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Sap Mm/ Pp/ Le Functional Consultant Resume

Northfield, IL


  • SAP functional consultant with strong domain and implementation experience of over 6 years on Materials management (MM)/ Production planning (PP) )/Inventory management (IM
  • Acquainted with Business concepts of Production Planning (PP)
  • Acquaintance with the integration of MM with other modules like SD/PP/QM & FICO.
  • Exposed to Two full life cycle implementations of in MM/IM/PP modules especially in variety of Industries such as automotive, medical and process industries
  • Very well acquainted with all the steps of ASAP methodology Viz. business process analysis - “As-Is” to “To-Be” designing, business process mapping, Realization/configuration, Go-live, Post live production support, and documentation.
  • Experience in Data migration projects; projects which deals with import of data from any other external system to SAP using LSMW.
  • Proficient knowledge of Lean manufacturing, six sigma techniques.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Inventory optimizing techniques, which can in turn reduce Work in process (WIP) and increase the throughput there by maximizing profits.
  • Effective communication skills.


  • Configuration of Enterprise structure by defining plants, purchase organizations, storage locations, storage sections, bins, etc.
  • Configuration of Vendor master, Material master, defining number ranges for vendors.
  • Experience in using ABAP query to prepare reports based on client requirements for validation.
  • Efficient enough to resolve the user problems post go-live.
  • Developed Expertise in configuring the Procure to Pay cycle as a whole.
  • Specialized in configuring and developing Consumption based planning (MRP), purchase requisitions, Request for quotations (RFQ), material master records, info records, Purchase orders, Goods receipt, Goods invoice, Logistics invoice verification(LIV).
  • Expertise in handling different types of purchase orders Viz. Standard, Consignment, Sub-contracting, Framework, Third party, and Stock transport orders (intra and inter).
  • Very well acquainted with the configuration and maintenance of material master records, vendor master records, Info records, source list, quota arrangement, etc.
  • Configuration and Creation of Goods receipt and goods issue
  • Expertise in handling Inter company stock transport orders, intra company stock transport orders, Transfer postings and Physical Inventory.
  • Also specialized in configuration and enhancement of applications like MRP ( Re order point planning, Lot size calculation, Planning run and planning results) and Logistics Invoice Verification (Invoices, credit memos, automatic settlement and Invoice verification in back ground).
  • Material requirement planning to determine Reorder Point Planning, Lot - Size Calculation, Planning Run, Planning Results, BOM explosion.
  • Configuring strategy groups, requirement types and requirement classes
  • Configured MRP plant parameters, MRP Controllers, and lot sizing procedures
  • Defined the special procurement type keys and schedule margin keys
  • Configured planned orders, production scheduling profile, production orders, automatic purchase requisitions from MRP.
  • Executed shop floor activities including creation of production orders, availability check, and release of orders, printing shop floor papers, goods issue, goods movement, order confirmations and order settlement.
  • Sound cross functional knowledge of Finance, Production Planning, Sales and distribution, quality management.
  • Efficient in account determination process. Configuring the valuation class with account category and G/L accounts.
  • Expertise in handling integration with PP on external processing
  • Handling of split Valuation classes
  • Worked on EDI transactions (EDI 862, EDI 830, EDI 850, EDI 840, EDI 810 and EDI 856)
  • Efficient in configuring a third party purchase order and sub-contracting purchase order.


Confidential, Northfield, IL

SAP MM/ PP/ LE Functional consultant

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Involved in Project preparation and Blueprint phase
  • Discussing business process with core team and performing GAP ANALYSIS based on As-Is report.
  • Study of Organization structure and configuration of the same to suit business structure
  • Configuration and creation of plants and storage locations to the company codes in Materials management (MM) Module
  • Customization Materials management module (MM) of purchase orders based on discrete, indirect and repetitive procurement scenarios.
  • Maintenance of master data sub-module in Material Management (MM) module (Material master, Vendor Master, Info records, source lists, quota arrangements & condition records).
  • Configured account determination
  • Automatic PO creation, Logistics invoice verification, Automatic settlement of invoices (ERS)
  • Configured different Purchase orders STO (intra and inter), Third party, Sub Contract and Framework order
  • Release procedures for purchase requisitions as per the approval hierarchy of the organization
  • Worked on pricing schema including condition types, access sequence, vendor schema group and purchasing organization schema group
  • Performed unit and integration testing. Discussed with business to identify test scenarios and created test scripts
  • Worked in Data Migration of master data using LSMW and on field mapping document.
  • Configured the Physical inventory settings and carried out physical inventory at storage location level using cycle counting.
  • Worked on Scheduling agreements with release documentation made from JIT and forecast delivery schedules that also had pivotal interface with EDI for selected suppliers.
  • Designing testing and approving the functional definition for all RICEFW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms and Workflow) elements.
  • Post Go-Live Support and helped end users in understanding the process.

