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Sap Abap Resume

Naperville, IL

Seven years of total SAP ABAP experience that includes systematic understanding and knowledge of SAP ABAP with full life cycle implementation, production support .Coded, tested, and documented technical design specifications for various projects. Have good working experience on different SAP modules.


  • Expertise in creating reports (classical reports, interactive reports. ALV reports and ABAP query reports).Worked on ALV grid, ALV tree, table control.
  • Expertise in ABAP Components such as Data Dictionary objects like Database, Tables, Structures, Domain, Data Element, Views .
  • Worked on different Modularizing Techniques like as include, sub-routines and function module.
  • Defined and coded conversions and Interfaces between SAP and Legacy system using BDC (Call transaction, Session method), LSMW, BAPI, IDOC.
  • Experience in creating new idoc types and creating message types, configuring the distributed model and maintaining the partner profiles.
  • Developed GUI’s for clients using module pool programming with the events PBO and PAI.
  • Have working knowledge and understanding of ABAP Object.
  • Worked on SAP Scripts and components of Layout such as page format, paragraph format and character format.
  • Experience in Smart Forms and its components.
  • Excellent understanding of cross functionality and test data that will be useful for unit testing, integration tesing.
  • Worked on Enhancements of SAP Applications using Exits such as Menu Exits, Screen Exits, User exits and Function Exits and BADI’s.
  • Experience in performance tuning, SQL Trace and runtime analysis.
  • Good working experience in SD module such as sales order creation, Goods receipt, Billing and configurations such as Company Code, Sales Organization, Sales area etc.
  • Familiar with SD, MM, FI/CO and HR functional modules.
  • Experienced in developing interfaces using ALE/IDOC RFC technology in SAP R/3.
  • Have experience in creating technical Specifications according based on requirement.
  • Experience in creating IDOC inbound and outbound process.
  • Good Debugging and trouble shooting skills.
  • Proven ability to manage and communicate with multi disciplinary teams (includes designers, developers, architects and quality assurance) with exceptional analytical and organizational skills.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem solving skills. Ability to deliver quality results within standards and meet deadlines.

Modules : SD, MM, FI/CO, HR.
Forms : Smart forms and SAP Scripts.
ABAP/4 Tools : Data Dictionary, Application Hierarchy, Transport Organizer, Transactions, Area Menu
& SAP query.
Reports : Classic & Interactive reports using Report writer/painter. Screen/ Menu Painter & ALV
Grid/ List.
Module Pool Programming: Module Pool programs using screen painter, Dialog Programming,
Enhancements : Menu exits, User exits, Screen exits, Functional Module exits and BADIs.
Conversions : BDC Input Session, Call Transaction, LSMW.
Interfaces : RFC, BAPI, IDOC, Workflow, Web Dynpro.


ERP : SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0 .
Languages : ABAP/4, C, C++.
Database : Oracle 9i,10g, 11g, My SQL, SQL Server 2008.
Operating systems : Windows 2000/XP, Windows 7.
Web Technologies : HTML, XML.


Confidential,Naperville, IL. July’12 - Till Date

Role: ABAP Consultant
Environment: IS Retail ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI, Web Dynpro.

Confidential, is a leader in both B2B office products solutions and retail office products. OfficeMax provide office supplies paper, print and document services through OfficeMax Impress, technology products and solutions, and furniture to large, medium and small businesses.


  • Reviewed and analyzed functional specification and prepared technical specifications.
  • Worked on POS inbound process.
  • Created OO ALV reports to display list of items on discount.
  • Created Web Dynpro component for message handling.
  • Developed RFC to generate a settlement file based on new payment type.
  • Created custom table as per the client requirement and populated it in the program and changed the code as required.
  • Implemented a BADI for transactions VL02 (Change outbound delivery) and MM02 (Change Material).
  • Created a program which runs as a batch job which closes open sales order depending on delivery.
  • Developed a Smart form for pallet label.
  • Developed Web Dynpro component for customer order details using selection screen reference tracking number, do by using this customer can track the status of their order status.
  • Resolved the issues raised by end users and delivered desired results.
  • Reviewed existing bonus buy program and fixed the code.
  • Created Barcodes for the items listed in the coupon.
  • Extensively worked on SD, MM and FI module.

Confidential,Springfield, IL. Nov’10 – June’12

Role: ABAP Consultant.
Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI/CO.

Confidential,is reputed pharmaceutical distribution company and a leader in service, an innovator in efficiency and a visionary in technology. It has developed software solutions to administer order placement, inventory management and pricing information.


