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Sap Resume

Washington, DC


  • Over 8 years of experience as a SAP Technical Consultant using ABAP in MM, HR, SD, FI and Travel modules from version 4.6B to ECC 6.0.
  • Involved in two full life cycle implementations that includes development, integration testing, upgrade and post implementation support.
  • Experience in Material Management MM, Sales and Distribution SD, Finance FI, Travel TV, Cross Applications in SAP R/3 Environment.
  • Experience in Data Conversions and Data Uploads from Legacy systems to SAP systems using BDC (Call Transaction and Session methods) and LSMW.
  • Experience in Applications Integration and Interfaces development using ALE/EDI/ IDOC and RFC technology in SAP R/3. Involved in developing Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements (User Exits) and Function Modules (RICEF).
  • Expertise in SAP Business Work Flow.
  • Experience in User Exits, SAP Enhancements and BADIs.
  • Implemented complex exception reporting across different functional areas like FI, MM, Travel and SD.
  • Good conceptual knowledge on HR ABAP, Workflow and web integration products like Portals, ABAP Webdynpro and experience in ABAP object Oriented Programming. Experience on Testing the Objects as per End User Requirements.
  • Experience in MM Configuration.
  • Actively involved in SAP R/3 Implementation, Rollout, Production Support, and Upgradation projects.
  • Expertise in Problem Solving, Performance Tuning, Debugging, Transport Management System and Code Optimization techniques.
  • Expertise in creating impact analysis and design documents as per the requirements.
  • Worked extensively with business content and enhanced business content as per client specific needs.
  • Granted access to SAP Roles and Menus upon approvals from the Management.
  • Created mock reports and participated in brain storming sessions with the business units to gather requirements.



Classical and interactive, ALV Reports (Grid and List).


ALE/EDI IDOC Programming, RFC, BAPI.


BDC, Call Transaction, Direct Input, LSMW.


User Exits, BADI


SAP Scripts, Smart Forms, Adobe forms

Data dictionary:

Tables, Structures, Views, and Search Helps

Dialog Programming:

Screen and Menu Painter

Other Modules:

Function Modules, ABAP Objects and Work Flow etc


ERP package:

SAP R/3 4.6B/4.6C/4.7/ECC5.0/ECC6.0


ABAP/4, SQL, HTML, C, C++.


Oracle 8.X/9.X/10g, MS SQL Server, MS Access.

Tools :

LSMW, Smart Forms, ABAP Query, CATT

Operating systems:

Windows 95/98/NT/2000, UNIX, MSDOS


MS Office


  • Bachelors of Technology in Engineering


Confidential,Washington, DC Dec07 – Present
SAP Technical Consultant
Module: MM, FI and Travel

  • Actively participated in business requirement gathering and prepared master business blue print document.
  • Based on business blue print, prepared high level design documents, impact analysis and design documents, technical architect documents, functional documents, integration test plans and project deployment plan.
  • Interacted with business owners and other teams involved to prepare project plan of projects handled.
  • Developed objects as per the design.
  • Involved in code reviews and prepared test cases for developed objects.
  • Giving presentations to clients of objects developed.
  • Responsible in delivering objects to client as per project plan.
  • Involved in complete life cycle of projects handled.
  • Responsible for providing production support and resolving issues that arise in production environment.
  • Developed new PO Audit ALV reports for World Bank procurement as per Business needs.
  • Developed new solicitation and contract management reports to display all active solicitations and contracts using FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.
  • Developed new Invoice details report which displays purchase order, service entry sheet and invoice details for each vendor.
  • Developed new reports for World Bank HR to review time sheets in Telesec Invoice file (custom SAP application used in World Bank).
  • Developed purchase order and purchase requisition aging and status reports.
  • Developed new vendor statistics and turn around ALV reports for World Bank procurement as per business requirements.
  • Developed an interactive ALV report which list all the purchase order, purchase requisitions and Service entry sheets that are rejected.
  • Developed an ALV tree report using the class CL_GUI_ALV_TREE.
  • Developed ALV Reports using CL_GUI_ALV_GRID, CL_GUI_SPLITTER_ CONTAINER and CL_GUI_CONTAINER Classes with Call Method G_GRID1-SET_TABLE_FOR_FIRST_DISPLAY in displaying Multiple ALV Grids for Procurement Alternatives and Sourcing Mix.

