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Sap Technical Architect Resume

Chicago, IL


  • In - depth knowledge in SAP HANA/BASIS administration with 12 years of experience.
  • Infrastructure and Cloud Platform Technologies. Specializes in SAP HANA & S/4 HANA technologies.
  • SAP HANA/ BASIS core skill set includes system builds/installations, upgrades, applications performance tuning, transformations, OS/DB migrations, system refreshes, Integrations, backup&restore, HA and DR setup, ABAP and JAVA stack administration, Solution Manager Technical administration, HANA database and security administration, SAP LAMA & Cockpit setup, SAP application security, SAP applications migrations/new builds in Azure cloud platforms Release management and production support functions.


Software and Applications: SAP ERP Central Component, SAP NetWeaver 7.5, S/4 1709, FIORI Gateway, Solution Manager 7.2, SAP LAMA, Cockpit, TDMS 4.0, EpiUse, Winshuttle and OpenText

Databases: HANA Database (HDB 1.0/ 2.0), IBM I Series (DB400), DB2, Oracle, and MS SQL

Operating Systems: IBM iSeries (OS/400), AIX, HP UX, LINUX (SUSE and RH) and MS Windows

Cloud Platforms: Azure and AWS


  • SAP Technical Architecture and Hardware Sizing
  • S/4HANA Conversions (SUM DMO) - ECC to S/4HANA
  • Hana DB installation (1.0/2.0) for scale up and scale out environment
  • Management duties includes directing off-shore, estimates, resource management, Incidents management, SOW, Production Cutover & Go live of major\minor releases.
  • Backups and Recovery
  • System Refreshes using Data masking/Slicing with confidentia; and TDMS 4.0
  • SAP LAMA configuration for system stop&start and PCA (post copy automation)
  • SAML 2.0 configuration in S/4, GRC and FIORI Systems
  • Performed Upgrade and confidential Migration from Solution Manager 7.1 (Oracle) to Solution Manager 7.2 on Hana database (SPS2) using SUM DMO
  • HANA DB Table portioning and Table Redistribution
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.4 Installation on Hana database and performed post steps
  • Extensively worked on HANA administration using Hana Studio and Hana cockpit
  • Performed System Replication between Primary and secondary Hana server for High Available environment
  • High Availability testing with Host auto failover in scale out environment
  • Involved in High availability DR Testing for Production Hana database systems
  • Adding hosts to single Hana database
  • Hana Backups configuration (File& Backint) using Hana studio and periodic validation of Backups
  • Experience in confidential Configuration (Backint) tool for Atomized back up of Hana database servers
  • SLT Replication configuration between S/4 to BW, S/4 to CAR systems
  • CTS+ Configuration for Hana systems and moving the Hana transports using solution manager
  • Converting Single container to Multi database container
  • SAP Application Performance tuning and Zero Memory Administration
  • Basic working knowledge on Hana Security, roles assignment, SYSTEM privilege, object privilege


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP Technical Architect

Environment: S/4 HANA 1709, FIORI, LAMA, Cockpit, MDG, BW, CAR, BOBJ/BODS, SLT and Solution Manager

