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Sap Resume

Portland, OR

Carrier Objective

To secure a creative and challenging career in the field of Information Technology and to work in diverse assignments under various assignments.


  • Over 9 Years of progressive experience in IT Industry of which 5 years in SAP SD , MM, ISU,CRM,GTS,SRM and AFS.
  • Worked extensively in ABAP/4 report writing, RFC, BAPI, BADI, User Exits, SAP Script and SMARTFORMS.
  • Experience in writing both Functional and technical specification, end user training and interaction with functional team.
  • Exceptionally good team player and a self motivated personality.
  • Interested in learning New Technologies.
  • Conducted Unit testing Prepared Test Scripts using SNAGIT(windows) and Jing(Mac OS) software.

SAP ARCHIVING Experience :

  • Strong knowledge on SAP Archiving requirements gathering, Designing of archiving objects.
  • Worked on various SAP archiving objects from different functional areas like FICO, SD, MM, ISU and CRM.
  • Worked on Projects Involving Third Party Servers like Open Text, IXOS, IBM Common Store,IBM TSM and Stream Serve.
  • Created many Custom Archiving Objects for the Custom Tables.
  • Created Programs for Document Archiving for the archival of PDF documents.
  • Trained end users to work with Archive Link for archiving and Retrieval of archived data from the archive link.
  • Created Documents for the archiving configuration using Snagit.

ABAP Experience:

  • Experience in Data Transfer programs in BDC, LSMW, BAPI.
  • Experience in debugging ABAP Programs, optimizing reports, performance tuning.
  • Extensive experience in Classical, Interactive and ALV Reports.
  • Experience in user exit and BADI Implementation.
  • Worked on BSP and ABAP Webdynpro
  • Worked on SAPScripts.

LiveLink Workflow Experience.

  • Experience in Livelink Workflow Administration involving design and creation of workflows.
  • Experience in Livelink Workflow Reporting, Monitoring the performance of the Workflow process, error analysis and Workflow tracing
  • Exposure to integrated Livelink workflows to SAP Enterprise Portal with Universal Work list.


Undergoing online Training in SAP HANA.

Qualification : M.Sc in Computer Science

Technical Skills:

SAP R/3 : SAP R/3 4.6,4.7,ECC- 6.0, Workflow,ArchiveLink,ABAP Webdynpro,ISU,CRM.

Operating Systems : DOS, UNIX/LINUX, WINDOWS 2000/NT-4,Mac-OS
RDBMS : ORACLE 6.X – 8.X, SQL Server, MS Access.
RDBMS Tools : SQL Plus, PL/SQL, Triggers.
Programming Languages : ABAP, JAVA, PERL, C, C++, COBOL and Visual Basic,
Internet : HTML, XML.
Other Tools : DART, Live Link OPENTEXT, PBS, MS-Office, iWork.

Project Experience:

Client: Confidential, Portland,OR. Aug-2011 to Current
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 / AFS.
ABAP / Archiving Consultant.

  • Modifying the Existing Code to include additional fields in XML and sending to Informatica.
  • Developed an ABAP program to create an XML file for Contract Inventory Extract using Call transformation.
  • Developed an ABAP report to generate XML file for Material Availability by implementing the Parallel processing Concepts in RFC calls.
  • Configuring ALE IDOCs to receive inbound IDOCs from Fusion for the Order response and Claims Returns.
  • Creating Partner Profiles for IDOC set up.
  • Working on the EDI-IDOC set up to receive the return Sales orders from the middleware Informatica.
  • Working on the Implementation of Archiving objects related to SD.
  • Working in the Implementation of the Custom Archiving Object for a Custom table related to SD.
  • Involved in updating the Code designed to close or delete the Contracts based on the selection Criteria and print the report after delete/Close.
  • Involved in the Updating the Custom code include a new tab in the Selection screen which is designed for updating the SD and AFS related tables with the specific Rejection Codes.
  • Involved in setting up the Custom IDoc, segment and Partner profile set up to send the Custom table data from AFS to Retail, Implemented the required Function modules.
  • Working on retrieving the Archived data for 3 Years from Archive files for the Billing Header and Line item Records for Audit purpose.
  • Sending the Billing related data in a layout format to the middle ware.
  • Working on replacing a constant parameter as a input parameter in a selection screen.
  • Preparing TS and HLD and Test Scripts for all of the above listed Objects.

Client: Confidential, Sandy,Utah.
Environment: SAP 4.7 / ECC 6.0 May -2011 to Aug-2011
ABAP Consultant.

