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Sr. Sap Abap - Fiori Gateway, S4 Hana Consultant Resume

Wilmington, MA


  • Over 9 years as an SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Consultant, with good functional knowledge of SD, MM, WM, SCM, PP, PI, FICO, BI/BW/BO.
  • Expertise in full software development life cycle (SDLC) implementation of SAP R/3.
  • Worked Extensively on ABAP Objects, Object Oriented ABAP.
  • Data Dictionary, Classical and Interactive reports, ALV reports, BADI’s, BAPI’s, Transactions, SAP scripts, OO - ABAP with good conceptual and analytical skills.
  • Having 3+ years in advanced areas like SAP Fiori-Gateway,HANA, S/4 HANA.
  • Expertise in SAP HANA, SAP Data Services, Data Warehousing and Oracle.
  • Successfully implemented a HANA project as well as a HANA POC.
  • Heavy experience in ABAP/4 interfaces development, data conversions, enhancements, user exits.
  • Extensively worked on Interactive reports, ALV and dialog programming.
  • Good experience in BAPI, ABAP/4 objects programming.
  • Multiple projects on data migration with BDC’s, Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) for data upload for various SAP projects.
  • Heavy good experience in data dictionary.
  • Experienced in using various modularization techniques like subroutines, Function modules, RFC’s and class modules.
  • Excellent Debugging, Trouble-shooting, Event Tracing and Performance Tuning Skills.
  • Good Knowledge of configuring EDI, ALE and good experience on IDOC programming, testing for inbound and outbound IDOC’s, extensions and creating custom IDOC’s as per business requirement.
  • Developed and modified Forms using Smart forms, SAP Scripts and also have good knowledge in Adobe forms.
  • Experience in Workflow, WebDynpro, HANA, AFS, BOR and ABAP Objects.
  • Involved in configuration of Workflow tasks and coding of multi-step SAP workflows for MM, SD, and FI using workflow tools and debugging for trouble-shooting.
  • Responsible for design technical specifications from functional and business requirement by developing corresponding Detail Design Specifications for Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversion and Enhancements (RICEFW) and coordinate with Functional team to ensure proper implementation of such components.
  • Strong analytical skills & organized. Self-motivated individual with Good Communication and Interpersonal skills.
  • Good exposure of SAP Netweaver Gateway and ODATA service development.
  • SAP Fiori, UX:
  • Configuring Fiori - Infrastructure for Transactional apps.
  • Enhancing SAP Fiori Transactional apps (Eclipse Tool Kit).
  • Building Custom Fiori Apps (Eclipse, Web IDE).
  • Screen Personas 3.0


  • Good knowledge on WebDynpro.
  • Hands-on experience of designing service call within Webdynpro component to call methods designed in ABAP workbench.
  • Developed Webdynpro components by following MVC architecture.
  • Worked on Webdynpro ABAP ALV and developed reports using Webdynpro.
  • Developed a mass price change Adobe form Notifications using Webdynpro Application by displaying ALV and Adobe forms.


ERP: SAP R/3 4.7,4.6B & 4.5C,ECC 5.0, 6.0.

SAP Tools: ABAP Workbench, LSMW, BDC, User Exits, ALE, EDI, ODATA, ALV.

Domain Knowledge: SD, MM, FICO, PP, PM, SCM, WM.

RDBMS: Oracle 8x, 9x, MS-Access.

Languages: ABAP/4 for SAP, C++, C, Java.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT/9x/2000/XP, Linux

Databases: Oracle 6i, 7i, 8i, MS-SQL Server 2000, MS Access 2000


Confidential, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Sr. SAP ABAP - Fiori Gateway, S4 HANA Consultant.


