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Sap Bw/native Hana Consultant Resume

Seattle, WA


  • Over 8 years of experience in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such as requirements gathering, analysis, designing, development, testing and reporting using SAP Business Intelligence (BI)/Data warehousing (BW), SAP HANA, and SAP Business Objects.
  • Over 3 years of experience in SAP HANA Modeling, Data Provisioning & Reporting.
  • Strong understanding of Data Warehouse Concepts, ETL, OLTP, OLAP, Star Schema, KPI’s, FACT & Dimensions tables, Conceptual, Physical & Logical Data Modeling.
  • Experience in 3 complete life cycles implementations of SAP BW/BI. Knowledge of BW4HANA. Worked on Blue Printing, Realization, Data Modeling, Data Extraction, Data Loading (Full / Delta Up - loads), Scheduling, Monitoring, BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Web Applications Designer, Testing, Go Live & Production support, End user documentation.


  • Expertise in designing and building SAP-BW/BI Components Info Objects, Info object Catalogs, Info Cubes (HANA Optimized, BW Star Schema), Data Store Objects (DSO), Advanced Data Store Objects (ADSO), Open ODS Views, Composite Provider, Info Sets, Hybrid Provider, Multi Providers, Info Sources, Data Sources, Update Rules, Transfer Rules, Communication Structure, Transfer Structure, Info Packages, Process Chains, Transformations (BI 7.0, Update and Transfer rules up to BW 3.5), Data Transfer Process (DTP), Open Hub Service.
  • Used Business Content extensively, loaded data using (BC) Technical Content. Extracted data from ECC, LO Cockpit Extraction, Generic Extraction (View, FM, Info set Query), Flat file Extraction for Master data and Transactional data and Activating Data structure, transporting data sources, customizing and Enhancing the existing data sources to meet the business requirements.
  • Creating Aggregates, Cube partitioning, Creating Line-Item dimensions, Cube compression.
  • Exporting logically related objects to Testing /Quality and Dev. systems using CHARM/HTA.
  • Extensive experience in support, Data loads, Validation and troubleshooting of transaction data and Master data, Transport Management, process chains, Full/Delta loads, Scheduling and Monitoring, exporting data using Open HUB Destination.
  • Created Calculated KF’s, Restricted KF’s, Exceptions, RRI (Report to Report Interface), Conditions, Formula Variables & Customer Exit Variables in Query Designer, BEx Analyzer.
  • User Exit Functions, ABAP enhancements in ECC Generic Extractions, BI data modeling like Start Routines and End Routines and Customer Exit Variables.
  • Experience in Business Objects 4.2/4.0/XI 3.1 with Universe Design Tool (UDT), Information Design Tool (IDT), Web Intelligence (WeBI), SAP Lumira.
  • Expertise in working with BEx Analyzer in building Queries. Extensively created Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Formula Variables, Conditions, Exceptions, Aggregations, Cell editors, Customer Exit Variables and Structures for developing complex custom reports.
  • Extensively used Business Objects reporting functionalities such as Master Detail, Slice and Dice, Drilling methodology, Filters, Ranking, Sections, Graphs and Breaks.
  • Experience with working on mixed scenarios using both HANA as data mart + BW on HANA and Knowledge on S/4 HANA (CDS Views).
  • Experience in developing data models in SAP HANA SPS12 created Calculation views,
  • Experience in Data Provisioning Using Trigger-based replication (SAP Landscape Transformation (LT) Replication Server), SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) and ETL-based replication (SAP DATA Services - BODS).
  • Using Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) extracted BW extractor data into stand-alone HANA.
  • Harmonized new ECC data into existing global platform using HANA side car approach.
  • Extensively worked in creating Calculations Views of type dimension based on Master Data, Calculation View based on combination of ECC tables for satisfying the business reporting requirement.
  • Worked extensively on SQL Scripts (Table Functions, Stored Procedures)
  • Experience in data provisioning using SDA to HANA from a Non-SAP Sources like Microsoft Server Environment.
  • Experience in performance tuning of Calculation views by utilizing the SAP Best practices.
  • Developed WeBI reports, Analysis for office reports and dashboards using Lumira (Discovery).
  • Responsible for Design/ Build/ Testing/ Deployment.



