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Sap Qtc- Sd/logistics Consultant Resume



  • Experienced Functional SAP OTC & SD/LE Consultant having around 12+ years of SAP Consulting in SD and OTC Functional Consulting Area and experience with 15+ years of strong domain expertise in various Consumer Durable/Electronic Co’s at various levels in sales / marketing / commercial / service aspect of various multinational organisations.
  • Areas of Expertise - Order to Cash Functionality - LE - WM -PM/CS - Workshops - Configuration Support - Testing - COE Team members - Acting as Single window Solution Station for all SD issues in Industries ( Media/Consumer Durables/Surgical Equipment/Services/Software//Material Handling/Pharma/Biotechnology/Telecom
  • Deliverables include Time -bound Solution Offering/Pain Point addressing workshops/Timeline Presentations/ Train-the-Trainer Delivery/Production Support/Solution Architect/Test Lead
  • SD Expertise - Order-to-Cash Management - Contracts - Delivery Management - Billing - Accounts Management - Pricing - Billing Due List - Billing Plan Types - Output Types- Incompletion Log - Item Category Determination - Sales Doc Types - Contracts - Rush Order- Cash Sales- Partner Determination Procedure) /Variant Configuration
  • Good Expertise in Shipping/Route /Route Scheduling/Delivery Priorities and Pricing
  • Experience in Integration of SD with PM & CS (Service Orders/Equipment Master)
  • Good Experience in activities related to creating business blueprint document, Gap Analysis Customising in all the areas of Customer Relationship Management, Testing, Integration
  • Pricing Full Functionality Expertise /Condition Technique/Pricing Procedure/Condition Update
  • Worked Extensively in Logistics Execution of SD Module - Picking/Route Determination/Shipping Types/Freight etc.
  • Very good understanding of SAP Order-to-cash /LE Functionality with interfaces with FI/MM specially in area of Account Assignment and Determination
  • Good Understanding of Integration with MM/FI/CS with Sales & Distribution
  • End-to-End Implementation for SD module commencing from Pre-Sales to Accounting
  • Excellent knowledge of Master Data - Customer/Material/Condition/Output Master data
  • Worked as Team Lead/Project Management SAP SD Consultant in various industries across countries
  • Good experiences in user and conducting SD sessions.
  • Conducted over 30 academic s on behalf of SAP-Asia with very high evaluated scores.


SAP Project Management: Domain Expertise (Sales/Mktg/Branch Head)- 10+ Yrs Industry (Manufacturing/Supply Chain/Consumer Durables/Services)


Confidential, NJ

SAP QTC- SD/Logistics Consultant


  • Responsible for OTC Change Requests with Pricing, Billing and Logistics Execution areas
  • Important Member of Build Team for Wiley COE Team
  • Implementing New Changes based on changed Business Processes
  • Documentation by writing Functional Specifications and Approving Technical Specification till its Deployment
  • Handling Team of Technical Consultants for timely execution of developments /Enhancements for CR’s
  • Working extensively on New Project Roll Out for K&L Pricing
  • Advising the Best Business Practice to Business/Stake Holders for higher Profitability
  • Responsible for Successful Deployment of Change Requests
  • Responsible for getting the Developments completed (by engaging Off Shore Technical/Development Consultants) for Enhancements
  • Analysing Current Processes and Advising Business about the most favoured SAP Practice in Area of Quote -To- Cash
  • Extensively using POC for the Stake Holders/Power Users by Organising small but effective Workshops

Confidential, Tampa, Florida

Sr OTC Consultant


  • Leading OTC Application Support Team across USA/Europe/Asia
  • Handling New Implementation Project for Reverse Pricing from OTC/SD Perspective
  • Handling all OTC Integration Systems for New Implementation for E-TAX in Italy, Columbia and Hungary
  • Responsible for Prompt Solution of any Issues regarding to Order-To-Cash Process for Business/Users/Stake Holders/Power Users/System Owners
  • Responsible for creating TA -Technical Assessment and getting Approvals from Business Owners of Italy,Colombia and Hungary for new Tax/Invoice Compliance
  • Integration issues for Customer Master replication in GTS system vis -a-vis ECC
  • Part of IT-COE AMS team for resolving Functional issues faced by Users
  • Worked extensively on ISM/Service Now for Ticket Management
  • Involved in Approval/Creation of Test Scripts in HPALM/HPQC Testing tools

