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Production Support Resume

East Peoria, IL


  • Implemented 4 full life-cycle implementation projects besides extensive background in 3 productions support and upgrade of PP, PP-PI and MM modules in Versions 4.6c, 4.7, ECC 5.0 and ECC6.
  • Well versed with the usage of ASAP methodology for the structured and systematic SAP project implementation
  • Worked on MTS (Make-to-Stock), MTO (Make-to-Order), Make-to-Order for Configurable Material, Stock Requirement/ MRP Lists, variant configuration, super BOMs, phantom items.
  • Expertise in gathering requirements from end users and transforming the requirements into functional documents in RICEF components.
  • Integrated PP, PP-PI with MM in goods movement, back flushing, automatic goods receipt, STO process, reservations, production order, planning, purchase requisition, MRP process, sub-contracting, external operations, and operational outsourcing.
  • Configured and evaluated the cost centers, mapping with work centers, carried out product costing for different materials including semi-finished, finished, co-products etc.
  • Expertise in batch management, batch classification and back flush to issue materials.
  • Worked in discrete manufacturing, production process industry (PP-PI) and repetitive manufacturing environment.
  • Configurable Materials KMAT with Super BOM and Routing, Variant Class, Characteristics, Characteristics Values. Assigned Object Dependencies, Preconditions, Actions, Selection Conditions, Constraints and Procedure to Configurable Profile.
  • Configuration of PP-MRP processes, production orders, process orders, repetitive manufacturing, classification, batch management, capacity planning, demand management.
  • Expertise in setting up PP master data, MRP, BOMs, routings, work centers/ resources, planned order management, planning and optimization.
  • Expertise in configuration of process industry solutions, handling recipe management, resources, resource networks, order type configurations, recipe management, designing PI sheets.
  • Extensive experience in using User Exit, User Training, Documentation, Go live, post implementation support mainly in PP including customization/configuration and Enhancement development. Generated SAP query reports and performed Data Migration using BDC and LSMW Procedure.
  • Experience of all the phases of the full life cycle project implementation, gathering business requirement, business blue printing, realization, unit testing, integration testing, Go - Live preparation and Post Production support.
  • Defining Supply Area, Control cycle, Kanban correction, Kanban Control board, Defining Kanban Strategies for the business process, JIT, Kanban Evaluation, Kanban with MRP and Kanban without MRP.
  • Strong team player with excellent analytical, interpersonal and organizational skills.

Confidential - East Peoria, IL Oct 2011 – Present
Manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines

Production Support- PP
Version: SAP ECC 6.0

  • Joined for the Production support role for the ACSD unit of Caterpillar Inc.
  • Educated on differences in Legacy and SAP to explain the changes in production execution on shop floor.
  • Communicated with the Security team with the early issues on user access to setup enterprise profiles.
  • Managed daily update meeting for all the plants to resolve post Go-Live issues
  • Configured routing determination, MRP plant parameters, MRP groups, MRP types, lot size calculation, planned orders and movement types.
  • Configured Production scheduling profile, Production Order Types and Automatic Purchase Requisitions from MRP and Goods Movements.
  • Worked with middleware team (Web methods) to send the IDOCs from truth of source (SAP) to different destinations as required by Client.
  • Reviewed and advised on proposeddatadesign additions, structural changes, value determinations, standards and conventions on systems.
  • Assisted in ad-hoc/ cross-functional projects requiringmasterdataexpertise
  • Assisted in formulating test scenarios like Business integration Testing (BIT), Integration Testing and developing test scripts.
  • Identification of training needs and training to core users. Preparation of Customization document and user manual.

