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Sap Resume



  • 7+ years of extensive Techno-Functional experience in SAP BI/BW and SAP Business Objects which includes 3 end to end implementations.
  • Experience with implementation, configuration and solving of module-level issues in FI, CO, SD & MM.
  • Experienced with creating, modifying and activating Info Areas, Info Sets, Info-Objects, DSOs, Info-Cubes and Multi-Providers according to the reporting requirements.
  • Extensively worked on creating custom data sources using Infoset Query, Table/View and Function module. Created InfoObjects, DataSources, InfoSources, Data targets, Data Store Objects, Transformations, DTP’s, InfoCubes, Multi Providers and Process chains as per end user requirement.
  • Expertise in Data Source enhancements like Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, Process Chains Maintenance, Reporting, Enterprise and Portal Integration.
  • Extracted data using BW extraction structures such as LIS, LO Cockpit, CO-PA, FI and Generic Extractors
  • Experience in BI Performance Tuning by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, Partitioning, and Indexing of Info Cubes.
  • Performed Remodeling on already existing InfoCubes to add new Key figures and Characteristics
  • Created BEx Reports providing insight of Business Intelligence to aid the analysts in decision-making using Formulas, Selections, Structures, Calculated Key Figure, Restricted Key Figure and Customer Exit.
  • Sound knowledge on SAP/Business Objects suite of products like Xcelsius Dashboards, WebI, Crystal Reports, Crystal reports using Live Office, Open Document XML, Web Service and QaaWs(Query as WebService).
  • Expertise in developing Xcelsius Dashboards on SAP as Source Systems, Administration of Crystal Reports, Live Office, and Web Intelligence Reports.
  • Experience in designing Universes, Canned/Ad-hoc Reports, scheduling and processing of reports.
  • Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Prompts, Drill down, Slice and Dice, Alerts for creating Business objects reports.
  • Extensive experience in creating reports with Charts (Bar chart, Pie chart...etc.), cross tabs and sub reports.
  • Expertise in gathering, analyzing and documenting business requirements, functional requirements, and data specifications for Business Objects Universes and Reports.
  • Published Reports in Crystal Enterprise via. Crystal Publishing Wizard and Crystal Management Console.
  • Extensively worked on documenting and formatting reports. Have exported them to PDFs and published them on to BI Launch Pad/Infoview.
  • Competency in all phases of the project from analysis, design, development, configuration, testing, as well as documentation, and providing end-user training
  • Involved in Unit testing, System testing, Integration testing and User Acceptance Test throughout the project.
  • Major responsibilities include getting requirements from the user and developing Xcelcius Reports, Crystal Reports and WebI Reports.
  • Good team player, Strong team orientation & leadership qualities, hardworking and enthusiastic.
  • Very good logical skills suitable for process design, development & implementation.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with Customer Oriented attitude.


Data Warehouse

BI 7.3, BI 7.0, BW 3.5, BW 3.X


DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, My SQL and Teradata



ERP Packages

SAP ECC 6.0, R/3 4.7, R/3 4.6

Reporting Tools

BEx Reporting, Web Application Designer (WAD), Business Objects (XI R2, 3.1), BI 4.0, Xcelsius Dashboards/Dashboard Design & Crystal Reports 2008/Crystal Reports 2011


Confidential, CT

SAP BI/BO Developer


PACKAGE/TOOLS: BI 7.3,ECC 6.0,SQL and Business Objects XI 4.0

PROFILE: Hartford Insurance is one of the nation’s largest insurance companies, with nearly 34 million members in its affiliated health plans and more than 62 million individuals served through its subsidiaries.

Roles & Duties:

  • Actively interacted and scheduled meetings with the business users to gather the reporting requirements, performed gap analysis.
  • Activated DataSources in ECC(FI & SD Modules).
  • Replicated the standard DataSource on to BI.
  • Created InfoCubes and MultiProviders related to DataSource.
  • Created the transformations from the source to targets and maintained DTP’S scheduling the process chains on a timely basis.
  • Extensively worked on performance tuning of InfoCubes for better response of the data.
  • Created BEx queries on both the InfoProviders.
  • Used various functionalities like Formula, Structures, Restricted KeyFigures, Calculated KeyFigures and Conditions in query builder.
  • Extracted these BEx queries on to BO and built numerous Webi reports for much interactive reporting.
  • Worked extensively and Involved in the installation of Business Objects XI 4.0 (BI 4)
  • Have created a Universe using both Universe Designer and Information Design Tool.
  • Extensively created Derived Tables to simplify the complexity of the Universe.
  • Extensively worked with BO Classes, Objects, in the Universe, Cardinalities, Contexts, Joins and Aliases and resolved loops in Universes using Table aliases and contexts.
  • Sound knowledge on Linking multiple universes.
  • Extensively used merging dimensions on WEBI level.
  • Created WEBI reports and Crystal reports over OLAP universes and created Inventory accuracy dash boards using Xcelcius.
  • Performed various functionalities on the reports like Filters, Ranking, Controls, Data Tracking, Alerts, Breaks and Sorts.
  • Created various Master Detail, Cross tab, Horizontal and Vertical tables and published them on BI Launch pad/Infoview.
  • Frequently used Alerts and Sub Alerts functionality on reports upon user requirements.
  • Performed formatting issues and data issues like Alignment, Sizing, Padding and Page Setup
  • Improved the performance by using Conditions, @Functions, @Prompts, @Select, @Where at the universe level for filtering of data.
  • Scheduled and exported the reports to PDF’s or Excel on weekly and monthly basis.
  • Created custom queries restricting the data for specified time as per requirements.
  • Build reports on both SAP and Non SAP Databases. (Non-SAP being SQL).
  • Troubleshooting the server connection related error.
  • Provided Process documentation, which includes data flow and how to guides the end users for post-production support.

Confidential, VA

SAP BI Developer



PROFILE: Kewitt Tech has diverse product mix including chemicals, polymers, automotive andindustrial coatings, colorants, and agricultural products.

Roles & Duties:

  • Actively interacted and scheduled meetings with the business users to gather the reporting requirements, performed gap analysis and developed design documents.
  • Collaborated with SD, MM, CO and FI functional consultants to resolve business and configuration issues.
  • Responsible for extraction of data from ECC source system into BI.
  • Extracted DataSource from legacy systems.
  • Extracted Standard DataSources 2LIS_02_HDR, 2LIS_02_ITM, 2LIS_02_SCL, 0FI_AP_4, 0FI_AR_3, 0FI_TX_4 for the business requirements.
  • Performed LO – Cockpit extraction for custom DataSource (ZSD_ITM) and Billing (ZBL_ITM).
  • Configured Data Manager Packages to upload flat file using Conversion file and transformation files.
  • Created and Maintained DTP and InfoPackage for Loading and Monitored Process Chains for periodic loads of Master data and Transaction data from ECC system to Data Targets using various process categories and process types.
  • Performed automated deletion of PSA and Change Log tables using Process Chains to improve the Data Management.
  • Created Real time InfoCubes, loaded data and have done planning functions on the InfoCube for forecasting requirements by performing aggregation levels.
  • Created and maintained navigational attributes in a real-time InfoCube.
  • Extensively worked on Performance Tuning of InfoCubes.
  • Implemented Compression and Partition techniques for cubes to improve the query response time. Proposed archiving strategy for future based on Time characteristics.
  • Developed BEx queries for reporting on InfoCubes, InfoSets, ODS and Multi Provider by defining Structures, Variables, Formulas, Exceptions, Selections, Navigational Attributes, Conditions providing drill down functionality in reporting.
  • Created numerous calculated KeyFigures , restricted KeyFigures and WorkBooks.
  • Developed many variables enabled query using Radio buttons.
  • Created numerous P& L, YoY and Forecasting reports for various cost centers in Mexico.

Confidential, CT

SAP BI/BO Developer


PACKAGE/TOOLS: BI 7.0, ECC 6.0, BEx, Business Objects (XI)

PROFILE: Bristol Financial is a world-leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, around the world, around the clock.