Environment: ECC 7.4


  • Performed data modeling and developed Analytical views for the transactional data, Attribute views for the master data, and the calculation views as final model in HANA Studio.
  • Loading Data into the SAP HANA Database using SLT, BODS and DXC. Bringing Data from ECC, Oracle and Flat files, also implemented ABAP Data Flows in BODS.
  • Interfaced with SAP BW to bring in Data
  • SAP HANA Security activities like User Management, Assigning Roles to users and Managing Analytical Privileges to enable course gained and fine-grained access control.
  • Creating Hierarchical views
  • Interacted with Business stake holders in order to understand their structured and ad-hoc reporting requirements, business rules for finance, sales and marketing domains.
  • Created a high-level and detailed HANA implementation and migration plan and develop a plan for the current development resources
  • Leveraged knowledge of data ware house, ETL and software development methodologies to contribute to the overall planning by recommending approaches, identifying resources and developing timelines
  • Used HANA data as Pivot tables in Microsoft Excel through via MDX provider
  • Transported HANA content from development, testing environment to Production environment using delivery units.
  • Integrating HANA views with Reporting tools like SAP Lumira, MS Excel, AAO, IDT and Crystal Reports, Design Studio for BOBJ
  • Troubleshooting the Performance Issues.
  • Develop, test, and document SAP Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, and Workflows.
  • Worked as one of the key members in Go-Live Hypercare team and resolved so many top priority issues.
  • Perform integration tasks for in-house developed systems and/or purchased hardware and software solutions.
  • Working closely with the SAP Basis team to monitor, test and tune application components for optimized performance and integration.
  • Performing testing work.
  • Recognize the critical elements of complex application problems, develop and evaluate data, determine solutions, and make logical recommendations.
  • Designing and implementing processes, or process improvements, to aid in development and support.
  • Work with the team to develop and test functionality that meets documented design.
  • I have worked on User-Exits to populate partner profile document number.
  • Worked on substitution rules using OBBH to populate purchase document numbers.
  • Worked effectively on debugging issues with Finance and Basis team to help them fix the issues.
  • Involved in Go-Live (Development, Implementation and Testing Phases) for upgrade project from pi 7.0 to 7.1.
  • It also included giving guidance on when to use and when not to use PI, providing architectural guidance, helping with complex designs, builds and testing.
  • Modified Code as per Change Requests on daily basis.
  • End-To-End testing and debugging of interfaces and Transported design and configuration objects to the Respective servers.
  • Developing Repository Objects, Integration directory and integration testing for various interfaces.

Confidential, Kansas City, KS.

Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant.

Module: SAP MM, SD, BI/BO, FICO, PI.

Environment: ECC 6.0


  • Checked if an order is a relevant order and created an entry in a custom table during order save used user exit MV45AFZZ.
  • Checked to see if a purchase order is relevant or not and to create an entry in the table used a BADI.
  • Wrote a program which is manually run for SO/STO data extract in files and drop them on UNIX location.
  • Worked on BI/BO report extraction from SAP ECC side for several standard (VBAP, VBAK, BKPF, BSEG) and custom Z-tables.
  • Worked on building reports using the WebDynpro custom application for retrieving Daily Deliveries, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders & Invoices.
  • Created an RFC to receive data from a file sent by web methods and update VBAK, VBAP tables and create delivery and update picking quantity and write a report to the spool.
  • Created an email program for customers to receive order related information and estimated time of their deliveries by Email and SMS.
  • Wrote another program to extract data from MRN to load data pertinent to customer’s trip times and distances.
  • Worked on SAP PI interfaces, configuring the Idocs and XML interfaces.
  • Updated Sales order, purchase order and delivery linked to both sales order and stock transfer order using BAPI’s and making BAPI extensions.
  • Create an invoice for the return delivery created for return order using BAPI.
  • Performed post goods issue and reverse goods issue for delivery linked to stock transport order.
  • Did an invoice receipt and reverse invoice receipt process for purchase orders.
  • Performed 311 movement to change from Bonded to Duty Paid Inventory BAPIs MB CREATE GOODS MOVEMENT, MB POST GOODS MOVEMENT and cancel good movement.
  • Added new process classes to an existing BDC, Created Classes for a excise look up scenario for further reusability of the program.
  • Made changes to an existing BDC to update Tax classification based on VAT indicator.
  • Performed various validations. Ex: If an order or delivery has been created, if item numbers are valid, for order types and do not allow order number to be entered in the item overview.

Confidential, Chicago, IL.

SAP ABAP Consultant.

