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Sap Hr Consultant Resume

Lexington, KY


  • Total 8+ years of IT experience, which includes development, implementation, and support of turnkey projects with emphasis on SAP HCM/HR module.
  • Experience in working in Multi-country roll outs for a large MNC.
  • Successfully completed three full life cycle Implementations in SAP HR module from project preparation to Go-Live and support.
  • Applied knowledge of ASAP Methodology and Solution Manager.
  • Worked as SAP HCM Functional Consultant/Lead at various positions from a member of Core Development Team member to Functional - Business Analyst position.
  • Excellent Public Sector experience at some major clients.
  • Experience in heavily unionized environment.
  • Upgrade experience from SAP 4.6C to ECC 6.0.
  • Involved in various roles in different projects.
  • Expertise in implementation and configuration of PA, OM, Time Management, CATS and Payroll module.
  • Experience in Unit, Integration, Regression and parallel testing in SAP HR module.
  • Expertise in writing test scripts.
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills to provide best solutions for complex scenarios.
  • Expertise in ABAP and proficient debugging skills.

Technical Skills:
ERP Packages: SAPrelease ECC 5.0, 4.7, 4.6C, 4.6B, 4.5B
Languages: ABAP/4, C, SQL/PL SQL
SAP Interface tools: ALE, IDOC, LSMW, EDI and BAPI's
Databases: Oracle 8.x, MS SQL Server MS Access
Environment: Windows XP, 2000, NT, and 98, UNIX

Project Experience:

Confidential, Houston, TX Oct'08 - Dec'09
Position: Global HR Functional Consultant

  • Member of the team to upgrade system from SAP 4.6C to ECC 6.0.
  • Led the Time Management team in requirements gathering and finalizing the blue print of the changes that are required.
  • Led the effort in developing and implementing unit and integration testing procedures for the HR module.
  • Created test scripts for HR processes and updated regression test scripts.
  • Work with various users and process owners for User Acceptance Testing.
  • Implemented Projects, enhancements and was involved in post go live support for Time Management and Payroll Module for Americas region including US, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Canada and Venezuela.
  • Wrote various rules, updated schemas and time management configuration to meet the new requirements and fix the defects in existing configuration.
  • Updated and created overtime rules for different locations with union agreements for daily, weekly and double overtime.
  • Designed and developed the procedure to calculate working week for employees with rotating and non-standard work schedules for FMLA workbench.
  • Wrote rules in payrolls schema to prorate the Benefits on termination but not on enrollment.
  • Wrote user-exits in CATS to block various attendance absence codes based on different locations.

Confidential, TX Oct ' 07 - Oct' 08
Position: HR/Time Management Lead

  • It is one of the large implementation for the fourth largest City in US and has about 26000 employees.
  • Work involved configuring the Time Management system as per city's requirement taking into consideration the requirements for different unions such as Fire, Police and Municipal personnel.
  • Configured the work schedules, holiday calendars, absences, attendances and quotas for different unions.
  • Created different CATS profiles for different unions and different authorization profiles.
  • Created test scripts and process procedure guides to support HR implementation and future regression testing.
  • Used EPIUSE payroll comparison tool for parallel testing.
  • Supported the users during User Acceptance testing.
  • Developed the procedure and functional specifications to interface data from Nettime to CATS for Aviation department which uses clock times.
  • Configured special rules to back out Holiday pay if the Employee was absent the day before the holiday and day after the holiday.
  • Configured the system to allow certain group of employees to code an absence on the day of the holiday by manipulating the day type rules.
  • Trained the city end users in understanding Business process as configured in SAP and also in system design and support.

Confidential, Lexington, KY Feb' 06 - Sept' 07
Position: SAP HR Consultant

  • Worked in requirements gathering, blue printing and design and development of SAP HR Time andAttendance Functionality using ECC 5.0 solution for the implementation Portal using Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • Configured HR Time Management objects: basic settings, number ranges, time entry profiles, daily work schedules, period work schedules, work schedule rules, absence quotas, absence types, attendance types, holiday calendar, premium numbers, screen control, CATS additional fields, time types.
  • Developed the procedure and functional specifications to interface data from Kronos to CATS for health department.
  • Wrote rules for Overtime calculations and premium pay based on requirements that were tied to various enterprise and personnel groupings.
  • Worked in creation of payroll forms. Some of the unique requirements have been to reflect the Quotas earned and used in a pay period. Achieved this by writing special rules in time evaluation to capture the required data and then attaching them to dummy wage types. These wage types were called in payroll form.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging Time calculation schemas and rules.
  • Created custom infotype 9993 to maintain time administrators for different groups based on organizational units.
  • Created Custom tables and dialog modules for several custom tables and developed mass user maintenance tools.
  • Created interfaces using BAPIs to fill custom tables for internal orders and cost centers for ESS search helps in CATS time entry.
  • Was involved in unit, integration and parallel testing from the stages of developing the scripts, training the users to run the scripts and document the results and in comparison of payroll results in parallel testing