Confidential, Nashville, TN

SAP MM Functional Lead

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Maintenance of master data in Material Management (MM) module (Material master, Vendor Master, Info records, Source lists, Quota arrangements & Condition records).
  • Carrying out business process and requirement analysis (AS-IS and TO-BE)
  • Integration with FI for account determination.
  • Configuring different business processes such as Standard, Consignment, Subcontracting, Stock transport order (intra and inter) and Third party
  • Configured planning strategies and requirements type In the Production planning module, creation of MRP elements, basic and lead time scheduling, and strategy group.
  • Configured Production planning module with MRP group assignments.
  • Define MRP controllers, plant parameters, lot size calculations, planning horizons, basic date’s determination, BOM (Production) explosion control.
  • Created Functional specification documents (FSD) for RICEFW objects based on customer requirements
  • Posted transactions in MM such as Goods receipt/Issue stock transfer posting, returns, and stock difference.
  • Configured the Inventory Management of goods at the points of receipt and issue for all stock categories and special stocks, stock transfers, returnable transport packaging.
  • Processing of transfer postings and special stocks in Inventory Management like sub-contracting, third-party and vendor consignment.
  • Configured pricing schemas and created different access sequences for purchase orders.
  • Logistics invoice verification, Automatic settlement of invoices (ERS)
  • Implementation of Logistics Execution systems (LES)-Inventory (Annual Inventory count, Continuous Inventory, cycle counting).
  • Worked on EDI transactions such as EDI 830, EDI 850, EDI 840 and EDI 810 and IDOCS
  • Involved in Unit testing and Integration testing for key business process.
  • Participated in data migration activities, including interaction with the technical team, mapped necessary tables and fields using LSMW
  • Customization of batch management by defining batch strategy for inventory management.
  • Go-Live and Post Live Support and helped end users in understanding the process.
  • Prepared documentation for end user and also trained them.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

SAP MM/PP Functional analyst

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0


  • Stock transport Movement types configuration to suit the company Viz. transfer parameters for storage location to storage location, Plant to Plant transfers.
  • Customized the system for automatic third party process from PR creation, source selection, PO creation and PO transmission through EDI.
  • Defining and assigning shipping point to plants, maintaining loading point and transportation planning point.
  • Worked on Outline agreements- scheduling delivery forecast, contracts- value/quantity.
  • Maintained output determination for outbound deliveries by assigning output determination procedures to condition and delivery type.
  • Maintained MRP planning parameters including planning time fence, rescheduling and schedule margin keys
  • Expertise in pricing schemas, created different access sequences and condition types for purchase orders.
  • Worked on different types of goods movements in Production
  • Worked on MRP profiles, planning strategies, strategy group, MRP group assignments.
  • Worked on customization with technical counterpart to satisfy the business requirements.
  • Prepared FSD functional specification document for RICEFW objects


SAP MM Functional consultant


  • Set up Material Management Organizational structures and global settings
  • Customizations for Vendor Master, Quota Arrangement, Source List, Info-Records, Purchase Requisitions, Request for Quotations with, Price Comparisons, Vendor Evaluation, Outline Agreements.
  • Configured MM pricing procedure including defining new condition types, vendor schema group and purchasing organization schema group. Release Strategy for various purchasing documents.
  • Carrying out business process and requirement analysis (AS-IS and TO-BE), gap analysis, process and application design, validation of business processes and obtaining final acceptance from client.
  • Managing resources, monitoring deliverables progress.
  • Configured material types, purchasing document types, Setting of Stock Transport Orders.
  • Setting up automatic account determination and configured MRP groups setting up of subcontracting process, Shelf life and Batch management for the raw materials and finished goods and defining of batch search strategies.
  • Configured Vendor Evaluation for analysis of vendor performance with respect to delivery, Quality and Prices.
  • Configured Quality Notifications for Capturing Customer Complaints and Vendor Complaints.
  • Configured Self defined Analysis in Purchasing and inventory. Developed New Queries and Functional Specs for various Customized Reports as per client requirement. Material Valuation-Configured split valuation for different valuation categories.

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