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Sap Fico Techno Functional Resume

North America, PA


  • Fourteen years of Industry experience in Accounting, MIS, Finance, Costing, Marketing, Business Process Improvements, software development
  • More than Five years of Techno-functional experience in implementing, customizing, configuring, integrating, testing, document preparation, user training, and support in SAP R/3 FI/CO.
  • SAP general Application Consulting, Customizing and Post Implementation Production Support
  • Extensive experience in FI-GL, AR, AP,CO-CCA, PCA, Internal Orders, CO-PA, and Report Painter.
  • Expertise in business process engineering, ASAP methodology, change management,team management,systems design and development.
  • Created business blueprints for the processes and specified the requirements. My responsibilities in the project required a precise and highly organized way of working as well as good communication with all levels of the organization. Preparation of documentation and flow charts, describing interfaces, collecting of master data, testing and reviewing training documentation.
  • System configuration and testing in the areas of FI-GL-transactions, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, inter-company, AP-customer transactions, house banks, payment program, Clearing Inter-company Vendor/Customer Open Items, AR-customer transactions, credit management, payment terms, dunning procedures, TR- Lockbox processing, Cash application, CO-CCA-Assessments/Distribution, PCA-settings, hierarchy, account assignment objects, Product Costing - PA- structure, value fields, planning and reporting.
  • Strongintegration experience with other modules like SD, MM and debugging ABAP/4 Programming for Data Transfer and Customized Reports as required by Client.
  • Good team player with excellent functional and interpersonal skills along with excellent communication skills and documentation skills.
  • Developed functional specifications for MM applications after coordinating with the business and end users like Purchasing document, Delivery Schedule and IMG customization in the Procurement according to the client requirement
  • Extensively worked in SAP Reports, Screen Painter, BDC, LSMW, DX Workbench, SAP Script Interfaces, Conversions, Menu Painter, User Exits (Field Exits, Menu Exits, Function Exits, Screen Exits), Dialog programming, Data Dictionary and ABAP query.
  • Worked with Smart Forms and SAP Scripts to manipulate and display text.
  • Key Development Experience in the area of Interfacing using ALE, EDI, BAPI, BADI, Business Objects, RFC and IDOC Methodologies.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning of several programs to enhance the overall performance
  • Good Knowledge in testing ABAP/4 programs using Runtime Analysis and SQL Trace.
  • Created Background Jobs, Scheduled Background Jobs and Monitored Background Jobs.
  • Experience in functions of accounting, financial analysis, and general management.
  • Close to Four Years of Experience in ABAP/4 programming using FI/CO, MM and SD modules


Masters in Engineering
Bachelors in Engineering

PG Diploma in accounting

Certifications: PMP (Project Management Professional)

Six Sigma Green Belt

Awards : Indian National Merit Scholarship

Member of the PMI Organization

Competency Areas:
Finance, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Industry.
Management Information Systems, Corporate Planning, Finance, Accounts and Costing.

Operating Systems: WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 95-2000 & XP, UNIX, MS DOS
ERP: SAP R/3 4.6C - 6.0
SAP R/3 Tools: ABAP/4 and Report Painter
Business Intelligence: SAP BW 3.X, BI 7.0
Databases: Oracle 7.0,SQL6.5/7.0/2000, DB2, SQL
Other languages: COBOL/370, COBOL,CICS, JCL, VSAM, Java,Visual Basic
Tools: MSOffice (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access)
Others : Fileaid,MQ-Series, SPUFI, QMF, File-Aid, FTP, Expeditor


Confidential, PA

SAP R/3 Implementation, up gradation and Customization in FI/CO
June'08 to till date

