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Sap Basis Consultant Resume



An experienced independent SAP Basis Hana Certified Consultant with greater than 21 years of experience working within SAP Basis. I am a hands - on consultant with a wide range of experience working with different SAP components, on multiple operating systems and d Confidential base combinations, along with various third-party products. My experience includes architecture design for new and existing installations of SAP, SAP installs, upgrades, patching, maintenance support, migrations, performance tuning, and more.


Hana S/4 with PP/DS and Integrated Live Cache, SAP R/3 v3.0F through ERP6 EHP8 with HR/HR Renewal, Netweaver v7 through v7.5x, SRM 7.0 EHP4, Solution Manager v3.x through v7.2 SP8, Personas v1 through v3, Portals v2004 through v7.5 with ESS/MSS, Fiori front end server distributed and combined with ECC on one server, PI java and dual stack v3.0 through v7.5, Ariba, Concur, Sucessfactors, BSI v9 through v10, Sabrix(Thompson Ruters) Tax Software, SNC v7.0 through v7.4, SCM v4/v5, E-Recruit v6, Opentext (Archive Server, VIM addon to SAP, ICC and webviewer), CRM v4 though 7.0 EHP4, BW v3.0 Through v7.5 HANA and standard DB, NW Mobile v7.x for utilitiesSBOP(BOBJ) 3.2 through 4.2, TREX v5 though v7.10, SAP DMS content server 6.4 through v6.5, SSL v3 through TLS 1.2 local and root certs, GRC, SLD, ADS(Adobe Document Services), Aerospace and Defense, IS-AFS, IS-Utilities/Telecomm, SAP adv track and trace Pharma v2IS-Public Sector, IS-Healthcare, IS-Retail and Manufacturing.

Hana 1.0, Hana 2.0 certified, Oracle v8 though v12c, SQL Server v2K through v2016, MAXDB v7.5 through 7.9, ASE 16.x, DB2 v9.7, SAP IQ v16

Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, Linux Red Hat, Linux SUSE, AIX and VMWare.


SAP Basis Consultant, NM


Confidential is an IT SAP Basis, security and hosting managed service provider. This was initially a 3-month contract to assist with Basis. I was offered a Full Time position but my p is to continue consulting. While at Symmetry I worked on multiple customers with different landscapes, OS’s and DB’s.

  • Installed and updated Hana 2.0, S/4 1709 with PP/DS and integrated Live Cache Basis setup on SUSE 12
  • Recut(Backup/Restore) S/4 above from QAS system to SBX system.
  • Installed and updated Fiori v7.53 on ASE v16.x and web dispatcher in DMZ.
  • Installed and updated BOBJ v4.2x with Luminra on ASE v16.x
  • Installed, Updated and Basis configuration, managed system setup, ewa reports, CUA setup on Solution Manager 7.5 ASE v16.x
  • D Confidential Center Migration of SCM/APO on Red Hat v6 Oracle 11
  • Worked on other ECC/BW systems on windows server DB2 and ASE 16.x, Linux Red Hat v7/oracle 12
  • Daily Monitoring, troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • , Knowledge Transfer and Documentation
  • Weekly meetings with Customers and Project Managers

SAP Basis Consultant


Confidential is a Management Consulting firm mainly for Utility and Public-Sector companies. Quintel has also ventured into the hosting services and they are expanding to additional Industry Specific areas. I was originally hired as a sub-contractor for a customer implementation of SAP. When that project ended sucessfully, I was asked to continue working for them remote part-time nights and weekends as needed. I provide architechure knowledge plus any needed Basis support for their internal and customer systems.

  • Installed SAP IQ v16.x, BOBJ v4.2x, Power builder v16 and D Confidential Services v4.2x
  • Installed/upgraded hana 2.0 and standalone Hana Cockpit 2.0
  • ERP6 EHP8 migration from SQL Server to Hana 2.0.
  • Architechure for Hosted VM systems and internal demo systems on Windows/SQL Server.
  • Multiple SAP installs, upgrades, EHP applications, SP patching, kernel upgrades, and Basis configuration to their ERP, SRM, BW, CRM, Portal, SAP adv track and trace Pharma, Fiori, Personas, Solution Manager systems and central CUA.
  • System recuts and client copies.
  • SAP TMS management, layers, routes, groups and package creation.
  • BSI installs, upgrades, patches and bulletins.
  • SQL Server installs, upgrades and patching.
  • Performance and issue resolution.
  • Virtualized Central SLD setup for all systems.

SAP Basis Consultant


Confidential has a host of companies in different sectors of business, but Aerospace and Defense is their biggest sector as a defense contractor on SAP. This was an initial 3-month contract to help with some upgrades. GA utilizes mostly AIX with Oracle but have moved BW to Hana and ERP to Hana on AIX. They also utilize windows Microsoft SQL Server for some of their third-party apps.

  • Multiple SAP installs, upgrades, EHP applications, SP patching, kernel upgrades, and Basis configuration to their ERP, SCM, BW, PI, Portal, Fiori, SAP DMS, GRC and Solution Manager .
  • ERP6 EHP8 migration from Oracle 11.2 to Hana 1.0
  • Central SLD configuration, sync update and replication.
  • Installed and Basis configuration of Ariba, Personas and Concur.
  • Upgraded and maintained Opentext Vendor Invoice Management, Archive server, ICC (Invoice Capture Center), webviewer and exterprise scanner systems.
  • SQL Server upgrade on the windows ICC server for Opentext.
  • System recuts and client copies.
  • SAP TMS management, layers, routes, groups and package creation.
  • BSI upgrades, patches and bulletins.
  • Oracle installs, upgrades and patches.
  • Day to day issue and performance resolution.
  • After hours support and on-call rotation for Basis team.
  • f new employees and heavy documentation.

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