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Sr. Sap Bi Resume

Hilltop, MI

Business Process Improvement

  • Highly accomplishedSAP BI/Business Objects Technical and Functional Lead Developer/ArchitectwithABAP experience.
  • Over9years of experience in the IT industry with more than8 yearsof extensive experience inSAP BI, Business ObjectsDesign,Configuration, Development,Testing, Implementation,
  • Support and training.
  • Vast experience inData model designing (Multi Dimensional and Extended Star Schema),ETL(Generic extraction,LIS,LO Cockpit,CO-PA, Custom extraction, datasource enhancements, transfer/update routines),ABAPcoding, reporting utilizingBEx Analyzer, Query Designer,Broadcaster,Web Application DesignerandBusiness objects (Crystal reports, Universe, Infoview, WebI, Xcelsius), Enterprise Portals,Visual Composer with understanding in Business processes.
  • Involved in end to end development with6 complete life cycle implementations in modulesSD, MM, IM, SCM, and FI/CO-PA.
  • Expertise in working closely withbusinessin gathering requirements, creating and modifyingfunctional specificationsand work with cross functional teams (Master data and business functional teams), creating and documenting thetechnical specificationsaccordingly. Knowledge in R/3 Functional configuration and Business processes.
  • Experience in leading a team of 4 BI and three BO resources, allocating the work and getting the work done to meet dead lines.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in all phases of life cycle (SDLC) including Requirements gathering (usedASAPmethodologies), Blueprinting, Analysis, Design, Configuration, Development, Testing, Deployment, Documentation and User training.
  • With a proven track record for creating corporate wide reporting capabilities to business requirements, performance management and measurement (key performance indicators (KPI), business driver based metrics), handling business transformation process.
  • Vast experience in performingUnit, Technical, Functional, Regression, End-to-End, Validation, Performance, User-acceptanceandSystem Integration testing.
  • Expertise in requirements gathering, documentingTest plans, generatingTest cases, writing and executingTest scriptsand analyzing results.
  • Strong in End to End business process and has good business sense, being able to foster good relationships with business leaders, project stakeholders and adapt to dynamic changes in priorities, resources and deadlines.

Technical Skills

SAP BW/BI Expertise:

  • Business AreasSD, MM, SCMandFI/CO-PAmodules.
  • Modeling- Expertise in Multi Dimensional/Star Schema and Extended Star Schema models. Strong knowledge of SAP BW architecture and Data model.
  • Info Providers– Designed and developed InfoObjects, InfoSources, Datasources, TransferRules, DTP’s, Infopackages, ODS’s, DSO’s, InfoCubes, Infosets, InfoSpokes, MultiProviders, UpdateRules, PSA and Process Chains.
  • Data Extractions/ Customizations- Custom data extraction, LIS Configuration of S886,S887,S888, Data Source enhancements, Customizing and Enhancement of Extract structure , Enhancements of Datasources inSAP Logistics,LO Cockpit, deleting/filling upof setup tables, Setting up of V3 update, Generic Extractors, extraction from flat files, OLTP extractions from SAP R/3 for Master data and Transactional Data, extraction fromCO-PA.
  • Data Quality– Extensive experience in handling data quality and cleansing data where necessary and handling high volume transaction data from R/3 and Non-SAP systems to BI.
  • BW operations- Data load management, event processing, experience in Scheduling Start Process and Process Chains of Events, Data source Enhancement, OLTP extraction, load (Full/Delta Up-Load), Reload and Refresh data, Monitoring.
  • Performance Tuningincluding Indexes, Aggregates, Statistics, Compression and Partitioning. Extensively worked in many Performance issue improvements in both loading and Execution activities.
  • Reporting- Dashboards,BEx Query, Report Designer, Analyzer,Workbooks, Roles, Jump Query (RRI), Calculated/Restricted Key Figures, Exceptions, Conditional Formatting, User, Formulae Variables, Web Templates, Web Report publishing using Web Application Designer, Visual composer, createiviewsand make them toPortals.
  • BOBJ-Developed reports utilizingCrystal reports, Universe Designer, Info viewsandWEBIandXCelsius.
  • Extensive experience in managing change transports in different environments and analyzing the failed ones.
  • Trainedover 20 business end-users, 5super users across domestic (US) and International in R/3 and BI.

R/3 Expertise:

  • Worked on SAP R/3 Version 4.6C/4.7, ECC 6.0.
  • Experience in SAP R/3 Logical Information System (S886, S887, S888). Strong knowledge ofABAP/4programming, datasource enhancements/user exits, design and develop BW Extract programs in R/3.
  • Extensively worked in developingR/3 Reports, develop custom transactions for the reports developed through

SQ02andSQ01transactions, Module Pool/ Dialogue Programming, knowledge in Interfaces.

