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Sap Security Admin Resume

Hartford, CT


  • To obtain the position of a SAP Security Consultant in an organization that will give me an opportunity to provide top - notch authorization and access related services.
  • Sound background in SAP Security for various SAP modules like ECC, CRM, BW, SCM, PI, WCEM. Designed roles for SCM, BW, WCEM, CRM, PI and ECC module.
  • Currently in Client facing role with providing solutions to critical security issues, process improvements and implementing SAP best practices.
  • I have conducted role designing from requirement gathering, designing process workflow, analyzing SOD compliance and structuring role as per SOX compliance.
  • Experience in GUI Scripting, License Audit, BeX Query Analyze, CUA Administration, Security Auditing. Training in SAP HANA Security.


Programming Languages: C, C++

Operating Systems: Windows

Software Applications: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook), Win SCP, TIDAL, APPROVA


Confidential, Hartford, CT

SAP Security Admin


  • Project & Assignment Description
  • Client facing role in which I resolve issues by proposing and supporting the design, developing and testing of solutions and verifying that the change requests coming from the client meet the required criteria.
  • Role Design for new Plant roll out SoD issues and maintaining SOX compliance by using APPROVA. User Management through CUA
  • Worked on following Modules of SAP:
  • Role Designing and implementation by using BeX Query Analyzer
  • Controlling access level through Analysis Authorization
  • Managing user access through CUA as well as RSU01 in child system
  • System Configuration source systems management, ADS Configuration etc.
  • Role Designing and Implementation around Planning Book Security
  • Role Design around Macro Maintenance Security.
  • Managed APO Planner Homepage security.
  • Troubleshooting critical authorization issue by using ST01 trace analysis
  • User Management through CUA.
  • System Configuration and Source System Management
  • Web Channel Experience Management
  • Security Role designing based on Services
  • Managing authorization to provide access to various webshops and Web channel builder
  • Internet User Id management with Business partner number.
  • WCEM 3.0 and MDM Configuration with CRM as back-end system
  • User Management with business and ABAP role assignment
  • Managing authorization with Service based security
  • Business role parameter maintenance
  • SAP ECC R/3 Security
  • User Management through CUA
  • Role Management
  • Authorization maintenance by applying concept of Parent Child role concept, Composite role concept
  • Using SAP GUI Scripting to perform repetitive Security tasks resulting considerable amount of effort and time saving.
  • Portal Role designing, implementation and maintenance for SAP PI by managing actions in role.
  • Troubleshooting critical authorization issue by using ST01 trace analysis
  • Experience in User Access Auditing, License Auditing
  • Implemented CRM ACE concept for analyzing the authorization SOD violations by creating rules and Critical Authorization Variants
  • Performing Internal Audit for client.
  • OSS Note Implementation for Security Hotfixes
  • Daily System Monitoring
  • Trained in SAP HANA Security

SAP Security Admin



  • Worked on following area of SAP BI/BW
  • Creating/Modifying Analysis Authorization using RSECAUTH and RSECADMIN Role Modification by assigning proper Analysis authorization to role as per the cuntry Publishing queries to role Menu Creating BEx Menue Managing user authorization according to analysis authorization
  • Handle Service Requests and Customer Request forms
  • Effectively handling client change requests by proposing and supporting the design, developing and testing of solutions and verifying that the change requests coming from the client meet the required criteria.
  • Handle User Management and Role Management through CUA and ChaRM respectively in R3.
  • Creating Users and Roles according to business needs, modification of User access as per requirements and analyzing the root cause of Authorization problems and fixing the missing authorizations.
  • Project specific reports and Extraction of SM20 log for monitoring of Super users.
  • Worked on Check Aud tool to check for SoD violations and SoX Compliance.
  • Worked as a shared resource for Performance team, dealing with daily system monitoring for all production systems and implementing timely solutions for smooth functionality of systems.
  • Pro-actively monitoring and escalating to corresponding teams if severe technical issues occur. Daily monitoring and administration of SAP Servers include update & lock entries, ABAP dumps, System logs etc.

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