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Sap Bw Lead Architect Consultant Resume

Smyrna, TN


A Lead Architect and a Developer with 20 years of experience in designing, configuring, and developing software applications; of the 20 years, 5 years of experience in SAP ABAP programming and 10 years of SAP BW implementation, reengineering, and production support. Mainly proficient in implementing and reengineering SAP Business Warehouse data extraction and configuration, data modeling, transformations, data staging, query design, and report presentations for different SAP functional modules: FI/CO, MM, SD, IM, and SCM. Extensive experiences in ABAP to implement and reengineer data conversions, data extractions, reports, interfaces, enhancements, transformation rules, and user’s exits. Responsible roles included Consulting and non-Consulting.

EDUCATION : Bachelors of Science in Information and Computer Science


Confidential, June 2012 to August 2012
As a SAP BW Lead Architect Consultant, coordinated meetings with Reporting Business Team to gather Sales and Distribution and Procurement reporting requirements and provided guidance in reviewing the SAP Sales and Distribution and Procurement operational processes. Identified and defined operational business entities and facts relating to Open Sales Orders, Open Purchase Orders for Stock Transport Orders, and Shipments. Composed and maintained Functional Specification detailing the SAP standard Sales and Distribution operational processes, reporting requirements of business entity and facts, and then mapping of reporting requirements to SAP standard operational processes. Composed and maintained Technical Specification containing required SAP BW Business Content, DSO and InfoCube design, BEx Query design, and best practices for SAP BusinessObjects 4.0. Provided assistance in managing project tasks, identified and distinguished between BASIS and Development tasks, and verified the delivery of the BW client systems.

Confidential, Smyrna, TN February 2012 to March 2012
As a SAP Solutions and BW Lead Architect Consultant, coordinated and led interview sessions and interviewed business users to gather requirements for project and implementation efforts. Assessed and evaluated the scope of the project, application toolsets, and the development tasks. Designed and created SAP BI and BI-Integrated Planning architectural specifications for requirements relating to Project Systems, Financial Accounting and Controlling, Investment Management, Assets Management, Procurement, and Business Planning. Architectural specifications illustrated solutions for reporting of Project Definition and WBS Elements, reporting hierarchies at WBS Element level, construction of SAP ECC 6.0 WBS Element Hierarchies and generation of SAP BI WBS Element Hierarchies, planning with Actual and Forecast, planning with version control, and cell text comments at WBS Element level. Other specifications included SAP BW data modeling of the entities or characteristics and facts or key figures, InfoCubes and Dimensions, data sources of reporting requirements, reporting business process, and SAP ECC, SAP BI, and BI-IP functionalities, capabilities, and features.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA January 2011 to February 2011
As part of a team of BW Architects and a BW Lead Architect Consultant, reviewed and analyzed technical requirements and implemented Material Management and Inventory Management reporting. BI reporting requirements consisted of tracking stock on hand, Material Movements, and available Spare Parts stock. Performed gap analysis of existing technical specification and SAP standard requirements; provided recommendation in revising the technical design by implementing additional data flow, which included the Moving Average Price to calculate the value of Spare Parts. Designed and configured BI Content data sources, implemented the data flow, and validated data results. Designed and configured MultiCubes and created queries. Responsible for transport requests of configuration of BW objects and queries. Performed evaluation of quality test system in preparation for data loading; recommendations included implementing SAP standard authorizations at the data source level for unrestricted manual update of 3.x data to targets and ECC 6.0 system copies from production to quality test systems for better population of data representation.

Confidential, Irvine, CA November 2009 to January 2010
As a BW Developer Consultant, performed query runtime analysis and performance evaluation and tuning. Designed and performed logical partition, repartition, and pruning of InfoCubes to improve query runtime and performance issues. Analyzed Early Watch Alert Report and identified and verified problem areas. Performed corrections recommended by the Report by implementing OSS Notes, redesigning of existing data model, specifically redesigning of Dimensions, and correcting large volume data base tables. Worked with BWA to perform runtime query performance impact of the before and after effects. Reconciled query reports for Sales Billing and Profit Centers Accounting.

Confidential, Segundo, CA March 2009 to May 2009
As a BW Lead Architect Consultant, analyzed existing BI data model and provided technical specification of ECC 6.0 customized extractors, data sources, DSOs, InfoCubes, and MultiCubes to document the as-is data model for Material Management and Production Planning. Gathered BI reporting requirements and analyzed gap analysis between to-be and as-is data model. Identified BI and ABAP enhancements and provided technical specification.

