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Sap Basis Consultant Resume

Beaverton, OR


  • Having 7 Years of experience as a SAP Netweaver BASIS Administrator
  • Responsible for system administration and support of technical architecture, including Basis support of ECC 6.0(ABAP + Java, Standalone Java), EP, Solution Manager 7.1, B.W 7.5platforms, with the goal of providing excellent system reliability, performance, high availability, and overall optimized systems.
  • Provide SAP Basis Administration Support, Performance monitoring & tuning, Problem analysis & resolution, and other activities required to maintain system integrity and maximize uptime.
  • Performed trouble shooting on R/3 security problems by using system traces.
  • Plan and execute transports.
  • Worked on the Solution Manager 7.1 for the monitoring purpose and for generating Early watch Reports etc..
  • Worked extensively on all aspects of User Administration, Client Copy functionality, R/3 installation/kernel upgrade, performance analysis and memory/buffer management, spool administration, database backup/recovery, database export/import, SAP and Oracle installation, technical documentation, and troubleshooting (problem reporting and resolution).
  • Experience in applying Support Packs and legal packs.
  • Setup, schedule and monitor batch jobs and interfaces.
  • Plan and execute SAP R/3 release maintenance, system refreshes, client - copies, system refresh using UC4 and clone.
  • Work effectively in a team environment, providing knowledge transfer as needed.
  • Dedicated team player with good communication and written skills.
  • Innovative with proven ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems to increase customer satisfaction and control costs.


ERP Packages: SAP Netweaver 7.4,7.5 SAP SAP BW 740, SAP BW 7.0, MDM 7.1, Business Objects Data Services XI 3.x,4.x, Business Objects Enterprise 3,x, Business Intelligence Platform 4.x

SCM: 4.0, SCM 5.0, LC 7.6, CE 7.2, EP 7.1

ECC: 6.0 EHP 7, ECC 6.0 EHP 8,PI 7.1 EHP 1 POSDM, GRC, IDM 7.1, SRM 4.0Solution Manager 7.1, SOLMAN 7.1 EHP1,HANA SP12

Operating Systems: Linux, HP UX 11.0,Windows 2008

Database: Oracle 9i to 12c


Confidential, Beaverton, OR

SAP Basis Consultant


  • Planning and execution of system refresh from PROD to QA and QA to N+1 environment twice in a year.
  • Having command on third party tools like UC4 and delphix to perform system refresh.
  • Handling and coordination of restart of all prod systems as part of DST change which happens yearly twice.
  • Part of HR core team to handle all the HCM related activities like LP upgrade and Ad-hoc system refresh activities.
  • I handle all the weekly transports in all the landscapes to deploy new changes to Production.
  • Handling of Auto import setup for all QA systems.
  • Handling Charm related issues for Normal changes/Emergency changes.
  • Installation of SAP HANA DB.
  • Handling HANA related issues for all the users.
  • EPM and BPC relates issues handling.
  • Command on different types of ticketing tools SNOW,Clarify.Tracking tools like jiira,trello.
  • Collaboration with system owners for any changes/restart of systems.
  • Fluent knowledge on Linux,HP-Unix,Windows operating systems.
  • Command on Oracle DB.
  • Maintenance activities like reorg,index rebuild,stats update on oracle DB.
  • Profound Knowledge on RAC infrastructure, handling RAC related issues.
  • Worked on RMAN backup strategy and resolved most of the backup related issues.
  • Basic Knowledge on Amazon cloud and currently supporting Systems which are on cloud.
  • Worked on BW specific issues like precal,blades,process chains.
  • Supported ECC fast archiving project in Confidential
  • Handled most of AFS ECC related issues which prevents multiple Major incidents.
  • Coordinating and handling of OS patching across the environments.
  • Scripting knowledge for stopping and starting SAP systems automatically.
  • Extensive knowledge on java stack troubleshooting.
  • Provide SAP Basis administration Support, Performance monitoring. Problem analysis & resolution, and troubleshooting on ECC 6.0, SRM 2007, BI 7.0 systems
  • System refresh of Dual Stack System (ABAP + JAVA)
  • Having hands on experience on JAVA stack with Visual Admin + Config Tool
  • System Admin for Portals, User Administration, Single Sign On SSO, Content Administration, Content Management Configuration.
  • Configured Technical Backend systems in XI, RFC’s, and Ports and monitored IDOCS.
  • Troubleshooting PRD (ECC 6.0, BI 7.0) issues and providing Support
  • Troubleshoot Various Issues during the upgrade strategy from sandbox to production.
  • Performed Kernel upgrades for SRM 6.0 /ECC 6.0 system in the landscape.
  • Configured SSO, STRUST, and STRUSTSSO2. Imported and Exported Certificated between ABAP / JAVA Stack.
  • Level 3 Support & Maintenance of SAP Basis/EDI, EDI Tcodes like WE02, WE05
  • Worked on Solution Manager to set up SRM systems and downloaded patches. Configured SMD /SMD Agent in the landscape to remote monitoring the systems.
  • Worked on All types of Java related issues.