Data Warehousing Tool: SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 7.3, SAP BW 7.4 on HANA.

Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, BEx Web (Web Analyzer), Web Application Designer (WAD), SAP-BO - Universe Design Tool (UDT), Information Design Tool (IDT), A4O (Analysis for Office), Web Intelligence (WeBI), Crystal Reports, QWAAS, & Xcelsius Dashboard, Lumira, Tableau 10.2.

ETL Tools: SAP BODS 4.1

SAP Modules: FI/CO, COPA, HR, MM, IM, PM, SD.

RDBMS: Oracle 11g, MSSQL Server 2012, MS Access.

Database Tools: TOAD, SQL*Plus, SQL* Loader, Active batch Admin.

Languages: PL/SQL, SQL, ASP, ABAP/4.

Ticketing tools: HP Service Manager 7, Remedy, IT Tracker

Operating Systems: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Windows NT, Windows 98/XP/2000/2003, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.


Confidential, Seattle, WA

SAP BW/Native HANA Consultant

Tools: & Modules: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 7.4, SAP SLT, SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12, SAP BOBJ 4.2 (Lumira, WeBi, A4O), Tableau 2018.3 Desktop, IT Tracker, Azure DevOps


  • Attended workshops and meetings with business users from Brazil and EWM consultants to gather requirement and work towards developing BO solutions to work on design requirement.
  • Worked on designing SAP BW data flows (DSO s, Info cubes, Multiproviders, Composite Providers, Transformation and DTP).
  • Developed queries utilizing BEx Query designer, publishing the queries into eportal.
  • Utilized BEx Web Application designer to build and enhance scorecard for Confidential suppliers.
  • Monitoring the existing process chains for all the flows and resolving the issues as per the priority.
  • Utilized Azure Devops for sprint planning, refinement of stories.
  • Involved in replicating data for real time reporting into SAP HANA from ECC 6.0 using SLT.
  • Create/Develop HANA Models using SAP HANA Studio SPS 12, which includes calculation views (graphical, scripted), Table Functions, Procedures following best practices for data model's optimization and performance tuning.
  • Building CDS Views as per the requirement (consumption, composite and basic views) for S4 HANA 1809 simple finance implementation.
  • Built custom analytical privileges for restricting data and defining roles.
  • Built custom analysis reports containing SAP BW BEx queries and SAP HANA Views.
  • Used delivery units to transport/deploy models into various environments in the current landscape.

Confidential, Boise, ID

SAP HANA Consultant

Tools: & Modules: SAP ECC 6.0, SAP SLT, SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12, SAP BOBJ 4.2, Lumira (Discovery), WeBI, A4O ( Analysis for Office), Tableau 10.2, FI-COPA (Product Costing), Jira


  • Attended FI business solution workshops and meetings with business users from Asia Pacific (Singapore) and FI consultants to gather requirement and work towards developing BO solutions to work on design requirement
  • Work with Business to develop high level design solutions for business requirement on Micron product data model, Product costing based on semiconductor business process.
  • Gather requirements from users and translate the business needs into technical specifications following Agile methodologies.
  • Provide development estimates with scrum team for sprints, assisting in development/refinement of the user stories.
  • Involved in replicating data for real time reporting into SAP HANA from ECC 6.0 using SLT. Experience in activities of developing schemas, importing table definitions, adding connections, writing transformation rules in SLT using ABAP.
  • Create/Develop HANA Models using SAP HANA Studio SPS 12 which includes calculation views (graphical, scripted), Table Functions, Procedures following best practices for data model's optimization and performance tuning.
  • Used HTA (HANA Transport for ABAP) to transport/deploy models into various environments in the current landscape.
  • Created reports on external Databases using Smart Data Access (SDA).
  • Utilized Analytical privileges to restrict the data to certain plants.
  • Worked extensively on view optimization and performance tuning with Input Parameters, Filters.
  • Utilized various Business Intelligence (Bl) applications including Business Objects, Tableau and develop/create reports and dashboards, participate in on call rotation as well as assist in resolving escalated issues supporting Hypercare, Integration testing.

