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Sap Hcm Onsite Lead Resume

Issaquah, WA


  • Working as Lead SAP HCM Techno - Functional Consultant with over 13 years of Functional and technical experience including over 12.5 years of highly successful experience in SAP HR implementation.
  • Proven experience in SAP HCM project phases including blue-printing, Design/Configuration, UAT testing, cut-over and post go-live support.
  • Expertise in SAP configuration of Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, Personnel Time Management, Payroll & ESS/MSS, E-recruiting, LSO etc.
  • Strengths - Strong understanding of the business processes & translation of business requirements into SAP solutions, problem solving, decision making, excellent teamwork, good communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Good understanding and knowledge on SAP SuccessFactors Introduction to mastery(THR80) and Employee central(THR81). Completed E-learning via SAP SF learning hub.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management and Goal Management modules.


Confidential, Issaquah, WA

Environment: SAP ECC 6.04/SAP E-REC 6.04

SAP HCM Onsite Lead


  • Worked as SAP HR L3 team Lead to support incidents/change request in SAP HCM and SAP E-recruiting application area.
  • Prepare functional specification documents; configure relevant requirements in SAP.
  • Work on service award and promotion enhancements for USA and PR. Local taxes configured in SAP HCM for USA.
  • Supporting the business functions, processes in SAP payroll area related to payroll runs, third party remittance, tax calculations, posting to accounting, garnishments.
  • Setting up of new tax authorities for tax company codes, configuration of tax models, tax issues.
  • Applying BSI TUBS and cyclic in BSI TF10.0 instance and updating the tax tables per SAP OSS notes.
  • Configuration of SAP tables to implement basic Tax reciprocity as per BSI 10.0 guidelines.
  • Worked on post payroll processing activities including pre-dme, Check printing, ACH generation and TP remittance payments.
  • Handling of Benefits and payroll inbound/outbound interfaces to various vendors.
  • Setting up Garnishments like child support/State Levy/Creditors and updating the rates as per IRS publications 1084.
  • Scheduling and monitoring of batch jobs in SAP and batch job scheduler tool TIdal.
  • Handling the incidents/change requests related to payroll master data, time evaluation, benefits etc.
  • Worked the 401k ER match calculation project for year 2014
  • Setting up of new Wage type of accident insurance.
  • Modification of time schema rule for carry over vacation rules for CA employees.
  • Worked closely with payroll business users on testing the HRSP upgrades and CLCs.
  • Handled issues related to taxes on regular payments, supplemental payments, gross-up payments for new hires/country transfers.
  • Worked on garnishment refund issue IT0216 for country transfer scenario.
  • Maintaining the constants for payroll processing, benefits processing in table T511K.
  • Worked on various SAP HR master data issues related to IT7, IT8, IT9 set up.
  • Supporting the candidate recruiting activities via SAP E-recruiting module.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Environment: SAP ECC 6.5

SAP HCM Technical Lead


  • Handle benefits AS-is process documentation, and benefits related payroll sub-processes documentation to identify pain points for audit purpose.
  • Wage type Inventory: consolidated wage type characteristics document to understand how the wage types behave during the payroll processing including processing classes and cumulations etc.
  • Working with Benefits configuration in SAP, deduction wage type arrears processing, related configuration, rules to prorate.
  • Modified the payroll XMES function to display custom error messages during payroll run.
  • Created customer function for payroll schema to calculate payment for school teacher employees.
  • Created time customer function for time types reporting to calculate OT.
  • Created payroll check function in payroll schema to determine the wages for School teachers.
  • Agency control record - Replication of standard payroll control record PA03.
  • Created custom payroll function MSG to give custom error message during payroll log.
  • Created custom rule for payroll schema using custom operation MSG.
  • Designed IT0014,IT0015 upload program for Wage types using inbound interface.
  • Payroll audit log report.
  • Developed custom time management function for time rules based on position attributes(IT1222).
  • Developed payroll function for school teacher’s pay using PE04
  • Designed and developed Time, Benefits and payroll outbound/inbound interfaces for State.
  • ALV reports to display Payroll Error log and FI posting log report for each agency.
  • Modified the sort sequence of payroll checks in RFFOUS C program.
  • Added custom field to Infotype 1007 to store ready for recruitment flag.
  • Modified Quota correction Infotype 2013 to add button for reason for change of IT record.

Confidential, Midland, TX

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Senior Systems Analyst - SAP