Database: HANA Database (HDB), Oracle and MS SQL

OS: SUSE/ RH Linux and MS Windows


  • New Builds/ Installations ABAP (S4H 1709) and JAVA NW 750 on SAP HANA 2.0 SP02 database
  • ABAP and JAVA stack upgrades
  • Azure Cloud Migration
  • HANA DB Support Pack and Revision upgrades using hdmlcmgui and HLM
  • SLT Replication configuration between S/4, BW and CAR systems
  • SAP LAMA integration with all the Satellite systems for automation of Stop&start
  • PCA-Post Copy Automation configuration in LAMA
  • SAP Kernel, Host Agent and Diagnostic Agent upgrade
  • System refreshes using EpiUse tool (Data Masking/Time slicing)
  • Providing Basis support for successful Store deployment (8000+ stores)
  • Configuration of HANA DB Backint Backups and restores
  • BW Table Redistribution and Partitioning in HANA DB
  • ChaRM configuration and release management using Solution Manager
  • FIORI tiles creation in Business client
  • SSL/ SSO setup
  • Centralized SLD Setup and Configuration
  • HANA SNC setup (Application to Database Encryption)
  • Check Printing configuration
  • Involved in High availability DR Testing for Production Hana database
  • OpenText VIM integration with S/4HANA
  • Winshuttle installation and Upgrades
  • SAML 2.0 configuration in S/4, GRC and Gateway Systems
  • Installing AFL and RTLAFL components on Hana database
  • Configured and activated Service Catalog for Fiori Applications on S4H
  • CTS+ configuration for Java stack transports movement (PO, BOBJ and BODS)
  • Export and import of Hana Database Delivery Units/ Packages
  • Technical Monitoring setup using Solution Manager 7.2
  • SAP Service Market Place activities
  • HA/DR deployment
  • Configured SAP systems in Cloudbolt tool for scheduled stop&start to minimize the Azure maintenance cost on weekends
  • Collection of Diagnosis information from Hana studio and shared the same to SAP
  • Production support functions
  • Experience in using HPALM for defect management and Remedy for Incident management

Confidential, New Jersey

Sr SAP BASIS&HANA Consultant

Environment: HANA Database (HDB), SUSE/ RH Linux, IBM iSeries (OS/400 and DB4), ERP/ ECC, BI, GRC, PI, Portal, Fiori/ NWGW, FIORI, Web Dispatcher and Solution Manager 7.2


  • Installation of SAP Instances on AS400 and windows,
  • ABAP and JAVA stack Administration
  • Version/ Release Upgrade - BI 7.4 on Hana and RHEL to BI 7.5
  • SAP ERP EhP Upgrade - Upgraded ECC 6.00 with EhP7
  • Performance tuning and Zero Memory Management on Window servers.
  • Central SLD Design and Deployment
  • Fiori System installation, configuration and Standard app installation (Access approver & Purchase order)
  • Ariba integration with PO system and ITK job scheduling
  • TDMS 4.0 installation and data scrambling rules for system refreshes.
  • SAP router installation, configuration and sprouted file maintenance
  • New Build - PO 7.5 on Sybase ASE/ RHEL
  • E2E Implementation - Solution Manager 7.2 on HDB/ RH
  • Security/ Repository roles design and deployment for BW on HDB
  • System Copy/ DB Refresh
  • SAPICC Content Manager Administration
  • CTS+ Configuration for Hana systems (Non-ABAP transports) and moving the Hana transports using solution manager
  • ADS server configuration
  • Production support Operations
  • SAP NWGW/ FIORI upgrade and Support
  • SSO configuration b/w Portal 7.31 and ECC
  • Monitoring and analyzing-system Logs, Background jobs, ABAP Dumps, Work process overview, Lock entries, Update errors and subsequently troubleshooting the issues.


SAP BASIS Administrator

Application Components: SAP ECC 6.0, NW2004s (EP/BI/XI/PI7.1), SCM, SOLMAN 7.0




  • SAP BASIS Administration (ABAP and JAVA stacks)
  • Client copy and Client export/import
  • ABAP dumps and System logs monitoring and analysis
  • Worked on Visual Admin tool and Configtool
  • Checking the space statistics for each Table space and Adding data files increasing Max extents to Table space by using BRTOOLS.
  • SAP R/3 system performance monitoring & fine tuning
  • SCOT configuration
  • Downloading License keys, Support packages, patches by using Maintenance optimizer and OSS notes from SAP Market place, generating solution manager key, Reporting a product error to SAP in market place and Opening OSS connection when required by SAP.
  • Applying Add-Ons and Support Packs using SPAM/SAINT
  • OSS Note implementations and corrections

Confidential, California

SAP BASIS Administrator

Application Components: SAP CRM 5.2, SAP PI 7.0 and Solution Manager 4.0

Operating System: IBM AIX 5.0.

Database: Oracle 10g


  • Production support functions/ AMS
  • Transport Management System (STMS) configuration
  • Client creation, Local client/Remote client copy
  • Batch Jobs Monitoring
  • SAP Application security
  • Reporting a product error to SAP in market place and Opening OSS connection when required by SAP
  • Resources/ Application monitoring
  • Daily/ Weekly Health Checks reports
  • Printer/ Spool Administration Application monitoring

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