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Sap Bw/hana Consultant Resume

Houston, TX


  • SAP Certified HANA BW/BI consultant with 9 years of professional experience including 3+ Years in SAP HANA implementation involving 3 full lifecycle implementations and expertise in design, development of BW/ BI Objects, Transformations, BI Content configuration and reporting using SAP ASAP methodologies.
  • Experience in SAP HANA Native Modelling and reporting for various Business Analysis needs.
  • Experience in SAP Business objects tools like Data Services, Information Steward, Webi and AO.
  • Good functional knowledge of SAP R/3 application areas like Materials Management (MM/P2P) Inventory Control (IC), Finance (FI) and CO (Controlling), SCM, Vendor Invoice Management (Open Text), HCM.
  • Bring to work the perspective gained by working extensively in Oil & Gas (Energy) Midstream, Consumer packaged Goods (CPG) and IT Services vertical.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete multiple assignments simultaneously, maintain high standards of client organizations, and work efficiently in onsite/offshore model.
  • Trained in Reporting Tools like SAP Lumira, Design Studio and Tableau.
  • Expertise in translating user requirements into technical specifications and mapping the process design, work flows for SDLC and Agile with documenting and managing business requirements.
  • Working on latest technologies/versions like BW 7.4, BODS/IS 4.2, HANA 1.0 SPS 12 and others.
  • Participate in Requirement Gathering meeting and scope/feasibility discussion. Review Business Requirement Document (BRDs) with key stake holders.
  • Design/Architect the solution as per the requirement. Create Functional Design and Conceptual design document along with high level data flow and solution.
  • Perform Sap BW Data Modelling along with development and implementation of BW objects like InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DataSources, Extractors, Process Chains, User Exits, MultiProviders, Hierarchies, Transformations, ABAP Programs, BEx Queries, Analysis Process & Design (APDs) and other ETL processes.
  • Design / Develop Native HANA Models like Attribute views, Analytics Views & Calculation Views, Scripted Calculation Views, Calculated & restricted columns, usage of Decision tables, text analysis using Full text, fuzzy search and hybrid data models like Composite providers, Query as an infoproviders .
  • Architecting / Deciding on Data Provisioning tools to bring data into HANA system like SLT, SAP DS, DXC, SDA etc. based on the data and reporting requirements of the end users.
  • Help integrate with non - SAP systems to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data using SAP Business Objects Data Services tool
  • Co-ordinate with Transport management group to release the objects/developments across the system landscape from Development to Quality and Production environments for Go Live
  • Co-ordinate with Testing group to help develop test cases/scripts, perform Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing(UAT) and Regression testing
  • Work on Performance tuning of existing load process and BW reports along with improving the Data Integrity
  • Advocate Best Practices in implementing Master Data Governance strategy, Data Quality and Finance Reporting Dashboards.
  • Co-ordinate with Transport management group to release the objects/developments across the system landscape from Development to Quality and Production environments for Go Live
  • Providing transition of the Developments to Offshore support resources for ongoing support model along with Review/Mentoring on a need basis
  • Attend Seminars, Webcast and other events to help understand new tools and Technologies in SAP Arena. Help create Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and develops business cases to support enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solutions including reports, dashboards, scorecards and mobile BI content delivery.
  • Provide consulting services to key clients, including data quality, data migration and data governance leading practices. Working as liaison between technology and business groups.
  • Coaching and Business Users on the SAP Business Object Self Service tools like Information Steward, BEx Analyzer, Advanced Analysis and Web Intelligence to enhance business decision-making capability.


SAP BW/BI (7.0/7.3/7.4): SAP BW 7.x - Data Modeling, Transformations, Complex ABAP Routines, Remodeling for InfoCubes, Load Monitoring, Standard Extractor enabling, Customizing Extractors, Creating Generic Extractors, Logistical Extractors, Designing APDs, Process Chains, Creating Open Hub Destinations.

SAP HANA 1.0 (SPS 10, 11, 12): SAP Native HANA Modeling, Attribute Views, Analytic Views, Calculation Views, Hybrid Data Models using BW on HANA, Composite Providers, HANA Optimized Data stores.

Data Provisioning Tools: SAP Data Services, SAP LT, Smart Data Access, DXC.

