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Sap Resume

Ridgefield Park, NJ


• 12 years of IT experience with over 10 years of experience as SAP BASIS administrator and 2 years as Systems Administrator.
• Experienced in implementation and administrative tasks through all phases of technology rollout Unicode Multi-Language/Non-Unicode implementations, Global Rollouts, SAP R/3 ECC6.0,Eph3,2,3,4, ECC 5.0 and Portals6.0,7.0,Eph3,2, J2EE7.00,6.40, CRM5.0,4.0, Solution Manager7.0,4.0, BW3.5,7.0 & SCM4.x
• Diverse background includes seamless integration of emerging technologies in a large user community (Single 3-tier SAP R/3 Landscape to 25+ 2 to 6-tier R/3 Landscape environments).
• SAP ECC6.0,5.0, Oracle10g,9i, SqlServer2005,2000, AS400/DB2, HP-UX11, AIX5,4, NT4/2000/2003 mySAP.com, EP7.0,6.0, CRM 5.0,4.0, BW 3.5,7.0, SCM4.x, Solution Manager 3.2,4.0,7.0,eph3 WAS6.40,700 MDMP/Unicode.
• Expansive thinker with outstanding record of achievement implementing and supporting new business concepts and delivering innovative business solutions with high level of ethics and risk management alternatives.


• Netweaver2004/2004s & mySAP ERP 2004,2005: Planning, Installation & Basis support Netweaver04/04s software that consists of WAS6.40, 700,7.01 ECC5.0, ECC 6.0, EP6,7,eph3,eph3, BW3.5, BI 7.0, CRM40,5.0,6.0,SCM (APO)6.0,2007 or 7.0 and XI3.0,7.0 or PI 7.0,xRPM
• Solution Manager4.0 (7.0) Eph3: Install, Configure and Implementation of Solution Manager for R/3, CRM, BW (BI), ECC and Enterprise Portal environment.
• SAP R/3 Basis Administration: Installed and upgraded SAP systems from version 4.5 through 4.7, BW 2.1C to 3.5,BI 7.0.Installed and configured SAP EP,EPh3,Eph3
• System landscape design, Instance design and optimization, performance tuning and load balancing. Installed mySAP.com Workplace environment skills include Sizing, Installation, SAP R/3 System Client Landscape design & implementation, Database architecture, TMS/CTS Configuration, Production support, Load Balancing, implement SAP Basis related projects, Performance Tuning & Optimization, CCMS, Printer set up, Add-on installations, batch job administration, client strategy, Workflow, Documentation, SAP Router configuration, OSS Note and Support Package application.
• Prepared comprehensive client-specific documentation regarding system maintenance and installation configuration.
• Install and configure HW/SW & Networks for SAP R/3, CCMS, Maintain data dictionary, configure SAP profiles, Schedule SAP batch jobs, Security, Client Copy, Space Management, Output Management (printers, spooling, forms, FAX), ASAP tech support, Setup SAP alert thresholds, Checklists.
• Installed XI 3.0,7.0 and performed Post-Installation tasks, Setup CMS, Setup Proxies, J2EE Engine tuning, Scheduled XI Batch Jobs, Setup Tuning Parameters, etc.
• Worked extensively on all aspects of client copy and system copy functionality, kernel upgrade, installing add-ons, update support packs and patches, performance analysis and memory management, spool administration, database management and troubleshooting (problem reporting and resolution).
• Setup Central & Local System Landscape Directory (SLD), Resolved SLD Inconsistencies, SLD Troubleshooting, Setup Source and Target Groups.
• Worked extensively on maintenance, performance monitoring, upgrades, backups and securing systems on a variety of OS and RDBMS platforms.
• Implementation of full life cycle projects in SAP R/3 from design phase to post implementation phase.
• Experience Administered Operating Systems Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Windows NT, tuning performance parameters, performing full backups and restorations and performing health checks.
• SAP R/3 Correction and Transport System (CTS/TMS) Skills: Defined and configured CTS/TMS pipeline and implemented CTS/STMS procedures.
• Extended CTS/TMS support, including CTS/TMS training, CTS/STMS authorization management, CTS/STMS transport rules for customizing and self-defined objects and troubleshooting. Created integrated documentation and authorization in SAP Customizing for SAP corrections and modifications to support efficient overview of all SAP standard changes. Defined, configured and maintained the new TMS environment in 4.x and 6.x.Applying Support Packs via SPAM/SAINT and Conflict Resolutions Transports (CRT) in an Industry Solution (IS) Environment.
• Monitored database usage, effect sizing and parameter changes in conjunction with/without Early Watch.
• Planned and executed database exports / imports and database copies to create new instances.


Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


M.S in Computer Applications


Confidential,Ridgefield Park NJ Sep 2008 - Present
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis Administrator


  • Planning on Migrating Hardware from 32 to 64 Bit Windows.
  • Upgrading CRM 4.0 to 5.0 , ECC 5.0 to 6.0, BW 3.5 to Netweaver 7.3
  • Production support of Enterprise Portal 7.01 Eph3 , Solution Manager 7.01 Eph3,SAP ECC 5.0,CRM 4.0 and BW 3.5
  • Installed and configured CRM 4.0
  • Installed and configured Enterprise Portal 7.01 Eph3, Solution Manager Eph3 ( Enhancement package ) 7.01 and configured system landscape directory (SLD)
  • Installed and configured Wily Introscope Manager, Solution Manager Diagnostics (SMD) SMD Agents
  • Installed Business Objects 3.0
  • Installing Dialog Instances to load balance current environment.
  • Carried out system monitoring and performance tuning from OS & DB level and also ABAP and JAVA stacks.
  • Applying kernel patches and Support packages yearly.
  • System copy on yearly basis.

Environment: Enterprise Portal 7.01 Eph3 , Solution Manager 7.01 Eph3, SAP CRM 5.0, BI 7.0, ECC 5.0, Windows Enterprise Edition 2003,2008 MS SQL 2000,2005

Confidential,San Diego, CA Feb 2008 – Aug 2008
Industry: Confidential,
Deloitte Consulting
Role: SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator


  • Upgraded from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 0 (Upgraded to BI 7.0 and Installed Java Add-In stack)
  • Production support on SAP BI 7.0 and SAP Enterprise Portal 7.0 (EP7.0).
  • Enterprise Portal 7.0 Installation and Configuration.
  • Support in Configuring Post Installation steps for BI 7.0 and EP 7.0.
  • Configuring System landscape Directory (SLD) on Solution Manager 4.0.
  • Applying ABAP, Java Support packs(Application Patches).
  • Applying Add-ons like ERECRUIT 4.0.9(mySAP HCM).
  • Administering, Troubleshooting, Performance tuning of J2EE Engine, Stress testing with the help of 3rd party tool Grinder..
  • Implementing and configuring ESS/MSS, Portal Integration.
  • Troubleshooting Template Installer, JVM Tuning, Setting up HTTPS, Importing certificates, Configuring ADS (Adobe Document Services) and configuring SSO, Importing Portal content, security roles.
  • BI (ABAP+JAVA stacks) System refreshes (system copy) and did post installation steps for ABAP and Java.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, EP 7.0 (NetWeaver 2004s), ECC 5.0 (mySAP ERP 2004), Oracle, AIX 5.3.

Confidential,Indianapolis, Indiana Feb 2007 – Jan 2008
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis/Netweaver Administrator