  • Designed, developed and tested MM interactive reports including Purchase Order by vendor report, purchase order by material report and invoice report.
  • Reviewed and analyzed functional specifications and prepared technical specifications.
  • Assisted in requirement analysis, design and development of interfaces to legacy systems.
  • Processed batch job scheduling for high volume data processing.
  • Written a BDC program for GL account master data to upload GL account master data from legacy system to SAP database using FS00 Transaction.
  • Written BDC programs for Accounts Payable to upload vendor master data from legacy system to SAP and updated it to Database using FK01 Transaction.
  • Created ALV block reports to display all purchase orders which display all purchases in two different blocks.
  • Developed Smart Forms for SAP scripts of the Purchase Order with required windows including logo.
  • Designed Smart Forms to modify layout set of LB_BIL_INVOICE for Invoice, added company address, logo and including standard text according to client’s requirements.
  • Worked on BAPI’s to create a sales order using custom fields.
  • Worked on BTE to restrict parked document to post FI documents.
  • Developed Smart Forms for printing agreement of sale, contact cancellation, first payment remainder, second payment remainder, transfer request form.
  • Coded a BDC program for populating the Material Master data to SAP database using Flat File. Transaction code used MM01.
  • Reviewed all SAP reports and carried out modifications as per clients requirements.
  • Developed an RFC to know the all storage locations with their stock details for materials.
  • Worked on EDI/IDOC’s for outbound PO’s, incoming vendor invoices in MM. Created vendor partner profiles, output types for IDOC processing. Also created custom function modules, process codes to incorporate the customer specific requirements.
  • Developed Smart Form for Invoice and configured the same in NACE.
  • Extensively worked on MM, FI/CO Modules.

Confidential,Toledo, OH. Oct’09 – Oct’10

Role: ABAP Consultant.
Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI/CO.
Confidential,is the largest manufacturer of thin solar film modules. They help in clean, renewable electricity at lower cost. It has become one of the fastest growing manufacturers of solar modules of the world.


  • Involved in preparing technical specifications for SD, MM, FI/CO Modules.
  • Customized existing reports and created interactive reports, forms and labels in SD, MM Modules.
  • Provided technical support for post-implementation of ECC 6.0. The work includes development and fine-tuning of reports, performance trace and evaluation.
  • Developed an ALV report, which displays the details of purchase order from table EKKO. It displays the fields like Purchase Doc No, Quantity, Posting date, Item details etc.
  • Created a procedure to trigger a event/workflow upon status change.
  • Developed SCAT’s for posting documents using transaction FB01.
  • Created Custom massage type, Idoc types to send the dealer check information to warranty system to update payment reference details after payment runs are executed.
  • Created custom SAP Scripts for Customer Statements.
  • Created area wise Sales-Group performance Report, that Lists, Sales-Order, Customer, Customer-Name, Sales Group, Net value-of-each order by taking Sales Organization, Sales Group, Sale Division, Sales-Doc-Dt as inputs from Selection-Screen.
  • Developed reports for customer due date analysis.
  • According to Sales Order Shipping and Invoice details Report created, that Lists, Sales-Doc, Sales-Doc-type, Creation-Dt, Shipping-Point, Storage-Location, Reference-Doc, Delivery-No, Delivery-Dt, Invoice-Dt, Invoice-Net-value by taking Sales-Org, Sales-Group, Sales-Division, Creation-Dt as inputs from Selection-Screen.
  • Developed reports for customer details, vendor details.
  • Created report in Material Master that outputs Material Valuated Stock grouped by Material type and Plant. The output shows Material No., Storage Location, and Unit of Measure and Description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W.
  • Created a report for displaying the Details of a Delivery Document using the tables LIKP, LIPS.
  • Developed a Batch Input Program to Change Delivery-Dates of items on Sales-Order using Transaction VA02, which runs in background mode for importing valid data and eliminate duplicate entries, handling errors using table BDCMSGCOLL.
  • Developed SAP enhancement for Sales Order through user exit.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for Open Sales Orders that updated records in the Sales Order screen or will create new Sales Orders depending on the source data file from external systems using VA01 transaction.
  • Customized the layout set LE_SHP_DELNOTE in Delivery-Note using Smart Forms. Added Client’s logo, Main Window was modified to adjust the required line item fields.
  • Created Custom Smart Forms for Packing List, Loader’s Shipment Document, Bill of Lading, SD Invoice.

Confidential,Houston, TX. Dec’08 – Sep’09

Role: ABAP Consultant.
Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM.

Confidential, is the third largest electrical and communications contractor by building on the legacy of some of the most successful contractors in US. They provide everything from electrical systems design, installations, testing to long-term service and maintenance solutions in commercial, industrial and residential markets.


