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Erp Resume

Everett, WA


Around 9 years of experience in SAP R/3-ABAP/4 Programming.
Excellent understanding of Technical as well as Functional areas of SAP R/3 system for designing, implementing and enhancement of the System with experience in ABAP/4 programming, using quality-driven methodologies.
Experienced in SAP R/3 ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C, 4.5B, 4.0A.
Proficient in Interface Technology using ALE, RFC, BAPI, EDI and IDoc.
Worked on SAP enhancement using User-Exits, BADI and Enhancement frame work.
Worked on LSMW for uploading master data from flat file to SAP R/3.
Proficient in Dialog Programming using Screen Painter and designing custom screen.
Extensively worked on customer facing document to modify the existing layout and also developed new layout in SAPscript and SmartForm.
Expertise in Developing Data Conversion and Data loading programs using BAPI, Call Transaction and BDC Session methodologies.
Well versed with workflow Task Container, events, defining Task, binding, forms and user decisions.
Extensive experience in debugging the existing program and long running program to improve performance and tuning using SQL tracing (ST05) and Runtime analysis.
Played an exception role to support SAP BASIS consultants, Worked specially on user creation, Role definition, Job Scheduling and authorization.
Good knowledge on Web Dynpro, BSP, HTML and SAP BW 3.5 extractors.
Experienced working in and understanding of Business Process Procedures related to CS, MM, SD, AA, SM, CRM, WM, PP, FI, QM modules.
Been the top contributor in SCN network in ABAP general forum.

Education: Master of Science (Major: Computer Sciences, Minor: Industrial engineering, MIS). SAP ABAP Skills:

SAP Version: 4.0B, 4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC5.0, ECC6.0.
ABAP Data Dictionary: Authorization object, Search helps, Table maintenance events, Lock Objects.
Report Development: ALV OO reporting, Classical Report and SAP scripts, Smart forms.
Dialog Programming: Dynpro designing for complex objects, Menu exits and Creation of Transaction Code (TC).
Data Migration: Uploading Data to SAP R/3 using ALE, IDoc, EDI, Call transaction, LSMW and BAPI.
System Maintenance/Enhancements: Performance Tuning, SQL tracing and debugging, Runtime analysis, batch job scheduling/ processing.
Interface: RFC, BAPI, Flat file, Workflow and IDoc.
Web services: Web enabled interfaces of SAP to be called by any web enabled system, using RFC.


Been an active participant and Top contributor in SDN forums (ABAP Development, ABAP General).
Been one of the Top 10 contributors in SDN ABAP General Forum. Recognized by SAP America for crossing mile stone number of points.

Project Profile: Client: Confidential,Everett, WA May 09 – Present.

Confidential,helps their customers with supply chain technology and automated data capture, mobile computing, Gen2 RFID, barcode systems and WLAN infrastructure. Project involved: Phase 2 of global sap implementation for Mexico and Canada.
Role: ERP Consultant (Modules: SM/CS SD FI MM QM)


Designed and developed a pricing routine for inter-company pricing procedures, to calculate Internal cost condition base value for VPRS condition type, based on a new pricing procedure using 906 and 923 pricing routines.

Enhancement points:

Implemented an enhancement point (es_saplv61a) for Intercompany Invoices, to match the condition base/net values of the Sales Order, in ECC 6.0 version, using enhancement framework.


Trigger an E-mail to the technician with the notification and service order details, as soon as the creations of a service order.
Vendor master Purchase validation: ME21N allows users to create Purchase Orders with any Vendor number, need to validate the Vendor company code with the PO company code. Used PROCESS_HEADER method in ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST BADI.
Invoice and requisition validation: MIRO allows users to create invoices using any Purchase Requisition of any company code, INVOICE_UPDATE and CHANGE_AT_SAVE was used to accomplish the target.


Purchase Order form, Return Authorization, Contract Order, Repair Orders, Order confirmation to display new ISO Inco terms.
Multiple-repair Quote: Form a Quote multiple repair Orders can be created, a customer facing document was designed and developed to pull all the repair order and details for a quote.
Sap Scripts: Travel Label to suit the Govt. standards, to show the ship-to name of the service Order used when service centre receives unit from customer.
Unicode: Converted old Interfaces Unicode compatible, which were to send Order details to foreign country government.