  • Customized and implemented SAP R/3 4.6C FI/CO module. Set up company codes, chart of account, positing variants, fiscal year variants,Inter Company Transactions, foreign currencies, translation rates, Cost element accounting, cost centers accounting, internal orders, profit centers, and CO-PA.
  • Studied business processes. Implemented FI/CO, MM, and SD with full integration. Existing processes for accounting, scheduling, and maintenance order processing, sales order processing, material processing were studied.
  • Defined Activity Types and Statistical KeyFigures for Calculation of Overheads.
  • Defined Distribution and Assessment Cycles for Departmental Allocations and Defined Planning Profiles.
  • Desired interfaces with other modules were identified and were mapped onto SAP system for configuration.
  • Mapped Business Processes in finance, lockbox processing, claims and returns, credit management.
  • Developed process models for GL, AP, AR, AM, CO and PC.
  • Made changes to existing CO-PA configuration and very strong on creating CO-PA reports and derivation rules and worked on technical detail tables CE*.
  • Worked on technical specifications and coding of some of the ABAP programs as part of the project.
  • Providedfunctional and technical specifications for ABAP developments.
  • Developed training material for all relevant FIandCOtransactions. Involved in testing, training client, validating data and using training client.
  • Tested transactions for GL, AR, AP, CO, CCA and Product Costing on training client for individual transactions. Developed reports using report painter.
  • In Controlling defined the Master Records like Cost Elements (primary and secondary), Cost Element Groups, reconciliationledger, Cost Centers, time-based fields, Cost Center Groups andStandardHierarchy.
  • Internal order, status management, orders settlement, a settlement structure. Defined Costing Variant with Quantity structure and Cost Component View for Product Cost Calculation. Customized Variance Keys, WIP calculation and Settlement Profiles.
  • Provided configuration support in SD, MM integration for account determination, material movements setup, and inter-company billing.
  • Did integration testing and end-user training. Prepared detailed test plan for integration testing in FICO module with a focus on improving accuracy of inventory and to be able to match cost and revenue within a period.
  • Prepared testing scenarios, integration testing scripts BPP documents and process flows for GL, AR, AP and costing.
  • Prepared detailed test plan for unit testing, integration and system testing, recommending appropriate move forward strategy, timing and cost of performing proper system testing. Configured FI-GL, FI-AR, FI-AP, Asset Management, Cost Center Accounting (CO-CCA), Profit Center Accounting (CO-PCA), Internal Orders (CO-IO),and reviewed integration with MM and SD modules.
Confidential, MA

SAP FICO Techno Functional
Jul' 06 to Dec '07

Implemented SAP 4.6C GL, AR, AP and CCA, PCA, COPA and Modules for Gillette. The responsibilities include:

  • Customized, configured and implemented SAP FI/CO GL, AR and controlling (cost center accounting) modules. Created controlling area and operating concern for CO-PA.
  • Set up new GL accounts in chart of accounts and new co. code.
  • Prepared testing scenarios, integration testing scripts of BPP documents and process flows for GL, AR, AP and costing transactions.
  • Maintained fiscal year variant and assigned to new co. code. Assigned posting periods. Configured CCA, PCA and COPA including creation of Cost Center hierarchy, Profit Center hierarchy and Characteristics/Value fields in COPA.
  • Configured and customized product costing with and without quantity structure including planning and cost object controlling.
  • Prepared cost center assessments and capturing overhead costs from legacy into SAP. Configured settlement rules for various order types settling to Cost Centers. Created number ranges for both FI and Co documents.
  • In CO reviewed Master data relating to Cost elements, cost Centers, Statistical key figures, Activity types and profit Centers. Reviewed Assessments, Distributions, reposting, data transfer settings and Internal Orders settlement profile.
  • Configured BW objects - InfoObjects, Data Sources, Info Sources, DSOs and InfoProviders.
  • Created Data Transfer Processes (DTPS) and Transformations.
  • Loaded the data from R/3 to BW using Initialization with delta update and full update methods.
  • Worked on BI Impact Analysis on Legal Entity Consolidation and Implemented

Confidential, Fairlawn, OH.
SAP Techno/Functional Consultant.
May'05 to June'06
It is a Performance chemicals' manufacturing company and it is has different plants in the different areas. Plants in the different places in USA will interact with the corporate office for all the transactions.

FORM: Payment requests and notifications are generated as requested to provide a document for a customer to receive a billing or credit in reference to a particular check payment. Create the FORM as specified, based on F140_DOCU_EXC_01. Copy the SAP standard print program RFKORD50. Modify the copy as required to implement all aspects of the FORM design.

INTERFACE: Developed interfaces for the bank transactions and financial operations like positive pay to Bank and it is daily check extraction program, using check extraction program will generate input file, using input file reformatting data according to the Bank requirement.

FORMS: Created forms like purchasing document (Standard Purchase Order, Schedule Agreement, Quantity contract, Framework PO, Return PO), Schedule agreement Delivery, Loading Request (Picking List). Print program changed for Payment request-notification for multiple pages and multiple items, this form like customer Credit Memo. Using this form they inform their customers about there credit payment and due dates. Also changed print program for Loading Request for multiple item in the multiple pages, it is a internal document to instruct there loading supervisors from there plant to transport media and this document has shipping to party, Loading instructions, shipping instructions, customer instructions.

