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Sap Resume

Fort Payne, AL

Career Summary:

  • SAP WM, IM and MM functional consultant with 9 years of total work experience out of which 7 years is core experience in the field of SAP Materials Management & Warehouse Management; this includes experience in project analysis, customization and implementation.
  • Completed 2 full life cycle implementation projects and also involved in SAP support and maintenance projects.
  • Experience in Gap Analysis As-Is/To-Be, business requirement preparation, blueprinting, realization (configuration & testing), final preparation & end user training, go-live and project support.
  • Possess strong verbal and written communication skills with excellent ability to communicate business goals and objectives in an effective way.
  • Ability to troubleshoot and recommend suggestions to resolve conflicts between business requirements and standard system functionality.

SAP Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of the ASAP methodology and Solution Manager (SolMan).
  • Conduct business requirement discussions with core team members to gather and identify project goals & objectives and business process workshops for blueprint design.
  • Design, develop and test functional specifications for RICEF objects and Workflows.
  • Hands-on experience in SAP Materials Management (MM), Inventory Management (IM) and Warehouse Management (WM) configuration, implementation, enhancement and support.
  • Set-up complete SAP organization structure such as Plants, Purchasing Organizations, Purchasing groups, Storage Locations, Warehouses, Storage Types, Storage Sections and Storage Bins.
  • Implementation and configuration experience in MM Requisition to pay (Procure to Pay) cycle Purchase requisition, RFQ, Maintenance of quotations, vendor selection, purchase orders, goods receipt and Logistics Invoice Verification (MIRO).
  • Adopt stock transfer techniques to execute Plant to Plant stock transfers and Cross-Company stock transfers using Stock Transport Order (STO).
  • Configure Materials Requirement Planning (MRP), Reorder Point based planning (ROP) & Consumption based planning (CBP).
  • Configure WM and IM movement types and link IM movement types with WM movement types via reference movement types.
  • Set-up automatic Transfer Order for transfer of material using Reports RLAUTA10 and RLAUTA 20.
  • Configure and implement batch management with classification by defining class, class types and characteristics.
  • Configure different putaway and picking strategies using enhancement MWMTO003.
  • Define and manage storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse and configure put away, stock removal, cycle counting, etc. processes.
  • Configure Warehouse Activity Monitor to supervise unconfirmed transfer orders, open transfer requests, deliveries, interim storage stock and negative stock.
  • Extensive knowledge of EDI using ALE and IDOC interfaces for inventory activities related to Purchasing and Inventory Management between the SAP and Non-SAP systems.
  • Configure and Implement RF Technology in Warehouse Management.
  • Setup Bar coding, SAP Console, RF Developments to meet business requirement using Radio Frequency and Barcodes.
  • Configure Verification Profiles, RF Menus, Barcode Scanning, Screen Management and RF Queue Management to improve efficiencies with placement and removal of stock.
  • Excellent cross functional knowledge and integration skills with MM FI PP and SD.

Professional Experience:

Confidential, Fort Payne, AL 11/2011 Present
SAP WM/IM/MM Consultant


  • Worked on 3 plant upgrade roll outs from SAP 4.6 to ECC 6.0 Mulheim, Germany; Fort Payne, AL and Charlotte, NC.
  • Responsible for Inbound and Outbound Logistics for New Apparatus, Field Service and Spare Part business of Generator and Steam Turbine units.
  • Conducted business process discussions with Core Team and conducted GAP analysis and converted it into Process Change Requests (PCR).
  • Created functional descriptions and worked with developers to realize the PCRs’ into enhancements and further tested the PCRs’ and made them ready for business testing and approval.
  • Wrote conversion test, unit test and integration test scripts with positive and negative testing scenarios.
  • Conducted meetings and workshops with Core Team from USA and Germany to discuss pre-defined Data Migration rules for all 3 plants and updated any gaps found before data migration started.
  • Conducted extensive Conversion testing on Master Data and created test issues according to criticality and followed up on re-migration and retested data.
  • Performed Unit tests and Integration tests on business processes and created test issues according to criticality.
  • Found and documented workarounds for business processes which failed during testing and it was decided not to create PCRs’.
  • Tested WM interfaces with SD, PP, MM, QM and FI modules.
  • Performed Goods Receipt and Putaway on Purchase Orders, Stock Transport Orders and Production Orders upon completion.
  • Performed Goods Receipt and Putaway against Inbound Delivery on purchase orders for Serialized parts and customer repair orders.
  • Assisted the core team in defining the Alternate Plant Functionality for material movement between leading and non-leading plants for production with the help of Special Procurement Key.
  • Lead the configuration and testing of the Special Procurement Key for Alternate Plant Functionality with positive results starting from creation of test scenario, writing the script, defining the master data, BOM, MRP run, Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt, Production Orders, Picking for Production Order, Goods Issue to Production Order, Perform Confirmations for the PPO, Goods Receipt against the PPO, create Replenishment Delivery and perform Goods Issue.
  • Used the same principle to configure Special Procurement Key for Stock Transport Orders in order to transfer demand during the MRP run.
  • Assisted core team on configuration and testing of IDocs for 3PL warehouse (Deufol Oberhausen) in Germany for shipment of parts directly from vendor to customer.
  • Worked on configuration and creation of Vendor storage locations for Vendors on Siemens Portal in order to conduct multi-level subcontracting process for project stock.
  • Worked closely with Quality Management on Inspection Lots and creation of usage decisions.
  • Worked on Rework Process for Purchasing and Production for materials which failed Quality Inspection. This process required the creation of Rework material and Subcontracting Process.
  • Solely responsible for elimination of Plant shop bins. This process required cycle counting and clearing of differences, updating of material master data for production issue storage location, movement of stock to external warehouse (managed by Deufol) or shop inventory location with different staging areas.
  • Worked with purchasing team to create a positive list of shared materials and defined warehouse storage conditions for such materials according to leading and non-leading plants.
  • Conducted ramp down workshops with material handlers, warehouse pickers, managers and order management and defined excel spreadsheets to be used during blackout period to track all Goods Receipts, Goods Issue to Production Orders, Customer Service Orders, Sales Order and Goods Receipt on IM level at the plant.
  • Conducted ramp up workshop with all parties to define a process to ramp up all downtime and black out data as quickly as possible with out back log.
  • Created manual material tags to be used for all Goods Receipt and Goods Issue.
  • Assisted the lead trainer on training materials, master data and training exercises for end users.
  • Responsible for creation of all training master data for end user training where I created data for Goods Receipts for Normal PO, Serialized Material PO, Normal PO for Batch Material, Return Delivery for Normal, Serialized and Batch Material. Putaway for these POs’. Creation of Production Orders and material picking against those PPOs’ for WM-PP deliveries. Creation of Sales Order for SD Deliveries. Creation of Subcontract Purchase Orders for delivery to vendor.
  • Provided post Go-Live support to the end users with creation of production issues and rated them on criticality.
  • Found solutions for production issues according to criticality rating and service level agreement.

Confidential, CA 08/2010 10/2011
SAP MM Consultant


  • Provided production support according to the users’ requirements.
  • Resolved the tickets as per SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Discuss and understand the new requirements raised by business users and provide timeline for development.
  • Maintained Master Data in Material Master, Vendor Master, Bill of Materials (BOM), Info Records, Source Lists, Account Determination and Vendor Evaluation.
  • Configured Material Masters including material types, number ranges and extensions.
  • Configured Vendor Masters including creation of account groups and assigning partner schema to account groups and usage of partner function.
  • Maintained the entire Procure to Pay cycle including existing workflow for purchased materials and Purchase Requisitions.
  • Defined Release Procedures for purchasing documents like purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Configured various Pricing Calculation Schemas and defined condition tables, access sequences and condition types.
  • Configured and documented stocks that are to be delivered to Quality Inspection in accordance with business requirements as per Inventory Management.
  • Configured Message types, Access sequences, Message Determination Schema for Output Control of Purchasing Documents.
  • Maintained organizational structure of material management and relevant configuration like purchase organizations, plants and storage locations.
  • Configured Inventory Management Movement Types, defined number ranges for material documents of Goods Receipt, Goods Issue and Stock Transfers.
  • Worked on MM interface with the (FI) Financial module.

