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Sap Basis Administrator Resume

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San Diego, CA


  • 8 years of experience in IT with 6 years of experience as a SAP Basis administrator, which includes installation, upgrades and support of various SAP products on various platforms. Expert on setting up and using Solution Manager Operation tools. Hands on knowledge in System Monitoring, Administration and performance optimization tasks.
  • Experience includes Implementation, Configuration & Production Support ofECC 6.0,APO 3.2, SCM (APO) 4.0, CRM 7.0, SRM 5.0 & 7.0,Netweaver 7.0which includesEnterprise Portal7.0, BW 7.0, BIA(BI Accelerator),Business Objects(BOBJ)3.X, Crystal Reports, XCelcius, PI 7.0,SLD, Web Dispatcher, Solution Manager 7.0components across UNIX & Windows environments.
  • Performed SAP CRM 7 to CRM 7 ehp1, SAP HR ECC 5.0 to SAP HR ECC 6.0 upgrade involving in all phases starting from planning, prepare, upgrade and post upgrade activities coordinating with functional/ development team forSPDD and SPAUmodifications.
  • Configured BIA–Business Intelligence Accelerator to improve the performance of BI systems.
  • CIF configuration involved creating SCM logical system and RFC to SCM on ECC, assign SCM RFC to application cases and setting model type for data transfer, creating ECC logical system and RFC to ECC on SCM, creating and assigning Business System Group to ECC system.
  • Installed, configured and upgraded Enterprise Portal 6.0/7.0
  • Proficient in installing sap web dispatcher, configuring SSL and renewing SSL.
  • Configured SSO in portal using the SAP logon ticket to the back end systems.
  • Handling the Portal Security tasks like setting permissions for users in Portal Framework using UME (User Management Engine), assigning roles to users and troubleshooting user related problems.
  • Well versed in NWDI creating tracks for java developers and assembling and redeploying.
  • Installed and configured PI 7.0 and configured the servers including SLD configuration.
  • Performed monitoring using the RWB (Runtime Work Bench).
  • Performed transports in PI using CTS+.
  • Performed kernel upgrade through JSPM and support pack upgrade of PI systems.
  • Configured all the backend systems to connect to SLD and do the data supply from both ABAP and Java stacks.
  • Performed Configuration of basic Solution manager functionalities like Maintenance optimizer, Early Watch alerts and Solution manager diagnostic agents (SMD).
  • Excellent knowledge about administering and managing SAP J2EE Web Application Server. Excellent knowledge of the tools:JCMON,UME,Configtool,Visual Administrator,JSPM,Netweaver Administrator, andSDM, System Analyzer and other configuration tools in J2EE engine for portal components and applications.
  • UNIXexperience covers sap ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0, CRM 5.0, NW EP, PI, BI 7.0 installations on AIX/DB2&HP_UX/OracleEnvironments for various projects.
  • Proficient in SAP Troubleshooting, System monitoring and background processing. Also proficient with Kernel patches, OSS Notes or SAP Notes administration, Hot packs, System Administration, SAP Monitoring & Problem resolution, File System Management, SAP Database monitoring, Operation System Monitoring & Down Time Management of Production systems, Transport and Correction System, Backup and Recovery methods, Installation of SAP R/3 applications.
  • Maintained SAP security in terms of creating users, creating roles and profiles, assigning roles, running user comparisons, assigning authorization objects to roles using profile generator (PFCG), use of SAP default templates for users.
  • Performed SAP kernel updates, installedService Packs and Enhancement packs for ABAP & JAVA systems.
  • Troubleshooting performance and startup issues of bothABAPandJAVAbased sap systems.
  • Both Heterogeneous/Homogeneous System copies of various SAP systems (SAP SRM, SAP BW, SAP ECC6, SAP NW2004s) using SAPinst Method.
  • Expert in database creation, database design, Table Space Management.
  • Experience in Capacity planning, System sizing and system resources.
  • Superior knowledge of Backups, disaster Recovery and failure of systems.
  • Experienced in MS SQL 2000/2005 and Oracle Databases and DB2 knowledge
  • Have exposure with database utilities like SAPDBA, BRTOOLS, and BRSPACE.


SAP:ERP 2005(ECC 6.0);ERP 2004(ECC 5.0),R/3Enterprise Server (4.7/4.6C),Netweaver2004s (Web AS7.00)/2004 (Web AS 6.40), Web AS 6.20,SAP CRM(7.01/6.0/5.0/4.0),SAP BW(BI 7.01/7.0/3.0B),SAP Portal(7.01/ EP 6.0),
SAP Process Integration(PI 7.1/7.0/XI 3.0),SAPSCM( 5.0 ) /Live Cache( 7.6.2/7.4.2/7.4.1 ),SAP Virsa(5.2/5.3),SAP Solution Manager( 7.1/7.01/4.0/3.2 ),CRM Middleware( IC web-client;),TREX( 6.0/5.0 );

DBMS:Oracle 8i, 9i, 11g, 10g,MS SQL Server2005,SAPDB/ MaxDB (7.5).