  • Created reports for gross sales, credit returns, gross weight for the customer for the current year and comparing the same to previous year for the same time period. The dada is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA tables.
  • Created commission report for the sales department stored by sales representative. The data is extracted from VBAK, VBAP, KNOV and MARA tables.
  • Created an interactive report to display vendor details. Based on the selections made the corresponding vendor bank details are listed such that the line selected in the Basic list was visible along with the secondary list.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for Open sales order that updated records in the sales order screen or will create new sales order depending on source data file from the external system using VA01 and VA02 transactions.
  • Developed a BDC program that transfer purchase orders data from a flat file on the presentation server and creates purchase order transaction ME21 used.
  • Worked on implementation of BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST to set fields for a particular PO type.
  • Modified Smart Form of delivery note according to client requirement and developed separate programs to fetch additional data to populate in the layouts.
  • Created interface to upload GL (balance sheet and P&L) old data clearing items. This program uploads a spreadsheet from the user’s PC, reformat the file into the format needed for RFBIBL00, download the new file to the user’s PC, and then upload the new file using RFBIBL00 (Batch Input Documents).
  • Used SAP Script to modify the purchase order document layout set RVORDERS01 to include standard texts for sender, header, footer and assigned then to standard print program. Create sap script and layout sets for MM and SD modules.
  • Developed reports to download data from Outbound Idoc’s using table EDIDD.

Confidential,Raleigh, NC. Jan’08 – Nov’08

Role: ABAP Consultant.
Environment: ECC 6.0, FI/CO, HR.

Confidential,is original, natural and ethical beauty brand, with over 2,500 stores worldwide. The Body Shop is the first international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the human cosmetics standard for against Animal Testing Policy.


  • Developed HR report which outputs the total employee wise salaries, and downloaded the same details to the flat file.
  • Involved in developing Smart Forms in FI Module for displaying RCS Account statement which in turn give the detailed account summary for all the customers under the particular plant for the given period.
  • Developed P&L adjustment program in FI/CO which captures and allocate customer payment differences. Worked on determining payments and process FB01 BDC for allocation.
  • Developed a report which list the all expired goods in the warehouse.
  • Created a program that waves the shipping and handling charges on the product depending upon the delivery selection criteria.
  • Developed Hiring letter, Settlement letter & Increment Letter in HR Module using Smart forms.
  • Involved in Developing Cumulative No pay days Report which will give the employee with number of days that has been cumulated for No pay in Payroll Module.
  • Developed SAP Query reports.
  • Worked LSMW to upload HR Master Data from flat file to SAP.

Confidential,Millsboro, DE. Oct’06 – Dec’07

Role: ABAP Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, SD, MM.

Confidential, is a global, research driven company that develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of
Veterinary medicines and services. Intervet is a highly proactive, robust and diversified company with a strong scientifically proven, and ever-growing global reach which successfully market its products worldwide.


  • Involved in various stages of project life cycle during implementation
  • Understanding functional specs of reports, preparing technical specs according to functional spec, flow chart developments.
  • Developed a report in ALV titled \'Display Sales Orders\'. The objective of this report is to search the application database for open sales orders. The inputs are Sales Organization, Sold to party, Material No, Customer purchase order No, Sales order creation date.
  • Worked on creating specialized reports for FICO module with the required field details.
  • Created ALV report for Sales operation, which is used to list customers and sales partners as on date.
  • Developed material master detail report. Giving material and plant as select-options and material type as parameter. Output list will have total quantity by material group and plant.
  • Developed SAP enhancement for sales order through user exit.
  • Developed SAP enhancement for VL01 (create delivery order) through user exit for adding additional check for storage location equal to space and delivery quantity less than one.
  • Developing SAP Scripts and Smart Forms where different page settings, box, frames, context colors, paragraphs, and logos are created for purchase order, routings, plan orders, materials, customers etc.
  • Optimized and enhanced the ABAP objects (Interactive Reports, Interfaces, Dialog programs) to suit the business requirements of the client. Developed several Data dictionary objects.
  • Involved in preparation of Master Templates (Customer Master, Vendor Master) and Transactional Data Templates (Sales Orders, Purchase orders) for migrating the data from legacy system to SAP system.
  • Ensuring a high quality solution for all the delivered objects to the client within the schedule.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for migration of data from external file to SAP R/3 on Material Master Record using Call Transaction and Session method.
  • Responsible for creating and modifying reports, Data Loading, Validations using enhancements.

Confidential,Cleveland, OH. Jan’06 – Sep’06

Role: ABAP Consultant.
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, MM, SD.

Confidential,is nation’s largest specialty retailers of fabric and crafts. It has been delivering sewing, crafting, scrapbooking, embroidery, home decorative and other creative endeavors for over 65 years and which has
over 751 stores in 48 states.


  • Involved in documenting technical specifications.
  • Created reports to display all purchase orders.
  • Created report to display finished goods stock statement Plant/Material/Date wise.
  • Created report to display monthly finished goods stock statement Plant/month wise.
  • Created module pool program to display customer details using table control.
  • Developed interactive reports and BDC’s for master data maintenance.
  • Created an Interactive report for displaying vendor information. Modified layout set for Invoice and its print program was modified as per the client\'s requirement.
  • Designed and developed custom Smart Form for Cancelled Invoices.
  • Developed a RFC to get the employee group codes.

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