DIALOG PROGRAM: The initiative for implementing Pay to the Bank Transaction is required by there SAP system. It provides for a standard extract the required information regarding check extraction on different parameters like company code, bank, account id, date range and check validation on region codes

BADI: The requirement is to restrict the change of Basic Unit of Measurement of material in transaction MM02. BADI_MATERIAL_REF definition is used and method CREATE_MATERIAL is invoked. The new unit of measurement is compared with the old unit of measurement. Restrict the material to save by providing an error message pop-up, if there is a change in unit of measurement

BADI: MM Procurement - BADI Internal order - In transaction ME51N / ME52N (Purchase Requisition create and change) a validation need to provide for field 'Goods Receipt' and to invoke 'internal order number' automatically from a custom table. BADI Definition ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST was implemented and methods PROCESS_ACCOUNT, GET_EXKN and SET_EXKN were invoked.

CONVERSION: Developed data conversions program for their legacy Oracle data using BDC session method for their production process to automate. Using Rate Routing process transaction Generated program for all screens for header and detailed items.

USER EXIT: Developed customer exit using SAP's requisition approval (release) process tends to be more automated in terms of identifying individuals or groups along the chain of approvers. Users are not given the opportunity to specify particular individuals to which requisitions are passed for approval. Instead requisition release strategies are determined based on characteristics of the requisition and specific individuals are associated with each release strategy through release codes (controlled through user security/authorizations). The user exit described in this specification is intended to enhance the standard fields available for release strategy determination by adding cost center, which is used to distinguish the various departments within company.

  • Configured, customized and tested GL, AR, AP, Internal Orders, and Cost Center Accounting.
  • Configured automatic payment run, dunning, wire transfers, internal orders, custom-made GL, AP and AR report.
  • Validated and documented existing AR business process procedures and recommended/ implemented process improvements where applicable.
  • Developed and tested numerous report specifications for deduction component sub module of AR.
  • Set up Cost Center Accounting, basic settings (CO area, Reconciliation accounts for inter-company and inter-BA), master data (cost centers, work centers, activity types, statistical key figures, primary/secondary cost elements), actual postings/period-end(re-postings, allocations, variances) and profitability analysis.

Environment: SAP Versions 4.7, ABAP/4, MM, SD, FI/CO, PP, Windows

Confidential, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
SAP ABAP Tech Consultant.
Aug'04- Mar\'05

Confidential, is a huge auto dealer and it owns the dealers like some of the famous motor car companies like Ford, Chrysler, Benz and Oldsmobile. The Corporate office of AutonationUSA is located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Clients in the different places in USA will interact with the Florida office for all the transactions.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Created report lists for the gross sales, credit returns and gross weight for the customer for the current year and comparing the same with that of the previous year for the same period. The data is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA, BOM tables STKO, STOP, STPU, PP tables STKO,STOP,MAPL,PLKO,PLSO,PLPO,AFKO,AFPO.
  • Created commission report for the sales department sorted by sales representative. The data is extracted from VBAK, VBAP, KONV, and MARA tables.
  • Created an Interactive Report for displaying vendor information. Based on the selection made the corresponding Vendor Bank Details are listed such that the line selected in the basic list was visible along with the secondary list.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for Sales Orders that updated records in the sales order screen or will create New sales orders depending on the source data file from external systems using VA01 and VA02 transactions.
  • Created reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details. The data was extracted from VBAP, VBPA, VBAK, VBUP, VBFA, KNA1, LIPS, VBRP, MARA, VBEP and KONV tables.
  • Configured ALE Process across two application servers and sent master data (material master, vendor master) through Application Link Enabling (ALE).
  • Created Vendor Performance Report that lists Vendor Name, Materials Supplied, Planned & Actual Delivery Times, Payments Terms and Prices.
  • Created a Report to display a list of Purchase Requisitions with details like MRP Controller, Release Date and Unit of Measure along with standard details.
  • Created missing quantity list that gives the difference between sent and received quantities during Stock Transfer.
  • Created Report in Material Master that outputs Material Vaulted Stock grouped by Material type and Plant. The output shows Material No., Storage Location, and Unit of Measure and Description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W.
  • Involved in Upgrade Activities from 4.5 to 4.7 Enterprise.
  • Involved in the ALE/EDI Partner Configuration (Vendor) Outbound also in the ALE Configuration in the Master data Management.
  • familiar with SPDD and/or SPAU
  • Written BDC to update VA22 for customer specific Order types.
  • Created a BDC program for PARK DOCUMENT, POST Document in the FI. The Interface will intake the flat file and process and park, post accordingly.