SAP Business Objects (4.0/ 4.2): Experience working on Business objects tools like Data Services, Data Quality Management, Information Steward, Web Intelligence Crystal Reports and SAP Lumira.

SAP R/3 (ECC 6.0): ABAP/4 knowhow includes List Reports,, Module Pool Programming, BADI, BDC, User Exits, OOPs ABAP, ABAP Dictionary and other tools like Debugger, Screen Painter, Function Library, Runtime Analyzer and Dump Analyzer

Development Technologies: SAP-ABAP including core ABAP, Object-Oriented ABAPDDIC, Module Pool Programming, BAPI.

Operating System/Programming Concepts: Linux, C Basics

Programming Languages: C++, Java, SQL, SQL Scripts, HTML

RDBMS: Oracle, SQL Server


Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP BW/HANA Consultant


  • Analyse and model the business domain to create a complete picture of work-flows and technical requirements fulfilled by existing reporting systems.
  • Identifying opportunities for improving business processes through information systems and conferring with end users and other stakeholders.
  • Identify relevant SAP ECC tables/extractors and enabled several Standard SAP Business content for various applications in BW/ HANA environment for various modules like MM, O2C,IC, FI (AP, AR, GL), CO, Open Text VIM, Security, HCM .
  • Worked extensively on LO Cockpit Extractors and implemented end to end reporting for P2P, O2C& IC areas.
  • Designed and implemented native HANA models in SAP HANA (SPS 11). Created Attribute, Analytical and Calculation views Decision tables, Currency conversions, Scripted calculation Views, Procedures.
  • Developed column table definitions, table types, attributes, measures, input parameters, analytical privileges, restricted measures, Filters, Hierarchies & Currency conversions in HANA.
  • SAP HANA Data Provisioning using SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) and ABAP transformations using SLT
  • Executed Data Extraction Transfer Loading (ETL) using SAP Data Services.
  • Implemented SAP HANA Security including User Management, Roles, and Privileges
  • Created Tableau, Webi, Analysis Office reports on top of SAP HANA / Hybrid Models for end user reporting.
  • Provided technical support for SAP BPC on HANA, Data modeling and Data Management process.
  • The scope of this project includes Upgrade of existing SAP BW 7.3 system to, the state of art In-Memory computing technology HANA / (SAP BW 7.4 on HANA) in a limited timeframe.
  • Scope involved Sizing of current BW systems, Working on POC with SAP Associates, defining project plan, comparing performance baselines between HANA and non-HANA systems against SAP standards
  • Performing Pre-Migration and Post Migration activities which includes Cleanup, activation of BI Content, Optimizing BW Cubes to HANA, Raising OSS Messages, Installing SAP notes, PSA and Change Log deletions, Compression and others
  • Recommending design changes to route long term strategy based on LSA++ architecture
  • Coordination of Migration activities with other teams involved like Basis, Security, DB, Enterprise, Testing, Procurement and others

Environment: HANA 1.0, SAP BW 7.4*(HANA), SAP ECC 6.0 EHP7, Tableau, Oracle, BODS/IS 4.2, Windows 7

