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Sap Abap Consultant Resume

Saint Paul, MN


  • Result - oriented ABAP developer with 9+ years of experience in the area of ERP with focus on SAP R/3 and ABAP/4.
  • Worked in Full Life cycle SAP R/3 Implementations, Development, Support, Upgrade Projects and Post Go-Live Support/Maintenance projects in various sectors like Manufacturing, Utilities, Retail, Government, Telecom and Media.
  • Worked extensively on ABAP objects in the modules of MM, SD, FI, HR, ISU, TM, PM, PS - IM,EHSM and acquired good knowledge of Business Processes in all these areas.
  • Expertise in feasibility study of requirements and development of the requirements.
  • Expertise in design, development, enhancement and troubleshooting of applications using SAP ABAP(RICEFW) - Classical Reports, ALV Reports using OOPS and FM, SAP Query, Report Writer, Module Pool Programming, Interfaces-BAPI, BDC, File Handling, ALE-/IDOC,ABAP Proxy, LSMW, Enhancement: Implicit Explicit, BADI, User Exits, OO ABAP, Scripts, Smart Forms and Workflows.
  • Extensive experience in UI Development with Web Dynpro ABAP from simple Applications to complex applications using: Tabstrip Control, Road Map UI elements, MVC Architecture, Tableview, Supplyfunction, ALVReporting, Adobe interactive forms, Data Display using BAPI navigation technique, Web Dynpro, webservices, Component Reusage, extensive knowledge on Floor plan manager, XML Integration, XSLT Programming and PI Proxies .
  • Development of Interfaces using Batch Data Communication (BDC) using Call Transaction and Batch input Session methods, BAPI and ALE/EDI/IDocs Methodology.
  • Have extensive experience in ALE/EDI, IDOC generation, Extension of the existing IDOC types to create new IDOC types, written several Function Modules, User Exits, and Enhancements to customize the ALE/EDI process.
  • Development of conversion Programs for uploading the Master data from Legacy system to SAPR/3 using LSMW.
  • Excellent knowledge of Enhancement techniques like BADIs, Explicit and Implicit enhancements, BTEs, Customer exits and User exits.
  • Extensive Experience in Forms: SAP Scripts, Smart forms, and Adobe forms (Interactive & Non Interactive).
  • Experience in SAP Industry Specific solutions IS-Utilities especially with Application Forms - Print Workbench (EFRM).
  • Experience in SAP Travel and Expense Management Module especially with Tcode PR05 and PTRV EXPENSE FORM.
  • Good at SAP Upgrades - all the Support Pack activities like SPAU, SPAU ENH, and SPDD.
  • Worked on SuccessFactors(SF) integrations and Ariba-Procurement Interfaces.
  • Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills.
  • Good at finding OSS Notes and working with SAP for applying SAP Notes via SNOTE or manually by registering the objects with provided Access keys.
  • Well versed with documentation and presentation tools like MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS PowerPoint.
  • Effective self-motivated team player with strong Technical and Analytical background.
  • Possess very good problem solving, decision making, communication and organization skills and a commitment towards excellence.
  • Always enthusiastic to learn new technologies and improve efficiency on assigned tasks.


MSOffice: MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint

ERP: SAP R/3 Version 4.6B, 4.6 C, 4.7, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0