Module: SAP MM, SD, FICO

Environment: ECC 6.0


  • Developed a report in ALV titled ' View Sales Orders '. The objective of this report is to search the application database for open sales orders. The inputs are Sales Organization, Sold to party, Material No, Customer purchase order No, and Sales order creation date.
  • Created a report for displaying the details of a Delivery Document using the tables LIKP, LIPS.
  • Established ALE and IDOC setup, Distribution of transactional data for Sales order (Message type ORDERS, Basic IDOC type ORDERS05), Order confirmation (Message type ORDRSP, Basic IDOC type ORDERS05).
  • Configuration of ALE, IDOC to receive and transfer the service orders.
  • Customized and Modified IDOC for PO acknowledgement using ALE and EDI techniques. Used MASTER IDOC DISTRIBUTE, to create the IDOCs.
  • Designed, developed, tested and implemented Workflow for vendor Master Creation.
  • Worked on uploading a purchase info records using IDOC method in LSMW.
  • Worked on Data Transfer using BAPI method in LSMW tool to upload data from legacy system to SAP System for Material Master.
  • Developed a LSMW, which is used for uploading Customer master data to migrate customer Master Data from legacy system to SAP R/3 database.
  • Written BDC programs to update and change vendor master data by Session method for transactions XK01 and XK02.
  • Enhanced the Production Order delivery process by setting up delivery complete indicator if the order was TECO (Technically Completed) and release status was inactive by using BADI definition WORKORDER UPDATE and the method BEFORE UPDATE.
  • Added custom functionality for sales order (create, update) in user exit MV45AFZZ under forms USEREXIT SAVE DOCUMENT PREPARE and USEREXIT MOVE FIELD TO VBAP.
  • Created a Smart Form to display Customer Info, Company info & Company Logo. Also displays the Item Number, Material Number, Description, Order Quantity, Total Price. Also created custom Smart styles in the process.
  • Converted the existing SAP Scripts to Smart Forms for Sales order, Invoice and Delivery Note.
  • Configured & Develop new forms in SAP Scripts, Smart forms & Adobe forms for newly added Company Code & Sales Organization.
  • Developed Workflow for Blocked invoices Notifications and Configured the Organizational Structure to set up the responsible persons and parties for receiving notifications.
  • Developed an ALV tree report using ABAP objects for Inter-Business Unit Trading report by Financial Month.
  • Developed an ALV report using ABAP Objects for Pipeline charge calculation.
  • Involved in Coding, Testing, Reviewing of Objects.
  • Enhancing the functionality of existing objects as per the requirements.

Confidential, Dallas, TX.

SAP ABAP Consultant

Module - SAP WM, MM, SCM, SD, FICO.

Environment: - ECC 5.0, 6.0


  • Developed Custom application using sap UI5 by consuming Odata ABAP service with MVC .
  • Developed multiple OData services and provided to the front end to consume on UI5/Fiori.
  • Worked on OData with different classes and methods to develop services.
  • Working on display the Parts Order UI5 application as per the client requirement.
  • Implemented UI guidelines and standards throughout the development and maintenance of the website using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript .
  • Coordinated with Basis team to install/configure SAP NetWeaver Gateway landscape for enabling SAP Fiori and custom UI5 apps.
  • Worked on JavaScript and Browser Cache mechanism for storing and retrieving data for website.
  • Created Responsive Designs (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop) using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap .
  • Involved in OData Net Weaver Gateway Services: Parts order.
  • SAP Fiori Tracking Parts Order application by adding sap.m library screen elements.
  • Supported fixes in adding Company Logo, company website link and description in FIORI screens.
  • Designed and developed OData Services for developed User interface and integrated with backend.
  • Developed FIORI application using SAP UI5 and SAP web IDE.
  • Created JSON data in files for displaying static information.
  • Applied custom style sheets in the application to achieve the design given by the client.
  • Implemented REST web service to communicate with the Java server in backend.
  • SAP FIORI Implementation and Extensibility (Customization, Config and Routing).
  • User Eclipse Toolkit to extend Fiori Apps.
  • Package Approve PR Fiori App using Apache Cordova & and evaluate Fiori Client.
  • ODATA Service Technical Design Document consisting of Service Name, Backend table and Functional Module.
  • Responsible for design the architecture of the Application.
  • Acted as a major senior developer/ team lead/scrum owner.
  • Responsible to manage the scrums and track the sprints.
  • Launchpad Configuration which includes Catalog, Group and role setup.
  • Customization of My Benefits in UI5/Fiori and also in OData to miscellaneous plans.
  • Bug fixes in Development and Quality and testing above all project and also Fiori project.

Confidential, Wilmington, MA.

SAP ABAP Consultant

Module - SAP FICO, SD, MM, PM, PP

Environment: - ECC 6.0


  • Developed a ALV report to Display the Project, WBS, network/order and activity related details such as basic work, forecasted work, forecasted remaining work, start date, end date, percentage completed.
  • Equipment Master, Functional Location Master, Work Centers, Material BOMs and Measuring Points were uploaded using LSMW (Legacy Systems Migration Workbench).
  • Worked with Compatibility Unit functionality.
  • Developed BDC programs in PM module to upload Equipment Master and Notification Types data into SAP from Legacy Systems CEDSA and MPP.
  • Worked on conversions using BDC programs to load Maintenance Item Data into SAP.
  • Created a Function Exit to check any form of telecommunication available. If none of the fields (Phone/Telex/Fax) are provided for a vendor, an error message is shown.
  • Coding of the User exit ZXTRKU02 to populate the shipment information when creating the ASN (Advance shipping Notification).
  • Developed a Smart Forms for Standard Quote with custom requirements.
  • Involved in modification of SAP Scripts Invoices (RVINVOICE) according to customer needs.
  • Developed new Smart Forms and print programs for Packing Labels, Shipping Labels and Drop Ship Labels.