  • Upgraded from 4.6c to ECC 6.0
  • Upgraded from BW 3.5 to BI 7.0 ( Upgraded to BI 7.0 and Installed Java Add-In stack)
  • Upgrade EP (JAVA stack) 2004 to 2004s and configuration of FPN.
  • Installed and configured Exchange Infrastructure (XI 3.0) and then Upgraded to XI 7.0 (PI 7.0).
  • Installed Java Add-in to ECC systems
  • Installed Java Add-in on Linux.
  • Installation on NWDI 7.0 (JAVA stack) and using Template configuration tool Configured CMS setup, Configured SLD, Configured NWA.
  • Configuring, Monitoring Live Cache Administration, applied live cache patches.
  • Supports Java stack on xRPM 4.0 system.
  • Setting up SSO between Portals and backend systems like xRPM, BI/BW, XI/PI, ECC, GTS.
  • Defining backup mediums and backup Livecache.
  • Configured SLD for whole system landscape.
  • Configured Service Desk. Solution Monitoring, Maintenance Optimizer, Change Request Management (ChaRM) in Solution Manager.
  • Configured CCMS Agents sapccm4x, sapccmsr and monitoring tools like Wily Introscope, GRMG Monitoring, and SMD Agents etc.
  • Configuring Redwood Job scheduling.
  • Applied support packs and service tools through SPAM, SDM and JSPM

Environment: Solution Manager 4.0(7.0), SAP Netweaver XI 3.0, 7.0, BW 3.5, BI 7.0, NWDI 7.0, EP 6.0, 7.0 ECC 6.0, SRM 5.0, SCM (or APO) 7.0 xRPM 4.0,Solaris 10, Oracle 10g, Redhat Linux 4.

Confidential,Miramar, FL Nov 2006 – Jan 2007
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Netweaver Administrator / XI Support


  • Installing ,configuring and maintaining Solution Manager 4.0
  • Installing Netweaver 2004s (ABAP+JAVA) components like PI 7.0, BI 7.0 for Quality, Production and configured the technical settings with the help of Template Installer using Netweaver Administrator (NWA).
  • Applied Support Pack from SP06 to SP09.
  • Installed new JVM HA when J2EE Engine crashes.
  • IDOC and ALE configuration between SAP systems.
  • Configured System landscape Directory (SLD) from Local to Global.
  • Import and Export of Technical and Business Systems from one SLD to another.
  • Applied Trusted CA’s in Visual Administrator
  • Upgrading Kernel and applied CPIC, DW patches.

Environment: R/3 4.7, Solution Manager 4.0 (7.0), SAP Netweaver XI 3.0, PI 7.0, Vendavo, OTC, AIX 5.3, Oracle 10g

Confidential,Omaha, NE Aug 2006 – Nov 2006
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis/Netweaver Consultant


  • Designing the SAP Landscape ,DB sizing for Development and Quality
  • Installation, Configuration of Solution Manager 4.0, ECC 6.0, XI 3.0(ABAP+JAVA stack), BI 3.5, IS-U.
  • Installed necessary dialog instances and configured them for logon groups
  • Installed the SAPGUI Installation server and configured the GuiPatch update on client machines
  • Updated systems with latest support packages in all the systems.
  • Configured SAP Router
  • Configured Transport Management System between Development and Quality system.
  • Worked on Client Administration Performing Local client copies, Remote client copies export and import of a client copy

Environment: Solution Manager 4.0(7.0), ECC 6.0, SAP Netweaver XI 3.0, AIX 5.2, Oracle 10.2, BI 3.5

Confidential,Fairfax, VA Jun 2005 – July 2006
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis/Netweaver Consultant


  • Installation, Configuration, Maintaining and troubleshooting XI (ABAP+JAVA stacks), Solution Manager 3.2, CRM 5.0.
  • Configuration and maintenance of J2EE Engine and Visual Administrator.
  • Patch updating using SDM
  • Configuration and Management of Integration Repository, Integration Directory
  • Security, Alert and Log configuration in XI
  • Cache management in XI
  • User management, content management, iView Security, import, export in EP 6.0
  • System administration and integration of EP to R/3
  • Configured BW to EP.
  • Daily Checkup of System Logs using SM21 to ensure everything is running smooth.
  • IDOC and ALE Configuration.
  • Worked on Client Administration Performing Local client copies, Remote client copies export and import of a client copy.
  • Worked on Monitoring R/3 system with CCMS, and Daily Upgrading Support packs using Spam from SAP services.
  • Worked on System Refreshes from production to quality.
  • Performed Client copies and copying user master records from one client to another.
  • Updated systems with latest support packages in all the systems.
  • Configured System Landscape, Transport Management.
  • Created logon groups and performed load balancing between application servers.
  • Installed the SAPGUI Installation server and configured the GuiPatch update on client machines.
  • Daily Activities involved System Monitoring, Database Monitoring, Network Monitoring etc.,
  • Performed the post-upgrade activities including applying support packages and kernel patches.
  • Performed SAP Landscape upgrade for Development, Quality and Production systems.
  • Applied kernel packages, transported all fixed issues into SAP Landscape systems.
  • Installed necessary dialog instances and configured them for logon groups.
  • Performed Quality refreshes on a periodic basis.

