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Sap Hcm Resume


Around 8 years of IT experience which includes 5 years of expertise in diverse businesses and industries, providing extensive functional analysis in SAP R/3 implementation and configuration with emphasis on HR modules.

  • Highly Experienced in Configuration of Time Management (TM), Personnel Administration (PA), Organization Management (OM), Payroll (PY) and Benefits (BN) to meet various business process requirements
  • Successfully completed Three Full Life Cycle implementations involving: blueprinting, configuring, testing and go-live support for HR: PA, OM, TM, PY modules and the development of end user training programs
  • Experience in both Negative and Positive Time Management, Time Structures, Work Schedule Rule and Quota Management
  • Time Evaluation processing using schemas TM00, TM01, TM02, TM04, and TC00
  • Experience in creating Personnel, Dynamic Actions and Org Chart
  • Experience in USA payroll, Taxation and deductions (Gross and Net payroll)
  • Expertise in Payroll Process, Off-Cycle Work-bench and Payroll Adjustment configuration
  • Experience in Global implementations and Public Sector Projects
  • Possess excellent communication, interpersonal skills and ability to learn and adopt new technology concepts


Personnel Administration: Enterprise structure, Organizational structure, organizational assignments, integration of PA/OM, maintaining master data, and Payroll Data (Pay Scale and Wage Type Structures).
Organizational Management: Concept of organization management, organizational and staffing interface, Expert Mode, General structure and Matrix organizations, Integration with Personnel Administration (Org Assignment, Integration setting, default, tools).
Time Management: Work schedules, Time recording and administration (Absences, Absence quota, Calculating Absence Entitlements, Attendances, substitutions, Overtime), Time Evaluation Processing, CATS
Payroll:Payroll process, Wage Types, Schemas, Functions, Calculation Rules, Internal Tables, Default values/features, Factoring, Cumulating, Storage, Payments, Deductions, Taxes, Garnishments, Bank Transfers/Direct Deposits, posting of payroll reports, Third Party Remittance and Off-Cycle Processing
Benefits: Benefit concepts, Benefit areas, Benefit Plan attributes, Employee grouping for plans (including criteria grouping), Health Plans, Insurance Plans, Savings Plans (Cost Variants, Coverage Variants and related rules


ERP: SAP-R/3(HR) 4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 5.0 and ECC 6.0
Tools & Servers: Mercury Quality Center 9.0
Programming: SQL, PL/SQL.
Environment: HP -UX, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux, UNIX.
Reporting Tools Excel 98/2000, MS Access Reports


Confidential,PA Nov ’2011 to Sep’2012
SAP HCM Functional Consultant

Full life cycle implementation of SAP HR. Worked as the only on-site resource in Time Management and Benefits Managements sub modules. Gathered the business data requirement and developed Blue Print for the business processes. Involved in Configuration, Testing and End User Training sessions.

Time Management

  • Defined public holiday calendar for personnel sub areas
  • Responsible for setting up of work schedule rules and generate monthly work schedules
  • Defined absence and attendance types for different personal sub-area groupings
  • Configured wage types for attendance and absence types
  • Configured the Absence Quota generation through both RPTQTA00 and time evaluation schema
  • Used feature SCHKZ for defaulting work schedule rules for each PS and ES grouping, maintained the quota type selection group using the feature QUOMO
  • Setting up absence evaluation rule in table T554C
  • Worked on time evaluation driver RPTIME00 and customized time evaluation Schemas
  • Time Evaluation processing using Schemas TM00 and TM04. Generating time Evaluation Reports, and updating the Time Management Info types
  • Implemented various user parameters for Time sheet (CATS), customized data entry Screen and customized reports to display Time sheet data
  • Worked on Time report: PT64: For attendance/Absence data overview
  • Designed and documented functional and integration test scripts, run tests and document test results
  • Involved in resolving the tickets and solving the authorization issues
  • Provided feedback on the business process to the technical team for developing required reports
  • Prepared documentation for end-user training using InfoPak
  • Prepared job-aids, for the users on their time management activities