Confidential, Irvine, CA February 2008 to June 2008 As a BW Lead Architect Consultant, verified system’s production Support Package (SP) level and recommended the correct SP level for production system support purposes. Performed BEx error analysis and resolved errors relating to development from BEx Query Designer and Transports. Performed analysis of errors relating to BPS layouts and recommended implementation consultants to take necessary actions on correcting Excel Macros to eliminate errors. Supported SAP BI 7.0 BEx Users in analyzing FI data and creating workbooks. Worked extensively with SAP BI Development Team to resolve complex ABAP User’s exit variable issues with FI data Key Figure logic. Improved BEx object transport procedure that minimized the time BEx Developers must cease to develop in the BEx Query Designer to ensure all objects were transportable to test and production systems; transport environment was heavily dependent on manual collection of BEx objects to be transported to the production system. Guided other BEx Developers in the BEx Query development procedure and assisted other BEx Developers with BEx object transports from development and test to production environment.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ July 2007 to October 2007
As a BW Architect Consultant, reviewed proposed General Ledger data model and verified its standard Business Content data flow for BW 3.5. Redesigned data flow of uploading budget data by modifying the design of ODS and InfoCubes. Examined and analyzed reporting requirements performed from the Legacy reporting systems and translated the Legacy requirements to SAP BW reporting requirements. Performed legacy data structure mapping to that of SAP ECC 5.0 data structures. Worked extensively with Query Designer to design, architect, and create BW queries and workbooks for Operating P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets, and Trailing 12 Months. Designed and implemented User’s Exit Variables, Cell Editing, and Structures to create complex Financial Key Figures. A total of more than 30 queries and 10 workbooks were designed and maintained from development to production phases. Performed transports of R3 data sources, ODS, InfoCubes, queries, and workbooks. Recommended approach in data source enhancements, budget data uploading, system Support Package upgrade, and system landscape design. Validated FI-GL standard data flow by creating a customized ABAP report to retrieved FI documents. Presented and demonstrated BW report results to major stakeholders and management team members. Evaluated and provided the work requirements for the next phase of signing-off the reports and preparing for production Go-live. Trained and mentored and transferred knowledge to BI Developers in the area of production support of the ECC and BW data flow, query, and workbook change management. Trained Finance supporting team members to execute and navigate BEx reports, create and maintain workbooks, and validate the Key Figures.

Confidential, Boise, ID January 2007 to July 2007
As a BW Architect Consultant, designed and developed AFS SD Blueprint for Project scope and requirements for SAP BI 7.0 by identifying the necessary standard Business Contents. Worked extensively with Logistics Cockpit to develop and enhance standard extractor. Performed SPRO configuration of the mapping of the dimensions and category fields to elementary fields using characteristics in enabling the AFS to BW interface of AFS-SKU to transfer transaction data from ECC to BW. Configured SAP standard data sources and ODS’s and InfoCubes to implement AFS Reporting. Enhanced standard AFS Sales data sources by implementing User’s Exits. Provided guidance to technical support team members in loading and validating the data. Performed transports of all SAP ECC SPRO AFS configuration of the elementary fields, data sources and BW ODS and InfoCubes to production environment in preparation for Go-live. Assisted in publishing BEx queries reports to the Web using WAD. Trained and provided training documentations to technical team members in SAP ECC AFS and BW configuration.

Confidential, Fort Wayne, IN October 2006 to January 2007
As a BW Architect Consultant, designed and implemented the process of building the Sales Representative Organizational data structures using SAP R3 Sets and transferring the Set data structures to BW to create Hierarchies. Designed and created ABAP code using Direct Method to implement Sets in R3 to transfer Set data structures from R3 to BW; created all the necessary data sources for the Set data structures. Designed data flow in building and automating the creation of Hierarchies using Sets in R3 and transferring those Hierarchies to be built in BW. Reviewed Hierarchy Authorization design and recommended the best method to ensure design integrity. Provided BW training strategies and presentations for BW version 3.5 Technical Overview of the data flow of data sources, PSA, InfoSources, Transfer and Update rules, ODS, InfoCubes, and MultiCubes and BW Reporting Processes of query design based on Restricted and Calculated Key figures, Formulas, and Structures. Reviewed BW Reporting requirements relating to AFS Sales area and implementing those requirements by creating R3 data sources and building BW ODS and InfoCubes.

Confidential, Denver, CO September 2006 to October 2006
As a BW Architect Consultant, provided technical recommendations in resolving BW configuration of data sources, ODS, InfoCubes, loading strategies, and BEx Key Performance Indicators reporting issues for SAP BI 7.0. Performed analysis of non-SAP data relating to Insurance and provided mapping specifications for non-SAP data elements to BW InfoObjects. Acted as an advocate pushing forward to implementing the data flow and BEx reporting design using SAP BI 7.0 as opposed to BW 3.5 to better serve the BW User’s Community.

Confidential, Sacramento, CA May 2006 to September 2006
As a BW and ABAP Architect Consultant, reviewed technical specifications and designed processing method of retrieving actual data from InfoCubes and ODS in preparation to load data from the Basic InfoCubes and ODS to BPS Planning Buffer. Designed ABAP code to update BPS Planning Buffer that set precedent for other development of Fund Management solutions. Worked extensively with ABAP programming to create Exit Functions to update BPS Planning Buffer to compute plan and actual data for Controlling and Funds Management. Performed extensive test quality of ABAP Exit Functions during the QA phase and performed necessary corrections and maintenance of ABAP logic for a successful production Go-live. Mentored and performed knowledge transfer to other Consultants and technical Developers in implementing and production supporting the BPS Planning Buffer update processing design. Supported and advised other Consultants and technical Developers in the BW transport process and recommended the procedure to implement the transport procedure. Provided technical documentations for BPS Planning Buffer update design process. Trained technical team members on procedural programming methods in updating the BPS Planning Buffer.

