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Sap Abap Consulting Resume

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  • Over Seven years of IT experience in SAP ABAP Consulting with full cycle implementation, upgrade and post implementation support.
  • Experience in working on SAP R/3 (4.5B, 4.6C, 4.7) , ECC 5.0 and 6.0.
  • Ability to work in high-powered, fast-moving, multi-disciplinary working teams and a committed team player and ability to quickly adapt to new environments and technologies.
  • Strong technical skills in implementation & support across all modules (SD, MM, FICO, PP, PM, QM, HR, SD.
  • Functional/Industry Experience in Construction, Food and Beverages, Engineering and Pharmaceutical industry verticals.
  • A team player with strong communication, interpersonal, leadership, presentation and analytical skills. Ability and willingness to learn new technology and deliver results in a timely manner.
  • Technical experience in Production support, trouble shooting, tracking, bug fixing and performance tuning.

ABAP/4 Workbench : Object browser, ABAP/4 Editor, Function Builder, Screen Painter.
Data Dictionary : Tables, Structures, and Views.
Reports : Classical and Interactive, ALV (Simple, Blocked and Hierarchical).
Conversion : BDC programs using Session, Call Transaction methods and LSMW.
Dialog Prog : Screen development using screen painter, object browser, Flow Logic
SAP Scripts : Layout set designing, output type determination.
Enhancements :Screen Exits, Menu Exits, User exits & BADIs.
Others : BAPI, EDI/ALE, RFC and IDocs.
Database : Oracle 8i/9i, Ms Access and SQL Server.
Platforms : Windows 98/2000/2003/2007/NT/XP.

Client 1 : Confidential, NY.

Duration : November 2011 to till date
Role : SAP ABAP Consultant
SAP Version : ECC 6.0
Industry :Manufacturing

Project Description: With over 80 years of unrivaled experience in mixing technology, process knowledge, and technological innovation, SPX enjoys a global reputation for durable, long-lasting mixers, agitators, and aerators for fluid processing systems. SPX offers a full spectrum of impeller designs for diverse applications. In addition, they also offer a worldwide service network, mixer repair, gearbox repair, and replacement parts program.
My contribution was to understand the functional specifications and develop the technical specifications, ensuring a high quality solution for all the delivered objects to the client within the schedule.
Responsibilities and Contributions:
Data dictionary/Function modules/others:

  • Created table events to validate the values
  • Prepared the custom tables, views and other data dictionary objects.
  • Created an ALV report in material master that outputs material valuated stock grouped by material type and plant. The output shows material number storage location, unit of measure and description in addition to group totals. Data was extracted from MARA, MARC, MARD, MAKT, EKKO, EKPO, MKPF, MSEG and T001W.
  • Created an interactive report to display list of company codes (Basic List), customers under the selected company code (secondary list) ,customer sales orders for particular customer, items fora particular order.
  • Cash Sales Report: This report provides the sales order status against cash payments. Created an interactive report to output vendor details like vendor name and address etc. in the Basic list and Bank details like Account no,. Banker's name and address in the secondary lists.
  • Created report to display a list of purchase requisitions with details like MRP-Controller, Release Date and Unit Of measure along with standard details.
  • Designed a layout for vendor remittance form using Smart Forms and cloned the standard driver programs RFFOD_V and RFFOGB_T according the payment methods.
  • Developed SMARTFORMS for Service order hard copy, Service delivery order, Parts Invoice, AR Statement, and Service Invoices. Designed layout and copied to R/3 system.
Enhancements & user exits
  • Added custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 header and item detail screen.
  • Created Enhancement points and sections as necessary. Modified CEBAN structure toinfluence Purchase Requisition Release strategy.
  • Modified the layout set MEDRUCK for purchase order information to add company address and the logo included standard text according to the user requirements.
  • Added custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 header and item detail screen.
  • QM- Changes done for User exit to track Error and Information messages when User decision is posted.
  • QM- Changes done in the user exit to change Batch usage and Quality status characteristics for Purchase order.
  • Added new columns in sales order display list VA05
Data Conversions / Interfaces from Legacy Systems
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for info record (ME11) for known vendor in material management. Developed call transaction programs to upload material master, customer master, pricing master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 system.
  • Participated in customer class conversion where in the program uploads the customer master data records into SAP, and used BDC batch input session for transaction XD02
  • Developed BDC program to change vendors address and customer master (MK02 and FD01) using call transaction method
  • MM - Commodity Upload Program (Interface) to Load Info Record, Contract, Scheduling Agreement.
  • To upload GI, GR and Transfer Posting data through MIGO transaction by using BAPI function module BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE
  • Automatic IDOC generation whenever a PO is created/changed
  • Designed Interfaces which included Custom IDocs for Purchase Requisition and Reservation
  • BADI implementation for transaction FB60 that does not allow user to create duplication reference for Vendor Invoice Creation.
  • Created a BADI implementation for CS01 transaction that does not allow user to create alternative BOMs for already created BOM.
  • Added a field (material group) in the layout of Batch Information Cockpit (BMBC)
Client 2 : Confidential, TX