  • Configured the benefit module by setting up of benefit plans such as health plans, insurance plans and COBRA plan
  • Defined Evidence of Insurability conditions for health and savings plans
  • Worked with EE’s during open enrollment and event enrollment
  • Defined Benefit Areas, Benefit Providers and Plan Attributes with the features BAREA, BENGR, BSTAT
  • Configured Benefit Plan Types and Benefit Plan Status
  • Defined dependants and beneficiaries
  • Defined wage types in table T5UBA_WT and integrated benefit and payroll
  • Implemented and scheduled the dynamic eligibility check report to generate the eligible employees for different benefit offers
  • Designed and documented functional and integration test scripts, run tests and document test results
  • Prepared documentation for end-user training using InfoPak

Confidential,TX Jan ’2010 to Sep ’2011
SAP HR Functional Consultant

Provided SAP expertise during the configuration stage of the project.


  • Defined and maintained set up for payroll organization. Created wage type catalog and check wage type group for basic pay, additional payments, recurring payments and deductions
  • Maintained recurring payments/deduction and additional payments using the personnel calculation rule U011 with in schema UAP0
  • Defined limits on Deductions. Involved in arrear processing and recovery of arrears
  • Created recovery wage types and maintained processing classes 5, 6 and 20. Adjusted the wage type characteristics for retroactive issues in arrears processing
  • Handled the retroactive tax accounting and claims processing issues. Maintained the payroll results adjustment infotype
  • Maintained Tax Related Processing Classes 68, 69 and 71. Configured schemas UTX0 and UBD0
  • Configured master data and payroll to process garnishments
  • Maintained the infotypes for processing the garnishments
  • Defining employee grouping/account assignment, symbolic accounts, wage type posting attributes and account assignment for Posting to Financial Accounting
  • Worked extensively on the off-cycle activities
  • Maintained the prepaid deduction for the employees and handled the retroactive issues related to the prepaid deductions
  • Created process model to automate the sequence in which the processing steps have to be performed for payroll subsequent activities
  • Extensively worked on Tax Reporter 2006 for the W2 and W2C forms generation and printing
  • Generated and Updated the Payroll Calendar and the Pay dates and Posting dates for Year 2007 according to the Client Holiday requirements
  • Uploaded the Annual deduction data and United Way deduction data to Production for year 2007
  • Developed Test procedures, Test plans and Timelines for testing according to business requirements
  • Interacted with business analysts for designing and implementation of user cases and test plans
  • Worked with writing the test team in writing the test scripts and developing the business process testing
  • Involved in manual testing, regression testing, GUI, and functional testing
  • Worked on testing of interfaces, and standard SAP transactions in HCM
  • Performed analyses and testing to ensure that system solution meet requirements
  • Assisted in on-going process improvement efforts to ensure test planning, execution, and reporting is effective, efficient, standardized, coordinated, and integrated
  • Helped in conducting queries and generating reports on the Master data for the testing purposes
  • Involved in the testing of the interfaces from perspective of the inbound/outbound data format, storage location, and the functionality

Confidential,AZ Sep ’09 to Nov ‘09
SAP HR Consultant

Participated in the configuration of Time Management. Responsibilities included analysis and preparation of the functional documentations on interfaces, conversions, reports and extensions that are needed for the successful migration from the legacy system to SAP.

