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Sap Crm Lead Resume

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Queens Village, NY


  • 10 years of IT experience in which 8 Years in SAP CRM & 4 plus years of SAP CRM Functional design & configuration expereince in Marketing Plan, Trade Promotion, Master Data: Such as Territory Management, Organization Structure, Product, Business Partners & 3 Plus Years of Sales with Web UI, pricing, Middleware Configuration with ECC SD data replication.
  • Involved in Three Full Lifecycle Implementations of SAP CRM in Marketing, SAP Trade Promotion, SAP Business Partner , Service Contract, Service Plan, Sales with Middleware Configuration using ASAP methodology including managing requirements gathering, System Analysis, Business Blueprinting, Configuration, Customization, Testing, and Production Support.
  • Expertise in Gap Analysis, As-Is/ To-Be process, Blueprinting, Prototyping, Workshops, Presentations, Documentation, Testing, User Training, and Post-Go-Live support.
  • Well experienced in implementation of CRM Basic functions and Master data such as Partner processing, Organizational model, Territories, Products, Transactions, Item Categories, Actions profile, Determination procedures and Middleware Configuration.
  • Extensive experience in Marketing functionalities such as Marketing planning, Campaign mgmt, Trade Promotion, Segmentation, Lead mgmt, ELM and also in Enterprise Sales such as Opportunities, Sales Methodology, Quotations, Activity mgmt, Service Contract, Service Plan & Warrenty Management.
  • Good knowledge of Internet Sales Application, Mobile Applications, Enterprise Portal, Business Information Warehouse, IS-U Utlities and Web UI.
  • Functional expertise well augmented by excellent analytical, problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, and ability to work well as individual and global team environment.
Business/System Skills
  • Design SAP CRM Strategic Planning, Business Process Analysis
  • Design SAP CRM Project & Change Management
  • Design SAP CRM Systems Architecture, Organizational Leadership
  • Design SAP CRM system Configuration & development
  • Testing & Verification
SAP CRM Technical/Functional Skills

CRM: SAP CRM 7.0, 2007, 5.0 and 4.0
Master Data: Organization Structure, Territory Management, Business Partners, Partner Processing & Product.
Marketing Plan: Work on Marketing Plan, Campaign Management, Trade Promotion, Organization Structure, Lead Management, Activity Management and Partner Determination.
Transaction: LEAD, Opportunity, Sales Order, Quotation, Service Contract, Service Plan, Warranty Management, Text Determination, Action Profile, Status Profile, Date Management.

Technical Skills

Operating System : Windows NT 2000/2003.
Languages : VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#, JAVA
ERP : SAP R/3 4.6C, CRM 5.0
Database Languages : SQL, Oracle, TOAD
Ms Office: Ms Office2000 (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Microsoft Project, VISIO)

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential, MA
Role: CRM LEAD Feb- 2010-------Present

Blue Printing: Involved requirements gathering blue print document & workshop meetings using ASAP Methodology.
WRICEF: Create and manage WRICEF list, Enhancement Task, Writing Technical Specification for Developer & Create Test Plan for Unit testing.
CRM Call Center: Create Telesales & Telemarketing process for their Call Center in CRM 7.0.
Create Agent Inbox and multiple Queues for IC agent Inbox,
CreateInteraction Record for record the agent activity while creating a sales order or searching any customer accounts.
Create ERMS for their Email response management system and replicate email & Meeting to Lotus Notes through Groupware Connectivity.
Create Sales Order ERP, Cross Sell, Up Sell Process Alerts & Scripting.
CRM Presales/ Sales: Create LEAD & opportunity Management, Activity management, Sales Order ERP Master Data Enhancement: Create Organization Structure, Territory Management, item category, item category determination procedure, Text Determination, Status Management, Action Profile, and Date Management for WEB UI Transaction.
Transaction Launcher: Create ECC Transaction in CRM through Transaction Launcher.
Middleware: Create the middleware connectivity and replicated master data such as business partner, transactional data, product data from ECC to CRM. Also involve in to the groupware connectivity to replicate the Meeting & Email 'ERMS' in to the lotus notes.
Service: Create Service order, Complaint for their return process & Warranty Management.
SAP CRM 7.0 & ECC 6.0 (Web UI, Telesales, Telemarketing, Activity Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Order ERP, Transaction Launcher, Service, WRICEF).

