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Sap Sd Resume

Peoria, IL


  • Over 15 years of experience in Sales & Marketing, with over 7 years in Implementing and supporting ERP Applications including SAP. Involved in Three FLC Implementations with active participation in post implementation support.
  • SD Experience: Order to cash, Make to Order, Third Party Sales, Inter – Co Billing, Master Data, Pricing, Billing, Credit Management, Payment Cards, Sales Promotion & Deal, Variant Configuration & Pricing, Batch Management, Logistic Execution (shipping & Transportation) and Cross - functional integration proficiency with MM, PP, FI CO Module.
  • SAP Functional expertise in manufacturing sector sales and Distribution Chain (Order management-Shipping-Billing).
  • Experience with diverse industry environments such as Construction Equipments, Machines, Chemicals, Textile, and Telecom.

  • Defining SD Organizational Units and assigning them in customizing.
  • Setting up Master Data: Customer Master, Material Master, Customer –Material Info Records, Outputs, Inter Co Customers, Field Control.
  • Involved in Configuring of New Account Group Set ups.
  • Worked extensively on Sales Area (Sales Org, Distribution Channel and Division).
  • Configuration of Pricing Condition Technique: Pricing Procedures, Condition Types, Access Sequences, Condition Tables, Condition Records, Requirements & Form Routines, Condition Exclusion, Condition Supplements & Sales deal & Promotion, Inter Co Prices.
  • Worked on Complete OTC and Sales Order Processing - Inquiry, Quotation, Contracts, Scheduling Agreements, Sales Order Processing, Pricing, Shipping, and Billing, Item Proposal, Free Goods.
  • Worked on Third Party Sales, Inter company sales, Inter company Stock Transfers, Stock Transfers.
  • Configuration experience in Order Types, Item Categories (Sales & Shipping), Schedule Line Categories, Consignment Sales, and Customer Returns processing, Credit/Debit Note processing.
  • Experience in Billing Configuration including Billing procedures, Delivery & Order related invoices, maintaining Billing Due List, Invoice Lists, cancellations of Billing Documents, Billing blocks, Rebate processing, Billing Batch Jobs.
  • Configuration of BOM Explosion, Pricing at main item and sub item level.
  • Defining Copy Control for Sales & Billing Document - Header, Item. Billing Batch Jobs.
  • Experience in Availability Check, Transfer of Requirements, ATP, Back orders, Rescheduling.
  • Logistics Execution: Shipping, Deliveries, Picking and Packing, PGI, Shipping Point Determination. Storage Location Determination, Transportation Planning, Shipments, Delivery Batch Jobs.
  • Basic Functionality: Text/Partner/Output Determination, G/L Account determination, Material Listing and Exclusion, Incompletion Procedures, Credit Management, Payment Cards, Free goods Determination, and Material Determination.
  • Worked on EDI Processing- Outbound / Inbound process of Idocs, Idoc Grief, Customer Profile setup.
  • Using Transaction Variants, ABAP Query for simple reports, statistical value reports, and analytical reports & worked on Smartforms, Routines and User Exits, Debugging.
  • Worked on various aspects of Variant Pricing: Characteristics, Class, Object Dependencies, Pre conditions, Selection Conditions, Constraints.
  • Worked on Batch Management with Characteristic & Serial No Profiles.
  • Worked on Data Migration from legacy system to SAP system using conversion programs like – LSMW.
  • Well versed in Gap-analysis, Business Reengineering, Blueprint Design, Preparing Training Documentation and End User Training. End to End Implementation using Solution Manager for ECC 6.0 & 6.20, Worked on Middleware (Data stage) SAP Interfaces.
  • Worked on STD BI Reports for SD, Query Builder & Extractor for ECC.
  • Knowledge of Third Party Tool Tidal & setting up in there SAP Outbound interfaces, Delivery, Billing, Rescheduling Sales Order Batch Jobs.
  • Worked extensively on Test Director (Mercury Quality Centre).
  • Knowledge of SAP Tables, their fields and purpose.
  • Integration of SD with MM, PP with APO and FI CO.



SAP R/3 4.0B, 4.6C, 4.7C, 4.7E, ECC 5.0 / 6.0

Operating systems:

Windows 98/2000/2003 / XP/Vista, Unix

Front end tools:

MS office


MS Access, Oracle 8i, 9, 10 &11


Client: Confidential,Peoria, IL July 08 – May 09

Environment: SAP ECC 6.2
Confidential,is a World Construction Equipment major. The Project is a Pilot for their Paving Products SAP Global Template implementation.