Modules: MM, SD, PP, FI/CO, SRM, MDG and HCM

RDBMS: Oracle 8x, Oracle 9x, DB2, MS-Access

Languages: ABAP/4, SAS, JAVA, FoxPro

GUI: Visual Basic 6.0, SAPGUI


Confidential, Saint Paul, MN

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Worked on test problem reports relating to Accounts payable invoice tolerances and reconciliation of new GL to COPA .
  • Created report lists for the gross sales, credit returns and gross weight for the customer for the current year and comparing the same with that of the previous year for the same period. The data is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA in FI /CO Module.
  • Did the table comparisons for major Finance, Controlling, and designed the method variance and COGS clearing analysis reports.
  • Used LSMW for mapping fields from the legacy system and created routines for data upload for Fixed Assets, General Ledger, converted AR customers, AP vendors.
  • Developed interfaces in Xi/Pi on idoc to multiple idoc scenarios and trigger them to other systems based on which material to which client according to scenario required.
  • Based extensively on file-to-file based scenario on Xi/Pi.
  • Experience in integration of SAP and non-SAP systems in A2A and B2B scenarios using XI/PI, EP, Webdynpro technology and ABAP in 3 software development lifecycle implementations (SDLC), using both synchronous and asynchronous communication (end to end) interfaces
  • Worked on BADI to update Tax jurdiction based on delivery address form plant address in purchase order using BADI ME TAX FROM ADDRESS
  • Worked on BADI to trigger an email notification after adjustment reason is created/updated on info type 0378 of an employee’s record using BADI HRPAD00INFTY
  • Written BDC programs to update and change customer master data by Session method for transactions VD01 and VD02 to update KNA1 table.
  • Written inbound interface using BAPI function call BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA to update the capacity usage field.
  • Worked on ALV SALV WD TABLE options in Webdynpro application to display Employee CV details.
  • Worked on BAPI“BAPI CUSTOMER CREATEFROMDATA1” create a customer and assign the newly created customer number to structure DXVBAK of enhancement VEDA001.
  • Developed offline Adobe form to display the employee overview related data as per client requirement.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Designed a Workflow to send an LIV invoice to an approver and auto post the invoice after approval is received using business object BUS2081. The Supply Chain processor of the invoice was notified via an outlook email in case if there is any posting errors.
  • Implemented BADI BBP TARGET OBJTYPE in SRM to change the document type for a given material group when a shopping cart is converted to a follow on PO or PR in ECC system.
  • Enhanced standard SRM Shopping Cart screen to include a custom field ‘Preferred Supplier’ which was not available in Limit Shopping cart.
  • Activated a user exit to validate the WBS element Company Code and the Functional Location Company Code on the PM Work Order before release step.
  • Created an LSMW using direct input method to create PM Equipment with long text from the legacy system.
  • Developed a BADI implementation using ME PROCESS PO CUST to default PO item values like GR indicator, GR-IV indicator, account assignment, and account assignment category based on purchase organization and purchasing group.
  • Updated the IDOC program to validate the quantities against the PO and error out the IDOC if the quantities are more than GR quantities.
  • Developed an AP voucher interface program to load AP vouchers to post the documents for the vendor and G/L accounts via FB01. BDC sessions were created if there is any posting errors which were processed later.
  • Worked on an outbound interface to send all the employee benefit enrollment information to the third party.
  • Performed SPAU adjustments during the ECC support pack upgrade project. Some custom programs were also modified to remove the obsolete ABAP coding. Also supported the post go live issues.
  • Modified the Standard Invoice Smartform, LB BIL INVOICE, to suit the customer needs.
  • Designed a program to automate the clearing process using Call Transaction method for open documents which could not be cleared using Transaction F.13 because of currency rate changes.
  • Created a custom routine for vendor’s discount using VOFM to calculate the discount based on custom conditions.
  • Modified the RFQ Adobe Output program to use the delivery address specified on the RFQ and not the Plant address.
  • Created a custom layout on Standard Invoice Screen to display fields like Cost Center, WBS element, Work Order, G/L account, and Material Group using OLMRLIST SHD0.
  • Developed a report to display cost center change history on Functional Location on PM work order to avoid any incorrect entries during settlement.
  • Updated the PO workflow program not to delete the PO if the approver rejects the request.
  • Modified the LIV approval Workflow program to post the invoice if the approver fails to response after 10 days under certain conditions.
  • Created a program to display WBS settlement by percent for a given Work Order.
  • Activated a user exit to update the profit center on the Work Order from the cost center and not from the plant.
  • Developed a program to download employees’ information using Infotypes: 0000, 0001, 0007, 0008, and 0167, and the file was saved on application server to be sent to the Benefits Provider.
  • Used existing IDOC type to send HR Master Data. It involved creation of partner profiles, port definitions, and other workflow configuration.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Developed a program to list Customer Master and Customer Open item extract.
  • Modified SAP script layouts for a Customs Invoice, based on the new pricing condition types.
  • Developed an enhancement in MDG change request to validate and error out if the requestor and approver of the change request are same.
  • Implemented a BADI BBP DOC CHANGE BADI to bring all the contracts for the given material group from backend ECC system for Limit Shopping cart in SRM.
  • Created a custom program to replace the Cimage attachment links by Open text links on all existing PM Work Order using FM SO OBJECT READ.
  • Created an enhancement to default data like company code, currency G/L value on the MDG change request based on change request type.
  • Created an enhancement to park the invoices for compliance review based on certain criteria as provided by the supply chain team. A second program was created to list all these invoices which were parked for compliance review. Compliance team will take an appropriate action to remove parking block.
  • Designed an ALV output drill down report to display all the vendor’s parked invoices and allowed users to Workflow out selected invoice for approval. Once the invoice was approved the parking block was updated and invoice was posted using BAPI BAPI INCOMINGINVOICE CREATE.
  • Developed a custom Function Module to post Service Entry Sheet through IDOC using BAPI BAPI ENTRYSHEET CREATE.
  • Implemented a user exit to update the tax code and tax jurisdiction code on ERS invoices.
  • Developed a report to display the employee absences during a time period. Separate summaries were provided for absences by employee group and employee sub group.
  • Developed payroll data consisting of basic pay, recurring payments and deductions.