Time Management

  • Defined public holiday’s calendar for personal sub-areas
  • Configured work schedules of daily work schedule with break schedule and period work schedule
  • Worked on defining absence rules
  • Defined absences and attendance types for diff. personal sub-area groupings
  • Solved the issues regarding the configuration of leave types, leave quotas, job classes, personal areas/personal sub-areas SAP
  • Defined Selection rules for Day types and set up work schedule rules and work schedules
  • Time evaluation with clock times
  • Transfer of time data, both negative recording (only exceptions to work schedule) and positive data recording (all attendances and actual times are supported)
  • Modified function MOD in PCR (TMOD) to determine the time wage type selection group that time evaluation driver (RPTIME00) should use to access the entries for an employee in time wage type selection table
  • Time Quota Accruals: solved issues regarding time quota accrual
Confidential,CA Nov ’08 to Apr ‘09 SAP HR Consultant

Involved in configuring Personnel Administration and Manager’s Desktop modules.


  • Developed enterprise structure to fit company needs including personnel area, personnel sub-area, employee group and employee sub-group.
  • Customized personnel actions using PM01 and customized the reason for personnel actions.
  • Maintained master data using transactions PA30 and PA40 for hiring a person, rehire, status change, leave of absence, return from LOA and termination.
  • Setup and maintained Organizational Structure including Organizational Units, Jobs, Positions, Cost Center assignments etc.
  • Maintained the number ranges for organizational units.
  • Prepared documentation for the overall model explaining the components in human resource module for easy understanding of the end user.
  • Date types for date monitoring, date specifications, Info-types for hire date, service dates and termination date
  • Integration of OM with PA using RHINTE10, RHINTE20, RHINTE30
  • Created custom info-types in personal administration with two subtypes using transaction PM01
  • Provided feedback on the business process to the technical team for developing required reports.
  • Involved in setting up MDT to include various tasks and function carried out by the Managers.
Confidential,NJ Nov ‘07 to Sep’08 SAP HR Functional Consultant

Involved in Full life cycle implementation

  • Involved in conducting requirements gathering workshops and interviewed the end-users to understand the existing as-is process of the present legacy system and to model the to-be process.
  • Conducted various Business Blueprint Workshops to identify and resolve process and functional gaps.
  • Provided End-user training and detailed documentation of the business process flow.

Organizational Management

  • Created organizational units, jobs, tasks and positions, assigned the tasks to the positions and integrated all of these into the enterprises organizational plan.
  • Assigned the various organizational units and positions to cost centers in FI.
  • Configured the matrix types for the organizational and the working time to generate the work schedule for positions.
  • Involved in integration with the personal administration (RHINTE10, RHINTE 20, RHINTE 30).
  • Maintained the number ranges for the plan versions.

Personnel Administration

  • Created and configured the Enterprise structure (Personnel areas, and personnel sub areas) and the personnel structure (Employee group, employee sub group).
  • Customized Actions and info groups, and assigned the info groups to personnel actions to enter structured information of the employee in the system for each of the actions (IMG step’ Customizing Procedures’).
  • Configured Infotypes menus in the mater data screens (PA30) as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Configured and created various subtypes for the standard infotypes.
  • Customized various integrations from PA to other sub modules within HR.
  • Defined enterprise structure, personnel structure and pay scale structure.
  • Customized personal data, family data and addresses to facilitate entry of employee information.
  • Configured user parameters and number range intervals for personnel numbers.
  • Defined Pay Scale Structure according to Enterprise specifications.
  • Defined employee subgroup and personnel sub area for the primary wage types
  • Defined Pay Roll periods and Pay dates for each Payroll Accounting Area and created Control Record for each Payroll Accounting Area.
  • Integrated employee groups and Subgroups with payroll modules in various groupings (Employee sub group grouping for PCR/CAP & wage type permissibility 0008, 0014 0015 info types etc).
  • Defined and maintained processing classes, evaluation classes and there specifications for maintaining wage type through logical values
  • Customized Schemas and Personnel Calculation Rules related to Payroll run.
  • Worked with the payroll schema U001.
  • Worked on Off-cycle Workbench.
  • Defined deduction frequencies, payment models, pay periods, limits on deductions and deduction base wage types using T549W.Creating symbolic accounts, Posting to accounting, Month end accruals, Year-end activities.
  • Creating processing runs, process posting runs, check posting runs, check and release posting documents, post posting runs, and completeness check.
  • Used RPCEMDU0_CALL program to export data to ADP interface
  • Defined benefit providers, areas, plan-types, employee eligibility and default plans
  • Defined the general data for health plans and options that represent the coverage choices an employee can make within a health plan
  • Defined the dependent coverage that is used in health plans
  • Defined cost/credit formula criteria
  • Defined coverage, termination types, rules and criteria, Assigned wage types to health insurance, savings, spending accounts and credit plans
  • Defined evidence of insurability (EOI) requirements in accordance with the policies of plans that are being offered
  • Defined general data for savings plans
  • Defined employee/employer contribution variants to determine which factors influence the permitted employee contribution for every plan