Confidential, SLO, CA May' 05 - Feb'06
Position: SAP HR Consultant

  • Was involved in full cycle implementation starting with requirements gathering , blue printing and design and development and testing of the of CATS and Time Mgmt system. The client had unique requirements for public sector employees union and also CA state mandated requirements.
  • Developed unique solution for monitoring of probation and evaluation in time evaluation by developing unique rules using function 2012
  • Developed the design for CATS time sheet approval based on a separate Z table to store the list of approvers and these approvers were assigned to an individual employee in a custom developed infotype.
  • Configured the FMLA work bench to manage Federal FMLA, California family rights act (CFRA), Pregnancy disability leave (PDL) and concurrent monitoring with workers compensation by devising and assigning reason codes
  • County had about 28 unions and we had to configure work schedule rules, quota rules and time management rules to meet the requirements of a heavily unionized set up
  • Designed and developed a module to calculate Secondary cost using Fringe benefits, differentials and workers compensation's experience and exposure rates to integrate smoothly with the Payroll and FI Posting process in CATS user exits
  • Generated Custom Payroll infotypes for Adhoc reports from payroll clusters.
  • Conducted unit, integration and regression testing for the HR module and payroll processes.
  • Developed process for payroll comparison during testing using spreadsheets.
  • Developed CATS User Exits that had to work during ESS time entry for the following :
    • To calculate secondary cost based on basic pay, fringe benefits and differentials.
    • To automatically generate and release holidays on CATS and ESS.
    • To block employees from coding overtime without regular 40 hrs for 7 day profile and 80 hrs for biweekly profiles.
    • To create additional fields on CATS to store Reason Code, Line Item text, Fringe Benefits Percentage and Personal Subarea.
    • To block employees to code Sick Leave with VTO.
    • To default employees cost center from master cost center, activity type based on Attendance/ Absence types.
    • To block employees from coding standby (4A, 4B, 4G, 4F) on the same day as VTO.
  • Configured different data entry profiles for employees entering time data into CATS.

Confidential, Mundelein, IL Sept'03-Apr'05
Positions: SAP Techno-Functional Consultant

  • Development of Customer Infotypes and Enhancement of Standard Infotypes.
  • Created ZBAPI_EMPPHONE_CHANGE to extend the standard screens PZ02 and PZ12.
  • A total compensation statement was created that gives all the employee and employer contributions using SAPscript.
  • Benefits Cost calculation User-Exit for function module SAP_CALC_BENEFIT_COST to change the cost grouping for LTD, STD employees.
  • Analyzed user specification for ABAP development in order to consistent with SAP HR data organization.
  • HMO-DPO report to identify the employees who have changed their address and their HMO/DPO plans need to be corrected for this new address. Report also prints out a Sapscript letter which is mailed to the employee and also generates a report for the management for monitoring.
  • Wrote an interface to send Retiree billing information to Ceridian. Involved getting the some demographic data of employees and medical costs for the retirees. Involved only sending Changes, this was implemented by comparing with a previous sent file. Also provided an ALV report for the file created.
  • Developed user exits for PA and OM infotypes to default values.
  • Development of Pay slips using SmartForms. Developed ABAP reports using Payroll results clusters (PCL2) and Payroll salary structures T510/T710.
  • Wrote test scripts for unit and integration testing.

Confidential, TX Apr'02 - July'03
Position: HR Consultant

  • Executing data transfer via BDCs into HR Master Data.
  • Upgraded custom reports, loads, screens, menus and dialogs.
  • Ran programs like RHINTE00, which create the PD, object relationships for employee and positions (PD -> PA) and program RHINTE10, which creates table entries from relationships (PD -> PA).
  • Wrote outbound benefits interfaces, which would send benefits information to insurance providers like Heritage, Visions Services, Managed Health Net and Medicom. For each of the outbound interfaces, data was sent to these providers in flat files either bi-weekly or monthly. All the information about employees (active, cobra and retired) and their dependents that are enrolled in the benefit plans provided by the insurance provider were sent to the provider.
  • Wrote a benefit mapping module which, for each employee, checks to see if the employee is enrolled in the benefit plan for the next enrollment year, if not, maps default plan for the employee based on the employees benefit group.
  • Develop procedure to run Payroll Scheduler.
  • Modified the SAP standard Time Management Reports (CATS) to meet user's specific needs.
  • Modified the Time Statement Form \'TF02\'.
  • Configure and enhance user-exits for Master Data and Time Management.
  • Support users in all HR modules.
  • Reports utilized data from HR logical databases (PNP & PAP) and Payroll results clusters (PCL2) and tables (RT, CRT, TCRT, BT)
  • Maintained, corrected, enhanced existing HR/Payroll/ABAP programs created and populated custom tables, infotypes.
Confidential, TN Jan'01 - Feb'02
Position: HR ConsultantABAP programs using BDC sessions to convert, upload legacy data, create and populate PA infotypes and master data for over 10,000 new employees on the SAP system. Custom report writing in Personal Administration and Payroll system using Payroll Run, Payroll Control Record, Periods, accessing of Payroll Results from cluster files.
  • Developed user exits and screen modification.
  • Performance tuning of existing HR reports.
  • Developed an interface using ABAP, EDI/ALE custom IDOCs to transfer real-time personnel data to a third party.
  • Review SAP R/3 functional and technical specifications from Business Process Procedure (BPP) Business Blue Print onwards.
  • Develop/execute detailed unit and integration test plans and test Scenarios and cases.


MEM (Computer Science).
BE (Computer Science).

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