Role: SAP SD Senior Functional consultant

  • Involved in Blueprint, Gap, Requirement analysis and Realization Processes in SAP using Solution Manager.
  • Configured Pricing Procedures and various aspects of Variant Pricing, Multi currency, Tax conditions, Access Sequence, Tables and OSS Notes to meet the business requirements.
  • Configured and worked on complex Third Party Sales Scenario Sales Order, Item Cat, Schedule Lines, Incompletion, Pricing Procedures, Texts, Output with use of Onetime customers and Generic material, Free of cost sales and Copying Controls for GR/IR. And return Scenario with Lump sum credit.
  • Configured Intercompany Scenario for sales to Europe & Asian Dealers with respective Countries taxes and Generation of IC Invoice of US Taxes.
  • Configured Static Credit Management settings and configured Credit Blocks for Sales Order and Delivery.
  • Worked on Enhancement for Sales Order creation using IDOC from Legacy system and blocking the order.
  • Worked on Interface to and from Legacy for Special Discount Conditions using Middleware Data stage.
  • Configured Sales deal & Promotions including multiple use of same condition.
  • Worked on Std & Custom Idocs and EDI settings.
  • Configured CIR type of Order for Internal Plant demand creation.
  • Configured Rebate Agreements for customers of dealers & rebate accruals to Dealer.
  • Account Determination for Machines, Parts, and Services & IC transactions.
  • Worked on Nested below Nested Sales Orders, Delivery and Billing. Customized Item categories for Component Sales.
  • Development of different Smartforms Invoices and configured Outputs for Printing and Archiving.
  • Worked on BI Query reporting for SD and Query Builder.
  • Scheduled Jobs and customized variants for Delivery, ATP and Billing Batch Jobs in TIDAL.
  • Worked on Sales Order Costing and Material Costing. Developed Routine for appearance of EK02 or VPRS in Pricing.
  • Worked with Tax team for External Tax System Vertex.
  • Coordinated for SIT, UAT Testing, BPP and DPD Creation for test cases and scenarios.
  • Cross Functional integration and Worked with FI-CO, MM, PP & SAP APO, BI Teams.
Client: Confidential,Chicago, IL Feb’07 – 30th April 08

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7E
Confidential,is a Pharmaceutical manufacturer of Medical Devices, Drugs & formulation.

Role: SAP SD Functional consultant

  • Extensively worked on Pricing Procedures and various aspects of pricing to suite the business requirements.
  • Worked on aspects of FI integration with SD.
  • Worked on documenting the functional and technical specs.
  • Worked on IDOC processing, Output Determination.
  • Created test scenarios and performed the functional testing and Unit testing of the interface.
  • Worked closely with the ABAP team in developing various reports to support the functionality of the interface and performed functional testing of the reports.
  • Extensively Worked on mass uploads for partner function changes, customers block/unblock and other attribute changes using LSMW.
  • Worked on various enhancements and modifications after the Go-live.
  • Been a member of Data Migration team for Customer Master legacy systems to SAP using LSMW
  • Worked on Configuration changes to the customer master such as:
  • Change partner functions from mandatory to optional.
  • Change numbering for Z003 account group from external to internal.
  • Worked on conversion/translation tables, Attribute tables, sales area conversions, Account group conversions, partner function relations.
  • Worked on all aspects of Master data.
  • Involved in Configuring of different account groups, Number ranges, Set up of Partner functions, and Field level Settings.
  • Involved in Configuring of Sales Area, credit Management, Billing Plan, Batch Management.
  • Involved in configuring of Third Party Sales, Consignment Sales, Order to Cash sales.
  • Performed assessment for upgrade to ECC 6.0 from 4.7E

Client: Confidential, Jul\'06 – Jan’07

Environment: SAP ECC 5.0
DAN RIVER is a Bed & Linen Distributor in USA. Dan River is subsidiary of GHCL.

Role: SD Functional Consultant
SAP business analysis, Configuration changes, enhancements and modifications.

  • Involved in the complete cycle of Order to Cash (OTC) Order Management, Logistics Execution (Shipping), Billing, Return Processing & Make to Order.
  • Preparation of As-Is documents, To-Be documents for the client’s business process and mapping them in to SAP.
  • Configured new pricing procedure right from condition types and access sequences to suit the Business requirements.
  • Configured shipping points, picking locations, shipping point determination & Storage Location Determination for Lean WM.
  • Worked on Enterprise Architecture, configuring Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Divisions, Sales Offices, Sales Group and Sales Areas.
  • Created a shipping surcharge condition type for a pricing procedure and created account determination.
  • Configured transportation zones.
  • Worked in coordination with FI team to solve the SD_ FI integration issues.
  • Configured revenue account determination.
  • Configured Stock transfer Orders.
  • Configured SD BOM for pricing at sub item level and Variant Pricing using object Dependencies.
  • Worked to set up new Partner functions, Customer master data, & configured Text Determination.
  • Controlling the flow of documents as per business needs through copy control and document changes for sales, delivery and billing documents.
  • Worked on mass uploads of Data using LSMW.
  • Involved in Functional and Technical Spec review meetings.
  • Worked on creating testing documents and test scenarios for functional and unit testing.
  • Mass maintenance of condition records using MASS transaction.
  • Involved in training of Super Users and End Users.
  • Created Transaction Variants for Users.
  • Worked on inter-company billing, inter-company stock transfers and automatic invoice verification and STOs.
  • Generated simple reports using ABAP/4 Query tool.
  • Created customer material info records, item/product proposals and Material Determination.
  • Managed the helpdesk by analyzing the day-to-day problems of the users and giving them Production support.
  • Extensively used Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access Data Base while working on different SAP Tables.