  • Participate in Business analysis, GAP analysis, Interfaces development, system functional testing, and user acceptance test script creation, post cut-over activities, User training and Post-mortem.
  • Monitor overseas day-today support team, escalate urgent issues if required, close follow-up for top priority issues and update users.
  • Creation of Blue-printing documents for various Payroll, Time Management Business processes.
  • AS-IS and TO-BE process documents.
  • Creation Payroll Configuration document.
  • Configuration of Basic Pay infotype IT0008 with payscale area, payscale type.
  • Configuration of indirect valuation wage type for bonus calculation.
  • Setting up ANSAL feature for Wage type default for annual salary in IT0008.
  • Maintaining payroll constants in Table T511K.
  • Configuration of Wage Types characteristics in view V 512W D.
  • Configuration of Deduction models for IT0014.
  • Posting to accounting using feature PPMOD, setting up of symbolic account and mapping to GL account.
  • Benefits integration with payroll for different plan types like Health, Insurance and savings.
  • Configuration of 401k, 401k catch up, deferred comp plans and integration with payroll.
  • Configuration of Tax reporter for generating Quarterly, Annual Tax reports like SUI, W2 in PU19
  • Configuration of Personnel action reason code for new acquisitions.
  • Configuration of Personnel area, Personnel Subarea, Employee groups, Employee subgroups for new acquisition.
  • Assignment of Personnel area to company codes.
  • Configuration of Dynamic Action, Infotype groups, Infotype Menus.
  • Configuration of Organizational objects such as Jobs, Positions, Org. Units and the relationships.
  • Configuration of Garnishments documents, garnishment orders, remittance rule for different categories such as child support, tax levies, creditors etc.
  • Setting up ACH for Texas child support payments through Accounts payable instead of check payment method.
  • Configured the BSI tax factory v9.0 for payroll tax calculation. Updated the payroll subschema USTAX for the same.
  • Added customer functions Z LOS in Payroll schema to calculate Length of service payments based on seniority.
  • Configuration of Taxability models in table T5UTE,T5UTM,T5UTY for different tax authorities and tax types including withholding, Disability and unemployment.
  • Year End activities: Clearing of claims using PAUY and PAUX with WT ADJT, YANA and YAWA.
  • Payroll results adjustment using IT0221 for adjusting taxes for year end processing using payroll schema ULK9.
  • Configuration of Tax reporter with different tax forms and magnetic media format for each state authority.
  • Setting up BSI tax company, EID numbers and tax types for tax companies.
  • Generation of W-2s in PU19 for company code and filing of the returns.
  • Configuration of Tax company, Tax authority and tax types for company code.
  • Configuration of tax forms/magnetic media for different tax authorities for 941 and SUI wage reporting in PU19.
  • Configuration of ER health contribution on W-2.
  • Clearing of claims for W-2 processing using Payroll results adjustment, Infotype 0221 using PAUX and PAUY.


Environment: SAP ECC 6.0/NETWEAVER 7.0

System Consultant


  • Complete interaction with client on business requirements
  • Complete interaction with offshore team and managing end to end delivery
  • Status reporting to Confidential PMO and senior management.
  • Handling daily conference calls with offshore team and offshore management
  • End to end Integration testing & resolving integration issues by making coding fixes
  • Development of critical items from onsite
  • Handling scope change requests
  • Unit Test plans review
  • Mapping process requirements from legacy to SAP on critical items
  • Knowledge transition and training the client development resources on HCM processes and forms and guiding them through integration cycle
  • Creation of new tax company code for Taylor acquisition. Assigning tax authorities to tax company in configuration.
  • Configuration of PU19 tax reporter for W-2, 941 and unemployment taxes.
  • Setting up priorities for arrears and deductions for wage types.
  • Setting up of wage type permissibility per infotype like 0014, 0015, 0267.
  • Configured the payscale group, payscale area, payscale type and payscale level for Taylor employees.
  • Configured new work schedule rules for acquisition employees and set up quota accrual rule.
  • Off cycle workbench activities including check reversal and check replacement.
  • Performed payroll reversal activities for terminated employees including void and replacement of payment for regular or out-of-sequence reversal.
  • Resolved the positing issues related to cost center assignment, GL assignment, wage type posting attributes.
  • Configured Tax Deductions Areas & priorities.
  • Custom PCR ZDEF for Deferred compensation plan for executive employees.
  • Configuration of Cobra letters for qualified beneficiaries for reduction in hours, termination, death of employee event.
  • Third party remittances for Garnishments, Tax levies, other deductions based on remittance rule configured for payee type.


Environment: SAP ECC 5.0

SAP HR Functional Consultant


  • Configured Payroll Area, Date Modifiers, Period Parameter, & Control Records & Generate Payroll Period.
  • Configured pay scale areas & pay scale types & defaulted through TARIFF.
  • Configured pay scale groups & levels. Define payroll periods & pay dates for each payroll accounting area.
  • Configured customized wage types for Basic Pay (0008), Bank Details (009), Recurring Payment & Deductions (0014) & Additional Payments (0015).
  • Maintained Indirect Evaluation Model with various variants.
  • Defined Pay scale groupings for allowances & assign wage type model for pay scale grouping for allowances.
  • Maintained the Processing classes & Cumulation classes, Evaluation classes & their specifications as per requirement.
  • Configured customized pay slip through PE 51 & assigned to remuneration payment.
  • Posting to Financial Accounting: Defining employee grouping/account assignment, defining symbolic accounts, defining wage type posting attributes & accounts assignment.
  • Configured Off-Cycle Payroll settings for various scenarios’.
  • Worked on U000 Schema’s & Customized PCR’s as per client requirement.
  • Written Custom PCR for Special Allowance Allocation for specific group with in Employee Subgroup...etc.


Environment: SAP R/3 4.7

SAP HR Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Configured Enterprise Structure, Personnel Structure & Pay scale structure.
  • Creating enterprise structure & personnel structure by defining personal areas, personal sub-areas, employee groups, employee subgroups & assigned personnel area to company code & employee subgroup to employee group etc.
  • Configured number range intervals for personnel numbers & maintained feature NUMKR for default personnel numbers.
  • Defined Employee Attributes, Administrator Groups & Administrators
  • Configured Payroll area & Control Records
  • Setting up of personnel actions like Hiring, Transfer, Separation etc.
  • Maintained HR Master Data.
  • Configured Organizational Key & Defaulted in IT 0001
  • Maintained Info types, Info Groups T588C & Info type Menus, using Customizing Procedures.
  • Formulated Dynamic Actions & Additional Actions.
  • Familiar with Fast entry.
  • Modified the screens for certain info types using Table T588M as per client specifications.
  • Designed Header Note with various fields & defaulted in PA30.

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