

Confidential, Asheville, NC & Duncan, SC

Sr. SAP BW Business Analyst Lead

Environment: SAP BW 7.3(JPB) ERP (JPF) and ASNA, BI Portal


  • Gather and articulate business and information requirements from business analysts across the various functional and business areas
  • Developed and maintained SAP application systems with Vendors data.
  • Coordinated several meetings with German partners in overseas for requirements gathering and projects Development.
  • Analyzed performance issues and made proposals for improvement for Apple, MacAfee Data and queries in portal
  • Set and Monitored daily and Monthly loads and Process Chains from JPB, JPF and ASNA for HP and all other Arvato Clients
  • Supported costumers like Ubisoft, Apple, HP, MacAfee, SanDisk, by troubleshooting daily data and queries issue and resolving tickets.
  • Analyzed and resolved JPB space issues in order to reduce data failure and improve loads performances.
  • Reconciled Data from ASNA and JPF with JPB for Ubisoft, Apple, MacAfee, and SANDICK when needed
  • Designed new Queries for UBISOFT and all North America clients and set up on portal
  • Analyzed Change pointers in JPB and JPF and made details proposals to resolve table growth.
  • Managed and set BI broadcasting to automatically email report to Germany and North America Clients
  • Ensure the quality Assurance (QA) systems perform according to operational objectives testing standard including process performance targets and internal and external customer requirements.
  • Managed daily authorization for all users’ roles in the SAP ERP system
  • Managed and set users on Account Payable work flow (APWF) tables
  • Managed, analyzed, approved and submitted all authorization requested by all JPF users
  • Analyzed, researched all user requested roles and authorizations using SU01, SUIM, or PFCG
  • Gathered, analyzed, documented and implemented changes/enhancements with departments such as Finance, logistics, production, quality and maintenance.
  • Designed and created Arvato North America clients shipping labels using ABAP, Smart forms and Easy label technics.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

SAP BI/BO Consultant Lead

Environment: SAP BW 7.3; SAP BO 4.0; SAP ERP


  • Designed new OLAP Universes on Cubes, Queries and Multiproviders using SAP best practices.
  • Enhanced Universes by exporting, copying existing Universes and cleaned up parameters.
  • Created, run and saved several queries in WebI 4.0
  • Created several Finance WebI reports like GL, Taxes, Revenues, etc using Universe objects
  • Created WebI queries and turned them into Tables and different graphical views.
  • Maintain a high degree of customer satisfaction
  • Added and deleted columns and rows from tables in WebI reports.
  • Analyzed Reports issues in WebI and SAP BW and provided solution to Users.
  • Created Prompts, Filters drill down into charts and tables for WebI reports.
  • Added links and breaks into WebI reports.
  • Designed and created documentations to show steps for sending WebI reports between users in the BI Inbox and Email.
  • Acted as liaison with client for troubleshooting: investigate, analyze and solve software problems and map client business requirements, processes and objectives
  • Developed necessary product modifications to satisfy client’s needs
  • Monitored overnight SAP BW Process chains and data loads from ECC source.
  • Enhanced various data Source like 2 LIS 11 - VADHDR, VAITM, and VAKON for LO extraction.
  • Maintained Set up tables by filling or deleting data for Delta loads.
  • Analyzed issues and enhanced Data sources, Transformations, DTPs, DSOs, Infocubes, Multiproviders and Bex queries in orders to provide accurate solutions, performance improvements and correct data loads.
  • Worked closely with End Users in order to resolve day-to-day reporting issues, provide knowledge transfer and s according to the company and SAP Best Practices.
  • Designed test scripts for regression and integration testing, details and well planned documentations in order to provide efficient user .

Confidential, Peoria, IL

SAP BI/BO Consultant Lead

Environment: SAP BO 4.1, 4.0; Mobile Applications, Teradata Source


  • Coordinated and led the weekly meeting with offshore team in India to insure that development best practice is followed.
  • Lead the BI team for functional specifications, functional design, technical design and built The Information Spaces and Exploration Views, WebI tables and queries in the new SAP Business Objects Explorer 4.1 and WebI 4.02 applications.
  • Designed and deployed more than 100 BO Explorer 4.1 and WebI reports on mobiles IPAD and IPHONE and the WEB for more than 200 users.
  • Led the data profiling exercises from a sample Access database to prototype the information spaces via an Excel file to be used throughout the design phase and then turned into the build version when the application was available from the vendor.
  • Analyzed and identified the root cause issues within the Information Spaces, WebI reports, and Dashboard trackers during UAT testing. I also assisted with user’s setup for the mobile BI applications.
  • Designed and Develop BO Explorer tracker for CAT equipment in the 4.02 Explorer environment.
  • Set automatic scheduling in Business Objects Explorer to load data from various sources.
  • Wrote detail test script using Quality center.
  • Lead the Unit testing, Integration testing, System testing, Acceptance testing and user prior to the final system deployment and Support SAP rollout projects.
  • Set and participated in Power users, key users and users .

Confidential, Spartanburg, SC

SAP Programmer/Business Analyst

Environment: SAPECC, SAP BW 3.5, SAP BI7.2, SAP BO 3.1XI


  • Audited the current Data Warehouse and SAP BW system at the Spartanburg Plant and wrote a detail proposal and orientation for the future in a document for the management team.
  • Analyzed the existing legacy system, gather functional requirement through users’ meetings, gap analyses, participation in process improvement team, and produce the
  • Functional requirement document
  • Designed and implemented the BTP project for finance and HR in SAP BW to produce some analytical reports of over time, Month ends SACKOSTENS, Headcount, and Hour per Unit (HPU) etc
  • Worked with several Finance and HR Business users like Sandy Murdock, Butler Scott, Adrian Jeff, Staadt Andrea, etc... and interacted with them to gather requirements and transformed them into data models in order to build flexible reports queries like Salaries overtime monthly chart, headcount weekly Pas actual and Soll version, month Ends actual and Soll version, Monthly and Weekly planned and actual HPU etc… and displayed on the BMW intranet portal.
  • Designed simple and complex Process Chains in order to automate the daily, weekly and monthly Overtime, Finance, headcount data from SAP/R3 and other sources for the BTP project.
  • Implement the Extraction model of data from SAP R/3 system (FI/CO, HR) into SAP BW system through Generic R/3 data extraction techniques.
  • Designed and Implemented data modeling and extraction of the F1 units from the IPS database using DB Connect.
  • Researched and worked with the technical team on implementing OSS notes to resolve undesirable system behavior
  • Implemented from start to finish the Weekly and monthly HPU project using the F1 logistic data from IPS combined with the hours and other data from SAP/R3 finance and HR tables.
  • Leaded the BI TI-341 team for testing, verification and the entire coordination for the BI lease Upgrade project.
  • Wrote several Test Scripts (BTP, HPU, Lease Update BI, GR Movement, In Transit Report, etc…) using MERCURY 9.0 and now HP 10 and actively participated in the CCB conference call for transport to production system using the SAP Solution manager.
  • Ensure the quality Assurance (QA) systems are documented and performed according to the audits, operational objectives including product specification, process performance targets, and internal and external customer requirements.
  • Enhanced several ABAP report like (TS FIN MAT STD PLN PRICE, GR Movements, ZFI0R023) in the Finance area.
  • Involved in several BMW classes like Leadership Effectiveness Series Class, VSM Transactional Class, Fixed asset investment user class, Sap reporting user class, German class etc…

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