Client: Confidential,GA Dec’ 05 – June’ 06
Environment: SAP 4.6C
This company manufactures printing presses and prepress, printing, and binding equipment for customers in the print media industry.

Role: SAP SD / VC Consultant


  • Worked on copy control of billing documents (sales -> billing, delivery-> billing & billing -> billing).
  • Implemented new pricing strategies by linking all the pricing components.
  • Configuration of billing related process such as copy control procedure, incompletion procedures, and postings to G/L accounts
  • Configured text control for sales orders, delivery and billing documents.
  • Configuring the end-to-end business processes in SAP that includes text determination, partner determination and output determination procedures.
  • Configured credit memo, debit memo requests and consignment processing.
  • Customized account determination, account groups and billing plan types.
  • Implemented “Scheduling agreements” to deliver different order items under different periods to ensure that the total project items are progressively handled
  • Created data for configurable materials in material master records for variant configuration.
  • Assigned object dependencies to the BOM items for a configurable material like select conditions, procedures and actions.
  • Classified the materials entered as components in a BOM in the classification system.
  • Maintained characteristics and characteristic values for configuration.
  • Documented the configuration changes and trained the users.

Client: Confidential,PA May’ 05 – Nov’ 05
Environment: SAP 4.7E
Confidential,is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development, sale and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals used primarily to treat and manage pain.

Role: SD functional consultant
This project was an end-to-end implementation of SAP using the ASAP methodology.

  • Implementation as per ASAP methodology - scope, project preparation, business blue Printing, Realization, Go-live
  • Preparation of As-Is documents, To-Be documents for the client’s business process and mapping them in to SAP.
  • Defining and Assigning the Enterprise Structure for SD including Sales Organization, Distribution Channel, Divisions, Sales Offices, Sales areas
  • Configured Customer master, material master.
  • Configured Partner Functions and Partner Determination Procedure for Customer Master.
  • Configured material listings and exclusions for various customer groups and configured Material determination for obsolete and availability of materials
  • Configured the Availability Check with ATP by defining checking groups, checking rules for availability check in sales orders and deliveries and defined Material block for other users.
  • Configured Partner determination procedures, Text determination procedures, and output determination procedures.
  • Defined Shipping Points, Shipping Conditions and Loading Groups and Configured delivery blocks and blocking reasons in shipping.
  • Worked on creating deliveries without reference.
  • Migration experience of SD master data from legacy to SAP system using CATT.
  • Coordinated in unit testing, integration testing for different test scenarios.

Client: Confidential,Mumbai India Oct\' 04 –May\' 05
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7C
Confidential,is a Manufacturer of RF, HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave Equipments and components.

Role: SD Functional Consultant

As a team member, involved in configuration, customization configuration in SAP R/3 SD Module

  • Set up a new division to support the sales of a new type of product.
  • Configured new pricing procedures by defining new condition tables, access sequences, condition types using condition techniques and setting up pricing procedures for customers & documents.
  • Created new access sequence to the existing condition types.
  • Involved in Creating Material Info Record.
  • Involved in support of Configuring Plant Master data
  • Extensively worked on Mass Uploads using tool LSMW.
  • Condition exclusion groups were used to determine the best discount among multiple condition types.
  • Configured the system for the different processes in sales order processing which includes consignment stock, Rush order & Cash Sale, to meet specific requirements in the business sales process.
  • Worked on material determination and item proposals.
  • Configuration of types of settlements: automatic invoice split using copying control, invoice lists and payment terms.
  • Configured Incompletion Log for Sales Doc.
  • Involved in Back Order Processing and Available to Promise(ATP)/ Transfer of Requirements (TOR’s),
  • Billing document creation by processing billing due lists and background processing.
  • Configured item categories and schedule line categories to handle all the sales transactions
  • Worked extensively on integration issues with MM and FI.

Client: Confidential,Mumbai India May’ 1993 – Sept’ 04
Role: Sr. Business Analyst
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.0B

This company manufactures Export quality cigarettes and Tobacco products.

The company was using SAP R/3 4.0b. This project was up gradation of SAP R/3 4.6C in the areas of Materials, Sales, Finance and controlling.


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.

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