Roles & Duties:

  • Gathered Business Requirements and Conducted Gap Analysis to install Business Content.
  • Designed & Developed custom DataSource, InfoSource, Extractor, InfoCube and ODS to fulfill user requirements.
  • Developed Transfer rules, Update rules and Start routines using ABAP to incorporate Business logic and perform data manipulation.
  • Enhanced master data sources 0Customer, 0Material and 0Vendor to meet custom reporting requirements.
  • Extensively worked on transporting objects between BW system environments and corresponding SAP R/3.
  • Developed data loading strategies for master data, transactional data and delta uploads.
  • Created process chains for data loading, delta uploading and periodical PSA deletion.
  • Created Multiprovider on sales and delivery cubes to assist reporting on sales and delivery together.
  • Worked on Creating Aggregates, Compressions, Indexes, Multi Cubes and parallel setups for data loading to improve performance and utilize data effectively.
  • Extensively worked on Query Designer and Web application designer to create Queries to forecast sales, budget and delivery analysis using Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Variables, filters and exceptions.
  • Involved in documentation and end-user training.
  • Worked on the integration of BI/BO and developed reports using Business Objects.
  • Development of BO Universe and complex Reports using BO XI 3.1 and implementing it into WEBI and exported to server.
  • Created complex security structure for BO and migrated the reporting stuff using migration tool.
  • Extensively worked in INFOVIEW to create Web Intelligence, Desk Intelligence Reports over the Universe created.
  • Created reports using Business Objects functionalities like Slice and Dice, Drill Down, Cross Tab, Alerter and Formula etc.
  • Created Several Webi Reports, Deski Reports and Dashboards for Graphical representation.
  • Developed objects with Aggregate aware/Index Awareness functions to improve performance
  • Created Custom Hierarchies, which help the end user to Drill down to lower levels
  • Worked with implementing row level and object level securities.
  • Involved in installation Business Objects and Xcelsius dashboards.
  • Extensively Worked in CMC in configuring BO environment.
  • Created Webi reports with Complex Calculations to get Alerts for Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Worked In creating Variables and Prompts in Webi.
  • Sound Knowledge over QaaWS used in mapping data directly from Universe to Xcelsius Dashboards.
  • Sound Knowledge over Xcelsius Dashboard Components and providing the end user with Drop down, Combo box functionalities.
  • Created Dashboards using Business Objects Performance Management Tool and Involved in Unit testing, System testing and User Acceptance Test throughout the project.

Confidential, NY

SAP BI/BO Developer


PACKAGE/TOOLS: SAP BW 3.x, R/3 4.6C, Business Objects (XI)

PROFILE: Hartley & Parker Dist. is a member-owned organization of more than 75 best-in-class member-distributors with combined annual revenue of over $12 billion.

Roles & Duties:

  • Involved in different phases of business blueprint. Analyzing the business process, interacting with end user, key persons identifying their reporting needs.
  • Analyzed report performance for statistics and implemented proposals for aggregate
    creations and indexing. Tuned queries using Partitioning, Aggregates and
    MultiprovidersCreated MultiProviders to enhance the reporting base and thereby improving the
  • Resolved Query Performance issues using transactions such as RSRT and RSRTRACE
  • Designed a Best practices approach to connect between the SAP BI BW, SAP R/3 and ECC
  • Created roles, work sets, pages and assigned to users according to client requirement.
  • Used aggregates, compression, and partitioning techniques to improve data load and query performance.
  • Responsible for design, development and extraction from R/3 Source system and flat files to BW .
  • Worked extensively in creating Transactional Info cubes for IP Layouts.
  • Implemented InfoCubes like Line Item (0FIAR_C03), Payment History (0FIAR_C05), and Cost and Allocation (0CCA_11) and customized those using Update Rules.
  • Involved in analyzing BI Data Load Schedules for HR Master data and transaction data.
  • Developed Process Chains to load HR Master data and transaction data, scheduled the process chains for daily, weekly and monthly loads. Monitoring the process chains in the development box
  • Experience in production support, data loads, validation and trouble shooting of transaction data and master data, change management, transport management, roles and security, system checks, performance tuning and process chain.
  • Worked in BEx Analyzer in building queries and saving workbooks and created custom queries using Conditions, Exceptions, Variables and Structure and created aggregates for frequently used queries.
  • Worked extensively with BEx Analyzer and Query Designer. Created HR queries using BI-Reporting Variables and Navigational attributes. Developed several queries and workbooks using BEx Analyzer according to end users requirements.
  • Customizing the reports by creating variables, exceptions, and conditions, restricted and calculated key figures in queries.
  • Used BI Broadcasting services for the distribution (Print & Email) of exception reports to key business users.
  • Provided production support and administration of BI back-end operations to ensure data is successfully extracted from source systems
  • Worked on Business Objects using Universe designer, Web-I, Crystal Reports and Dashboard reporting.
  • Created Web-I reports and Crystal reports over OLAP universes and created Inventory accuracy Dashboards using Xcelcius.


  • Bachelors of Technology

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