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Sap Crm Resume


Executive Summary

  • 7+ years of SAP Consulting, Implementation, Development and Support experience.
  • Experience in Full cycle implementation, enhancements, rollouts and production support.
  • Detailed knowledge and experience in SAP CRM 7.0module in areas including CRM Sales, CRM Service, CRM Marketing, CRM Middleware and CRM Interaction Center (IC), ASAP methodologyCase Management, Complaints Management & Web UI.
  • Extensive experience of Order Management, Contract Management, Returns process, Intellectual Property Management, Territory Management, Trade Promotion Management, Consignment process,Customer Interaction Center (IC Web Client & Win Client), Lead Management, Campaign Management, Management, Quotation Management and ActivityManagement.
  • Configuration of Master data and basic functions: Business partners, Products, Organizational Model, IP Master, Territory master, Partner/Text/Date determinations, Actions, Transaction types, Item Categories.
  • Marketing Configurationincludes: Campaign management, Lead management, External list management, Marketing plans, Customer segmentation, personalized mails, Integrating Lead - Campaign Management, Sales Cycle & Phases, Lead analysis.
  • Configure Middleware settings in CRM and ECC, Administration Console, Data Loads, Middleware Enhancements using BADIs and User Exits.
  • Sales Configuration includes – Order Management includes Standard orders and Consignments, Territory Management for the determination of Sales Rep for a Territory, Opportunity Management, Quotation Management, Copy Control, and Activity Management.
  • Interaction Center(IC) Web client Configuration includes – Navigation bar, Call List management, Account Identification Profile, Transaction Profile, Lead Qualification and maintaining Product Upsellers and Cross Sellers.
  • Excellent knowledge to lead business process design sessions, design workshops, business blueprinting sessions, customization activities, configuration activities and skilled to successfully complete CRM implementation, Extensively worked in data migration from legacy systems to SAP CRM Systems.
  • Interacted with the IPM team to extract, convert and validate data along with holding review sessions.
  • Testing experience including Unit Testing using eCatt and system testing.
  • Experience in Internet Sales and Internet Customer Self Service.
  • Have complete knowledge of SAP CRM server technology & User Interfaces worked/working with SAP CRM 7.0, CRM 2007 (SAP CRM 6.0), SAP CRM 5.0, SAP R/3 4.7, SAP ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0 versions.
  • Knowledge of ABAP programing language. Competent in interacting with the technical team on technical issues concerning BOL programing, GeNIL enhancement and overall WebUI enhancement.
  • Motivational team player and communicator, capable of building cohesion and project management across all levels of complaints, staff and customers. Thrive in meeting challenges.
  • Experience in writing Unit Test Plan documents and reports (RIFEFW).

MBA (Marketing)


Functional Skills (Project Management) :

Multiple CRM Full Lifecycle Implementations, Requirements Gathering, Fit- Gap Analysis, Blueprint Workshops etc.

CRM Service Management:

IBASE, Components and IObjects, Service Contracts, Service Orders, Service Requests, Service Confirmations, Repair Orders, Warranty Claims, Complains and Returns.

CRM Sales & Marketing:

CRM Lead to Order, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Quotations, Sales Contracts, Condition Technique, Campaign Management, Target Groups Sales Orders, Pricing, e-commerce etc.

CRM Middleware:

Configure Middleware settings in CRM and ECC. Middleware Enhancements using BADIs and User Exits.


CRM 2007 Web UI Configuration, Design Layer Customizing, CRM Business Roles Configuration, WebUI Component Enhancement.

Professional Experience:
Project Client: Confidential,Minneapolis Aug 2011- Present
Web: Confidential,
Role: SAP CRM Functional Consultant