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Received a special reward for bringing in Sales History data into BW for Parts system Integration - Amex.
  • Recognized as the GOTO for ETL technical design and trouble shooting, solving defects and issues.

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential, IL June2011V Till Date
Position: Sr. SAP BI Architect/ Lead Developer
Project: Advance, New SAP-BI&BO Implementation

  • Responsible for Analysis and design of SAP BI/BW, BO Reporting solutions including Designing, Configuration, Development, Testing, Implementation for the new SAP BI/BO go-live project.
  • Performed one complete life cycle implementation right from working with the business to gather AS-IS requirements and performed GAP analysis, developed the TO-BEs., gave training and supported the issue resolution.
  • Leading a team of four BI and three BO resources, allocating and getting the projects completed to meet dead lines.
  • Designed optimized data warehouses and data stores for performance and data availability. Provided technical expertise in ETL-complex Data extraction, Transformation, Loading (History, Master and Transactional)
  • Enhanced SD, FI-GL, AP, AR, IM datasources by utilizing ABAP code and enhanced DSOs, Infocubes and Multiproviders.
  • Developed dashboards utilizing BEx, Universe, Crystal reports, WEBI and XCelsius.

Dashboards developed:

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Gross Product Margin
  • Daily Billing vs. Business Plan

Confidential, IL Feb’ 2010– May’2011
Position: Sr. SAP BI Technical & Functional Lead Developer/Analyst
Project: LPS Dashboards

  • Designed, Configured, Developed, Tested and Implemented the frontend and back end components of SAP BI for dash board reporting.
  • Enhanced Datasources by utilizing ABAP code, developed DSO’s, Infocubes and Multiproviders.
  • Developed dashboards utilizing BEx, Universe, Crystal reports, WEBI and XCelsius.
  • Dashboards developed:
  • StoreView summarized report
  • Summarized Comparable Stores report.

Project: Financial statement automation- Income satement, Balance sheet/CashFlow
Business wanted a repository for G/L account balance data for the purpose of creating management level internal financial reports such as Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.

  • Developed R/3 datasources and flat file datasources for information related to creating income statements, for creating balance sheet and cash flow.
  • Developed DSO’s, Info Cubes to load data that has been extracted from Cognos TM1 Planning and Forecasting system. Developed multiproviders for reporting.
  • Developed BEx and BOBJ reports utilizing Universe designer, WEBI and Xcelsius.

Reports developed:

  • Budget/Forecast, P&L Internal & External Consolidations, Balance sheet and Cash Flow reports.
  • Business Unit P&L Internal Retail, Market segment and Distibution Channel reports.

Project: BI- Sales& Margin Reporting
Developed Datasource, DSOs, Infocubes, Multiproviders and developed reports utilizing BEx, Business objects for ‘Total Sales and GM by major department’, ‘Sales and Margin by category by Brand’, ‘Sales & Inventory by period’.

Client:Confidential, Hilltop, MI, Jan’ 2005 – Dec’2009
Position: SAP Business Intelligence Sr.Developer/Architect
Solely responsible for overall Analysis and design of SAP BI/BW, ABAP coding and Reporting solutions including Designing, Configuration, Development, Testing, Implementation and Support for Parts businesses. This included 4 complete life cycle implementations working with the business to gather AS-IS requirements and performed GAP analysis, developed the TO-BE’s. Designed optimized data warehouses and data stores for performance and data availability. Provided technical expertise in ETL-complex Data extraction, Transformation, Loading (History, Master and Transactional), Reporting and trained over 20 business end-users, 5super users across domestic (US) and International in R/3 and BI reporting. Developed Dash board reports utilizing BEx, WAD, Visual Composer, iviews and Business objects.
Project: CCSC Metrics-Dash Board Reports
Conceptualized and developed the back and frontend components for dash board reports for monitoring the daily business activity, Sales orders (inbound, outbound), Deliveries invoiced. It highlights the number of Orders that were received that was in Open and Shipped status.
Reports developed:

  • Number of Inbound Sales orders received daily by Sales offices, Product codes.
  • Number of Deliveries shipped daily (Warehouse performance).
  • Number of Orders fulfilled (orders blocked, Back orders, credit block and incomplete orders).

Project: Order Cycle Time Measurement
Businesses wanted the capability to report and analyze the part-order cycle-time for Customer Wait Orders (CWO), to meet three different criteria (Consumer Cycle Time, exclude Weekends for cycle time calculation, Distributor cycle time).
Reports developed:

  • Daily shipment report to SEARS on cycle time for Customer wait orders .
  • Daily shipment report to SEARS – Exclude weekends and holidays.