Environment: SAP 4.6c, 4.7EE, WAS 6.40, BW 3.5, EP 6.0, XI 3.0, Solution Manager 3.2, Win 2k, CRM 5.0, AS/400 (OS 400), DB2

Confidential,Ashburn, VA Dec 2004 – May 2005
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis Consultant


  • Successfully upgraded / migrated R/3 environment from 4.5B to ECC5.
  • Involved actively along with 3 member team in the MDMP Unicode Conversion of ABAP 640 SP 13
  • Pre-conversion system study, setup SPUMG, Technical Tuning for Optimal Performance.
  • Running different Scans, Co-Ordinate with Language Experts and optimize the scans.
  • Did the technical conversion of a 1.5TB database in 36 Hrs.
  • Successfully completed Unicode Conversion on Production Copy, Mock1 & Mock2 and Go-live of Production System.
  • Responsible for the complete implementation, administration and support of SAP R/3, Oracle in three-tier client server architecture.
  • Worked on Applying support packages and plug-ins.
  • Worked on Configuring the Transport Management System for single to multiple system landscapes.
  • Creation and Copying of Clients (Local and Remote).
  • Involved in User/ developer support including troubleshooting, transports, OSS administration, and user maintenance.
  • Performing all types of Backups and Recovery in a Cycle (1 month).
  • Worked on User Master Administration (SU01).
  • Created and changed roles, activity groups for authorization profiles using Profile Generator as per company security policy.
  • Worked on Assigning users to activity groups.
  • Worked on Assigning profiles to users.
  • Worked on Displaying authorizations and profiles
  • Performed daily administrative activities such as Alert monitoring, Scheduling periodic jobs, Background processing, User management, R/3 Buffer monitoring (CCMS), database monitoring, Verification, troubleshooting of Short Dumps, system logs etc.
  • Worked on System monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting. (SM04, ST06, ST03, SM21, ST02, SM51, ST06, ST04).
  • Worked on Database Monitoring and problem solving (DB02, ST04, DB12).

Environment: SAP R/3 4.5B, ECC5, HPUX 11, Oracle 8.1.7

Tessenderlo Kerley Inc, Confidential,
Industry: Confidential,
Role: SAP Basis consultant


  • Installed, configured and fine-tuned three separate SAP R/3 systems (Development, QA/Test and Production systems) and their underlying Oracle databases.
  • Worked on Daily system monitoring, including performance tuning and troubleshooting.
  • Setup the profile generator, workflow, printers, EDI, and managed the database with SAPDBA.
  • Configured the transport management system in a 3-system landscape in 4.X releases. Configured transport layers and development classes. Assigned projects to CTS requests. Performed development and customizing transports between systems.
  • Worked on Planning and execution of client copies, exports/ imports and system copies.
  • Worked on System Monitoring using CCMS.
  • Worked on Setting Workbench Organizer, Correction and Transport System
  • Worked on Setting Memory Management Parameters within the instance profile to tune for performance.
  • Application of Hot Packs, Legal Change Packs, advanced corrections in coordination with development and functional teams.
  • Involved in Database Administration, including data security planning, installation, initial configuration/tuning, backup /restore and recovery procedures.
  • Involved in Daily monitoring and maintenance, including table space extensions/re-orgs, and database verifications
  • Worked on Documentation of all training materials, policies and procedures
  • Worked on User master maintenance and User creation/deletion/lockdown/activation
  • Worked on Profile generator and Authorization traces

Environment: SAP 4.5B, BW 2.1B, DB2 v7, Win NT4.0, AS/400(OS/400)

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