Confidential, Charleston, South Carolina

Sr. SAP SD Consultant


  • Handling SAP - SFDC Production issues across Finance and Project Management
  • Testing Plan Execution/Master Test Plan/Regression Testing Responsibility
  • New Project Launches/Costing/Resource and Application Allocation
  • Handling all SAP SD /Order To Cash related Configurations Glitch
  • Advising on New Acquisition - RoadMap for SAP Billing Plan
  • Handling all OTC Support activities across board (US,Canada,UK & Australia)
  • Handling Sales Force/SAP Integration issues including Billing Plan -Billing Due List and Usage Billing for Luminate
  • Planning and Executing all Best Practices Solutions for Order to Cash Scenarios by Displaying and Driving numerous ProtoType Sessions with Business Users and Stake Holders
  • Advising on all Outstanding issues related to Sales and Distribution Module from Contract to Billing and Revenue Recognition for all existing scenarios of the Organization
  • Creating Documentation and Helping Root Cause Analysis Team and Solution Building in all areas of Order-To-Cash scenarios.


Sr. SAP Consultant - IT COE


  • Project Management
  • Reporting to Panasonic Japan - Confidential (IT-Business)
  • New Project Launches/Costing/Resource and Application Allocation
  • Handling all Support and COE issues across Asia Pacific Region
  • Heading the OTC & Documentation Management of APAC Region
  • Handling Customer Service Project for China Roll Out in SD
  • Integration issues of SD/CS across Plants (China,Singapore etc.)
  • Introduced Variant Configuration Step-By-Step Configuration for Complex Warehouse Products

Confidential, Redmond, WA

SAP SD Sr .Consultant-Test Lead


  • Designing the Tax Revenue Calculation for Skype and Various Telco Products of Confidential
  • Creation of FSD for the above requirement for Three Scope in Countries
  • Involved in Configuration and Prototype as per the Design and Business Requirements
  • Listing Scenarios based on the current and future process of the Business
  • Contracts Sales Orders, Item Category, Customer Invoice and Inter Company Configurations
  • Order - Related Billing and Billing Plan Complex Scenarios executed
  • Testing of over 400 Test Cases for all the scenarios- Leading the Test Team including Offshore
  • Working closely with Technical Consultants/Service Engineering/Master Data Team all through
  • Creation of MTP Doc and getting approved by the Business and involved in Negative Testing and Results
  • Billing Plan Configuration at Item Level with various Customers belonging to different regions
  • Involved in Vertex Tax Determination for Two Call Approach for TELCO Products for US/CANADA/PR
  • Output Determination Procedure Customization with Output Type at Billing
  • Involved in setting up Workshops with Business for validations

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

SAP SD/OTC Consultant


  • SD/CS Solution Consultant for various Complex Scenarios in line with the Warehouse Activities
  • Gathering Requirements across different Divisions ATS/CS etc.
  • Blue Printing for the SD module in line with the business
  • Listing Scenarios based on the current and future process of the Business
  • Configuration for Consolidated Customer Orders/ Near- By Customer/Rush Customer Orders with specific Delivery Patterns in very Complex Scenarios
  • Configuration and Customizing for Sample /Consignments and Free-Of-Charge Delivery Orders
  • Setting up of Route/Route Determination/Route Schedule using Factory Cal and Shift
  • Testing End-To-End Business Scenarios from Order to Billing
  • Proposing and showing Prototype for all the Scenarios by arranging Work Shop Sessions across divisions
  • Handling all issues related to Sales and Distribution Module but integration with FI and MM
  • Delivery of Solutions based on Minimum Development and maximum Configuration across all areas
  • Setting Up of Availability Check in a very Complex Business Scenario along with Future Dated Orders
  • Imparting to IT and Business Department of the Organization along with Key Users both in Centre Valley (PA) AND St. Louis, Missouri
  • SD/OTC issues to be resolved for Current Plant.
  • Identify the best Practice for Implementation and Support in SD and Vistex
  • Logistic Execution issues i.e. Route Determination, Picking, Transfer Orders etc.
  • Preparation of Current Functionality and Resolving Tickets based out of SD/OTC
  • Deck for Order to Cash scenario with Variant Configuration
  • Pricing Details of SD Configuration changes.
  • Imparting for Business Users.
  • Preparing Document for SD/VISTEX functionality.
  • Resurrecting the Current Process of Claims Management in Vistex.
  • Quotation Management/Order Management Process.
  • Shipping and Billing Issues Resolution.