Client: Confidential, Beachwood Ohio Mar 2009 --- Dec 2009

  • CRM Presales/ Sales: Create lead Management, opportunity Management, Activity management, Define item category, Define item category determination procedure, Text Determination, Status Management, Action Profile, Date Management for WEB UI Sales Transaction.
  • Master data: Enhancing their Organizational structure for WEB UI Transactions, Assigning Business partners to the org structure & creating Territory Management & assign Org Unit.
  • Middleware & Groupware: Replicate Products Master Data, Business Partner Master Date, Pricing Condition & Transactional master data form R/3 to CRM.
  • Set up a Groupware connection through Middleware, define sites & subscription for Groupware adapter, Download all business partner master data in to groupware adapter, and Map the configuration setting for CRM to Lotus Notes & Versa. Involve in Groupware configuration setting to replicate Activities & Task from CRM to Lotus Notes & Lotus Notes to CRM.
  • WEB UI: Modified the identify account view set of BSP, Work on Authorization Rules & PFCG RULES.
  • Create transaction launcher to call URL links such as FAQ's and Tremco homepage from the Interaction center & ECC Transaction in to CRM.
  • Create Navigation Bar Link for CRM Application, Work Center, logical link & Business Roles for web UI.
  • Set up Sales PRO & market Pro Roles for WEB UI.
  • SAP CRM 2007(Web UI, Marketing Plan, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Activity Management, Opportunity Management, Product, Pricing Procedure, Middleware).

Client: Confidential, Austin, TX Jan 2008 - Dec 2008

  • Worked for Confidential, one of the leading semiconductor industries. It offers various microprocessors, media processors, and servers for computing, graphics, and consumer electronics markets, and serves original equipment & design manufacturers, and third-party distributors through direct and independent sales force.
  • Involved Project preparation plans, requirements gathering create Marketing plan & Trade Promotion blue print document using ASAP Methodology.
  • Working with outstanding project planned, execution, monitored and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure.
  • Involved in Customizing of Marketing plans, Campaign Management & Trade Promotion Management.
  • Configured segment builder for different Data sources (Attribute set, ELM & Infoset).
  • Configured trade promotion plan for their traders, and create & assign product discount for their trader's & channel partners for certain time periods.
  • Created Pricing & Discount Condition, Condition Type & Pricing Procedure for the Product & assign that procedure to the Campaign & Trade Promotion.
  • Involved in creation of Account Planning integrates with the other CRM/R/3 & BW processes.
  • Worked with BI consultants in transferring the annual sales targets and budgets to CRM server.
  • I involved in setting up master data (Organization structure, Territory management) for Campaign & trade promotions.
  • Created Territory Hierarchies, Employees and assigned Employees to territories through position and made a link between Territory and Organizational Structure.
  • Involved in configuration of Partner Determination Procedure, Action profile for Marketing Plan & Trade Promotion.
  • Extensively worked on ELM (External List Management) configuration, survey set-up and automatic determination of survey's for generation of LEAD.
  • SAP CRM 2007 & R/3 ----Blue Print, Marketing plan, Campaign Management, Trade Promotion, Organization Structure, Territory Management, Channel Partners, Product, Pricing, Action Profile, Middleware, Groupware.

Client: Confidential, Brunswick, NJ July 2007 - Dec 2007
Role: Sr. SAP CRM Consultant

  • Worked for Confidential, they makes ceramic tile, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles and floor tiles. Which are available for domestic consumers and the house developers?
  • Involved Project preparation plans, requirements gathering to create Master Data, Lead & Opportunity Management blue print document using ASAP Methodology.
  • Customized the master data that includes Partners Processing, Organizational Structures, and Product, Pricing and maintaining Territory Management.
  • Configured the basic functions such as partner determination procedure, organization determination procedure, status profile and action profile.
  • Configured action profile for various scenarios (Lead to Opportunity & Lead to Order).
  • Configured complete lead management.
  • Configuration of Priorities for the Process Types and creation of a Text Determination Procedure to display various Note Categories within a Lead.
  • Configured Partner Processing including Partner Determination Rules, partner relationships with Contact persons for Leads.
  • Involved in setting up Middleware configuration and responsible to upload the business partners master data and transactional data from R/3 to CRM.

SAP CRM 5.0 & R/3 ---Master Data, Org Unit, Territory Management, Product,Lead Management, Opportunity Management & Middleware Configuration.

Client: Confidential, Denver, CO Mar 2006 - June 2007
Role: Sr. SAP CRM Consultant

  • Worked for Confidential, one of the nation's top building & construction materials industry wherein primary business segments include roofing systems, building insulation, and engineering products.
  • Suggested SAP CRM key functionalities, involved in defining future state business processes workflows
  • In the process of Blueprinting, involved in requirements gathering sessions and developed Business Process Documents (BPD) for marketing & Campaign Plan using ASAP Methodology.
  • Configured and customized organization structure, partner processing, Product & Territory Management for campaign.
  • Configured marketing planner, campaigns, campaign elements, types/ objectives/ tactics.
  • Worked on defined BP segmentation scenarios by using the segment builder to create target groups based on BW queries, info set and attributes of master data.
  • Configure & Customized Product, product Discount for Campaign.
  • Created Pricing Condition & Discounts, Condition Types & Pricing Procedure for the Product.
  • Worked on survey suite in developing surveys and questionnaires and assigned to campaign elements.
  • Involved in ELM (External List Management) configuration, Define ELM mapping format and assign those Mapping format to the segmentation.
  • Created Segment builder through ELM data sources & assign to the campaign.
  • Developed Functional Specification and Performance test cases and resolved the issues in each testing phase.
  • Developed user manuals and handled user training sessions.