Smart Forms and Scripts:

  • The standard Print program SAPFM06P is copied to ZSAPFM06P and made changes, to include the Function module SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME in order to call the smart form.
  • Modified contract print form to include contract start date, contract end, and contract officer details in the output form.
  • Designed and developed a smart form to print solicitation details.
  • Modified MEDRUCK to include logo, contact person details like the email id of the buyer, various texts, various terms and conditions based on document types (user defined) etc.,


  • Provided an interface to upload vendor master from legacy system to SAP R/3 by using LSMW
  • Designed and developed LSMW for plant extensions
  • Designed and coded a BDC Program for Purchase Orders that updates records in Purchase Order Screen or will create new Purchase Order depending on the source data file from external system using transactions ME21N and ME22N.
  • Performed data upload to the SAP Z-table through the use of function module RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION_USING.
  • Involved in developing BDC programs for posting the document in the general ledger account and reversal the posted document in G/L Account.
  • Developed BDC for uploading pending Purchase Contracts (ME31K), BDC Program for uploading Source List (ME01) and BDC Program for uploading Purchase Requisition (ME51N).
  • Responsible for SAP technical designing and data conversion programming

Enhancements (BADI’S/User Exits) and Dialog Programming:

  • Worked on Business Add in’s (BADI’S) ME_TAX_FROM_ADDRESS to copy the TAX Jurisdiction Code from Delivery address Tab to Invoice Tab.
  • Check the entry in production hierarchy field using BADI_MATERIAL _CHECK for Material master (MM01).
  • Implemented ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST BADI for storing the vendor Number and Purchase Order Number when purchase order is created.
  • Populated Goods Movement details in a Custom Z-Table each time a goods movement is created through MIGO or PGI by using MB_DOCUMENT_BADI.
  • Developed new custom pre requisition transaction in SAP.
  • Enhanced the SAP delivered user exits to pre-populate custom texts during purchase order creation.
  • Enhanced vendor creation transaction (XK01) to include material groups.
  • Enhanced SAP delivered user exits for Service Entry Sheet creation transaction to include validations in the screen.
  • Enhanced service entry sheet creation transaction (ML81N) to include additional details into the screen.
  • Enhanced ME9F transaction to trigger an email message to purchase order requestor.


  • Created new BAPI’s to update status of vendor at each stage during vendor creation process.
  • Created new BAPI’s for validating and uploading invoice files into SAP R/3 system.
  • Developed a custom program for validating and creating purchase requisitions using BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE.
  • Designed and developed the conversion of Purchase orders from legacy system into ECC.
  • Material Master Mass Update - BAPI’s used for this process are BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA and BAPI_MATERIAL_GET_DETAIL.
  • Developed a custom program for creating Service Entry Sheets using BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE.
IDOC’S & Workflow:
  • Enhanced Service Entry Sheet work flow to introduce new (U1) release strategy.
  • Developed work flow for purchase order approval and printing electronic signature of the approver on the purchase order.
  • Enhanced Purchase Requisition work flow to introduce new (G1) release strategy.
  • Configured communication settings for two ALE Systems. Maintaining the logical system, allocating the logical system to the clients, setting up the RFC destinations, port definition.
  • Extended basic IDoc type DEBMAS02 with some additional fields for the customer address.
  • Configured partner profile, created new segments, linked with IDOC type ORDERS03 and message type ORDERS.

Performance Tuning/Performance Optimization:

  • Performance Tuning has been done using SQL Trace (ST05), Run Time Analysis (SE30), and Extended Syntax Check.

Data Migration:

  • Implemented both Call Transaction and Session Method of BDC.
  • Used LSMW for mapping fields from the legacy system and created routines for data upload using data extracts for sequential files on the application server and UPLOAD/WS_UPLOAD for local files on the presentation server.
  • Developed ABAP/4 programs for extracting data from SAP tables and to be transfer to vendors using non-SAP systems for reconciliation and their local use.

Upgrade 4.7C – ECC 6.0:

  • Working on Upgrade and Conversions from SAP R/3 v 4.6C to ECC 6.0 in terms of testing Unicode, Interfaces, Data Declaration, rewrite function modules, Errors in the dependent objects, old and new developed objects in the new environment. Some errors/warnings are as follows:
  • Used SET LOCAL LANGUAGE before the Function Module AIPC_CONVERT_TO_UPPERCASE with the language parameter for program that uses TRANSLATE TO UPPERCASE statement in a multi lingual environment.
  • Corrected TYPE mismatch in the Subroutine Call Statements.
  • BDC Corrections.
  • Replaced use of certain obsolete function modules with the FM available in higher versions.

MM Configuration:

  • Configured Archive parameters for archiving purchase orders based on output medium.
  • Configured strategies in release procedure of purchase orders.
  • Configured versions tab in purchase orders based on purchase order document type.
  • Configured the communication strategy for automatic delivery of purchase order.
  • Created a new plant in SAP as per the client needs.

Confidential,Washington, DC Jan 07 – Nov 07
SAP Technical Consultant
Module: Travel and FI
The Bank custom version of SAP Travel, one of the most frequently used transactions by front-line Operations staff and highest volume SAP transactions, requires renewal to implement enhancements that could improve user efficiency; incorporate enhanced capabilities now available from our service contractors (Amadeus, Amex, Diners); and reduce the number of Bank maintained customizations. This provides an opportunity to eliminate repairs that were put in place and update the user interface to reduce cost of maintenance and helpdesk support

  • Actively participated in business requirement gathering and prepared the master business Blue print document.
  • Developing the Objects.
  • Involved in the Code Reviews and preparing the Test cases for the developed objects.
  • Giving presentations to the Clients of the Objects developed.
  • Involved in the complete life cycle of the projects handled.