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

SAP BW /BI Consultant


  • Performed requirements Analysis & Clarifications, High level design & development to drive successful delivery of SAP projects.
  • Developed schedule and cost plans that support the business objectives, timelines, budgets, resources, milestones, and project deliverables.
  • Designed an End to End Extraction and Modelling Flow to bring data from various Source Systems to BW and created a simplified End User Report in BW.
  • Developed core SAP BW modelling objects such as infoobjects, DSOs, Cubes, Multiprovider, Virtual Provider, Transformations, Routines, APDs, DTPs, Process chains during the course of the project
  • Extensive experience in support, Data loads, Validation and troubleshooting of transaction data and Master data, Change management, Transport Management, Roles & Security, System Checks, Performance tuning and process chains. Analysed and documented the Impact during testing with BW system.
  • Simplified the BEx report in BW using structure based reporting based on various accounts in the Structure against several Measures in the Columns. Complex Business Calculations were built in these reports which eases the End user manual calculations.
  • Was a Part of a huge upgrade project of SAP BW 7.0 to SAP BW 7.4 on HANA within large P& Confidential landscape.
  • Created Analysis Office Templates for the End User Queries for centralized reporting from SharePoint Portal.
  • The scope of this project is to deliver the Financial Management reporting which is the key top management high profile report that had various Trade Analytics related metrics which drives key business decisions.
  • The challenge was the Forecasters used to forecast the data in several SAP & Non-SAP systems, the data from multiple source systems was brought in to BW in near real time within 4 hours and is available for the End Users in the BW Dashboard as a single version of truth.
  • Requirements Analysis & Clarifications, High level design & development.
  • Worked on customized complex business financial logic with respect to the Financial Management Reporting & implemented the same successfully in the SAP Data Warehouse.
  • Designed & implemented fully Automated Solution for the real time data acquisition from the Forecast One Oracle Source System in to BW System using BODS (Business Objects Data Services).
  • Worked on a POC to show the Trade Analytics metrices using the SAP Lumira front end tool, which was highly liked and appreciated by the end client.
  • Implementation included Data modelling, Process chain, Transformations and Transfer rules, BEx query, workbooks, Crystal reports, BEx Web WAD development.
  • Worked on SAP Integrated planning for one of the Forecasting needs in the projects where the real time Info providers, Aggregation levels, planning functions, planning sequences and input ready queries where created and reported from AO.
  • Worked on End to End Designing of Automation of Process chains via various customized ABAP programs, Analysis Process Designer (APD), Preparing Technical Specifications for the ABAP developments based on the functional requirements adhering to the Quality process and standards.
  • The scope of this project includes support to the existing applications and enhancement/modification of the same for Business Intelligence, which involves complex flow between 13+ R3 systems, 2 BW Systems, and 5 Non-SAP Systems
  • Design and maintain InfoCubes, Multi-Providers, and ODS Objects with consistent Star Schema and efficient multi-dimensional data modeling techniques
  • Create and customize InfoSources, Transfer Structures, Update Rules, Transformations, Start Routines, End Routines, and Extract Structures
  • Schedule and monitor data upload into Info Providers such as InfoObjects, ODS, InfoCubes
  • Automate the data loading using Process Chains
  • Involved with Support Pack Testing and SAP GUI Upgrade testing
  • Handle BI support activities like Load Monitoring, PC failure handling, Peer Review, and Reconciliations
  • Handle support incidents like Extractor modification, Datasource enhancement/creation, Modeling, PC creation/scheduling, Ad hoc loads, and Query/Workbook creation and enhancements
  • Worked on Business Data Analysis (Data Scientist) on various Spend Activities for Purchases department and met several custom data requirement from various Purchases organisations & buyers.
  • Peer-Review ABAP-related developments and provided ABAP expertise for BW Extractors and Process Improvement developments related to Peer-Review and Status Mail automation
  • Various tools like Trend Analysis, Remedy, Interwise, and WebEx meeting are used for development and communication activities

Environment: SAP BW 7.0/7.4, SAP R/3 6.0, BODS/IS 4.0, Windows NT, BEx Analyzer, Analysis Office, HTML


SAP Reporting Developer/Analyst


  • Responsible for data loading from SAP R/3 and Flat files to SAP BW
  • Created custom InfoObject, InfoSources, and custom reports using Business Explorer (BEx) to give detailed level of information from queries based on ODS and InfoCubes
  • Worked extensively on creating InfoObjects, InfoSources, and Extraction
  • Experienced in working with Business Explorer (BEx) and publishing the reports on web using Web Reporting tools
  • Uploaded Master and Transactional data from Flat files and SAP R/3
  • Extracted data using Flat files for raw materials in order to track inventory
  • Used Business Content Extractor for MM master data sources 0MATPLANT and 0MATSALES
  • Performed data extraction from R/3 (LO Extraction) and Flat files
  • Stored data from R/3 tables into ODS Objects through PSA to perform detailed-level reporting
  • Worked on job schedules for loading data and monitoring Process Chains to run periodic loads and other processes
  • Created multi-providers to enhance the reporting base
  • Used BEx analyzer to develop Sales Analysis and ABC Classification reports and facilitate data analysis using filters, navigational attributes, and calculated and restricted key figures

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, SAP R/3 6.0

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