Duration : December 2010 to September 2011
Role : SAP ABAP Consultant
SAP Version : ECC 6.0

Project Description:
PepsiCo, Incorporated is a Fortune 500 company, with interest in manufacturing and marketing a wide variety ofcarbonated and non-carbonated beverages, as well assalty , sweet, cereal -based snacks, and other foods. Besides thePepsi brands, the company owns the brandsQuaker Oats ,Gatorade ,Frito-Lay , Naked ,Tropicana , Mountain Dew , Miranda and7 Up .
I am a part of the business process reengineering team under Business Information Services (BIS) working on the NABQ project. It is full life cycle implementation of SD, FI, HR, MM, PS and PM modules of SAP.
Responsibilities and Contributions:
Data dictionary/Function modules/others:

  • Created Ztable to Maintain the Purchase Order Details of the Vendors.
  • Created reports in SD module such as sales order report, which covers all organization levels, delivery status, invoice status, shipping details and partner function details. The data was extracted from VBAP, VBPA, VBAK, VBUP, VBFA, KNA1, LIPS, VBRP, MARA, VBEP and KONV tables.
  • Developed an ALV reports for purchase orders to compare the ordered quantity with the received quantity.
  • Created Ztable to maintain the purchase order details of vendors.
  • SD-PP - Order Progress Report for Configurable Products -- This report will help to track the Customer Purchase Order from the Sales Order creation up to the delivery stage. It will show how much time it has taken in every stage.
  • SD: Invoice forms, Sales order confirmation, Picking List, Loading List, and Customer Account Statement. PP - Quality certificates.
  • Designed and developed smart forms for goods receipts for different movement types.
  • Created the SAP Scripts PO_INVENT and saved the made changed to the purchase order layout.
Data Conversions / Interfaces from Legacy Systems
  • Developed a BDC program to upload Material Master from a flat file to an SAP System.
  • Developed BDC Programs to update and change customer Master Data by Call transaction for transactions XDO2 and FD32 to update KNA1 and KNKK tables retrieving from MS Excel Sheet.
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for Open Sales Orders that updated records in the sales order screen or will create new sales orders depending on the source data file from external systems using VA01 and VA02 transactions
  • Enhanced the Sales Order creation by displaying a customer text while creating the Sales Order, where the person who created the order will behave according the customer text, and used the user-exit USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAK and the program is SAPMV45A.
  • Modified the invoice layout and the print program according the client business requirements.
  • Changing the text "Sales Order" to "Billing Request" in the transactions VA01, VA02 and VA03
Client 3 : Confidential, TX

Duration : June 2010 to December 2010
Role : SAP ABAP Consultant
SAP Version : ECC 6.0
Industry : Infrastructure & Construction
Project Description:

Confidential, produces, distributes, and markets cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and related building materials in more than 50 countries.
My responsibility in this project includes development and testing.
Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Created a Vendor Performance Report, which lists the Vendor name, Materials supplied
    Planned and Actual Delivery Times, Payment terms and prices.
  • MM - Material consumption reconciliation report to display all items that have been consumed in particular movements
Data Conversions / Interfaces from Legacy Systems
  • Loading of cost center data using Transaction "KS01' using call transaction method and displaying the errors in the form of a report.
  • Developed classical batch input program for transaction XK01 to transfer the vendor address into R/3 system.
  • Used BADI WORKORDER_UPDATE to send outbound Production Order IDOC 3rd party System.
  • Programmed in Object oriented ABAP using shared objects for changes to serial numbers of equipment master.
  • Worked on Item category Determination based on sales area which bypasses the standard master data. Created Enhancement Point for program SAPMV45A in the include MV45AFZZ BAPIs
  • Implemented BAPI_SALESORDER_GETLIST to get list of orders and details for a customer sales order with using custom fields which are appended on VBAP table with using append structure.
  • Used BAPI's for fetching the material description information of a material and fetching the material category to the ESS.
  • Customized screens for vendor master and material master using screen painter and menu painter.
Client 4 : Confidential, NJ

Duration : November 2009 to June 2010
Role : SAP MM Techno Functional Consultant
SAP Version : ECC 6.0