CRM 7.0, ECC 6.0

The US based makers of mattress who uses air-chamber technology delivers a total sales of $691 million annually. The company has manufacturing and distribution facilities in North Carolina and Utah. The company employs 2,500 people nationallyResponsibilities:
CRM Sales and Marketing
Configured my SAP CRM Marketing for activities, business partners, contacts management, Leads, Campaigns, sales contracts,OTC,attributes and master data.
• Assisted in activities like campaign planning, TPM, target groups. Business PartnerSegmentation using Segment builder.
• Defining Billing and Sales Cycle with all the relevant Phases for processing of Opportunities and maintaining the status Profiles.
• Involved in inter-company CRM billing, billing processing and Archiving of Billing documents.
• The setup for master data includes BP, Contacts, Products and Organizational management .Configures the organizational structure as per the blue print.
• Target group creation using segment builder.
• Defined and configured catalogs, codes, and profiles for activity management.
• Designed the Pricing Procedure and associated Condition Types for Customer Warranty Accounting Indicators and sales contracts. Also designed the Pricing Condition Types for Pricing Agreements and associated Pricing Procedures for Extended Warranty Contracts.
• Created new Date Profiles, Text/output determination procedures and Status Management.
CRM Middleware
• Analyzes the master data in ERP system and recommends cleansing of data if necessary before starting the initial download of master data from ERP to CRM system.
• Extensively used core CRM BAPIs and BADIs to facilitate design and develop optimal Back end CRM Objects.
• Involved in gathering required information from end users, supervisors and managers to prepare functional specifications.

  • Configured CRM middleware for CRM objects replication, monitoring and


  • Involved in Middleware settings for CRM & R/3 synchronization for smoother data transfer between the two systems.

Master Data setup including Products, Product catalog, Maintenance of Organizational units, Positions and holders, Business partners- Roles and Relationships.
• Worked with the client for Business Blueprint workshops scope/schedule.
• Gathered Business requirements from Process Owners, Super users to set up & Configure SAP CRM 6.0.Performed Gap/Fit analysis. Identified Gaps, performed feasibility analysis and Scope to customize SAP CRM and ECC 6.0 to meet Business requirements.

  • Collaborated with the testing team to perform unit testing.

CRM Service
• Extensively worked on Service Process of the Client and adding new developments on time to time.
• Creating a Service Order Structure of all the service Items, like service item, spare part item and sales item.
• Interacted with the technical team to implement the Post processing Framework BADI for a custom Action to create a Field RETURN and Warranty Claim Document for the relevant Item Categories of a Service Confirmation.
• Creating New values for the Opportunity Classification – Group, Origin and Priority.
• Defining Alternate Product ID and Profiles and assigning to the Product Types.
• Configuring all the steps required for Contract Management with Credit Note.

Project Client: Confidential,Lake Forest IL May 2010-July2011
Web: Confidential,
Role: CRM Sales Contracts, CRM Sales Order, Marketing, WebUI, IC
Environment: CRM 7.0, ECC 6.0Netweaver portal
Confidential,is a Fortune 500 industrial supply company founded in 1927 in Chicago. Grainger\'s catalog includes such offerings as motors, lighting, material handling, fasteners, plumbing, tools, and safety supplies. Revenue is generally from business to business sales rather than consumer sales.
CRM Sales and Marketing
• Designed and Configured Opportunities from generated Leads. Customized standard SAP Workflow for automatic creation of Opportunities from LEAD.

  • Defined and Implemented Availability Check, Credit Check,Group, Sales Contracts, Sales Cycle and Sales Assistant for different Opportunities Types.
  • Configured Campaign Types, Communication channels,TFM, Marketing Plan, Campaign Element, Attributes, Attribute Sets, Target Group, Profile set (with Segment Builder), Mailing List etc.
  • Configured Billing Processes, Billing Types including ECC billing and Account Determination.
  • Created Complaints and follow-up actions.

• Designed CRM IPC based Pricing Process for CRM opportunities. This enabled to client to simulate certain discounts on the fly and Qualify a Customer on the Opportunity.
• Managed CRM resources through successful design and build project phases.
Base Customization of deferent areas like Org. Model, Territory structure, activity and Actions, and Status Profiles.

  • Configured and tested CRM 7.0 system and executed various marketing related processes in standard situations as Campaign Creation, Campaign Execution, Opportunity - Lead Cycle, Segmentation, External List Management etc.

CRM Middleware
• Interacted with the technical team to implement the Post Processing Framework BADI for a custom Action to create a Credit Memo Document (CMR) in CRM when certain Service Contracts are cancelled in CRM.
• Interacted with the technical team to implement and programmed the Service Object Set BADI in CRM to populate the correct IBASE/Component and Object at the header level when creating a Warranty Claim Document.
• Set up Middleware for transfer of Business Partners, Products and Transactions between SAP ECC and CRM.

