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Sr. Bw/hana Lead Consultant Resume

Knoxville, TN


  • Dedicated Software Analyst with over 17 years of IT experience, which includes extensive and varied experience in SAP ECC, BI/BW, HANA, BOBJ and SCM implementations.
  • An expert in data modeling, ETL, OLAP reporting and data design management of systems and architecture related to ERP environment.
  • Worked in 5 full life cycle implementations of SAP BW/BI projects using ASAP, iterative and agile methodologies.
  • Strong hands - on experience in BW/BI front-end and back-end development with a deep understanding of the data warehouse tools and techniques.
  • Experienced in both application specific extractions like CO-PA and LO Cockpit as well as Generic Extractions (RSO2). Also developed extractions from Non-SAP sources using DBCONNECT, 3rd party and File extractions.
  • Sound knowledge in identifying and activating the necessary Business Content. Extensively worked on standard and custom InfoCubes, ODS objects, InfoObjects, InfoSources and Process Chains, BW reporting tools like BOBJ WEBI, BO Design Studio, SAP Lumira, BEX Analyzer, BEX Query designer and Web application designer.
  • Possess strong ABAP skills with expertise in creating, enhancing extractors (using CMOD, function modules), start and end routines in BI 7, transfer and update rules in BW 3.x, coding for virtual chars, KFs and also implementing BADI’s in InfoSpokes.
  • Conducted several training sessions at client sites on Data Modeling, ETL and Reporting.
  • Has a rich SAP R/3 experience in the areas of FI, CO, Enterprise Controlling, SD and MM.
  • Familiar with creating, loading data models in HANA and used BO data services.
  • Knowledge of Planning and Lifecycle Management on BW powered by SAP HANA.
  • Result oriented individual with excellent communication skills, adept in analyzing complex project situations with Strong organizational, multi-tasking, time-management and conflict management skills.


Software Skills: SAP BW 7.4 on HANA, 7.0/3.5/3.1C/3.0B/2.1C, SAP HANA, ECC 6.0, SAP R/3 4.6c/4.6b, ABAP, BO, BEx, BO Design Studio, SAP Lumira, WEBI, Crystal Reports, BODS, SD, PS, MM, IM, PP, FI, CO, ERWin, MS Visio, Oracle 8.i/7.3, Developer 2000, C, C++, PL/SQL, JAVA, JavaScript, PERL, HTML, UNIX, FORTRAN, VAX-VMS


Confidential. Knoxville, TN

Sr. BW/HANA Lead Consultant


  • Lead the BI upgrade from 7.0 to BW 7.4 on HANA with aggressive timelines, concept testing in sandbox, dev (change, before-after, transport mechanism tests) and QA (Quality, speed tests, user training) environments. Moving BO reports from Universe to BEx/cube based.
  • Extracted the ECC data on best buy/buying strength using SLT into HANA and developed the Lumira stories to better understand the breakdowns and analysis.
  • Implemented native HANA modeling on COPA data model using Attribute, Analytical and Calculation views for analyzing the margins, transaction profitability on fuels, lubes and services.
  • Moved several old development changes onto complex HANA models for BI reports based on Open ODS Views, CompositeProviders and Advanced DSOs.
  • Created critical dash board reports for quantity purchased, sold, invoiced vs. delivered and for comparing sales and invoice document counts with respective amounts using BO Design Studio interactive reports.
  • Implemented merging multiple company codes due to mergers from different sources into BW/HANA models and lead the smooth operations.
  • Developed the Integrated Planning sequences to fill real time cube as per customer requirements and gave option to modify directly in the report and save to the InfoCube.
  • Worked on logic for calculating sales commission depending on the policy based on company code, acquired date, account type (direct/buy back), qualifying material type consolidating data from SQL server tables.
  • Implemented process chains to automate deletion of unwanted data from Cubes, PSA’s during weekends, worked on several ABAP code optimizations during production support.
  • Replicated the actual cost line items (KSB1) from ECC into BI giving users the capability to see real time data using remote cubes.
  • Developed a Payroll project based on custom tables/sources for team driver vehicle assignment, payroll /hours of service, driver, pay rate, distance scenarios.

Environment: BW7.4 on HANA, SAP ECC 6.0, BO Design Studio, Lumira, BODS, SD, CO, FI.