Confidential, Glendale, CA

SAP BW on HANA Consultant

Tools: & Modules: HANA 1.0 SPS9, SAP BW 7.4, BODS 4.1, SAP BOBJ 4.1, Lumira, SQL, Design Studio, SD, MM, PM.


  • Involved in providing solutions to the complex requirements using BW Info providers (Transient Info provider, Virtual Master Data Info Objects, Composite Providers, MultiProviders) for HANA Models.
  • Creating Jobs, Work flows, data flows using BODS to pull data from the legacy systems and load the data into target database. Worked on Source to Target Mapping design.
  • Involved in replicating data for real time reporting into SAP HANA from ECC 6.0 using SLT
  • Created reports on external Databases using Smart Data Access (SDA).
  • Performed Data Modeling and developed Analytical Views for the transactional data, Attribute Views for the master data, and the Calculation Views as final model in HANA Studio. Used Star join to do multidimensional modelling. Created Complex Information Models based on the KPI's and restricted key figures required by the user.
  • Created Calculation Views using database tables, attribute views (derived, time based, creating Hierarchies in attribute views), analytic views and created SQL Script based calculation views, CE function, SQL Procedures to address complex business requirements.
  • Migrated HANA content from development, testing environment to Production environment using Delivery Units.
  • Created Universes on top of HANA calculation views and developed the WeBI reports, dashboards using IDT (Information design tool).
  • Enhancing the existing calculation views and improving the performance. Responsible for performance tuning of all database instances. Tuned SQL statement using TKPROF, SQL Trace and EXPLAIN PLAN tools.
  • Replication of the selected tables of CO-PA, SD, PP, MM and FI from ECC to SAP HANA. Performed transformations during the replication process.
  • Using Agile Methodology involved in design studio by creating dashboards using various components such as background Filters, Crosstabs, Charts, Dimension filters, cascading filters, Filter Panel, creating score cards using pop up window formatted using components such as images, hyperlinks etc.
  • Created dashboard and visualized it in LUMIRA Tool using HANA view as Data source and published the data set to the Lumira server.
  • Prepared user Training HANA Manuals and conducted knowledge transfer sessions to the End User’s.

Confidential, Denver, CO

SAP HANA/BW-BO Consultant

Tools: & Modules: SAP BW 7.3, HANA 1.0, SAP BOBJ.


  • Understanding the existing SAP BW Models and documenting the business flows in SAP HANA.
  • Developed the Attribute Views based on Master Data Tables in the SAP ECC.
  • Developed the Analytic Views based on Transaction Data Tables in the SAP ECC for SD, FSCM, CO modules.
  • Created the Analytic Views based on the Info cube models in SAP BW/BI system.
  • Created the Graphical Calculation Views by including the Analytic views using Unions, Projections and Joins based on the business logic.
  • Worked on designing SAP BW data Flows (DSOs, Transformation, and DTPs) in the BW (on HANA database) Scenarios and imported the DSOs, Info cubes to the HANA studio tool.
  • Created the necessary Calculated Attributes, Restricted Measures, Calculated Measures and Input Parameters using the HANA studio tool.
  • Used the HANA studio Functions like Conversion, String, Mathematical and Date to suit the business requirements in Calculated Attributes and Calculated Measures.
  • Involved in importing the BW models from SAP BW system (using HANA DB) to the HANA Studio as Analytic views and Calculation Views.
  • Created Security for the BOBJ reports for the business users.
  • Reconciled the data with the existing BW Reports with the new HANA Models.
  • Called the Calculation View to BOBJ 4.0 IDT Tool to create Universes.
  • Created the Visualization Reports in SAP BOBJ Explorer 4.0 based on the Analytic Views, Calculation views and Universes using measures and Facets on the Information Spaces.
  • Created BO reports using SAP BOBJ Lumira.