Confidential – Eden Prairie, MN Mar 2011 – Sep 2011
Global leader in supplying test systems and industrial sensor systems

Production Support – SAP PP/PS
Version: ECC 6.0

  • Defined data fields for PP master data such as Material master, BOM, Work center, and Routing.
  • Defined settings for transactional data, functionalities such as material requirement planning (MRP).
  • Worked on assignment of fields to selection groups in master data, defined the data field properties.
  • Prepared As-Is documents, performed workshops to demonstrate configured functionalities.
  • Provided operational solutions in scheduling productions orders, optimizing lead time scheduling using suitable schedule margin keys (SMK).
  • Worked on SMK configuration, defined MRP relevant floats for different plants.
  • Configured Demand management plant parameters such as MRP groups, MRP controllers, MRP types, and lot-sizing procedure.
  • Performed analysis on shop floor activities as per business process, configured and executed functions such as order creation, order release, availability check, shop floor papers, order confirmation, and order information system.
  • Collaborated with project systems team, assisted with definition and configuration of PS master data, project definition, work breakdown structure (WBS), WBS elements, Network, Network activities.
  • Defined PP and PS security requirements, maintained authorization profiles, activity groups/roles, and user maintenance.
  • Tested functionalities for various business scenarios, include interface systems.
  • Prepared configuration documents, test scripts, and performed unit testing with multiple business scenarios.
  • Assisted Key Users in developed reference help desk for End Users in the plant. Prepared documents and manuals for training.

Confidential. – Minneapolis, MN Jan 2010 – Feb 2011†
Healthcare industry which manufactures medical devices for different chronic diseases

Implementation with Support – PP/MM/QM
Version: ECC 6.0

  • Prepared As-Is business execution flow charts and discussed with other consultants to identify the gap from integration point of view.
  • Realization of components in Production Planning.
  • Worked on sales and operations planning (S&OP) - creation of info structure, planning hierarchies, Planning Types, Macros.
  • Defined MRP profiles, groups, MRP areas.
  • Configuring shop floor activities, production schedule profiles, automatic transfer order creation, scheduling, confirmation of production orders.
  • Configured repetitive manufacturing application such as planning table, production version, product cost collectors and cost estimate.
  • Configured background jobs for MRP Run and special procurement keys to take care of planning and production issues.
  • Responsible for preparation of data mapping spread sheets, functional design specifications for interface development, custom reports, enhancements and also upload master data uploads for BOM, Work Centers and Routings.
  • Responsible for preparation of presentations for training end users besides development of quick reference guides for users.
  • Resolved MRP issues with relevance to scheduling dates of PO and planning file entry.
  • Handled issues related to background job run, conversion of planned orders.
  • Developed custom reports for production order status, for a report which lists available capacities and backlog of the load, a daily check list of production order quantity changes.
  • Configured and created- info records, Vendors, Stock Transport orders, Purchase requisitions, Customer and Contracts special stock like Subcontracting Purchase Orders.
  • Shop floor activities formula definitions, defining under delivery and over delivery tolerances.
  • Worked on integration of QM functionality in manufacturing of X-ray products.
  • Worked under FDA regulated environment, aided recording and review of product inspection results through design of inspection lots to ensure quality levels that affected usage decisions.
  • Maintained and updated inspection catalogs with predefined defect codes and characteristic attributes, identified requirement of new production order type for rework.
  • Designed for automatic creation of process-specific and/or customer-specific certificates for batch or inspection lots, as well as for delivery items.
  • Documented and analyzed inspection data through Results recording and Defects controls for incoming inspection and manufacturing inspection of procured and produced material.
  • Maintained and updated QM Control keys for operation, with settings for order type and order confirmation.
  • Worked on Quality Notification for recording internal problem, Notification during production run.
  • Trained end users on process flow, stock/requirements list, planned order conversion and use of different movement types for different operations.
  • Performed Unit, Integration and Regression for PP module using HP Quality Center.