OS:MS Windows Server(2000/2003/2008);UNIX(Sun Solaris9/10; HP-UX 11i(11.23/11.31);Linux[Red hat Enterprise 4, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 9/10], Sun OS.

Tools:X-Windows emulation(X-Win32, Reflection X, Exceed Hummingbird);LDAP Server [Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory 8.61]; Backup Tools [Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1; VERITAS Net Backup Exec 9];Business Project Use-Case / Workflow Tools[MS Visio 2007, MS Project 2007], X-ming, Rev-Trac.


System Administration:Transport Management System(TMS)&RFCConfiguration;Kernel upgrade;Support Package (Hot package) Manager(SPAM);Java Support Package Manager(JSPM);J2EE Admin Tools(Visual Admin, Config Tool, SDM, Log viewer );System Copy(Homogenous); Language Pack Installation; SAP Help Configuration; Messaging Configuration (SCOT); SAP License; SAP Router Config; SAP Notes Application; Spool & Printer Administration.
Client Administration:Copy (local / remote); Creation / Deletion of clients; Export Clients (Custom / ALL components); Profile Parameter configuration (RZ10); Operation Modes.
Monitoring Tasks:Resolution of Issue-tracking system (Tickets); CCMS Alert Monitoring/Thresholds & File system space check; Job Management [Schedule /Monitor jobs, re-org & batch input logs]; Analysis of ABAP dump, System Log, System Trace, work Process Check, Instance/Application Server Check.
Database Administration:Table space administration, Database Backup (online/offline), Database RefreshusingSAPtools(SAP DBA, BRTOOLS);TemSeConsistency& Records Update Check; Database Calendar & Free-space, Growth Analysis /Alerts checks; SPFILE & PFILE generation & Archive Logs maintenance.
Performance Tuning:Workload Statistics; SGEN; CPU / Volume Space Utilization; Index Creation; Buffer swap Statistics Analysis (ST02); Memory Pool statistics / defragment;
SAP Security Administration:User administration, Generation of Role, Profile & Authorizations, Locks (Clients / Transactions); Security Profile & Authorization maintenance.
Portal (EP 7.0) & (BI 7.0) Administration:LDAP Server Branch configuration(User Mapping, Custom Attributes, Roles) ; IIS configurations (ISAPI filters, Virtual Directory & Proxy settings); User Administration / Role Assignment, Single Sign On (SSO) configuration; Maintain Logon Ticket Parameters; Exporting Portal Certificate; System Landscape Directory (SLD) configuration; J2EE Engine Configuration parameters (Ports, Secure keystoree.t.c); Navigation Panel; BeX WAD setup; Repository Manager for BW setup iView
Solution Manager:Change Request Management, Solution Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis, Service Desk, System Landscape Setup, Key generation, System & Business Process Monitoring Setup (Satellite Systems Monitoring & Early Watch Alerts e.t.c)

Solution Manager Diagnostic (SMD): Willy Introscope, Central log viewer,Database monitoring, CCMS monitoring, Software changes documentation,Load test with mercury load runner, Performance Optimization.


Client:Confidential[Nov 2011-PRESENT]
San Diego, CA
Role:SAP Basis Administrator

  • Performed upgrade from CRM 7 NW 7.01 to CRM 7 ehp1 NW 7.02.
  • Performed system copies and System refresh activities of ABAP and JAVA systems.
  • Configure new clients and client copies as per business requirements.
  • Performed moving of transports through Rev-Trac.
  • Installed OSS notes using SNOTE.
  • Pro-active monitoring and trouble-shooting performance issues on ABAP & JAVA systems
  • Applied ABAP and JAVA support packs.
  • CCMS Monitoring, short dumps, system logs, db alerts, SQL traces, Lock entries, Work process monitoring and update monitoring.
  • Created, Managed and Release Change Requests for transports using transaction codes SE01, SE03, SE09 and SE10. Resolved TMS problems (STMS, SE03).
  • Monitoring system for performance, system failures, failed updates and runtime errors.
  • Performed Single Sign on (SSO) configuration on various systems.
  • Performed production support for various sap systems.
  • Spool Administration like configuring printers and trouble-shooting printer issues, deleting old spool and cleaning Temse objects.
  • Configured Web dispatcher for Enterprise portal for Load balancing between application servers.
  • Created the procedures for system daily health checks, Weekly production support status and Monthly system performance metrics.
  • Performed database monitoring.
  • Scheduled Batch & Background jobs and was responsible to trouble shoot various Job failures in different system landscape.
  • Generated the RFC connections and established the trusted/trusting relationships between solution manager and satellite systems, Validate Trusted system entries in SM59.
  • Successfully finished the upgrade with options like downtime minimized, inclusion of SP stacks in the upgrade to minimize the time lines, applying the crucial & prerequisite support packs before upgrade.
  • Used Visual Administrator, SDM, config tool, netweaver administrator, Log viewer for administration of java.