Environment: ECC6.0 EHP7,EHP8, PI 7.1, BW7.1,HANA, SCM 4.0, EM5.0/7.02, SRM4.0,portal 7.1, MDM 7.1, NWDI7.0Biller Direct, CE7.1, BODS, HP-UNIX, Oracle 10g, 11.02,12C


SAP Basis Consultant


  • Responsible for providing support to all development and production environments for the SAP system including SAP 4.6C, ECC 6.0, Net weaver 04’s.
  • SAP Basis support and provided 24x7 supports, performed entire SAP Basis Activities as a consultant.
  • Performance monitoring of the Production, Dev and QA systems.
  • Daily activities such as checking System logs, Update errors, and ABAP Dump errors.
  • OSS / SAP Service Marketplace: Downloading support packs, add-on components, notes, Creating messages, Opening OSS connection.
  • Using BMC tool (3rd Party) to monitor Entire SAP systems alerts and resolving the issues.
  • Handling calls of Priority 1, 2 &3 and resolving the issues within the SLA time period
  • Working on day to day activities.
  • Monitoring Standby systems
  • Performing Client Copy (Local, Remote and Export / Import).
  • Systems refresh activities.
  • Monitoring and scheduling background jobs.
  • Performing transports SAP/OS level and troubleshooting transport related issues.
  • Worked on windows cluster administration.
  • Troubleshooting failed backups.
  • Workload analysis, evaluating SQL trace, update database statistics,
  • Table space administration by using BRTOOLS, database administration.
  • Applying support packages, kernel upgrade & SPAM/SAINT upgrades.
  • Importing Language packages using SMLT
  • Profile parameter maintenance.
  • Configured RFC connections.
  • Applying SNOTE.
  • OP Modes- Configured OP modes for Different Work Loads.
  • Restarting SAP on different platforms with different databases
  • Checking execution of Inbound/Outbound Queues (SMQ2/SMQ1) and troubleshooting if any messages are blocked.
  • Adding systems to solution manger and activating EWA.
  • Monitoring file systems in UNIX and Linux.

Environment: ECC6.0, PI 7.1, BW7.1, SCM APO 5.0/7.02, EM5.0/7.02, SRM4.0,portal 7.1, MDM 7.1

Operating Systems: HP UNIX, Linux, Windows 2003/2008

DataBase: Oracle 10g/ 11g


SAP Basis Consultant


  • User process overview, user statistics, database monitoring, system log checking, System performance checking, workload analysis, work process overview, OS monitoring, lock monitoring, Dump analysis, Backup Log checking
  • Maintaining Users and assigning them authorization according to their requirement, Profile & Role maintenance
  • Performed profile parameters and operational modes in accordance to the client’s requirements
  • Involved in Client copy and client export/import. Kernel upgrade, support packages
  • Resolving High Severity issues.
  • TMS Configuration
  • Configured output devices using SPAD, Spool management activities using SP01, authorizations of spool services, and troubleshooting.
  • System / Database refresh
  • Database Reorganization
  • Implemented Automated Solution Monitoring in Solution Manager 7.0
  • Implemented Early Watch Alerts in Solution Manager 7.0
  • Implemented CUA
  • Windows, LINUX administration / Windows, LINUX file system monitoring
  • Oracle administration
  • Java monitoring, trouble shooting
  • JControl, JLaunch monitoring using JCmon
  • Software maintenance using SPAM, SAINT, JSPM, SAPINST and SDM
  • Parameters tuning using Visual Admin, Config Tool and Netweaver Administrator

Environment: ECC 6.0, Oracle, Windows and Linux

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