  • Set-up middleware initial and delta loads for configuration objects, master and transactional data.

• Team Lead managed a group of 6.
CRM Service
• Experience with Detailed Business requirements Gathering and conducting Design Sessions with the Business folks.
• Designed and Configured SAP CRM based Business Processes for CRM Service Orders and CRM Service Confirmation. Effectively Integrated CRM Customer Warranty with the Service Order to achieve Warranty based Pricing.
• Implementation of CRM Interaction Center IC.
• Created a Service Order Structure of all the service Items, like service item, spare part item and sales item.

  • Implemented enhancements of the CRM WebUI for CRM Complaints, Case Managementand Service Transactions.

• Off-shore & on-site software development services,Y2K& euro currency solutions, business application.
Full Lifecycle CRM Service Implementation. Involved in Managing the project through Design, Build and Test Cycles for the CRM Sales and CRM Service Scenarios.
• Extensive experience In using SAP CRM Sales/Service (7.0) and CRM modules.
• Worked with Security, Training and Testing teams to define and implement project methodologies to ensure project teams produce quality deliverables.
• Configured document types, item categories, status profiles, pricing, partner, Org profile, lead and text determination procedures in support of international commodity distribution programs.

Project Client: Confidential,Los Angeles, CA Feb 2009 – Mar 2010
Web: Confidential,
Role: SAP CRM Consultant Sales
Environment: SAP CRM 6.0, ECC 6.0
Confidential,is a global cardiovascular device company selling products in more than 100 countries. St Jude is currently implementing SAP for all its divisions globally in the stream of realizing ONE SJM central system. In the current phase (Release 2) SJM is implementing Consignment sales process for one of its divisions which makes 70% of SJM revenue.

  • Involved in the requirement gathering phase and scoping of the requirements.
  • Configured Territory Management which is used to determine Benefitting Reps of a particular Territory.
  • Experienced in Sales and Distribution Processing.
  • Experienced in Partner Channel Management configurations.
  • ConfiguredComplaints and Sales order processing in CRM including creation of Request for Quotation, Sales order processing and replication of Orders.
  • Worked on interfacing CRM with the Trillium system for verifying the BP addresses.
  • Worked on Master Data maintenance of BP and Product Master.
  • Thorough understanding of BDOCS for BUPA_MAIN, PRODUCT_MAT and BUS_TRANS_MSG and IDOCs.
  • Worked on improving the BP search performance by streamlined creation of New Business Partners and maintenance of Existing Business Partners using SAP CRM.
  • Worked on e-commerce.
  • Worked on improving the CRMD_ORDER performance by customizing creation of leads, opportunities, quotations, sales orders by use of Actions and Copy Control.
  • Configured BP, number ranges and grouping for business partners.
  • Configured the Sales org and Org determination procedure.
  • Configured Partner determination procedure and Text determination procedure.
  • Configured Transaction types, Item categories and Item categorydeterminations related to Consignment process.
  • Lead the offshore testing team in designing and executing the test cases for Consignment process.
  • Designed the Pricing Procedure and associated Condition Types for Customer Warranty Accounting Indicators.
  • Lead the SAP CRM production support team after Go-Live.
  • Lead the team working on support pack upgrades.
  • Administered the defect resolution for Consignment process.
  • Experience in troubleshooting Middleware issues like transfer and replication of BP, products, loading of sales area data etc.
  • Used IBM’s Ascendant as a project management tool.

Project Client: Confidential,Oldsmar, FL Jul 2007- Nov 2008
Web: Confidential,
Role: SAP Consultant (CRM Marketing and WEB UI)
Environment: SAP CRM 5.0

Confidential,makes it simple to do just that-by providing the safe collection and preservation of your newborn\'s precious stem cells. For more than a decade, Cryo-Cell and its worldwide affiliates have expertly processed over 215,000 newborn\'s cord blood for families.
• Understanding the current business model with meeting with business users
• Configured marketing Planning, Campaign management and segmentation in the CRM system based on the process requirements.
• Configured WEB-UI (Navigation area) for different Accounts in client hierarchy.
• Configured lead Transaction and Lead Template.
• Configured Campaign Execution to generate Activities and Leads for selected Target groups.
• Designed and Configured Custom Condition Types and Pricing Procedures.
• Configured Marketing Segmentation and Mail form.
• Configured Client specific Questionnaires.

