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Sap Integration Lead Resume

Houston, TX


  • Senior SAP Integration Consultant Architect in the use of SAP PI 7.3 & 7.4/PO 7.5/HCI/CPI tools to process all Inbound/Outbound master data and transactional data between SAP on - Premise Systems and Cloud Based Applications.
  • Experience using Hana Cloud Integration/SAP Cloud Platform Integration - Process Integration and Data Services development and configuration tools.
  • Great experience using SAP PI/PO Enterprise Service Builder, Integration Builder, System Landscape Directory, Netweaver Developer Studio, Netweaver Administration and Message Monitoring tools to design, develop and monitor end to end integration process from Source(s) to the Target System(s).
  • Exposure to the use of Cloud based and Eclipse based tool to design and develop and monitor Integration Flows designed to run via HCI/CPI.
  • Exposure to HCI/CPI-Data Services tool for ETL of master data and transaction data to and from SAP ECC and various Cloud based Systems.
  • Exposure to S4/HANA on premise system and Fiori, including Netweaver Gateway and the use of oData.
  • Experience in System Landscape Directory activities such as creating and maintaining Products, Software Components, Technical and Business systems and CTS+.


  • Experience designing/developing iFlows for integration between Cloud-based System and on-Premise SAP systems (S4/HANA, ECC and BW).
  • Experience deploying/monitoring iFlow package onto Client's Tenant using Eclipse.
  • Export/Import Master data and transactional data from SAP ECC through HCI-DS from various Non-SAP Systems.
  • Strong experience in the Design of Objects such as Data types, Message types, External Definitions, Message Mapping, Operational Mapping, Service Interfaces, importing IDOCs and RFCs.
  • Extensive experience creating Graphical/Java/XSLT/EDI Mapping Program using Netweaver Developer Studio where applicable.
  • Creation of Java Library for reuse via imported archive, XSD Schemas, external definitions for Web Service/SOAP method calls etc.
  • Strong experience in configuring the following Adapters: AS2, REST, HTTP, SOAP, IDOC, JDBC, RFC, Mail, JMS, FTP/SFTP, OData, PGP Keys etc. via Communication Channels.
  • Extensive experience configuring ICO, Single/Multiple Receiver Determination, Conditional Interface Determination, setting up alert monitoring and Sender/Receiver Business Components.
  • Importing and exporting configuration objects using CTS+.
  • Great experience Monitoring & troubleshooting Messages, Adapter and Communication Channel errors via the Java stack (Runtime Workbench - RWB)
  • Experience troubleshooting performance related issues using Netweaver Administrator, XPI Inspector and configuring and utilizing Alert Rules to throw connectivity/mapping errors.
  • IDOC ALE Configuration and Partner Profile (SALES) configuration.


Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP Integration Lead


  • SAP PO Lead consultant responsible for the design and development of all PO 7.4/HCI/CPI integration related projects between on premise SAP/3rd Party Systems and Cloud-based Applications.
  • Strong experience in applying SAP's Integration best practice approach to Middleware design and architecture.
  • Worked on integrating S4/HANA on premise system with Cloud Based Solutions such as Concur, APPTUS, HR Systems using HCI/CPI.

Confidential, NJ

SAP PI/PO Senior Consultant


  • Developed numerous PI interfaces to support Manufacturing Execution System phase of the SAP project. Configured ABAP proxy to File/SFTP scenario for the 2nd Phase for outbound messages from SAP ECC to third-party receiving systems. Used SFTP/FTP adapter to IDoc adapter for all inbound messages to SAP ECC.
  • Configured SFTP, FILE, IDOC AAE and HTTP AAE adapters including File Content Conversion parameters for the SFTP and File adapters for outbound/inbound message processing.
  • Performed monitoring of messages on the Java stack to support all testing efforts and cutover tasks. Transported ESR and ID objects using CTS+ across SAP Landscape from PID to PIQ to PIP.
  • Worked extensively with the Basis Team to troubleshoot performance and monitoring issues on Java Stack (NWA trace logs) using Wily Introscope and XPI Inspector etc.
  • Trained junior SAP consultants on the development, configuration and monitoring of SAP PI/PO.

Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP PI Technical Lead


  • Full lifecycle implementation of SAP PI including Requirement gathering, Scenario Analysis, Interface Analysis, Mapping definitions, preparation and migration of the environment, configuration and testing.
  • Involved in defining CTS+ transport path and strategic roll out of PI objects between Dev/QA/Prod environments.
  • Developed complex Message Mappings using Graphical mapping and implemented message mapping with user-defined functions in Enterprise Service repository.
  • Configured various sender and receiver channels according to the Business systems and business services, Create Receiver Determinations, Interface Determinations, Receiver Agreement, and Sender Agreement depending on the scenario in the Integration Directory.
  • Configuration of various adapters that include AS2, FTP, JDBC, SOAP, RFC, IDOC, HTTP adapters.
  • Performed monitoring and Hyper-care using the standard monitoring tool within Runtime workbench, Alerts, CCMS and Solution Manager for all the interfaces.