  • Modified the Standard SAP Script for the Output types WE01, WE02 and WA03 and did the needed Config changes in the NACT transaction.
  • Created a Custom SAP script for the Custom Output type.
  • Created the Plant wise Storage location wise Inventory Availability report.
  • Developed a Report to make changes in the Text file downloaded from the Presentation server and uploaded the same into the EKKO and EKPO tables.
  • Modified the Cost centre values as per the values stored in a custom table and uploaded the new text file into EKKN Table.
  • Configured ALE-IDoc set up to transfer the Material Master data from One client system to another Client system.
  • Transferred the Vendor Master data from One client system to another Client System using ALE-IDoc.
  • Downloaded the PO and Po history records into TXT files using the Standard programs RM06EEI0 and RM06EEI1.
  • Developed an ABAP Program to execute the selected Unix Command like RM to remove the Files from the Presentation server Path.
  • Created Lock objects and Search Helps for the Custom Objects.
  • Included Security Authorization checks in the Program.

Client: Confidential, Cupertino, CA. Sep – 2009 to Apr-2011.
Environment: SAP 4.7 / ECC 6.0 / GTS.
ABAP / Archiving Consultant. (IBM Common Store /TSM)

  • Applied a BADI for the FI_DOCUMNT Archive Object Write Program.
  • Implemented a BADI for the CUHD Objects Archiving Check Program in GTS.
  • Involved in customizing the RSARCHD delete trigger program.
  • Document Archiving Program to archive the Invoice PDF documents stored in the Stream Serve Path to store in the IBM Common Store, Prepared Technical Spec.
  • Involved in the Implementation of OSS note for the RARCCOA1 program for the Archive Object CO_ITEM.
  • Configured the FICO, MM, SD Archiving Objects for the ECC 6.0 Upgrade.
  • Applied an OSS note for the AP Automation Invoice Cockpit Image Document Archiving.
  • Created Custom Objects by using /PBS/IDK transaction provided by PBS.
  • Created PBS index Files for the SD and FICO Objects.
  • Trained the End Users to Access the Archived Data using PBS Indices and Archive Info Structures.
  • Customized the Document Archiving Setup for the Sales Documents.
  • Created Test Scripts and make Test runs for archiving in Test System and to make the system ready for UAT, Make Estimates for the same.
  • Designed the Functional Spec for Both Document and Data Archiving Objects.
  • Involved in the performance evaluation of the RSRLDREL and RSRLDREL2 programs.
  • Implemented the Archive object CO_ALEITEM for the COEP data.
  • Involved in the modification of a Custom program for the generation of Sets that is used by the CO_ITEM Write program.
  • Involved in the implementation of a custom program to check the Incomplete Archive Session.
  • Involved in the implementation of OSS note for the Archive Objects FKKINVDOC and FKKINVBILL.
  • Involved in fixing the issue that was occurred in the transaction FPG7 execution.
  • Prepared Test Scripts using the JING software.

Client: Confidential, Irving,TX. Aug‘2008 to July-2009.
Environment: SAP CRM / ISU/ Open Text / Centera.
ABAP / Live Link WF / Archiving Consultant.

  • Written an ABAP Program to Archive CRM PDF documents from the Application server into the OPEN TEXT path.
  • Did an ABAP program for converting the Smart form output to a PDF document.
  • Created an Object Oriented ABAP ALV report for Displaying the Printing Document Header and Line Items.
  • Implemented the OSS notes and developed the Archive Object ISU_EVER.
  • Implemented a BADI in the write program of the object ISU_SWTDOC to include a client specific condition.
  • Worked with the Business Analysts to define the archiving Requirements including residency period ,retention time frames.
  • Did Data archiving for the Billing, Printing Documents based on the Object Dependency Using SARA.
  • Did Data archiving for the CRM Archiving Object CA_BUPA and also retrieved the data from the archive link.
  • Scheduled the Archival process for Switch Documents, IDOC and Data Exchange Tasks based on their dependency.
  • Created Many Custom Objects for Custom tables in CRM and ISU.
  • Created Field Catalogue and Archive Information structures for the standard and custom tables.
  • Worked with the Archive Link configuration of the standard and custom Objects.
  • Performed Archival for the Device management Objects like Profile and Meter reading Documents.
  • Retrieved the Archived Data using the corresponding standard Transaction codes.
  • Did Archiving for the Standard FICA objects like FI_FICA and FI_MKKDOC.
  • Defined an Extract Schedule for the DART to Create Extract Files.
  • Filtered the DART files based on the Combination of two fields.
  • Did Archiving for the ISU object ISU_BCONT and retrieved the Archived data from the Archive link.
  • Did Archiving for the Move-In and Move-Out documents.
  • Attended a Training program conducted by OPEN TEXT Corporation to make use of OPENTEXT.
  • Developed Functional and Technical Specs for all the Archiving Objects.
  • Developed a ECM Livelink workflow for approval of refund which would be triggered when the refund is requested based on the amount to be refunded.
  • Developed a ECM Livelink workflow for vendor agreement review which contains content review, legal review and management signoff.
  • Created a Livelink workflow for the approval of Vacation request.
  • Developed a ECM Livelink workflow for business card processing for two branch offices.
  • Created a ECM Livelink workflow for the contract request, preparation and approval workflow.
  • Developed a ECM Livelink workflow to send the dunning notification to the customers for their payment notification.
  • Developed Documents which Illustrates the Archival and retrieval Process using the SNAGLT software and trained the end users.