  • Collaborated with the SD team for integration testing.

• Configured Actionswith relevant Start and Schedule Conditions for creating Warranty Claim and FIELD Return documents in CRM along with Org Management.
• Configured Marketing calendarto include Defining and assigning Search criteria, Assigning Graphic profile, Views, Campaign automation and actions for Survey scenario.
• Good knowledge in creating External List Management, Personalized Mail forms.
• Configured Transaction launcher based on client requirement.
• Exposure to middlewareObject to load the Custom Condition Types, Pricing Procedures and Condition Tables from SAP ECC to SAP CRM.

Project Client: Confidential,St. Paul, MN Mar 2006- Jun 2007
Web: Confidential,
Role: SAP CRM Consultant
Environment: SAP CRM 5.0, ECC 5.0

Confidential, is a global provider of water, hygiene and energy technologies and services to the food, energy, healthcare, industrial and hospitality markets. In nearly 170 countries, businesses rely on more than 23,000 associates worldwide to keep their operations clean and sanitary.
• Gathered requirements, worked on architecture and designed documents based on project scope.
• Applied the business knowledge for Sales, Opportunity Management, Product Configuration and Marketing.
• Participated in creating blue print, design, configuration and implementation of the SAP CRM solutions.
• Conducted GAP Analysis to identify the functional deficits
• Worked in creating Lead and Opportunity transaction.
• Configured for lead creation from surveys, qualifying the generated leads and transferring the leads to sales.
• Configured copy control settings for various transaction types and item categories.
• Configured the questionnaire feature with the survey builder
• Configuration for sending personalized mails for product promotions.
• Assigned the runtime framework profile, business transaction profile and component profiles to an IC Web Client and assigned the IC Web Client profile to the responsible organizational unit.
• Setup Framework ID, CIC profiles, roles, customer specific Workspaces and Action box.
• Customized the Action box, added transactions for creating activities, interactive scripts and launching useful workspaces like search on the internet pages for agents to use IC Service
• Configured a CIC Framework profile. Customized visible components and hidden components and assigned these component types to CIC framework profile.
• Worked on creating Marketing Plan, Marketing Plan Elements, and E-Mail Campaign
• Segmented Business Partners into target group based on their attributes as a part of Campaign Management process.
• Created and Maintained Call Lists for Telesales using Campaign Management

Project Client: Confidential,Pittsburg, PA May 05 – Jan 06
Web: Confidential,
Role: SAP CRM Consultant (CIC Win Client, Marketing)
Environment: SAP CRM 4.0, SAP R/3 4.6c
Confidential,is a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors, ceilings and cabinets. In 2011, Armstrong\'s consolidated net sales totaled approximately $2.9 billion. Based in Lancaster, Pa., Armstrong operates 33 plants in eight countries and has approximately 9,300 employees worldwide.

    • Conducted the GAP Analysis to identify the functional deficits.
    • Basic campaign configuration- defined campaign types/objectives/tactics.
    • Communication channels- Partner/Organizational data determination, Transaction types, communication channel settings.
    • Maintain Business Partner, role, relationships and configure partner determination procedure.
    • Marketing Plans and Campaigns- maintained marketing plans/Marketing plan elements/Campaigns.
    • Mapped and transferred Business Partners contacts CRM using the feature of External List Management. Address lists are mapped into CRM from external provider Claritas.
    • Customer Segmentation- maintained marketing attributes/attribute sets/attributes lists, maintained data sources. Assigned attribute values to business partners.
    • Created Target groups and profile set in Segment builder.
    • Configuration for sending personalized mails for product promotions
    • Basic functions for Leads- defined groups/origins/priorities, transaction types, number ranges and item category determination.
    • Lead qualification-defining questionnaires, qualification levels, and questionnaire determination.
    • Configured the outbound call scenario within Customer Interaction Center. Created interaction history views, product proposals and interactive scripting within interaction center.
    • Provided end-user training, knowledge transfer, documentation and participated in preparing training manuals.

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