Digital Invoice for Mexico, as per the change in the terms of Mexico administration all invoices going to Mexico need to be in a format, used BADI SD_MX_DIGITAL_INVOICE created as a part of OSS note.
Enhanced the Idoc to get the email of Ship-to-party based on company code and partner type, using exit EXIT_SAPLVEDF_002.


Service Order Credit report, which pulls all the service orders which were TECOed and the latest Intercompany Invoice generated based on sales org.
Mexico Government Audit report of the General ledger based on the company code and the calendar month of periods.
Receiving Inspection: A report was designed and developed to help the Quality managers to check the quality of the goods received and Inspected for Quality Analysis.

Client: Confidential,Cleveland, OH October 08 – May 09.

Confidential, is a technology innovator which provides technology to its clients especially in the chemical sector. These technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, other transportation-related fluids and industrial lubricants, as well as fuel additives for gasoline and diesel fuel.
Role: Sr. Technical consultant (Modules: FI SD PS MM WM)


Auto-fax: When ever a delivery is created, a fax or an email needs to be sent to the customer, improper prefixes were added to the fax numbers. Had to investigate and find a fix for it.
Batch synchronization of material, on change of shelf life and expiration date, all the materials related to the batch need to be synchronized.
Vendor email: For all the vendors whose banks are not supported of EDI 820 need to send an asterisk separated file to run a Visual basics script and send emails.
Post Goods receipts inbound to ware house: When a receipt is complete a Goods receipt Delivery or Vendor PO need to be updated using middle ware. RFC was called to update using Tr. MB01 or MB0A.
REACH vendors: .Net service need to check if the vendor is REACH compliant or not.

Web Services:

Duplicate Check: Workflow approver need a check from .Net on material, if a similar kind of material has been approved before for any vendor in any plant of the Organization.

User Exit:

Availability Control Warnings Delayed: When emails were sent (SO36) to notify the availability related to Project systems, the sent emails were stacked in queue for five to six hours and then dispatched, SAPLBPFC exit was implemented.


The new FI company code addresses had to be updated using BDC batch processing for transaction KS02.

Solution Manager:

Used solution manager as a document repository for all the technical/Functional documents and test cases and as a Transport Organizer.


Dispatch Advice: The Shipper address needs to be shown based on the Materials plant level data rather than from Partner level data. Layout changes also had to be initiated.
Return Material Authorization: A custom script was developed to send the customer with all the instructions needs to be followed, with the items being returned and freight forwarding address.

Client: Confidential,Bellevue, WA January 08 – July 08.

Confidential,is one of the leading providers of wireless voice, messaging and data services with a customer base of around 268 millions. The project was aimed to fix the SOX issues during their recent project in Asset life cycle management (ALMX).
Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant (Modules: FI MM AA/AM)


A flat file based Interface for Material movement was developed which hits Vertex to get the tax amount, file to be picked up by CATS. ALV report output option was also provided.
The file processed by CATS, is picked up and the assets are posted into SAP based on the prior year and current year components. BDC load tool was developed to post assets, which is run as a batch job.
Interface to change the serial number of the consolidated asset related to the parent asset serial number using the BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE.
Warehouse retirement Interface, when ever any asset is returned to warehouse all the acquisition production cost need to be retired for that asset.
Interface to execute Unix shell scripting and OS level commands for renaming the files in a given directory of Unix Server.


For service orders IW32/31 with DIP profile assigned (YSP00002), need to add EK02 condition type record in a Pricing routine using VOFM.


Created a custom Dynpro for visitors Information to the head quarters and updated the custom tables.

Client: Confidential,, Buffalo, NY November 07 – December 07.

Confidential,is a supplier of sheet, rod, tube, industrial films, adhesives and also a largest manufacturer of signaling devices and related accessories for hospitals and nursing homes throughout United States. Recently SAP ECC 6.0 was implemented, was a support resource to the end users.
Role: Sr. ABAP Consultant (Modules: MM CRM IM SD)


Enhanced standard SAP reports to convert the base unit of measure to stock unit of measure for transaction MB52 for Warehouse stocks of materials.
Enhanced ZLX02, to add the moving average prices of all configurable materials and standard materials based on batch number, in warehouse management.
Updated the ALV hierarchal display ZMB58 transaction report to pull the total value of Consignments and returnable package stock based in customer.
Sales rep. travel plan: Hierarchical ALV report was developed, which pulls the sales rep travel plan number, description and the ship-to-party details, based on CRMM_TOUR transaction.

