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Senior Lead, Sap Resume

San, FranciscO


  • Shared Service model
  • Offshore/Onshore model
  • ITIL
  • Scrum and agile based project development
  • Application Support Management
  • 24X7 Support management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Customer Satisfaction and retention
  • Account Management
  • Healthcare and Finance Vertical expertise.
  • Competency Centers Establishment & Development also known as COE or Center of excellence
  • Resource & Capacity Planning & Ramp-up
  • Project Delivery
  • Supply-Chain management
  • Delivery Management

Technical Expertise:

  • IBM Websphere MQ
  • IBM Message Broker
  • Application Servers
  • Performance management/tuning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Load balancing
  • Adapters, SAP (as it relates to EAI)
  • Architecture and design in ESB
  • Programming languages (C/C++/Java/PHP/Mysql)

Confidential, San Francisco

Senior Lead, SAP Shared Services
December 2007 – Present

In this role I own and manage a shared service team that supports McKesson’s ESB aka EAI. This is an extremely hands-on role that involves setting up a new ESB infrastructure for new applications, support them after they go-live. Technologies involved being, Websphere MQ, Message Broker, WPS, SAP, MIM/PM4Data.

I was the SOLE resource/lead working and managing entire MQ infrastructure within EAI team and managing resources outside our team that fell under broader umbrella of shared services.

I have also been involved in “other roles/projects” during my tenure at McKesson.

  • Disaster Recovery:
  • Lead and managed the entire DR process right from the inception stages until the current stabilization phase. This was a 2 man team and I was one of them, representing the ESB. ESB within McKesson handles 90% of the business and over $100 Billion worth of transactions go through our wire.
  • McKesson Connect:
  • Setup MQ and backend infrastructure for Connect application that is the backbone of McKesson’s ordering system with SLA’s as tight as 6 seconds (round trip). Tuning underlying MQ to make this work in a clustered environment was the biggest challenge that I had to overcome and so did I.
  • McKesson Imaging:
  • Lead and a resource managing and handling the entire infrastructure setup that involved 4 time-zones and varied networks. Setting MQ/MIM up in VPN and MPLS based networks was the challenge that I had to overcome. Add to that multiple layers of firewalls and traffic sizes. I was also managing offshore resources for this effort.
  • Upgrades:
  • Server, O/S and Application upgrades were handled by me. Upgraded MQ from 5.X to 6.X and then to 7.X. So was the Message Broker. And this project as with all other projects had a clear cut path-to-production, which meant I had to do all of this in all environments (dev/qa/tst/prod).

Confidential, Marlborough MA

Senior Integration Consultant
May 2006 – Dec 2007

In this role I was responsible for development/architecture/administration and support of Middleware group mainly comprising of Websphere MQ and Broker.

Some of the more prominent activities achieved in this role.

  • Plan, Lead and Support Websphere MQSeries and Websphere Broker Migration to V 6.0 along with other technologies such as Weblogic.
  • Plan, Support and implement Weblogic 9.0 upgrade.
  • Technical Mentoring for Websphere related products to offshore teams.
  • Plan and Integrate Weblogic, MQ using JMS in client as well as bindings mode.

Confidential, Boston MA

Principal Software Engineer/Middleware Lead
June 2005 – May 2006

In this role I was responsible for entire Middleware suite that contained Websphere MQ, WAS and other trading applications. Designing/developing and supporting these applications was the main responsibility.

  • Support Websphere and Middleware products.
  • Supporting Middleware Products that involve, but is not limited to, Websphere Application Server (v5), IBM Http Server (v 1* and 2*), Apache server, Websphere MQSeries, JMS, Publish subscribe, Site-minder, MSMQ, Oracle, DB2, Oracle Message gateway, Oracle AQ, J2EE, Network infrastructure, Primarily on AIX, Solaris and Windows.
  • Mentoring/leading the team within Websphere scope.
  • Providing Complete Solutions for Web enabled applications right form accessing the web page from a Browser =>Security =>load balancing =>Considering fail over scenarios to the actual infrastructure implementations which includes WAS and other related components.
  • Provide and manage 24/7-on/call support.
  • Integrating various components within the Middleware scope.

Confidential, Westborough MA
Senior IT Specialist/Lead
June 2000 – October 2004,

IBM Corporation, Hursley, UK (Both the projects below overlapped for all of 2004 and better half of 2003)

  • WMQ 5.3 on NSS
  • Managed an offshore project comprising of over 10 people, involving regression testing for WMQ 5.3 on NSS. Successfully completed a $1.1M Project.
  • Role involved budgeting, resource and time planning & allocation.
  • Time and budget tracking.
  • Mentoring the team and assisting them on both WMQ as well as NSS (Non stop server, formerly known as Tandem).
  • Role also involved architecting Test solutions utilizing the features of the NSS operating system.
  • Imparting knowledge to the offshore team on WMQ and NSS internals.
  • Developing/Coding specific modules on WMQ 5.3.
  • A total of 37 Onshore/Offshore team members were reporting to me for this effort.
  • WMQ 5.1 on NSK
  • Level III (Final/Development level) support for WMQ and Websphere suite of products including Websphere Application Server, JMS, Websphere Broker, Workflow and others.
  • 24/7 On/Call schedule supporting clients and customers across the globe.
  • Interacting with the customers and solving their problems.
  • Write, test and maintain Regression testing tools using Perl, Shell scripts and C language. Test various customer scenarios for performance.
  • Interacting with the customers and solving their problems.
  • Providing Solutions and Architecting solutions to customers using various products from the Websphere product suite involving various platforms such as Windows, Aix, Linux, Tandem, Os/390 and Solaris.
  • Pre-Sales and consulting within the Middleware scope which included but is not limited to, Providing and Architecting solutions, presentations, Technical discussions and much more with end users/clients.

In between 1996 and 2000 I worked outside of US, in India and Singapore for various companies where in I developed solutions and even lead projects. One of the most prominent projects was the Calculator utility on Windows CE. This utility on all mobile phones around the world is developed and ported onto Windows CE platform by me alone.


  • Excellent understanding and Highly Knowledgeable on all of the following.
  • Financial Industry primarily dealing in Equity Markets, with very good grasp on the Banking sector as well.
  • Manage Resources, Plan Budget and Time. Meeting deadlines under extremely Stressful conditions.
  • Highly motivated and skilled in Technology, with over 90% inclinations towards Middleware.
  • Manage and maintain Customer (end user) Relations that helps in evaluating and foreseeing customer needs ahead of time and in turn keeps the customers happy and satisfied.
  • Good at Learning, grasping, understanding and implementing any complex system.
  • Good Team Player as well a Good Team Leader.
  • A highly Self-Motivated, Aggressive and Dynamic Personality.
  • Always deliver goods meeting Deadlines, with minimal Supervision.
  • Never say “NO” attitude.
  • Ability to enforce ideas and trouble-shoot way out from any such situation that may arise. Troubleshooting is one of my “Major” strengths.
  • 15+ Years of overall experience with 11+ on Middleware technologies.
  • Very Strong Financial (Equity/Stocks) background.
  • Strong background in Supply-Chain management and Distribution business in Healthcare Vertical.
  • IBM Websphere MQ (5.3) * (all certifications) Certified.

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