Project: JBA replacement to SAP for Canada Plant
JBA System was replaced with SAP BW and R/3 for Canada warehouse. Designed, developed and Tested the solutions to meet the business requirements. Met with functional designers as needed to refine and understand project requirements. Provide user training onsite in Canada.
Reports developed:

  • Month end Sales Volume by Part: Summarized sales data of a part for a particular Sales Offices.
  • Fill Rate: Report shows number of orders received to number of orders shipped on a given day.
  • Direct deliveries – Sears shipments: Report shows number of ordered pieces that got completed for Sears.
  • Daily Inventory Dollars: Value of inventory carried by part.

Project: NAR Global Pricing System- Plan-Forecast-Actuals
Bring plan-forecast and actual data together into a single virtual info provider. To achieve maximum flexibility for comparisons of Plan-forecast and Actuals. Business creates the full forecast files as PC files, will collect Actuals YTD and append them with Forecast data. This forecast data is captured into Operational Data store from UNIX file.
Reports developed:

  • Year over Year comparision of Gross Sales, Total allowances by Country.
  • Comparision of LC vs OC’s by Company Codes.

Project: Acquisition of Maytag and Integration with existing Parts System
To create a consistent source of billing information that combines accurately pre-implementation billing history data (Flat file data) with existing billing data (transactional data). Developed and Tested consistent view of Invoice reports to the Promotion Execution group to compare year-over-year unit and sales for Trade Partners.
Reports developed:

  • Sears Total Year To Date Whirlpool vs. Maytag.
  • Maytag Accessories Sales for a combination of Company codes.

Project: National Parts Integration into SAP R/3 and BW
Integrating largest US Parts Distribution center into SAP R/3 and implement BW. It’s one stop reporting hub for the entire parts distribution data. Convert the existing processes and reports into SAP from the legacy system. Developed Alert reports and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) reports in BEx for business analysis.
Reports developed:

  • No Charge Parts Report: To report how many orders were shipped for no charge to consumers.
  • Sears Tracking Sales Report Monthly: To find out the Selling Price, Freight charges and the Disbursement cost
  • Water filter Sales by Product Code: To report accessory sales by summary product code.
  • Materials Price List Report: Shows different Prices like Distributor price, List price, Sears Price for materials.


  • Instrumental role in gathering and understanding the current AS-IS business process, accordingly matching the TO-BE’s and identifying the GAPS using the SDLC process and document through ASAP methodologies.

Results: Had less open issues as Key Business Document signoff’s (KBDS) were used for some of the major gaps. Got recognized and received a special reward for Maytag Parts system Integration from IT Director.


  • Cross functional team meetings based on requirements provided for similar reports and for new requirements.
  • Coordinated with two corporations, for gathering cross references for two different businesses to create a consistent source of billing information.
  • Worked with offsite, onsite, off shore, near shore and 3rd party vendors. Provided Knowledge Transition sessions.

Results: Leveraged development work by modifying existing reports, created variants for different user groups resulting in cost savings.

Analyzed and recommended

  • Strategies when requirements for new Infoproviders were requested for development. During Order Cycle time project designed an efficient and robustic data flow that would take short path to BW, instead of direct table updates in R/3.

Results: Suggested and directed the end-users to the existing Infoproviders which meet the business requirements. Reduced custom datasource modification in R/3 by 70%. Used less ABAP resource resulting in cost savings, and faster implementation and still use standard SAP functionality and code.


  • The security roles, separation of duty roles, go live on and off site team members, command center/war rooms and business super users. After go live support and transition plans.

Results: Successful implementation of projects with minimal disruption to the business and seam less integration of systems.

Key Accomplishments
Project Management & Preparation

  • Extensive hands-on experience in all phases of life cycle including Requirements gathering (used ASAP methodologies), Project Management, Project preparation, Blueprinting, Analysis, Design, Configuration, Development, Testing, Support, Trouble shooting, Documentation and User training.
  • Work closely with business process owners and IT groups to identify best methods for promoting/implementing new products, process improvement and services.