Confidential, Columbus, IN



  • Requirement Gathering from Business Stakeholders/Committee Members etc.
  • Module In-charge for PM/CS & SD Design/Approval/Configuration/ etc.
  • Two Third Party System Integration with SAP - CaLamp and ID System.
  • Design for both Confidential Mobile and Confidential Complete Scenarios
  • Responsible for Setting up Telematics Device Master Data
  • Responsible for Order - To- Cash Functionality of SD Module
  • Design and Configuration of Entire cycle from Device Master to Billing (SD)
  • Setting Up Variant Configuration with respect to Equipment Master Settings
  • Setting up Client Workshops for TO-BE Business Process
  • Configuration for Order-To-Cash Scenarios (8 Scenarios in total)
  • Entire Configuration and Testing of SD PRICING Functionality
  • Dependency writing for Pricing in Variant for different buckets i.e. Confidential /Non- Confidential
  • Interacting with Technical Team and BI Team for Data Analysis.
  • Setting up Notification Types/Catalogue Profile/Tasks/Activities etc.
  • Configuration of Debit Memo Types/Item Category for Configurable material and Billing Type.
  • Contracts/Order Types/Item Category/Billing Types/Billing Plans/Order Related Billing.
  • Different Order Types for different Business Scenarios.ie Confidential Owned Trucks/Non - Confidential etc.
  • SD Settings for Assemble-To-Order Scenarios with Availability Check in Assemble-To-Order
  • Preparing Documentation for Configuration and Imparting to Business Users
  • Account Determination Configuration.

Confidential, Murray Hill, NJ SAP QTC- SD/Logistics Consultant


  • Order-to-Cash Business Solution Provider.
  • Expertise in Contract Management/Quotation Management/Order Management/Billing Management/Service Management (CS)
  • Configuration related to SM/SD scenarios of the Organization in USA and Canada
  • Customization related to Service Notification/Service Order/Main. Plan/Confirmation/Resource Related Billing
  • SD-SM Integration points/Service Order/Service Notification/Equipment Master etc Configuration
  • DIP PROFILE Configuration
  • Resource Related Billing Configuration/Testing/Documentation
  • Testing entire End-to-End Process of all Seven Scenarios with Business (Starting from PM-CS-SD)
  • Creating Functional Specs for Outputs for various divisions
  • Worked on Reverse Logistics Management
  • Master Data Configuration execution along with Item Category-Dales Doc Types-Assignment
  • Copy Control Configuration at all levels
  • Designing Test Scripts for User Testing/Integration Testing
  • Service Orders/Service Notifications/Service Confirmation/Warranty Process/Sales Order/Invoicing/Account Determination/FI Integration
  • Sales Order Type/Contract Types/Billing Type/Copy Control
  • Shipping and Transportation set up - Picking/Packing/PGI
  • Billing Plan- Milestone Billing/Periodic Billing Configuration

Confidential, MI



  • Gathering Business Process information and scope of the project for Blueprinting
  • Creating AS-IS document based on the current Business Processes
  • Creation of full documentation of the workshop for TO-BE business processes
  • Involved in creation of Blue Print document for both US, Mexico and Canada operations
  • Designing the overall SD and Shipping Processes of Lear Corporation

Confidential, Greenville, NC

SD/CRM Functional Logistics Consultant


  • Involved in Business Blueprint Document Creation/Functional Specs/Test Scripts/Configuration Document
  • Responsible for Entire Configuration of different Complex Business Processes in To-Be- Process
  • Interacting with Off-Shore Technical team for Objects/LSMW/Enhancements/Functional Spec etc.
  • Customization related to SP CRM Service Management with Service Quotation/Service Request/Confirmation/Billing
  • Material Determination/Material Inclusion/Exclusion Customization
  • Contract Management with Pass Thru Credit and Debit Memo Cycle till Accounting
  • Material Master Configuration/Inventory Management/Vendor Master/Management
  • Configuration of LE - Transfer Order/Confirmation/PGI/Transportation Management
  • Equipment Management/Serial No /Location Integration for all the Processes
  • Customer & Dealer Billing depending upon the Different Processes
  • Fixed Billing /Time and Material Billing Processes along with Pass Thru
  • Integration with PS - For Assembly Processing
  • Creation of Finished Product with Assembly Process/Configuration of Requirement Class/Requirement Type
  • Output Type Determination at Proforma as well as Final Billing Level with Smart Forms
  • SM Configuration - Service Order/Service Notification/Maintenance Plan/Resource Related Billing
  • Creation of New Pricing Fields to map a Complex Pricing Matrix
  • Non-Billable/Billable scenarios configured as required by the Customer
  • Text Determination/Partner Determination Scenarios to map various Trucks of the Organisation at various Location to be serviced by various dealers
  • Billing Plan Configuration in all the processes along with Contract- Milestone Billing
  • Extensive Pricing Configuration to map the Complex Pricing Matrix based on Component key/Model Number/Call Types and Mark-Ups
  • Worked on Revenue Recognition areas of Billing along with Billing Plans
  • Consolidated Invoice Creation/Avoiding Invoice Split as per different Contract to Billing Processes
  • Creation of Customer Hierarchy for reporting of Customers at particular Location
  • Serial No Copying from Equipment Master to the Main Item Description Line-Item and Model Number also at the Line Item field
  • Configuration for Changing Paid Claim from Billable-to- Non-Billable
  • Generation of Billing Due List according to Selection Criteria i.e. location etc.
  • Creation of Billing Document with Deferred Revenue
  • Setting Up GECC and Preventive Maintenance Contracts
  • Setting Up Invoice Combination/Incompletion log/Output Types with Smart Forms
  • Parent and Child Material Configuration with Pricing at the Parent level