SAP CRM 5.0 & R/3---Business Blue Print, Marketing Plan, Campaign Management, Segment Builder, organization structure, partner processing, Product & Territory Management,Product, Product Pricing Procedure.

Client: Confidential, Durham, NC Feb 2005 - Feb 2006
Role : Senior SAP CRM Consultant

  • Worked for Confidential, one of the top pharmaceutical firms that produce consumer products (personal care products), over-the-counter medication, vitamins, nutritional, and other health related products.
  • Involved Project preparation plans, requirements gathering, create Sales Process, Marketing & Trade Promotion blue print document using ASAP Methodology.
  • Worked in full life cycle implementation of Sales Force Automation (SFA) business process starting from project preparation, business blue print, realization, testing, and finally go live & support.
  • Involved in implementation of CRM key functionalities such as.
  • Configured and customized the key concepts of Sales process such as opportunities, activities, quotation & order management, account & contact management.
  • Created Pricing Condition, Condition Type & Pricing Procedure for the Product.
  • Configured and customized various transaction types, item categories, number ranges, action profiles, and text/ partner determination procedures.
  • Defined Action Profile, Text Determination Profile, Date Management, Org Structure, Status Profile for Opportunity Management, Sales Order & Quotation Management.
  • Involved for creating Middleware set up between ECC and CRM & Configuration of CRM System to the existing business requirements.
  • Involved in Initial Download & mapping of Master Data from ECC to CRM.
  • Coordinated with R/3 consultants in setting up Order fulfillment (Availability check, delivery, Post goods issue and Billing processes) for the Orders generated through CRM.
  • Designed and developed e-mail form templates and interactive scripts
  • Involved in developing testing and user documentation and conducted end user training
  • Resolved post go-live issues

SAP CRM 5.0 & R/3 ---Blue Print, Sales Process, Opportunity Management, Sales Order, Quotation Management Product, Pricing Procedure, and Middleware Configuration & Upload data from R/3 to CRM.

Client: Confidential, Cleveland, OH Apr 2004 - Dec 2004
Role: Senior SAP CRM Consultant

  • Worked for Confidential, a leading manufacturer of arc-welding and cutting products, as well as welding supplies that include arc-welding power sources, automated wire-feeding systems, and consumable electrodes for arc welding
  • Involved Project preparation plans, requirements gathering, create Sales Process, Quotation, Telesales, and Teleservice & Activity Mgmt blue print document using ASAP Methodology.
  • Involved in gathering business requirements while dealing with client.
  • Involved in creating of different Transaction such as Opportunity, Sales order, Service Contract & Service Plan.
  • Involved in Configuring and customized the profile set for these transaction like Org Data, Status Profile, Action Profile, Date Management, Text Determination & Item Category
  • Configured end-to-end process of opportunity management, Sales Orders, quotation with all phases of sales methodology.
  • Configured Action profile for various scenarios (Lead to Opportunity & Opportunity to Quotation).
  • Involved in creating a Middleware connection between R/3 to CRM.
  • Performed downloading the business partner master data, organization model, and product master data from R/3 to CRM system using Middleware adapter.
  • Involved in end user training and documentation.
  • SAP CRM 4.0 ---Sales & Service Methodology (Opportunity Management, Sales Orders,Quotation, Telesales, Teleservice, Activity Mgmt, Middleware)

Confidential, Creedmoor, NC Mar 2002 - Mar 2004
CRM Business Analyst

  • Managed and execute work in all aspects of software development including design and creation of CRM Blueprint & functional specifications using ASAP Methodology.
  • Performed business process analysis for development & technical team.
  • Communicate with client for the creation and completion of the project till the project GO-LIVE.
  • Worked with outstanding project planning, execution, monitoring and resource balancing skills with ability to support multiple simultaneous projects in a matrix organizational structure.
  • Coordinate outside vendors and off-shore resources in support of timeline and IT project deliverables.
  • Worked with Different team such as CRM Consultant, ABAB Programmer, System Analyst, Development teams to deliver the projects on time.
  • BIT (Business of Information Technology)
  • Associate in Computer Science

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