Confidential- Dallas, TX Aug 2010 - Dec 2010
Producer of Specialty and Intermediate Chemical Products

Production Support - SAP PP/ PP-PI†
Version: SAP ECC 6.0

  • Worked closely with the business and project team members to evaluate business needs, defining and prioritizing requirements and agreeing process flows and analytical capabilities that align wherever possible with leading practice business processes.
  • Created work centers, routings, production versions, Info records, cost centers.
  • Created cut over plan prior to Go-Live.
  • Configured various objects in Capacity requirements planning like formulas, availability check during order create and release, standard value keys, overall profile, shift sequences, scheduling parameters for planned and production orders, production schedulers and MRP controllers, order type dependent parameters, Production Order confirmation and Scheduling Margin keys
  • Wrote function specifications for as per the business requirements for ABAP team.
  • Worked in Data Migration using LSMW, BDC.
  • Involved in creation of operations and phases in master recipes by defining control keys, relationships between phases and standard values Configured Production Variants using material master formula within recipes.
  • Implemented Detailed Scheduling, Evaluation and Leveling to allocate operations to resources Configured PI sheets, process messages and process instructions.
  • Worked on Control Recipes simulation in master recipe, control recipe monitoring, Reporting process messages through PI sheet.
  • Created and configured the Master data including the material master, master recipes and resources. Calculated capacity requirements for resources by using standard values and formula constants.
  • Interacted with the Controlling team to solve issues related to costing sheet, activity pricing, work center, activity type and cost center assignment mapping, product cost collectors.
  • Created training documentation and trained users.
  • Collected Data from users before customizing.
  • Provided support during and Post Go-live.

Confidential- Minong, WI Sep 2009 – Jul 2010
Fastest growing meat snack manufacturer in the world, and sells over 100 different meat snack products in more than 40 countries.
Implementation - SAP PP-PI/QM

  • Worked as responsible member for SAP PP-PI track in different phases of the project plan beginning from Ideation, Proposal, Design, Development, Validation and Launch of the deployment project.
  • Scoping sessions were conducted in the SOP (Product Hierarchy) Manufacturing Engineering, Materials and Capacity Planning, Production (Time & Attendance).
  • Analyzed the Business process and documenting the AS-IS process, then from the available global template and standard SAP solution is provided in TO-BE process.
  • Documenting and getting signoff the Business Blueprint Print document by the Process owners.
  • Developed the design phase to design the system at detail levels as per TO-BE process like preparing the Process design for Material master creation, BOM, Resource, Master Recipe, ECN, MRP (consumption based planning, reorder point.
  • Planning, safety stock replenishment & Forecast based planning) which includes the process description and Process flow chart.
  • Understood the requirement of Reports, Interface, Forms and Enhancement and Preparation of Functional Specifications for RICEF Specifications in Production process.
  • Worked on Control Recipes simulation in master recipe, control recipe monitoring, Reporting process messages through PI sheet.
  • Developed Baseline Configuration by MRP Controllers, MRP Areas, storage location MRP per plant, Scope of planning for total planning, Special Procurement type, settings for Material creation, Product Hierarchy and configure settings and validate baseline.
  • Worked on Goods Issue and Receipt Postings, time ticket Confirmation of Phases using Process Messages to the corresponding Message destinations.
  • Configured and tested shop floor activities including creation of planned orders, conversion of planned orders, goods movement and order confirmations.
  • Performed User Acceptance Testing for Order Confirmation, cancellation of Goods Issue & Goods Receipt with MTS, MTO, Process orders, BOM’s, Classes, Characteristics, conversion order creation and release, ECM with BOM, Resource & Master Recipe, Mass Processing, and Production orders/process order MTS & MTO.
  • Designed solutions to meet business requirements for Quality Management and cross-functional processes for the business; integration with procurement, production, warehousing, and sales and distribution including Batch Management expertise.
  • Actively involved in the unit testing, regression testing and end to end testing
  • Provided functional guidance to team to support QM integration within business.
  • Configured the system to meet user requirements for inspections, certificate of analysis COA, and quality notifications.
  • Involved in Transition Management activities like preparing training material; prepare trainers (super users).
  • Interacted with technical consultants (ABAP) to prepare custom reports and enhancement

Confidential – Canton, Ohio Aug 2008 – Aug 2009†
Leading global manufacturer of highly engineered bearings, alloy steels, and related components and