Environment:Oracle 11g, Linux, Sun OS, MS Windows Server 2008, SAP ECC 6.0, SCM 7.0, CRM 7.0, SAP NetWeaver 7.02(BI), XI, Portal, X-Win32, Live Cache 7.6.2,X-ming , Rev-Trac.

Client:Confidential. [Jan2011 – Oct2011]
Winston-Salem, NC
Role:SAP Basis Administrator

  • Performed upgrade from SAP HR ECC 5.0 to SAP HR ECC 6.0.
  • Applied support packs to various systems like SRM, CRM, ECC, SCM and BI.
  • Installed and configured application servers for ABAP and Java Instances.
  • Applied java support packs to JAVA stacks of various systems.
  • Performed kernel upgrade.
  • Plug-in Installation/upgrade and plug-in support packs installation.
  • Applied Individual OSS Notes using SNOTE and support packs using SPAM after checking for dependencies based on SAP Marketplace .
  • Performed Single Sign on (SSO) configuration on various systems.
  • Database Monitoring and working with SAP for Sizing and Implementing New SAP Project landscape.
  • CCMS Monitoring, short dumps, system logs, db alerts, SQL traces, Lock entries, Work process monitoring and update monitoring.
  • Set up and Maintain Early watch alerts for all the systems within the Landscape.
  • Worked with SAP Solution Manager upgrade.
  • Performed transports in PI using CTS+
  • Performed SAP JVM upgrade.
  • Configured Transport Management System (STMS).
  • Involved in Spool Administration for configuring printers and trouble-shooting spool request, deleting old spool jobs and working with TemSe objects.
  • Installation and upgrade of SAP GUI on user computers and troubleshooted the issues related to SAP GUI and logon.
  • Used BRTOOLS and SQLPLUS for various database tasks like Performance, Space, Backup and Recovery, Configuration, jobs, alerts, diagnostics etc.
  • Reviewed Backup / Recovery procedures.
  • Performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Environment:Oracle 10g, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 9/10, SAP ECC 6.0 (ERP 2005), HR ECC- 6.0, SRM 7.0, CRM 7.0, SCM 7.0, BI 7.01, Portal 7.1, PI7.1, Solution Manager 7.1, SAP Virsa 5.3, Exceed Hummingbird, MS Visio 2007.

Client: Confidential. [Aug 2009 – Dec 2010]
Painesville, OH
Role: SAP Basis Administrator

  • Implementation Project [SCM 7.0 EHP1 ABAP and NW 7.0 EHP2 Java stack Installations] and post-installation activities
  • Performed support for R/3, Netweaver portals.
  • Resolved critical Enterprise portal performance issue by analyzing java memory dumps using IBM memory analyzer tool.
  • Performed SAP Portal load balancing using Web Dispatcher.
  • Performed upgrade from 4.7 to ECC 6.0.
  • Performed portal jvm parameter analysis and optimized the Enterprise Portal landscape.
  • Documentation of all changes in the landscape.
  • User support, resolve end user problems on day-to-day basis.
  • Post installation activities (TMS configuration, client-setup, Monitoring components set-up, Performance tuning etc).
  • Worked on Solution Manager 4.0 for the monitoring purpose and for generating Early watch Reports etc.
  • Monitored and Configured Operation Modes, Managing Instance Profile, managed Logon Groups for load balancing.
  • Involved in Performance Tuning of SAP servers by using some t-codes like SM50, SM12, DB01, ST03, ST22, SM21, DB02 and other related codes or procedures if needed.
  • Documentation of all changes in the landscape.
  • Applied ABAP, JAVA Support packs.
  • Performed single stack (ABAP) and Double stack (ABAP+JAVA) system copies.
  • Experience with the JAVA tools like JCMON, UME, Configtool, Visual Administrator, JSPM, Netweaver administration, SDM.

Environment:SAP ERP 2005 (ECC 6.0 EHP4), Netweaver 04s components (SAP Portal 7.0, BI/BO 7.0, NWDI), SAP PI 7.1, SAP CRM 4.0, SAP SRM 5.0, SAP BD 6.0, SAP SCM 7.0, Solman 7.0 EHP1, Live Cache 7.4.2/7.4.1,Novell eDirectory 8.61, Oracle 10g/11g, HP-UX 11i(11.23/11.31), CRM Middleware,Reflection X, Windows server 2008.