Confidential, Cambridge, MA.

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Module - SAP MM, SD, HR.

Environment: - ECC 5.0


  • Set up and maintained in ECC 5.0 Custom Condition fields, Condition Tables, Access Sequence requirements.
  • Confidential Report: Developed a report program “ Confidential ” is the price of the finished good when it differs from the Material Master record. This report displays the Pos with incorrect PPV amount.
  • Modified the report for transfer in activity for company code where the goods receipt is performed without PO.
  • PBA Measurement Report: Developed the program for PBA measurements summary information.
  • Worked on a user exit to post the MM invoice and Subsequent Debit/Credit against the Vendor Purchase Order posted through IDOC.
  • Worked on enhancement for to post the FI invoices posted through IDOC.
  • Worked on IDOC for posting the data in FB05.
  • Developed an interface that the program is used to create an interface for daily data transfer of vendor master.
  • Developed an interface program that uploads asset acquisition data (AS01).
  • Worked on interface fixed asset master upload program.
  • MM02 upload: developed a program will automatically load alternate material master descriptions through MM02 transactions.
  • Worked on interface program that uploads data to VD02 customer details.
  • Worked on Size curve interface to read log table and post PIRs.
  • Loaded the account payable (AP) line items information into SAP by using LSMW.
  • Changed layout set for Billing Document Information to change the country information.
  • Changed Invoice Layout set design in Smart Form.
  • Extensively worked on SAP Scripts and Smart Forms and involved in the migration of the requests and involved in configuration of NACE with Functional Team.

Confidential, Conklin, NY.

SAP ABAP Consultant

Module - SAP MM, SD, PP, FICO

Environment: - ECC 5.0


  • Loaded open Sales orders and Sales Order texts using LSMW.
  • Loaded fixed assets into SAP using LSMW. The LSMW creates a batch session to load data using transaction code AS91.
  • Developed a conversion program to load Customer material info records (VD51). The function module used for this conversion was RV CUSTOMER MATERIAL UPDATE.
  • Developed a BDC program for loading the commercial and Tax prices for materials using transaction code MM02.
  • Worked in coordination with offshore team.
  • Worked on user exit EXIT SAPLVEDA 001 to perform validations on IDOC type ORDERS.
  • Developed Process code to enhance IDOC type FIDCCP02 to post financial data into R/3 FICO.
  • Extended IDOCs, Implemented ALE to update Customer Master and Material Master. The company has extensive EDI relationships on the customer side as well as on the supplier side.
  • Modified print program purchase order to get classification from sales order instead of from material.
  • Developed Sap Scripts and print programs for Quotation and Sales Order Confirmation.

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA.

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Module - SAP FICO, MM, SD

Environment: - R/3 4.6


  • Involved in Requirements gathering and develop Technical Specifications.
  • Created reports that display month wise sales details by comparing with previous month and yearly sales details with selection criteria based on date.
  • Created report that lists purchase order entered in to SAP, limit the selection to PO created during a specific period defaulting to last 30 days.
  • Reports on goods issue, bill of material, stock transfer were prepared.
  • BDC program for the change in industry sector in the material master transaction and changing the shipping data.
  • Work involved in transporting data from legacy system to the SAP R/3 system for sales order creation, material creation, purchase order creation, posting the document, cancellation of the posted documents.
  • Created a print program accepting the quotation and modified existing sap script according to functional specification.
  • Created a RFC enabled function module, which generates the sales and shipping details of the day.
  • Configured RFC to send this data to another SAP system, which is physically separated.
  • Involved in Various Testing and Documentation.


SAP ABAP Technical Consultant

Module - SAP PP, FICO, MM, SD

Environment: - ECC 5.0


  • Developed reports in PP modules to get production details.
  • Data migration from legacy system to SAP was done using BDC Interface programs were written for vendor master and material master. Interfaces were in batch processing to load or modify master data in SAP and used LSMW for migrating huge volume of data.
  • Created the layout set for sales order and its corresponding extract program for outputting the sales orders.
  • Created and Maintained data dictionary objects like tables, structures, views and match code objects.

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