Confidential, Portland, OR

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Involved in developing various enhancements involving ECC to SCM - APO for PDS transfer.
  • Involved in developing enhancement (BADI’s) for the PDS transfer from ECC to APO PPDS.
  • Worked on the Core Interface master date enhancement for enabling classification on PPDS PDS for block planning.
  • Worked on CIF BADI to modify PPDS PDS structure with respect to the resource network attached to the recipe.
  • Worked on CIF integration model to transfer master data from ECC to APO system.
  • Developed a web service to connect from ECC to SRM PORTALNWBC for enhancing the search Criteria in SRM system.
  • Worked on Supply Network planning (SNP), supply planning part of the SCM-APO.
  • Developed a custom program using BAPI method to create a time dependent Product Location hierarchy as for the Tan. /SAPAPO/RELHMAPPING in APO.
  • Developed a custom tool to delete existing Hierarchical Nodes and Periods for the Staged/Selected Changes in APO using FM BAPI LPHSRVAPS REMOVENODES.
  • Worked on Enhancement of a standard webdynpro component /SAPSRM/WDC SH PRODCAT for enhancing SRM search help Material Group - V SH PRODCAT.
  • Developed interactive ALV report to calculate the total Barrels of the resource, used by the brewing and packaging schedulers to update and maintain the planning value rates used in the scheduling models in Supply chain planning.
  • Created Technical specification documents required for development of various objects.
  • Involved the Peer reviewing the Technical specification documents and provided review comments for the Technical feasibility of the technical design.
  • Involved in converting business requirements into functional and system design documents using designing tools in share point
  • Analyzing the programs and performing the code modifications as per Business requirements.
  • Worked on developing Z Program for updating automatic movement of material in creating or changing reservation with BAPI such as BAPI RESERVATION CREATE and CHANGE.
  • Modified inbound interface with BAPI BAPI MATERIAL SAVEDATA to update new implemented package condition field.

Confidential, Wilsonville, OR

SAP ABAP Developer


  • Developed several data extracts to load customer master, vendor master and material master into legacy systems.
  • Written BDC programs to load customer related data into SAP customized tables. Built custom-defined screens for this process.
  • Built custom-defined user-exits, enhancements and variants which are used in the areas of product costing, general ledger accounting, profit-center accounting, billing and shipping.
  • Used the ABAP runtime analysis tool (SE30), SQL Trace (ST05), System dump analysis (ST22) to analyze and improve runtime performance of the existing ABAP programs.
  • Evaluation of Central User Administration (CUA)
  • Hands-on security upgrade using SU25 and profile generator (PFCG)
  • Evaluation and recommendation of SAP menu vs. user menus
  • Documented the ABAP programming standards and the technical requirements for the project
  • Configured and tested ALE and EDI interfaces for master data distribution and data exchange
  • Converted Material Master, Credit Limits and Financial Documents by coding several interfaces to SAP and several user-exits to MM
  • Coded MM RFC Function Module to interface with the external system
  • Worked on conversions using BDC programs to load Maintenance Item Data into SAP.
  • Created a Function Exit to check any form of telecommunication available. If none of the fields (Phone/Telex/Fax) are provided for a vendor, an error message is shown.
  • Coding of the User exit ZXTRKU02 to populate the shipment information when creating the ASN (Advance shipping Notification).

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