Team Lead


  • Was involved in structuring the Pricing as to automatically calculate Prices based on Bag (tonnes) based on different Customer and Transporters
  • SD/PS Integration with BOM/Make-to-Order Configuration/Production Order-Sales Order
  • Creation of Sales BOM - Master data and its explosion in Sales Order as per the requirement/MTO Scenarios
  • Identification of Customers and Business Partners by Company Code also through documents in ECC i.e Invoice created in ECC
  • Step-By-Step Customization of Variant Configuration for Different Pricing of different products
  • Involved in Design/Customization and Testing of the business Processes commencing from Enterprise Structure, Master Data, Shipping, Billing, and Account Determination/Lean WM sub modules and its integration
  • Identifying Business Transaction to be used in the document flow as follow-up transactions for interaction objects
  • Identification and Configuration of LE - Route/Route Determination/Lean WM/Shipping Types/Transfer Order Confirmation/Packing
  • Step-by - Step Configuration for EDI Integration
  • Representing both the Business users and the IT department of the company and bringing them together at the same table during the entire phase of the implementation
  • Customizing the entire Procedure for Partner Determination/Material determination/Free Goods Determination/Route Determination and Billing Plan determination with Accounting interface
  • Creation of Quotation/Conversion to Order/Shipping Point Determination/Picking/PGI processe
  • Customization of Billing Types/Order and delivery related Billing/Billing Plan determination
  • Loan and Return Processes mapping in SAP SD based on Consignment Issue and Complaints
  • Customized Settings required for Condition Technique by Assigning of Condition Types to Pricing Procedure, Access Sequence to Condition Types, Condition Table to Access Sequence and Assigning Pricing Procedure Determination
  • Maintain Material Master/Condition Master/Customer Master/CMIR/Output Master
  • User and UAT completion
  • Involved in user Testing at all stages with the Business users
  • Unit and Integration testing of all processes




  • Conducted 20 weeks of SAP CRM & SAP SD user facilitated workshop to create awareness and key functional processes of SAP CRM & SD
  • Responsible for system integration between SAP CRM and SAP ECC
  • Worked with Centre of Excellence (COE) team for implementation of SAP CRM 7.0 and SD
  • Configured Pricing with integration to SAP CRM Pricing/Conditions in Leasing
  • Involved in detailed design and Functional Specs and Business Blueprint Docs
  • Performing User Testing with different Test Scenarios along with integration testing
  • Assisting Technical team for Data Migration for both Inbound and Outbound Interface
  • Involved in Customizing of SD Contracts and its execution till Billing Processes
  • Involved in SAP CRM Service Management/Billing vis-à-vis to Contract Management
  • Creation of Service Request within Interaction Center/Complaint Management/Credit memo generation as a follow up activity etc.
  • Creation of Variant Configuration - Classes/Characteristics/Values/Dependency/Pricing
  • Trouble Shooting - Delta Load (ECC to CRM) Checking for Queue Entries/Middleware flow trace/Checking for Short dumps if any/Realignment of data through subscriptions
  • Providing Customers with Personalization for both B2B/B2C scenarios
  • Configuring Quotation/Order Management/Shopping Basket Management/Loyalty Management
  • Instrumental in guiding Configuration of SAP CRM Sales, Marketing, Service Order Management
  • Transfer of Business Partners in SAP CRM to SAP ERP
  • Handled user requirements and map the same to SAP CRM
  • User imparted for both SAP and CRM

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