Client: Confidential, Glen Allen, VA. Apr’2008 to Aug’2008 .
Environment: SAP 4.6 C / ECC 6.0, Portal/SRM. (Upgrade Project)
ABAP / Archiving Consultant.

  • Designed and developed Screen for shipment details entry for the warehouse shipment using ABAP WebDynpro .
  • Developed a Program to purge the Archive Info Structure of the selected Archive Object.
  • Prepared Technical Specifications and coordinated with the off shore developers to deliver the objects on time. Participated in design discussions and code reviews.
  • Developed an RFC using the BAPI to change the shipment details whenever data received from legacy systems (Datapass and Optivision) using NetWeaver
  • Developed an RFC to replace the existing handling units by deleting the existing handling units and adding the new handling units in the shipment details.
  • Created a program for clearing the BOM and displayed the details using the object oriented ALV reports.
  • Developed a program for moving 42 days or older Special stocks from special maintenance batch to normal maintenance batch using the BAPI.
  • Involved in gathering archiving requirements from the Business analysts and prepared a chart which contains the tables,archiving objects and Retention period values .
  • Did configurations for the Objects FI_DOCUMNT for Financial Documents archiving.
  • Did the needed configurations for the Object CO_ITEM for the CO line items.
  • Did Archiving for the Sales Order objects SD_VBAK and SD_VBKA.
  • Did Archiving for the Purchase Order Objects MM_EKKO and MM_EBAN.
  • Did Archiving for Shopping cart Object BBP_SC in SRM.
  • Did Archiving for the Bidding Quotation and Bidding Invitations using the Archive Objects BBP_BID and BBP_QUOT in SRM systems.
  • Created Information structures and Field Catalogues for the Standard Objects according to Client Specific requirements in both ECC and SRM systems.
  • Using the Functionality of Join condition extracted the data from the ADK and Online Data bases using DART.
  • Extracted FI data using the DART tool for the client specific Years.
  • Created Custom Objects for the custom tables used by the Client and did all the required Configurations for those objects using AOBJ and SARA.
  • Worked in the Service Direct Tool for SDLC.

Company : Confidential, Duluth, GA,
( From Mar 2007 to Apr-2008). Environment: SAP 4.6 C / ECC 6.0
SAP Workflow / Archiving / ABAP Consultant.

  • Involved in gathering the Archiving Requirement and prepared a chart for the Archiving Objects to specify the retention period for all objects.
  • Did Archiving for the Standard Archiving objects MM_EKKO,SD_VBAK,SD_VTTK and EV_LIKP.
  • Extracted Data for Payables and created a custom view in DART using FTWY transaction.
  • Did Archiving Configurations for the Archiving Object FI_ACCPAYB in FI .
  • Did archiving for the Standard archiving Object FI_SCHECK in FI.
  • Improved the Performance of the DART extract using a Z routine.
  • Created the Tax reports using DART tool by creating additional Sort variants .
  • Created Custom Archive information structures for the Objects SD_VTTK and RV_LIKP.
  • Created custom archiving objects for the custom tables and did the needed configurations using AOBJ and SARA.
  • Retrieved the Archived data using the standard and Custom archive Information structures and Field catalogues.
  • Created Documents for all Archiving Objects configured along with the Transaction codes used for the retrieval of archived data from the Archive link.
  • Involved in basic workflow configuration.
  • Developed a workflow when a new scheduling agreement is created for a sales document and a notification mail is sent to the corresponding user.
  • Developed a workflow for complaints processing: When a sales document is held for any complaints, the sales area manager is notified. Further approval or rejection procedures leads to free-of charge subsequent delivery or credit memo processing.
  • As a part of the workflow development, extended appropriate business objects and added new attributes and methods.
  • Purchase Order quantity and price Change Workflow: Whenever any user tries to change the Purchase Order quantity or Price, the Workflow will be triggered. It will notify the changes made, to the purchase Manager.
  • Purchase Contract workflow. Whenever any PC is expired, this workflow will be triggered and send notification to the Purchase manager.
  • Worked on ABAP data dictionary objects, Created custom function modules.
  • Created reports for Sales Analysis and Delivery Status.
  • Developed customized search/help for vendor selection, worked on field exits.
  • Developed BDC Program to extend Forecasting View for different types of materials.
  • Worked on BDC Program to load Open Contracts.
  • Developed User-Exit to transfer sales documents reference to accounting document.
  • Developed report which will produce a list of all products and their country of origin, procurement type and storage location.
  • Developed report to display material documents posted by a plant.
  • Created report to list the Purchase requisitions for a particular plant.

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