Confidential, OR07/2009 06/2010
SAP WM Consultant


  • Set-up the organizational structure and global settings for the MM/WM module.
  • Prepared questionnaires and involved in interacting with core team members and users.
  • Set up SAP WM configuration for the new warehouse structure using automatic placement and picking strategies.
  • Defined warehouse number, shipping point, transfer types and movement types.
  • Assigned warehouse to storage location and shipping point to plant.
  • Configured storage types, storage sections, storage bin types and storage bins structure.
  • Customized putaway and picking strategies for fixed bin, open storage, addition to existing stock and storage unit types.
  • Worked on interim storage areas to handle goods receipt and goods issue activities.
  • Defined and configured field selections in Material Master and Vendor Master.
  • Configured Material Types and changed the field status of the material master records as per Client requirements.
  • Worked on the Procure to Pay cycle.
  • Defined number ranges and Release procedure for purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Documented, configured and worked on Subcontracting and consignment special stocks.
  • Configured Delivery Tolerances for materials received from the vendors.
  • Configured and tested WM interfaces with MM, SD, FI and QM modules.
  • Created test scenarios and performed unit and integration testing.
  • Provided training in SAP to end-users as required.
  • Provided production support in SAP.

Confidential, KS11/2007 06/2009
SAP MM/WM Consultant


  • Responsible for full life cycle implementation of MM module: project preparation, business blueprint, realization, final preparation, go live and support using ASAP methodology.
  • Prepared a detailed document of As-Is study and developed the detailed To-Be processes to suit the company\'s objectives.
  • Set up of organization structure related to MM & their respective assignments.
  • Configured the Material Master Data (material groups, material types, field selection groups) and Vendor Master Data (field status for vendor account groups, partner determination schema, account groups, partner functions).
  • Involved in data migration of material data from legacy system to SAP ECC 6.0 system.
  • Carried out split valuation of materials based on valuation category.
  • Configured the Inventory Management of goods at the points of receipt and issue for all stock categories and special stocks e.g. consignment, stock transfers, returnable transport packaging, third-party and sub-contracting.
  • Verified Materials Management module configuration with populating data for complete business cycle P2P by generating PR, RFQ/Quotation, vendor evaluation, ranking list, contracts, scheduling agreements, PO, GR/GI, invoice verification and purchase info records.
  • Mapped and customized the price determination process by using condition techniques.
  • Involved in interfacing and integration of MM with IM, SD, WM and FI/CO modules.
  • Configured and utilized movement types, cycle counting in the physical inventory and posting the cycle count variance.
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase orders (850), Order Confirmation (855), Order shipping notification (856), Payment Advice (820) and Invoices (810).
  • Performed Unit Testing and Integration Testing.
  • Designed and coordinated post implementation support.
  • Demonstrated various MM transactions and business scenarios for the users as a part of end user training & created detailed user documentation.

Confidential, PA07/2006 09/2007
SAP MM/WM Consultant


  • Involved in full life cycle implementation of MM & WM module including process design, gap analysis, mapping of business processes, and configuration of SAP MM and WM modules.
  • Conducted workshops to gather user requirements.
  • Developed the functional specifications for custom developments to address gaps identified at earlier stages.
  • Analyzed, defined and implemented MM functions and transactions and coordinated the integration with other modules in a cross-company environment.
  • Developed and implemented material and vendor master data conversion plans.
  • Implemented conversions for data load in SAP from legacy system using Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW).
  • Enhanced the purchasing views of material master for additional fields.
  • Defined and implemented a procurement system driven by materials requirements planning.
  • Implemented optimized purchasing strategies to create purchase orders for assigned and non assigned purchase requisitions.
  • Configured Delivery Tolerances for materials received from the vendors.
  • Configured and defined the warehouse management system functionality defining storage bin coordinates and stock placement and removal strategies.
  • Defined and managed storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse and configured putaway, stock removal, cycle counting, etc. processes.
  • Configured multiple WM and IM movement types and setting up the link between IM movements types with WM movement types via reference movement type.
  • Configured automatic creation of transfer requirements, transfer orders.
  • Validated WM integration with IM, SD, PP, and QM modules.
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase orders (850), Order Confirmation (855), Order shipping notification (856), Payment Advice (820) and Invoices (810).
  • Created test data, prepared test plans and conducted unit & integration testing.
  • Cut-over planning in MM and WM modules.
  • Performed scheduling, prioritization and status updates of various objects as per client requirements.
  • Developed specifications for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions and user exits.
  • Performed Unit test and Integration test for all customized developments.
  • Provided post-production support on day-to-day activities performed in SAP.