Confidential, Hoboken, NJ

SAP PI Lead Consultant


  • SAP PI Lead responsible for overseeing team that built over 100 SAP PI interfaces for Order-to-Cash, Procurement-to-Pay and other business functions that co-exist between the Client’s SAP platform and 3rd Party External Vendors/Partners Globally.
  • Configured and tested Advantco SFTP and PGP Adapters for B2B communication with external partners within the Integration Directory and NWS.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all the SAP PI functional and technical aspects of the project were implemented successfully and any issues resolved during the entire life-cycle phase of the project.
  • Provided PI transport guidance to the Basis team in preparation for Production cutover migration tasks and Hyper-Care monitoring.
  • Provided Management reports and updates regarding the Production cutover PI technical status on a daily basis to senior management team.
  • Responsible for creating custom RFC alerts using Java, TCODE-ALRTCATDEF and Alert Rules in RWB to trigger emails thereby significantly improving SLA response time.

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Senior SAP PI Integration Consultant


  • Participated in the GAP Analysis, blueprint preparation of the business process and translated functional specification into technical specifications.
  • Designed and configured numerous Outbound/Inbound Interfaces using Enterprise Services Builder to enable data exchange between SAP (Vendor Master, Goods Issue Proxy data, ASN, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Inventory Movement IDOCS) and Manhattan Associates WMS/DOM.
  • Configured Business System/Service, Sender/Receiver Agreements, Interface/Receiver Determination objects as scenarios for sending, routing and receiving PI messages. Configured Sender and Receiver Business System Integration Directory (ID).
  • Setup Sender/Receiver communication channels using File, JDBC, IDOC and JMS Boss adapter. Involved in monitoring and resolving Outbound/Inbound messaging errors.
  • Performed Unit testing and End-to-End Integration testing between SAP PI and Manhattan Associates WMS using SAP ECC 6.0 ALE, RWB, Communication Channel monitoring, Integration Engine - Send Message Test and Message Monitoring to troubleshoot errors.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Senior SAP PI Developer


  • Involved in the Blueprint, realization and final preparation of the Integration between Outage Management System (GE Product) and PI using SOA approach.
  • Designed numerous interface and mapping objects (External Definitions, message types, service interfaces, user defined libraries etc.) using Enterprise Service Builder using 3-tier strategy best practice approach for organizing software components.
  • Setup sender/receiver communication channels using File, JDBC, RFC, SOAP, Mail adapter. Involved in monitoring and resolving Outbound/Inbound messaging errors.
  • Used Synch/Asynch BPM pattern to meet the business requirements to send response back to WebService Soap call and continue asynchronously processing data in SAP. Also used BPM to handle complicated message splitting and multiple receiver determination based on defined business rules/logic.

Confidential, Wichita, KS

Senior SAP Technical Developer


  • Participated in the GAP Analysis, blueprint preparation of the business process and translated functional specification into technical specifications.
  • Responsible for design and creation of interfaces for integrating time & attendance data (from Kronos) to SAP ECC to automate payroll and labor management purposes across various factories.
  • Performed Unit testing and Integration testing within ESR using Display Queue, GUI Message Mapping test, monitored the messages for any errors using SXMB MONI, Alert Framework on ABAP stack as well as RWB on Java stack.
  • Designed and developed numerous Mapping objects that include Data/Message Type, External Definition, Message Mapping (GUI, Java), Service Interface, numerous Java UDF Libraries
  • Responsible for integrating quarterly tax adobe forms update from third party vendor Symmetry into ESS/MSS HR portal. This includes coding ABAP program changes to comply with updated state and local county tax changes across the entire country.
  • Provided 24-hour 2nd Level Production Support on a rotary basis to troubleshoot and resolve Helpdesk tickets within required Service Level Agreement (SLA) stipulation.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior PI/ XI Consultant


  • Involved in all the ASAP phases of SAP MM/SD integration with MEI & BlackSmith (third-party applications. Responsible for various deliverables that include reviewing functional specifications, creating technical specifications and data mapping documentation.
  • Designed and developed numerous Mapping objects that include Data/Message Type, External Definition, Message interface, Message Mapping, Interface Mapping, numerous Java UDF’s, RFC Lookup function calls and Imported Archive Java packages.
  • Configured business service, communication channels, receiver/sender agreements, interface/sender/receiver determinations using Integration Builder.
  • Created ABAP RFC functions to translate inbound message data to SAP specific data for IDOC creation and posting as part of integration process. Manipulated IDOC XSD using XML tool to enable multiple IDOC creation on inbound posting to SAP.
  • Involved in the XI 3.0 to PI 7.1 upgrade/validation of all XI Design and Configuration objects.

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