Search Help:

Enhanced the Collective search help BUPA, CRM_ACTIVITY_SCHED in CRM for business partner, in Travel plan management, Sales representatives activity schedule and Create Visit plan transactions. Custom search help exit was developed to suit the requirements.

User Exit:

Enhanced the BADI: ZVERTEX, which is an interface (IF_EX_EXTENSION_US_TAXES) to Vertex tax calculating tool. The user exit EXIT_SAPLFYTX_USER_001 was used.

Smart Form:

Worked on Bill of lading form to suit to the user’s requirement to show the carrier instructions in separate split window, and provide agreement statement in the Notes window.

Client: Confidential,Seattle, WA December 06 – October 07.

Confidential,is one of the leadingmedical equipment manufacturers of Ultrasound machines, Monitoring and Cardiac Systems, Radiography etc..; Philipshave many SAP system all over the world, the project was to integrate all the North American sales and services SAP systems to One SAP system (GSSNA2OneSAP).
Role: ABAP Consultant (Modules: MM CCS SD SM BI)


Serviceable Item- After the data had been migrated into the target system end users needed and tool to verify the data loads, so had to develop an ALV report which shows all open service contracts of order type ZCSW, check boxes were provided to add partner data, materials attached, condition types and condition amounts.
Billing Plan- Developed a financial report of all and six months older Service Contracts, based on order types and condition type showing net price, tax rate, tax amount and discount amounts.


Extract resourcefor Material Master Extract, had to pull data from legacy SAP system based on Sales Org (US90), Plant (US93) and map to the target systems requirement. View based flat files were generated (Basic, Sales, Purchasing, Storage, MRP, Costing, Accounting and Forecasting) and sent to the FTP server.
Extract resource for Service Contracts, Service contract with order type ZCSS, ZCSP, ZCMV which are open are extracted from the legacy system. Flat files are generatedto suite theload LSMW tools to attach Condition, Billing plan and Equipments.
Extracted Notifications for all open sales orders from the legacy SAP 4.6C. Once data extracted needed to be loaded in to ECC 6.0 target system.
Contract characteristics of all the valid items had to be attached to the service contracts and warranty contracts, an extract was developed which pulls all the contract characteristics for a given list of contracts and generate two flat files.

Dialogue Programming (Dynpro):

Enhanced the Dynpro of the shipment delivery in the ware house to let them add shipment notification as an additional field.

Data Dictionary:

Created Z mapping tables where the old value of the legacy system are saved and mapped to new target system values.
Created table maintenance generator for the Business Analyst to load the data.
Wrote couple of programs to upload data from flat files to Z mapping tables.


Created search help for the ME23N transaction, it’s an enhancement to the standard search help, where Purchase Org needs to be added in the screen.

User Exits:

Function module exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_001 (Customer Enhancements for Determination of Requisition Release) in enhancement M06B0002.Based on Plant some materials needed to beset withA, B, C indicator.


Supported BW team in analyzing the SAP to Oracle interface programs, and provided report with all the data elements and the logic behind each data element.


Enhanced the Asset serial number change workflow to pull up additional fields, using Business Object repository.

Solution Manager:

Used solution manager as document repository, uploaded Technical documents and Migration scripts into solution manager.

Client: Confidential,Lubbock, TX January 06 –November 06.

Confidential,manufactures high quality, plantation style shutters, which are designed for a wide range of residential windows and install for interior designers and stores like Home Depot, Office Depot and Wal-Mart, project aimed at the implementation of SAP in SD, MM and WM.
Role: Technical Analyst


Extensively worked on SPAU Tr. for enhancing the current 4.0C file based interfaces to suit to 4.7 Unicode enabled system.
Worked on SPDD Tr. to modify the data dictionary Object which needed the modifications.


Customer Master: This report pulls customer master information based on specific criteria. The XD03 transaction will not support this requirement as it doesn\'t allow the extraction of various data elements for numerous customers at once.
Avg. Price Report: Wrote a report in APO environment within R3 to find average price of a product for a given date range. Data was extracted from APO for this report. Results were inserted into a custom z-table.


Customer Master Data: Uploaded the formatted file which contained the changes of customer details and new customer details by using BDC program by Call Transaction Method.
QM defects were stored in the legacy system with their own standards, so had to develop conversion program and used LSMW to load QM defect codes and GL postings.


BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE function modules are used to maintain the Change Number classification. Provided post Go-Live support to users, helped users in solving their problems in live environment.


Performed analysis, design, and related IDoc configuration activities like creating partner profile, port definition, message type, creating output determination procedure(s), process code, condition records, and extending IDoc(s).
An Extended IDoc had to be developed to add the business address from table SADR by using IDoc type DEBMAS02 and message type DEBMAS (Customer Master).

User Exits:

A user-exit is written in the form USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_LIPS in program MV50AFZ1, it is used to move some fields into the delivery item work area LIPS.
Added new fields to the output of VKM1 & VCC1 transactions. User exit used was DBKMVF02. After adding fields to structure VBKRED and writing code in the user exit, had to run "balvbufdel" to refresh memory.

Work flow:

Created a form based workflow for accessories orders with agent assignment.


Worked on the backend development of the ITS objects, by developing web services for Sales order, Work orders and Purchase Orders Statuses which helped the customer care representatives to respond quickly.

Client: Confidential,Chicago, IL July 05 – January 06.

Confidential, is a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. This project has been developed for electronic business to communicate with business partners across the world.
Role: ABAP Technical Consultant

User exits:

Implemented user exit MBCF0007 for transaction MB21 (Create Reservation) to update the storage location field LGORT according to the customer requirements.
Implemented User exit for MV45AFZZ for the transaction VF01 (create billing document) applied MM user exit to print reservation slip when using transaction MB21, the slip was developed using SAPScript.


Designed and coded a BDC program to upload the vendor details with Bank Account details using Recording with call transaction method for XD01.


Created conversion programs for Sold-To, Ship-To, End Customer, Pricing, Commission Matrix, Purchase Orders, Customer Credit Info, and Ship Debit condition records, using the SAP Legacy System Management (LSM) tool.


ALE Configuration, which includes setting up Logical System, Creation and Distribution of Customer Model. Worked in Change Pointers to distribute Material master data across the Logical Systems.
Involved in inbound (ORDERS) transactions using Message type ORDERS, functional module IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS to enable the client to receive purchase orders from its customers and updates sales order in client\'s SAP system.


Enhanced the standard SAP screen for transaction MM01 to add Old material number in Additional tab.

Data dictionary:

Vendor Status: Created a custom table to store the details of vendor performance status with details of failure reason of purchase order.

Client: Confidential,Sunnyvale October 04 – July 05.

Confidential,provides microprocessors, Flash memory devices, and silicon-based solutions for our customers in the communications and computer industries worldwide. The project requirements included status of On-Going projects at different locations, budget allocated, Costs incurred using SAP 4.5
Role: ABAP/4 Consultant
Coordinating the development team of 3 people, objects allocation, time estimation, and issues resolution.
Ensure that all the deliverables meet the highest quality and performance standards.


Created a vendor performance report which lists the vendor name, material supplied and actual delivery terms, payment terms and prices.
Do a complete technical review of all the objects including all the related documentation before they are delivered to the client.

User exits:

Modified the user exit ZXM06U42 and created screen fields and developed a program to update acknowledgement and change request in PO
Implemented changes in EXIT_SALCOIH_010 for triggering work flow for the work order changes approval.

Client: Confidential,Boynton Beach, FL November 03 – October 04.

Confidential,is the premier supplier/installer of interlocking concrete brick pavers, clay pavers, concrete flatwork and architectural pre-cast in Florida. Royal Pavers installed SAP for its SD and MM modules.
Role: ABAP Consultant

Performance tuning:

Used the ABAP runtime analysis tool (SE30), SQLTrace (ST05), System dump analysis (ST22) to analyze and improve runtime performance of the existing ABAP programs.


Using ALV generated a report in material master that outputs material value stock, grouped by material type and plant.


Created LSMW load processes for loading all Material Master Data, SD Customer Master and Sales Orders.
Involved in writing Batch Data Communication (BDC) programs for transferring the vendor master legacy data to SAP R/3 system using Batch Input method.

Client: Confidential,Philadelphia, PA February 03 – November 03.

Confidential, is a well-respected leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals as well as being a one-stop, blend to bottle manufacturer, using SAP 4.0 for its new projects.
Role: ABAP Consultant

Client: Confidential,Woburn, MA September 01– February 03.

Confidential, is a financial intermediary specializing in financing for products in the $500 to $10,000 price range. Project aimed at CRM and FI modules.
Role: SAP - ABAP Consultant

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