Confidential, Foster City, CA March 2006 to April 2006
As a BW Architect Consultant, reviewed BW reporting requirements, created technical specifications, designed processing methods, and built ODS and InfoCubes for processing Purchase Order reporting. Designed and Implemented generic extractors using BW delta update capability for loading Purchasing data to BW. Designed and created BEx queries to assisted BW Trainers in validating the data to Business users. Organized transports and trained other Developers the transport procedure. A key Team Member involved in the cutover plan by gathering and documenting task sequences.

Confidential, El Segundo, CA April 2002 to March 2006
As an SAP BW Architect, reengineered existing as-is Extended General Ledger data model by redesigning the custom extractors, ODS, and InfoCubes to implement the custom Delta data flow that improved the closing at month-end processing by reducing manual refreshing of weekly InfoCubes and reloading at month-end. The enhanced custom Delta or the to-be data model reduced the manual hours performed by Power Users 100% at month-end. Maintained in parallel as-is and to-be data model in production and performed data validation until user sign-off. Monitored data loads of the as-is and to-be data flow in production. The reengineered data model also provided solutions to better validate weekly and monthly data transfers from R3 to BW significantly. Developed custom extractors for Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders from SAP R3 to BW and built all the required data sources and InfoCubes to implement the reporting requirements to track on-time processing of Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders. Designed data load sequence with InfoPackages and InfoPackage Groups for month-end load procedures for master and transaction data. Provided production support and assisted Power Users in closing at month-end. Analyzed and installed SAP BW Business Content for Costs and Allocations, Asset Management, Accounts Receivable and Payable; performed gap analysis of the SAP standard reports and BW requirements for determining the scope of the implementation. Acquired extensive hands-on in depth knowledge of ABAP, database structures, theories, principles, and practices used to design and create generic extractors for BW interfaces. Verified production month-end BW reports and advised necessary actions to proceeding with the releases of month-end production reports to the BW User’s Community. Trained technical team members on data load recovery strategies and procedures to resume failed data loads; provided corresponding documentations and training materials.

Confidential, San Diego, CA March 2001 to April 2002
Provided SAP R/3 functional and technical solutions to extracting data for transferring to BW; solutions included functional and technical design of Material Management for Goods Issues and Material Valuation by designing the data flow of data sources, ODS’s, and InfoCubes. Reviewed ABAP programs and evaluated performance impact on production system. Corrected ABAP code to improve performance and adhere to coding standards. Designed and configured InfoObjects, Dimensions, Transfer Structures and Transfer Rules, Update Rules, and InfoPackages to implement the data flow. A key team member providing production support in the area of transporting queries and workbooks, maintaining existing InfoCubes and other BW objects, monitoring data loads, and maintaining authorization roles and their objects.

Confidential, Santa Ana, CA December 1997 to January 2001
A Project Team Member in implementing and delivering ABAP data conversions, inbound interfaces, and reports. Areas of expertise included 4.6D upgrade modifications to customized data conversions, inbound interfaces, and reports; sets in CO, BDC processing for Automatic Payment Transaction and Journal Voucher and general Ledger in FI, create Purchase Order in MM; resolving problems with ABAP interface for Material Master Interface; Contributed ABAP expertise and functional knowledge to Middleware projects implementing CrossWorlds for vendor and customer master collaborations; creating technical design of EDI interfaces and identifying user exits; coordinate with Legacy system’s Developer to map and analyze the data in preparation of developing ABAP interfaces for the Vendor Master, Account Receivables, and Accounts Payable; Utilized the LiveInterface Tools and ABAP to complete development of interfaces to handle millions of data record transfers for data transfer requirements for data conversion of Customer Master and Customer Order Contract; Developed programs to perform initial data transfer for Projected Costs, Cost Centers, Internal Orders, and Consumption Forecast; developed Dialog Programming to allow updating of customized tables for clients to use as a customer service tracking system; Developed programs to perform initial data transfer for FI Balances, convert Purchase Orders to Sales Orders, import Market Data in transferring Exchange Rates and Electronic Bank Statement (BAI2 format), and initiate Exchange Rates and Electronic Bank Statement interface; Optimized and enhanced pre-existing programs to improve execution time and database access.

Confidential, Newport Beach, CA March 1996 to December 1997
Developed ABAP customized reports and inbound and outbound interfaces. Worked directly with Financial Analysts and Legacy Systems Developers to review and analyze the business processes for reports and interfaces. Coordinated and assisted BASIS to configure UNIX FTP and NFS environments to implement inbound and outbound interfaces. Assisted Financial Users to identify and correct report errors and enhancements. Enhanced interfaces and reports to 3.0 Upgrade Version. Involved in a hardware upgrade and analyzed the impact to interfaces and reports. Analyzed data base tables to populate data in preparation for reporting. Maintained BDC interfaces and provided resolutions to defects relating to month-end closing for the interfaces and reports.

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