ALV Reports:

  • Created ALV report for the Travel management which displays all trips in a particular period.
  • Modified the existing Hotel details to AMEX report.
  • Modified Hotel utilization Drill down ALV report to accommodate the changes because of removing repair in Hotel Code.

BAPI and Function Modules:

  • Created new BAPI program to get Travelers contact details at each destination in Trip Request creation.
  • Created the new BAPI program to show Credit card details at front end to users at the time Travel Expenses entry.
  • Modified BAPI for Simulation/Summary report for the trip request.
  • Modified BAPI for AMEX Itinerary details into SAP Travel module. Enhanced to enter Hotel and Car details.
Confidential,GA Feb 06 – Dec 06

SAP ABAP Consultant
Confidential,is the world’s leading manufacturer of farm equipment, construction and forestry equipment, commercial and consumer equipment and power systems. This company is distributed across the world working on marketing, sales and support, manufacturing, supply management, finance and many. This project mainly deals with RICEF objects, existing and custom User Exits and Dialog Programming.

  • Worked with RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms).
  • Created custom tables (Z-tables).
  • Modularization techniques like Forms, Function Modules and Includes were implemented to enhance readability of programs.

Dialog Programming:

  • Worked on module pool to transfer the warehouse materials from one storage bin to another storage bin. The program automatically assigns the destination storage bin based on the material and the quantity moved to destination storage bin also destination bin can be entered manually


  • Established ALE distribution model to distribute vendor master, material master and customer master data from quality system to development system. Data filtering, Segment filtering, Conversion rules and Change pointers are maintained.


  • Created a BDC program for posting sales orders by using a BAPI function module BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1.
  • Assisted in data migration from the Legacy system to SAP R/3 system using BDC. Work included studying the source data in external system and subsequently identifying and mapping the corresponding transaction, programs, screens and fields to load vendor master data, customer master and purchasing information records into the SAP system.

User Exit:

  • Worked on User Exit for EXIT_SAPMOLGS_001 to insert the validation checks into the shipment processing.
  • Developed User Exit to check and make the changes if necessary to header text entered by user while creating and before saving to purchase order (ME21N).
Confidential,India Jun 04 – Jun 05

SAP ABAP Consultant
Confidential,are the leading manufacturers of steam turbines up to 15 MW capacities in India. Apart from Indian market Triveni also supplied turbines to Northern Europe, Africa, Central & Latin America and Asian countries through effective Dealership network.

  • Analyzing the objects and developed as per client requirement.
  • Developed different reports as per the client requirement for smooth functioning of their business process.
  • Worked on BDC to upload data into SAP system.
  • Development of source code from the technical specifications.
  • Involved in Modifying layout set using SAP scripts.


  • Developed month wise Customer/Vendor report according to the sales organization and directly sending mail to destination.
  • Developed an inventory document based on company code, plant and planned date.
  • Developed a report which will select all the materials issued for the entered service order number and calculates the material cost, administration charges, freight and insurance.


  • Developed a BDC program to transfer the customer information data from Legacy system to SAP R/3 using Transaction code XD01.
  • Developed a program to automatically copy active MM Contracts from one Purchasing Org to another purchasing Org.


  • Change the Purchase Order (PO).
  • Modified existing programs to satisfy customer requirements. Extensively worked on company logo, objects, text ids, header texts and item texts.

Cross Applications:

  • Developed programs and interfaces in IDOC, ALE, and EDI to send some application document to other clients and performed Troubleshooting.
  • Extending IDOC types for EDI orders
  • Sent Master data and Transaction data from one client to other client using ALE and IDOC.
  • Sent transaction data using ALE, IDOC and Created Customer messages, Customer IDOC, and extend the custom IDOC.
Confidential,India Jan 02 – Dec 03

SAP ABAP Consultant

  • Created Vendor Performance Report that lists Vendor Name, Materials Supplied, Planned & Actual Delivery Times, and Payments.
  • Created a Report to display a list of Purchase Requisitions with details like MRP Controller, Release Date and Unit of Measure along with standard details. Created missing quantity list that gives the difference between sent and received quantities during Stock Transfer.
  • Created Report in Material Master that outputs Material Vaulted Stock grouped by Material type and Plant. The output shows Material No., Storage Location, and Unit of Measure and Description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W.

Data Conversion:

  • Using the standard data conversion program uploaded the material Master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using flat files.
  • Uploaded Material master-consumption, Pricing, and purchase info records from legacy system to R/3.Developed BDC programs to fix data.
  • Uploaded data from legacy system using flat files updated in the SAP database tables using Session and Call transaction. Extensively worked on Exception handling using call transaction.


  • Customized purchase order layout by adding company address and standard text.
  • Modified the standard script for layout RVORDERS01 for sales order by adding the company logo and layout style as per the company’s requirement.
  • Modified standard script RVDELNOTE to insert the company logo, total quantity in words and displayed terms of delivery without modifying the print program.

Dialog Programming:

  • Developed a module pool program for return sales order screen, which generates a new sales order or a replacement order depending upon the customer sales decision.

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