Confidential,AR Jan’06 to Sep’07
HR Functional Consultant

Involved in Full life cycle implementation

Following are the key functionalities that were responsible:

  • Interaction with Users to understand the processes from their perspective and involved in documentation of the AS-IS process and TO-BE process
  • Involved in generating documents like BSDs, BPDs and BTDs etc
  • Generated test scenarios and test data for functional and regression testing
  • Provided End user training and detailed documentation of the business process flow

Personnel Administration

  • Defined Enterprise structure and personnel structure.
  • Configured integration of Personnel Administration with Recruitment.
  • Configured the various Actions involved in the life cycle of an employee. (Hire till Termination of Employee) and customized the info groups for each of the actions.
  • Configured individual personnel numbers for the various assignments.
  • Maintained Employee data, edited Info types, familiar with Fast Entry and Dynamic Actions.
  • Customized the basic settings for Personnel Administration
  • Configured features VDSK1 for default organizational key, PINCH for default Administrator groups NUMKR for default number ranges.

Time Management

  • Integrated Employee groups and Subgroups with Time management module in various groupings (Employee sub group grouping for Work schedule rules, Attendance counting, Absence counting).
  • Created work schedules, period work schedules, daily work schedules and monthly work schedules rules and planned working time.
  • Defined Attendance Types and Absences Types according to client requirements.
  • Updated the info type 2001 (Absence) for all the holidays, leaves and vacations. Configured the Absence Quota generation through both RPTQTA00 and time evaluation schema.
  • Defined valuation rules and counting classes for paid and unpaid absences.
  • Configured Absence Quotas and maintained the quota type selection group using the feature QUOMO.
  • Implemented various user parameters for Time sheet (CATS), customized data entry screen, and customized reports to display Time sheet data


  • Configured Payroll procedures using IMG by defining the parameters of payroll module – payroll periods, period modifiers, date modifiers and payroll past period etc
  • Defined employee subgroup and personnel sub area groups for the primary wage type and defined wage type permissibility for PS and ESG in basic pay
  • Defined Payscale structure by defining pay scale types, areas and levels
  • Defined entry permissibility for info type and defined wage type characteristics
  • Customized schemas, sub-schemas and rules for payroll data processing
  • Created wage type catalog and checked wage type group for Basic pay
  • Worked in payroll averages, retroactive accounting, wage type valuation, absence valuation factoring and accruals
  • Configured master data and payroll to process garnishments. Maintained the infotypes 194,195 and 216 for processing the garnishments
  • Created remittance rules as per the client’s requirements
  • Created pay scale grouping for allowances and created wage types for Recurring and deductions (0014) and Additional payments (0015)
  • Developed Enterprise structure and personnel structure to fit company needs (Personnel area, Personnel sub-area, Employee group and Employee sub-group).
  • Created personnel action and reasons for actions as per the enterprise requirement.
  • Configured features VDSK1 for default organizational key, PINCH for default Administrator groups MUMKR for default number ranges.
  • Configured and created various subtypes for the standard Infotypes
  • Customized various Integrations from PA to other Sub modules within HR.

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