Environment: SAP Versions 4.6b, ABAP/4, MM, SD, ALE/IDOC, Workflow & Windows.

Confidential, Newark

DE Project Lead for Trust Systems Sep'01 to Mar '04

  • Conversion of Global plus data into WTC format for the statement processing for the clients of the Trust Application System
  • Extensive work on scheduling of jobs using CA-7 scheduler for the month-end, week-end and other regular reporting jobs to make sure that they follow certain specific path to run without disrupting the job flow
  • Responsible for running job cycle for the system testing on the present conversion
  • Writing interfaces between the modules for the conversion project
  • Designed specs for the new DB2 modules and batch modules for the project
  • Writing complex SQL queries for the DB2 Stored procedures for the data retrieval and updating
  • Worked on Release management also as part of the project for releasing modules from test to QA and QA to production. Modules including JCL's, parms, procs and source code
  • Responsible for running backup jobs onto tapes using FDR utility for every phase of the system test
  • Responsible for the Statement Cover page for all the schedules in the system (Activity, Investment, Income G/L and Lot Detail Reports)
  • Preparation of flowcharts for the conversion project
  • Responsible for making sure that the statements are compatible to the WTC (Wilmington Trust Corporation) standards and adhere to strict standards already in place
  • Involved in the development and testing of extract programs using BTEQ and FASTLOAD in jobs
  • Extensively used Teradata SQL Assistant for Ad-hoc queries
  • Experience in Cognos for writing reports

Environment:Teradata, SQL, COBOL, VSAM, JCL, FTP, and UNIX

Confidential, PA
Mar '97 to Jul '01

  • Worked in VISION module on different projects - 20% Days-2, Texaco quick withdrawal forms, NUA and so many other projects on Loans, Withdrawals and Exchanges.
  • Worked on Loan modules, Withdrawals module, Exchanges modules, VOICE testing, INSYTE, PINNACLE, VNES Documentation,Testplans, turnover documents and batch cycleof VISION.
  • Worked on Texaco Loans and withdrawal form that are in AFP format.
  • Wrote Requirements for some of the projects.
  • Prepared Requirements(RCS), Software Design Document(SDD), Analysis and Unit test plan according to METHODOLOGIES.
  • Documented all the changes and key points for future reference.
  • Prepared flow charts for some of the assignments.
  • Worked on Project charter preparation, which would clearly give an idea of how many modules are getting affected, resources availability, module contention and time frame for the project issues.
  • Sign off with the user community and carrying out code reviews as and when needed by the client.
  • Worked on high level estimates for the man-hour calculation of the projects.
  • Performed design and requirements for some of the projects.
  • Written basic Java for the front end of the Loans and withdrawals process
  • Performed Analysis to find out the key areas, which are getting affected by business requirements.
  • Worked on test plan preparation with suitable test cases for all the above mentioned projects.
  • Performed Unit and Integration testing from development as well as system testing point of view.
  • Prepared back-out plans, which would help us to back out the modules from the production in the event of disaster at the time of moving the modules into production.

Environment:COBOL, SQL, JCL, Java, VSAM, and CICS

Confidential, UK
Programmer Analyst
Jul '96 to Feb '97

  • Worked on a project that involved migrating data to a relational database. This process involved converting data from VSAM to DB2 (the data was given as COBOL files) for the application areas such as Root Maintenance (RTM), Delivered Service Maintenance (DSM), Service Order Resource Availability (SRA) and Equipment Maintenance (EQM).
  • Involved in analyzing the work requests raised by the client and interacting with them to study its impact on the existing system and analyzing its feasibility.
  • Involved in coding, reviewing the code, preparing the Unit test plan, Unit testing, Integration testing. Reviewing the test results.
  • Worked on coding.
  • Performed Unit test plan preparation.
  • Worked on Integration test plan.
  • Performed Unit and Integration Testing.

Environment: Cobol, DB2, CICS, JCL, SQL and VSAM

Confidential, FL
Oct '95 to May '96

Involved in maintenance of Shipment Management System for Sea-Land Services Inc. The system was developed for a large transportation company involved in transporting cargo on sea as well as land throughout the world.

  • Carrying out initial analysis of client's requirement.
  • Co-ordinating the software deployment.
  • Worked on software development, debugging and modification.
  • Performed documentation of programs, changes and PIT resolving.

Environment: Cobol, DB2, CICS, JCL, SQL and VSAM

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