Implementation – PP/MM
Version: ECC 6.0

  • Worked with the master data team, in setting up master data such as BOM, Routing, and Production version.
  • Created routing and work centers, defined work center formulas, worked on standard value keys, activity types.
  • Configured master data in PP demand management function, configured planning strategies for finished products and MRP parameters such as re-scheduling horizon, safety stock, and planning time fence.
  • Configured various objects in capacity requirements planning like formulas, availability check, standard value keys, scheduling parameters for planned and production orders, production schedulers
    and MRP controllers, order type dependent parameters, production order confirmation and scheduling margin keys.
  • Set up custom availability check groups, with configuration of finished goods for MPS and components for MRP as per business requirements.
  • Configured Production versions, REM profile, Rate routings, Planning table and Product cost collectors in Repetitive manufacturing, and estimated costing with Quantity structure.
  • Defined control parameters for stock transfers in pull list with layout for pull list print lists.
  • Defined period consideration for updating planning figures in Global settings for confirmation during Backflush.
  • Customized separate backflushing process to post GR for critical functions with reduced production quantities and capacity requirements.
  • Configured Material types, material groups according to user business requirements.
  • Configured Material Master Screen sequence layout for defined material types
  • Configured Purchasing documents like Purchase requisitions and Purchase orders
  • Worked on Source lists, contracts, scheduling agreements, release orders, quota arrangement, Info Records for Standard, Consignment and Sub-Contracting
  • Conducted end-user training and documentation.

Confidential – Indianapolis, IN Dec 2007 - Jul 2008
Global provider of automobile transmission

Upgrade Implementation – PP/MM/SD
Version: ECC 6.0

  • Scoping needs of different business units (BU) through As-Is and To-Be study.
  • Developed specifications for RICEF objects, worked on testing.
  • Developed data mapping templates with translation rules and technical data.
  • Prepared test scripts for Unit testing, participated in system integration testing (SIT), user acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Supported cutover activities related to data migration, used LSM workbench with batch data communications (BDC).
  • Defined settings for variant configuration (VC), worked on defining variants, creating characteristics and class, for sales order configuration.
  • Simulated configuration profile to test object dependencies
  • Worked on predominantly make to order (MTO) scenario
  • Maintain master data, including KMAT material type
  • Using variant configuration functionality developed and maintained routing selection logic.
  • Interacted with product definition team to collect and maintain product information and pricing data.
  • Familiar with setting up object dependencies in super BOM and super routing
  • Developed and maintained order entry and feature based pricing systems
  • Reviewed custom programs, custom transactions, User exits, and interfaces

Confidential- Chandler, AZ Oct 2006 - Nov 2007†
Contract manufacturing resource for many of world’s leading semiconductor companies

Implementation - PP
Version: ECC 6.0

  • Work on the full life cycle implementation.
  • Performed AS-IS/TO-BE study with core team members and presented the report after completing the GAP analysis
  • Configured Material Master, BOM, Routing, Work Center.
  • Created Flexible Sales, Operations Planning with info structures and parameters.
  • Worked on SOP like creation of info structure, planning hierarchies, Planning Types, Macros.
  • Configured MRP (Material Requirement Planning), Demand Planning and Scheduling Procedures to integrate with purchasing and delivery requirements
  • Worked on Production Order creation, Release, Availability check, confirmation of orders, Goods Issue, Goods Receipt.
  • Configured Production Scheduling Profile and Scheduling Parameters for production orders.
  • Worked with discrete manufacturing with make to stock and make to order environments. Configured planning with final assembly (make-to stock 40) and without final assembly strategy (make-to order50) for finished parts.
  • Configured PP to enable AMES (Automated Manufacturing Execution System) related functionality, PRT’s and Data Carriers.
  • Developed and configured pull list based event driven KANBAN process through MF60 and automate adjustment of KANBAN quantity based on job.
  • Configured and customized KANBAN master data such as supply area control cycle, replenishment strategies, and defined status sequence in customizing.
  • Worked extensively with all RICEFs objects.
  • Defined and configured Batch Management in process orders, responsible for creating process order types and processing of process order types.
  • Configured production version for repetitive manufacturing and worked with other repetitive functions like REM planning table, product cost collector and back flushing.
  • Designed simplified version of MFBF for shop floor people in machining lines where MES lines are unavailable.
  • Worked on stock transport orders, customer creation, vendor creation, purchase info record, source of supply, purchasing groups.
  • Worked with QM analyst to determine QM master data, MIC, Sampling Procedures and Inspection Methods in Routing.