BI/BW Development and Configuration

  • Design Data Modeling using BW Star Schema, Extended Star Schema for optimized data reporting, developed and modified necessary Data sources, Transfer Rules, Transformation Rules, ODS’s, DSO’s, InfoCubes, Update Rules, Routines, DTP’s, InfoPackages, MultiProviders, Infosets, Infospokes and Process Chains.
  • Expertise in extracting and customizing data from Logistics (Sales, Shipping, Invoice), Inventory, Purchasing, FI-GL, AP, AR, CO-PA, Master (Material & Customer) and Flat files load for History, Transactional data. Developed various Info spokes to download data to UNIX and worked on integrating data from various datasources through Data Integrator.
  • Worked on activating and enhancing datasources 2LIS_11_VAHDR, ITM, 2LIS_12_VCHDR, ITM, 2LIS_13_VDHDR, ITM, 2LIS_02_HDR, ITM, 2LIS_03_BF and used LO Extraction process.
  • Improved data load and query performance by using Cube Compressions, Aggregates, Indices, DB Statistics, Multi provider partitioning, PSA partitioning through RSCUSTV6.
  • Monitored data extraction performance using SM50 and data load performance using RSMO transactions and analyzed high database runtime in ST05.
  • Query performance was checked in RSRT and used RSRTRACE to check all drill downs and navigation.
  • Designed data load strategies, managed and monitored data loads involving 60, 000 records/day for Logistics data and millions of records/day for Inventory & CO-PA data. Worked on full and delta loads. Identify data quality gaps and modified.
  • Extensively worked in many Performance issue improvements in both loading and Execution activities.
  • Worked with master data team in R/3 to load the Material and Customer master data.
  • Used Transport Connector to collect objects and transaction SE10 to release Objects and coordinated with transport team to get the approvals to move it to QA & Production systems and analyzed the failed transports.

ABAP Development

  • Developed ABAP Extract Programs, custom Tables in R/3.
  • Expertise in ABAP Programming in extractor enhancements/user exits and in transformation Routines.
  • Developed ABAP Queries through SQ02, SQ01 transactions in R/3 and developed ZTransactions.

BEx & Dashboard Reporting Development

  • Generated reports using BEx (Business Explorer) with Variables, Exceptions, Conditional formatting Restricted and Calculated key figures, Formulas, Variables and saved queries in workbooks.
  • Configured Jump Targets using RRI feature to jump between the queries instead of Complex Queries and worked on formatting the existing BEx reports and then published the reports in Web by using WAD and made them available in the Portals by creating iviews and expertise in working dashboards by utilizing Visual Composer.
  • Designed and developed dashboards using Crystal reports, Universe Designer, Info views, Web Intelligence and Xcelsius and Voyager.
  • Designed universes and used various methods to optimize queries on database, universe and reporting level.
  • Created Classes and Objects in the Universe. Involved in Writing Detailed Level Documentation for reports and Universe design. Created (Master/Detail, Cross tab, Chart templates) reports using Crystal Reports.

Unit and Integration Testing

  • Performed unit testing and mentored business users for integration testing for go-lives as well as for maintenance of business changes.
  • Used Mercury tools for capturing the Test results and Defect resolution. Prepared System Volume Testing, Regression test cases to check the parameters with production server.

Production Support and Trouble shooting

  • Provided Production support for a while after go-live.
  • Designed data load strategies, worked on Process Chains and monitored data loads involving millions of records with full upload and delta mechanism and worked with production support team to get the jobs scheduled and debugging the errors and correcting the data, reloads and refresh data. Worked with Basis team for system resource failures.

Training & Documentation

  • Conducted training sessions for over 25 business end-users, 5super users across domestic (US) and International in R/3 and BW reports and Portals usage.
  • Used Microsoft tools for capturing the business processes, flowcharts. Prepared detailed training documentation.

Client: Confidential., July’03 – Jan’05
Position: BW Developer/QA Analyst

  • Design and Develop technical specifications needed in business processes, developed necessary Info Objects, Info Sources, Data Extractors/Sources, Transfer rules, ODS, Update rules, Info set and Process Chains.
  • Generated reports using BEx with Variables, Exceptions, Conditional formatting Restricted and Calculated key figures.

Position: Web Developer/QA Analyst

  • Responsible for maintaining and managing processes for page layout consistency and browser compatibility utilizing CSS to maintain aligned and formatted content to help browser compatibility.

Platform, Tools & Technology

  • ERP SAP R/3 - 4.6, ECC 6.0, SAP BW 3.5 And 7.0
  • Functional Modules SD, MM, SCM and FI/CO-PA.
  • Testing Tools Test Director, Mercury Quality Center.
  • Languages ABAP, C, C++, SQL.
  • Reporting Tools BEx, Web Application Designer, Business Objects, Crystal Reports, Universe Designer, Info View, Web Intelligence, Web service, Xcelsius.
  • Web Technologies HTML, DHTML, Enterprise Portals.
  • Databases MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle, Stored Procedures.
  • Microsoft Tools Excel, Access, Visio, MSWord, Power Point, Office Project.

Master’s Degree in Chemical Sciences.