Confidential, CA02/2005 05/2006
SAP MM/WM Consultant


  • Full life cycle implementation of MM & WM module.
  • Carried out Business Process Study, designs, blueprinting and configuration for Purchasing, Inventory Management and Warehouse Management.
  • Involved in transfer of materials and vendor master data from legacy system to SAP.
  • Set up the organizational structure for the MM and WM modules using IMG.
  • Configured material types as per the requirements of the client and changed the field status of the material master records as per the user requirements.
  • Established release procedure for purchasing documents.
  • Involved in set up purchasing process in SAP assigned to cost centers as per business process.
  • Responsible for interfacing with FICO module to create relevant cost centers and posting procedures.
  • Configured blanket purchase orders and invoice plans and obtained after justification of added benefits.
  • Defined process for creating purchase orders assigned to orders in production planning.
  • Configured and documented stocks that are to be delivered to Quality inspection as per business requirements.
  • Implemented inter-company stock transport orders (STO) to facilitate material transfer within companies and also cross-companies.
  • Defined putaway and picking strategies for fixed bin, open storage, addition to existing stock and storage unit types.
  • Configured warehouse activity monitor with all the critical parameters and created a variant and assigned the variant / report to all user profiles.
  • Assigned the warehouse variant to run as a background job.
  • Key member in developing four different storage locations for material transfer of blocked and unblocked stock.
  • Defined print control and involved in label printing for all the warehouses.
  • Configured and tested WM interfaces with MM, SD, PP, FI and QM modules.
  • Configured multiple WM and IM movement types and setting up the link between IM movements types with WM movement types via reference movement type.
  • Customized Radio Frequency Queue Management, Verification Profiles data and Barcodes for SAP Console.
  • Developed specifications for multiple RICEF objects-Reports, enhancements to transactions, user exits, and enhanced standard SAP Reports.
  • Worked on EDI process (partner type, partner profile, message type, Inbound and outbound parameters) for Purchase orders (850), Order Confirmation (855), Order shipping notification (856), Payment Advice (820) and Invoices (810).
  • Prepared and executed unit and integration test scripts to test business procedures.
  • Provided training in SAP to users as required.
  • Provided production support for go-live phase.

Confidential, NJ08/2003 11/2004
SAP MM/WM Consultant


  • Conducted Gap Analysis: As-Is/To-Be system requirements for Implementation Preparation of Business Blue Print document and Configuration document for MM module to map Client’s business requirements and deliver the required functionality.
  • Configured Material Master and Vendor Master.
  • Customized Info records and Source List Purchasing Agreement.
  • Worked with Procure to pay scenario.
  • Worked on the Logistics Execution, Goods Receipt and Goods Issue process.
  • Defined Release Procedures for purchasing documents.
  • Configured and tested WM setting with various Storage Types, Sections, Storage Bins and Quants.
  • Configured and tested control parameters for Transfer Requirements and Transfer Orders.
  • Configured storage type search, storage section search and storage bin type search strategies.
  • Configured the physical inventory settings and carried out physical inventory at storage location level and Storage bin level.
  • Configured and tested quantity & value update parameters for all movement types for inventory.
  • Worked on purchase pricing procedure.
  • Conducted business integration testing before go-live.
  • Gathered system requirements for End User to Super Users and designed and implemented training.

Confidential, India07/2001 03/2003
Engineering Intern


  • Created Material requests.
  • Maintained material Planning & Procurement as per project schedule.
  • Coordinated purchase activities between construction department & procurement department.
  • Prepared purchasing documents like purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Took adequate measures like surveys, meetings to monitor and analyze the performance of vendors pertaining to Cost, Quality and Delivery.
  • Monitored quality checks/levels of incoming materials.


Bachelors of Technology in Civil Engineering

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