Modules: Material Management

Project Description:
Confidential, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Merck & Co., Inc. engages in the research, development, manufacture, and sale of medicines, vaccines, and consumer health and animal products worldwide.
Confidential, is implementing SAP ECC 6.0 and Cognizant Technology Solutions is one of the implementation partners. I am assigned to configure, test, and support the Order-to-Cash processes.
Responsibilities and Contributions:
Material Management Module

  • Providing Support to daily Troubleshooting. Resolving Trouble Tickets (TTs)/ Key user's issues of different priorities for overall customer satisfaction. Tracking the user issues and prioritizing the same as per the service level agreement.
  • Resolved various tickets in the areas of purchasing & inventory management issues.
    Supporting the client with MM Configuration, add-on implementations and enhancements on the basis of the by Text-Enhance\">business requirements.
  • Studying AS-IS and finalizing To-Be of new Service Requests (SR), subsequent timely realization, integrated testing and final delivery to Quality system.
  • Taking the sign off from the client for each service request.
  • Communication with customers, identifying new opportunities for working with enhancements.
  • Performance grading and testing of reporting under ABAP/4 using features such as SQL Trace and Runtime analysis.


Data Conversion /Interfaces from Legacy Systems
  • Using the BDC program uploaded the BOM , material master data from legacy system to SAP R/3 using flat files.
  • Uploaded Customer, Pricing, and purchase info records from legacy system to R/3
  • Developed BDC programs to fix data.
  • Developed a report to download the data, which lists Company Code, Business Area, Fiscal year and Account Number & Debit/Credit Indicator
SAP Script
  • Modified the layout for Order confirmation and its print program to list full box quantity / prices and broken box quantity / prices in separate lines for the same line item for the confirmed quantity with the discount %.
  • Created Layout using standard Layout set RVINVOICE01 and program RVADIN01 for SALES Order
User Exit
  • Implemented user exits for pricing and sales
  • Validations for Pre pack materials to allow single size per item
  • Changes done in the User exit to re-price on plant change

Client 5 : Confidential, India
Duration : July 2008 to August 2009
Role : SAP ABAP/4 Developer
SAP Version : ECC 6.0
Industry : Confidential

Project Description:
Confidential, a leading manufacturer of Yarn and Fabrics in the field of textile by I Want This\">technology . Precot Meridian has been in the field of yarn and fabric production for nearly five decades and has gained extensive expertise and knowledge across various verticals. Products manufactured include cotton yarn, sewing threads, fabrics and garments
Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Developed an ALV report for Non Moving Items Details
  • Developed an ALV report for customer's summary details.
Data Conversion
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for Sales Orders that updated records in the sales order screen or will create new sales orders depending on the source data file from external systems using VA01 and VA02 transactions.
  • Developed programs for migrating sales order data from legacy system to the SAP system using BDC CALL Transaction method.

Client 6 : Confidential
Duration : October 2007 to June 2008
Role : SAP ABAP/4 Developer
SAP Version : ECC 6.0
Industry : Manufacturing, Textile

Project Description:Confidential, is a USD 135 million, well established, dynamic and professionally managed group. With years of experience and the perfect blend of people, technology and entrepreneurship; the company has developed core competencies in the areas of Sugar, Small Power and Water & Wastewater treatment.
Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Created report lists for the gross sales, credit returns, and gross weight for the customer for the current year and comparing the same with that of the previous year for the same period. The data is selected from KNVV, BKPF, BSEG and MARA.
  • Create a report which lists delivery number, delivery quantity, customer number, material number and material description forgiven shipping plant
  • Created commission report for the sales department sorted by sales representative. The data is extracted from VBAK, VBAP, KONV, and MARA tables
  • Created an Interactive Report for displaying vendor information. Based on the selection made the corresponding Vendor Bank Details are listed such that the line selected in the basic list was visible along with the secondary list
Data Conversions / Interfaces from Legacy Systems
  • Designed and implemented data migration from Legacy system to SAP R/3 using BDC.
  • Work included studying the source data in external system and subsequently identifying and mapping the corresponding Transaction, Programs, Screens and Fields in the SAP system.
  • Developed classical batch input program for transaction FK01 to transfer the vendor address into R/3 system.
  • Developed a BDC program to upload data from flat file to VD51Transaction.
Client7 : Confidential, Hyderabad

Role : ABAP Consultant
Duration : November 2006 to September 2007
SAP Version : SAP R/3 ECC 5.0

Project Description:
Confidential, is an international school located in Hyderabad, India. The school offers postgraduate programs in Management-MBA, post-doctoral programs, as well as executive education programs for business executives. Indian School of Business's partners include Kellogg School of Management, Wharton Business School, Richard Ivey School of Business and London School of Business.
Responsibilities and Contributions:
Analyzing the Functional specifications and interacting with Functional Consultants.