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

SAP BW/BI Consultant

Tools: & Modules: SAP BW 7.3, BEx Designer, BEx Analyzer, SAP BOBJ WeBI, etc.


  • Identified and installed the BI content objects related to Billing, Inventory, and Budget (COPA), HCM.
  • Extracted data from ECC using the Logistics procedure for Sales and Inventory.
  • Extracted historical MSSQL data for Sales and Budget using the UD Connect.
  • Involved in writing Start Routines, Field Routines and end routines.
  • Enhanced the Billing and Inventory data Sources according to requirements.
  • Developed Queries using RKFs, CKFs, Exceptions, Variables, Conditions, Cell editor, Replacement path, Formula collusion etc.
  • Developed ABAP Code for Year-to-Date and Period-to-Date in CMOD.
  • Transported all the ECC and BI Objects from Development to Quality and Production Systems.
  • Created, Scheduled and Monitored Process Chains for the above flows.
  • Involved in UAT with the Business Users in BI Quality system.
  • Re-designed the Objects and made changes to the Flows and Reports to meet Requirements after UAT.
  • Configured the OLAP Connection for BW server on the Central Management Console (CMC).
  • Created the Data foundation, Business layer and published the universe to WeBI.
  • Created the Reports Using the BOBJ WeBI tool on the universes.
  • Created the BOBJ WeBI reports by calling the BEx Queries using BICS connectivity.
  • Created the Tab - wise reports for on the Sales and Billing in BOBJ WeBI.
  • Worked on SAP BOBJ Dashboards (Xcelsius) for Visualization Reports.

Confidential, Oklahoma City, OK

SAP BI Consultant

Tools: SAP BW 7.3, BEx Designer, BEx Analyzer.


  • Involved in writing technical specs for HR - Personal administration, time management and e-recruiting.
  • Involved in SD, FI-AP, FI-AR and MM etc.
  • Installed Business Content Objects as per the client requirements.
  • Based on the Functional Specs created Technical specs.
  • Involved in changing the Existing data model of an Info Cube by adding new Characteristics and Key figures, involving the Re-initialization of Data Sources from SAP R/3.
  • Based on the client requirement, Extracted the data using LO - Cockpit for logistic data.
  • Involved enhanced the Sales, FI-AR and Delivery Data Sources according to the technical specifications.
  • Used ABAP Code to enhance fields from tables to the data sources using CMOD.
  • Used Standard BEx Reports for User requirements using Filters, Free Characteristics, Formulas, Selections, Structures, Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure and Used Variables.
  • Loaded and reconciled the data for the above flows with Data Targets, Reports and ECC Tables and RSA3.


SAP BI Developer

Tools: & Modules: SAP BW 3.5, 7.0, SAP R/3.


  • Upgraded from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 Technical Upgrade and Dash Board implementation.
  • Documented reporting needs of the Business Service and Support Organization and disseminated those requirements into a data warehouse strategy resulting in both operational and analytical reporting.
  • Running of Reports for activation of all the Objects.
  • Running RSRV for the Consistency Check for Master and Transactional Data.
  • Alpha Conversion Check.
  • Deleting the Data from the Set up Tables.
  • Running the Process Chains to fetch Data and Emptying the RSA7.
  • Resolved many issues around the Upgrade. Created OSS messages for Upgrade issue.
  • Conducted the User Training on the New BEx Features.
  • Worked closely with the Corporate Consultants in providing Functional Specifications to enhance the current and develop new ODS and Info Cubes.
  • Defined Custom Cubes and Multi Providers for the business scenarios along with aggregates.
  • Configured Compensation Management, Organization Management, and Time Management.
  • Enhanced standard data sources and replicated into BW system.
  • Designed custom ODS, CUBES, and created operation and strategic reports in Personnel Management.
  • Created detailed reporting on Employee Time Management.
  • Developed reports on headcount, comparison of annual salary, staff positions.
  • Extensively involved in creating Info Cubes in PS module.
  • Created Process Chains to automate the data load and data target administration and monitored the processes.
  • Performed tuning at data loading, reporting before Go-Live. Analyzed performance statistics and recommended improvements.

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