Client:Confidential. La Canada, CA[Apr 2008 – Jun 2009]
Role: SAP Basis Administrator

  • Performed Installation of SAP ERP2005 (ECC 6.0), SAP NW 2004 components on Linux and Oracle.
  • Configured Common Transport Directory and Transport routes.
  • Configured Transport Management System (STMS)
  • Maintained and monitored Operation Modes (RZ03, RZ04, SM63).
  • Maintained and monitored Logon Groups (SMLG, ST07, and AL08).
  • Maintain and monitored RFC connections (SM59).
  • Back Ground job monitoring & Scheduling using SM36, SM37.
  • Involved in creating profile generator and assigned roles to users.
  • Created, Managed and Release Change Requests for transports using transaction codes SE01, SE03, SE09 and SE10. Resolved TMS problems (STMS, SE03).
  • Created Clients (SCC4) and performed Client copy (SCCL, SCC9) and Client import/export (SCC8, SCC7), deleting clients (SCC5), assigned logical systems to clients (SALE).
  • Used Spool administration (SPAD) for defining and managing printing configuration and output devices, monitored spool queue (SP01) and deleted old spool jobs if needed.
  • Applied Individual OSS Notes using SNOTE and support packs using SPAM after checking for dependencies based on SAP Marketplace
  • Analyzed and Resolved ABAP Dumps/Runtime Errors of Unusual Nature by researching through OSS Notes.
  • Daily Checkup of System Logs using SM21 to ensure everything is running smooth.
  • Responsible for daily health checks, monitoring unsuccessful logons, monitoring inactive users and locking inactive users in production system.

Environment:Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, ECC 5, CRM 5, SCM-APO 5.0, NW04s,SLD, BI, SAP Virsa 5.2, TREX ( 6.0/5.0 ), Tivoli Storage Manager 5.1, Microsoft Active Directory, Solution Manager 3.2, X-ming , MS Project 2007.

Client:Confidential[Jul 2006– Mar 2008]
Role: SAP Basis Trainee

  • Installed Enterprise Portal 6.0 Netweaver 04 and configured it with the R/3 and BW systems.
  • Deployed the portal landscape of (DEV, QAS, and PROD) in a distributed environment.
  • Involved in setting up clients in the development system with required data for testing such as golden config client, Sandbox client, Development client, Unit testing client.
  • Responsible for setting up the SAP R/3 landscape (DEV, QAS, PROD) and setting up the STMS.
  • Configured STMP mail distribution with SCOT.
  • Configured SPOOL servers and output devices.
  • Handled 24x7 Pre-go live supports and performed Client copy, Client export, import.
  • Performed SAP maintenance activity like SAP plug in upgrade, SAP kernel upgrade, applied support patches, SAP note application, RTCCTOOL upgrade.
  • Performed quick analyzing troubleshooting activity.
  • Worked with SPAU warnings after the ABAP upgrade and prior to JAVA upgrade.
  • Upgraded BRTools, and performed table space administration through BRTOOLS. Also installed Web dispatcher, setup TMS and created RFC’s.
  • Applied OSS notes and performed daily troubleshooting tasks.
  • Creating Iviews, roles and user administration of Portal.
  • Installed and configured solution manager.
  • Installed SAP router connection using SNC.
  • Configured and maintained Transports, including Non ABAP objects for EP and PI, between Development/Quality System and Production systems.
  • Daily administration tasks include monitoring system logs, work processes and transaction locks.
  • Creation of Single and Composite role and user administration.
  • Configured all the systems with solution manager for CCMS monitoring and sending alert to concern persons when required

Environment:ECC 5.0, R/3Enterprise Server (4.7/4.6C), BW 3.5, EP 6.0, CRM 4.0, WAS 6.40, ITS 6.20, Solution Manager 3.2, Oracle 9i, MaxDB 7.5, VERITAS Net Backup Exec 9, Sun Solaris 9/10, Windows 2003.

Client:Confidential[Jul 2004– May 2006]
Role:Network and Database administrator

  • Setting up Windows NT servers and installing Computer Hardware and software
  • Maintain and secure the Office LAN network.
  • Configure Routers and Manage user accounts.
  • Maintain WAN network based on Leased line connectivity.
  • Installing and maintaining Oracle database and applying patches.
  • Created the database, table spaces, tables, indexes and other database objects.
  • Monitor and allocate storage requirements for database objects.
  • Partitioning of Tables and indexes.
  • Scheduled and managing backups on regular basis.
  • Provided quality control and support for production environment.
  • Provided database maintenance, resolved technical problems in respect to performance of the database such as tuning SQL statements.

Environment:Windows NT/2000, ORACLE 8i/9i


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

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