  • Development of Technical Specifications Documents.
  • Creation of UTP's for the developed Objects.
  • Involved in the development of various Reports:
  • Developed a PMS print program and design complex smart forms for mid-year and annual appraisals for various Levels and portal integration with ESS.
  • Ole-Automation, Excel integration with employee payroll report and excel sheet need to be disabled with a password when they download to send it bank for salaries credit.
  • Developed payroll master data report for the administration purpose with Infotypes Action, Organizational assignments, Basic pay and Reimbursements.
  • Developed Employee Relationship ship report with cost centers, positions and Date of join with actions.
  • Create Custom Infotypes for Exit Interviews and Vehicles Details.
  • Developed a BDC program for up loading Employee's Data of Personnel Administration Infotypes (0019, 0041).
  • Worked on standard Infotypes enhancements
  • Developed a BDC program to upload sales orders data from Microsoft CRM Server.
  • Developed Smartforms and print programs for Faculty PO's, Faculty bank forms, Faculty Contract, Open Orders and Vendor Confirmations.
  • Developed Students Balances report for CAMPUS MANAGEMENT MODULE.
Custom Development:
  • Fixed Asset Barcode generation along with the labels.
  • Foreign faculty PO process.
  • Developed interface with Microsoft CRM Dynamics.
  • Custom enhancement for passport details in vendor master XK01, XK02 and XK03.
  • BADI implementation for PHAP_ADMIN for dynamic print of appraisals of an employee in ISB formats.
Client 8 : Confidential

Role : ABAP Consultant
Duration : September, 2005 to October, 2006
SAP Version : ECC 4.6C

Project Description:
Confidential, today a well-known organization at home and aboard as three letter brand image "KLR". KLR INDUSTRIES LIMITED is a manufacturing unit of all types of drilling equipment's for the application of water well, mining, construction, piling and pole erection. It is the only unit around the globe has the facility to manufacture equipment's as well as all related tools and accessories under one roof. KLR is an ISO - 9000:2001 Certified Company, which has the State-of-art-manufacturing facilities in India and Sharjah.
Responsibilities and Contributions:

  • Interaction with the Business Core Member and Business user to identify their requirements.
  • Analyzing the Functional specifications and interacting with Functional Consultants.
  • Identifying technical feasibility of the requirements.
  • Development of Technical Specifications Documents.
  • Creation of UTP's for the developed Objects.
  • Peer review of the developments for the team members.
  • Technical support for the team members.
  • Design & Developed custom programs for MM/SD/FI/PP/PM/QM
  • Involved in the development of various Reports:
  • Developed Production Report for Available Stock, Work in Process, Ancillary and Balance quantity in Purchase requisitions for all the Finished Materials.
  • Developed Excise Print Registers in Smart forms and Incorporated in J2I6.
  • Developed blocked ALV for Sales Register and Purchase Register.
  • Developed report for Vendor ageing report.
  • Developed report for Throughput.
  • BAPI for Material Master Upload.
  • BDC to Upload Opening Balances for Material Inventory, Expenses & revenue, Customer balances, Vendor balances and Special GLS for Customers & Vendors.
  • BDC to Upload BOM, Work Centers, Routing and Material Inspection Planning.
  • BDC to Upload Masters G/L's, Customer Master, Vendor Master and Assets.
  • Developed report for Purchase orders latest rates and MIGO documents.
  • Modified the Script MEDRUCK for PO print output and NACE Configuration.
  • Smart forms for Pro-forma invoice, Quotation with Lorry Image and detailed descriptions.
  • Smart forms for Production Chit, Excise invoice for J1IP and NACE Configurations.
  • BADI implementation for Bank payment voucher (RTGS), Bank Receipts, Cash Payment voucher and Cash receipts in FB03 for Printing.
  • Developed Enhancement Framework for Automatic generation of Billing Documents after PGI for delivery document type Counter sales.
  • User-exits for sales and distribution module.
  • Developed routines for sales pricing procedures in VOFM.
Custom Development
  • Creating custom process for material indent and production chit.
  • Developed Customer application for Export Documentation.
  • Automatic reverse tax calculations in MIGO in order to meet business requirement.

August 2003 to July 2005
Worked in Confidential, as PLANNING ENGINEER.
Responsible for material planning and production planning, material scheduling and inventory control, both raw material and finished goods Stores. Handled Purchase activities for Sub-Contract.Actively involved in self-certification of vendors. Handled Planning Activities in JIT environment

B. E. Mechanical

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