Confidential- San Diego, CA Nov 2005 - Sep 2006

Production Support - SAP PP-PI

  • Created “Bill of Materials” for finished materials and Semi-finished materials as per requirement.
  • Configured background jobs for MRP run and special procurement keys to take care of the planning and production issues. Ensuring that the total deliverables in shape.
  • Improved Business Cycle in PP involving -MRP- Planned Orders-Production Orders-Order Settlement.
  • Worked with Master data Organization (MDO) group for solving the issues in post production.
  • Tracked the tickets and provided the support in timely manner.
  • Creation and analysis of different standard orders and consignment orders.
  • Maintained Sales and Operation Planning and Demand Management, Scheduling, Production Order Types.
  • Dealt with Make to order and make to stock scenarios. Maintained Production orders, scheduling types and order types.
  • Reconfigured and maintained SLED date check and setup customer exit to check the SLED.
  • Solved the issues related to Material master, Procurement master data; including vendor master, info record and Source list.
  • Supporting the client for post-go-live issues in customer consignment and plant inventory control.
  • Tracking the returnable packaging systems and the material sent to the customers, and within the plants by using batch management.
  • Involved in creation of the sales orders and stock transport orders for deliveries, and posting the goods issues.
  • Modification or doing enhancements in the current system thereby meeting user requirements by coordinating with development team.
  • Prepared all end-user training documents (simulation files and supporting word documents) for the team in the area of Receiving, Inventory Control.

Confidential Sep 2004 - Oct 2005
SCM Assistant Manager (SAP End User) - SAP†
Version: R/3 4.6C

  • Actively participate in S&OP process for product availability, to release monthly Goods
  • Movement Report (GMR) to control FG capital & supply source capacity.
  • Daily tracking of Back & projected orders & communicate with RSM & CSM to improve service levels.
  • Maintained Statistical finished goods stocking policy at upstream & downstream for maximum flexibility and responsiveness of supply chain.
  • Demand planning of local & imported ROP items as per stock norms decided. Import planning & order management of imported products in coordination of import department.
  • Responsible to firm efficient, shift wise Production Plan for VLF manufacturing unit for product mix based on capacity & critical material availability.
  • Production line scheduling as per market demand & urgency of product in market.
  • To release firmed & tentative three months production plan for 3rd party manufacturer and coordinate for shipments as per schedule.
  • To ascertain net demand for MTP at regional level and formulate weekly regional distribution plan.
  • Decide regional distribution priority based on stock availability and criticality of the product∑
  • Truck load planning by bundling of weekly shipments & lead time considerations and ensuring weekly stock availability at depot level for weekly sale.
  • Coordinate with CSM for redistribution of lamps across regions based on back & projected orders.
  • Set up statistical stock norms for RM & PM based on average consumption & lead time consideration.
  • Release purchase orders for imported components & coordinate with supplier for shipment as per agreed lead time to support long term demand.
  • To control component inventory cost below AOP targets by optimum material planning.


  • SAP versions: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0.
  • Workflow Tools: MS Office, MS Project, MS Visio.
  • Testing & Reporting Tools: HP Quality Center, UPK Developer, MS Excel.
  • CAD Applications: SolidWorks 2010, Auto CAD 2010, Pro-E Wildfire, Autodesk Inventor 2010

Bachelor of Science and Technology

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