Sr. SAP BI/BW Consultant

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK


  • Transformed and merged the major indexes (NYMEX, PLATTS and OPIS) legacy historical data and current ECC data into BW and developed the reports to show daily, weekly, monthly and year over year average prices.
  • Merged the Profitability, Accruals (orders that are delivered but not billed yet) and Planned data for the higher management visibility dash board in Xcelsius.
  • Developed COPA data source, providers and reports for analyzing the margins, transaction profitability on fuels, lubes and services.
  • Used BOBJ WEBI to merge BEX queries on AR, Billing and Sales for unbilled to create daily flash, gallons billed/unbilled, DSO and published IView’s on portal.
  • Worked on SD reports related to invoiced vs. quoted prices, Movement margin analysis, carrier and invoicing performance, YTD customer sales volume, export invoice and order details, status of unbilled transactions and un-finalized dispatches. Also sent data to APO.
  • Customized the Business Content reports on AR for showing the overdue customer balances, current month due, credit limit exceeding and showing DSO flexible buckets based on user prompts. Activated Business Content reports on AP for vendor balances, due date and overdue analysis.
  • Activated GL content for financial, income, balance statements and reports related to payables and receivables based on GL accounts, profit centers and segments.
  • Merged data from standard purchase order items extractor with vendor rebate rates generic extractor and built WEBI reports to get the vendor eligible rebate volumes and amounts.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, BEx, BOBJ WEBI, SD, MM, CO, IP and FI.

Sr. SAP BW/BI Consultant

Confidential, Plano, TX


  • Activated LO extractors in ECC for sales, deliveries, billings and created rules to organize the data for APO feed.
  • Developed the BI extractor for Apacheta (hand held device data) to get the original order information and integrated with the SAP SD data sets.
  • Extracted APO data into BW InfoCubes and created reports on Multiproviders that were built on planned and actual data InfoCubes.
  • Activated FI/CO extractors (AP, AR, GL, CCA, IO, PC and AA) and developed corresponding staging, reporting layers in BW.
  • Enhanced GL transaction figures (0FI GL 10) to accommodate a crucial characteristic “statistical key figure” that represents franchise sales, contract sales or produced units mainly used in management income statement summary reports.
  • Developed process chains for extractions from ECC (SD, FI and DP), Margin Minder, Apacheta and APO in BW and connected them to UC4 a tool to trigger and monitor the loading activities.
  • Built basic set of reports for SD, FI, CO and Demand Planning in BEx and BOBJ WEBI.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, SAP ECC 6.0, BEx, BOBJ, Crystal Reports, SCM APO, SD and FI.


Sr. SAP BW/BI Consultant

Confidential, Akron, OH


  • Consolidated and realigned the SD data from ECC and EDW with APO specific rules, loaded this data to the SCM InfoCube which is used by DP team for forecasting and extracted the forecasted data from DP and SNP to BI data targets with more than 40 key figures.
  • Created the BEx Reports on testing accuracy of historical data and worked with business users in complying with their expectations.
  • Developed several Open Hub destinations and applied rules to send the data to EDW team.
  • Interacted with business users on report specs and lead the reporting development work.
  • Conducted training sessions for the BI support team on production support and OLAP reporting.

Environment: SAP NetWeaver 2004s, ECC 5.0, SCM (APO) 5.1, BEx, WEBI, FI, SD, ERWin

SAP BW/BI Architect

Confidential, Worcester, MA


  • Designed the architecture and lead the development of data providers and reports on the Sales and Billing Conditions Data and COGS inter-company sales in BI 7 using extractors 2LIS 13 VDKON and 2LIS 11 VAKON.
  • Designed and developed Affiliate Order reports for open and planned requirements utilizing the MM components and purchasing data extractors from R/3.
  • Implemented BADI’s in InfoSpokes to transform the data and exported to DataStage.
  • Worked on simplifying the design and ABAP logic for SD, MM modules from BW 3.5 to BI 7.
  • Implemented Business Content Inventory Management extractors (2LIS 03 BF/UM) in BW.
  • Created the data source extents in R/3 and removed the complex code in BW lookups.
  • Worked with business users to analyze tax and exchange rate calculations for all the countries and helped in building reports in BEx Query Designer.
  • Extracted data from CRM and SRM systems and created reports for the power users.
  • Other tasks include monitoring and fixing daily loads, approving and moving transports, managing, prioritizing and assigning the work orders.

Environment: SAP BI 7/BW 3.5/3.0B, SAP R/3 4.6C, BEx, WEBI, FI, MM, SD, PP, PM.

SAP BW/BI Part Time Resource

Confidential, Canton, MA


  • Implemented the BW data load sequences through process chains and automated the loads using trigger from ECC and meta-chains.
  • Enhanced many cubes and ODS’s with virtual characteristics and key figures and applied ABAP code to get accurate data at reporting time without disturbing the existing data in the data marts.
  • Fix day-to-day load issues and support the SD and FI users by enhancing the data providers and reports according to their ongoing requirements.
  • Built sales reports based on sizes, genders and product types for sales and marketing departments using Conditions, Exceptions, Cell Definitions, Calculated and Restricted Key Figures in BEx reporting.

Environment: SAP BW 3.5, ECC 5.0, BEx Analyzer, FI, SD, MS Visio.

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