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Sap Security Resume

New Jersey, NJ

Technical Summary

  • Over 3 years of experience in SAP security administration and GRC.
  • Performed User, Authorization and Profile administration.
  • Worked on GRC Access Control version 5.3 (All Components), Risk Analysis and Remediation(RAR), Compliant User Provisioning (CUP), Enterprise Role Management (ERM), Superuser Privilege Management (SPM)
  • Very good understanding of SAP R/3 system integrity in technical as well as functional areas.
  • Designed and built security roles for SD, MM, FI, CO, PP, PM, PS,
  • Worked on versions, R/3 (ECC 5.0and ECC 6.0)
  • Have complete familiarity with organization level security, single roles, composite roles and derived roles
  • Running system trace to record authorization checks for the user sessions and tracing the missed authorization
  • Global activating or deactivating of authorization checks
  • Transported the generated roles and profiles using SAP transport management system
  • Expert in trouble shooting using ST01, SU53

Professional Experience

Client: Confidential, Duration:-January 2009 to Till date
SAP Security Administrator
Remote Consulting project with Confidential,USA
Tasks: Production Support, Security Redesign, User Creation, Role Creation, Trouble shooting, GRC
Modules Supported: SAP Finance, SAP MM, SD, PP QM

User Administration:

  • Familiar with Text Compare and User compare of roles
  • Extensively used Tables like USR02, USER_ADDR
  • SOD Analysis on User level using VIRSA GRC compliance calibrator
  • Created Firefighter Service Users using SU01
  • Assigned Firefighters to FF ids using /n/VIRSA/VFAT
  • Maintenance of Firefighter Owners and Controllers on regular bases.
  • Created multiple users in the system as per clients requirements
  • Familiar with different types of User types
  • Worked with basis and external vendors for setting up System/Communication user ids
  • Created and familiar with use of user groups depending on the employee location
  • Knowledgeable on the use of default values in the user master record such as date format and currency depending on the country
  • Used SU10 mass change transaction to assign user to user groups and change other parameters like date format, cost center, address etc
  • Trained user with use of SU3 transaction for them to update their own user parameters
  • Identified all the user parameters like plant, company code, sales organization required working with functional teams
  • Familiar with assigning user to role in CUA environment and non CUA Environment

SAP User Administration Production Support

  • Familiar with Error ticketing process and used remedy software
  • Used SUIM to perform security analysis for various purposes.
  • Helped users by using sap change logs to identify the change which happened to their profile
  • Trained junior people to create user ids in the system based on company policy
  • Generated weekly report to see the users who have not used the system for 180 days
  • Extracted reports like user assigned to roles, user by location, user by name from SUIM for functional teams and company HR
  • Helped with locking accounts when the employee left the company

SAP Role Administration Implementation

  • Very comfortable with PFCG transaction for creating roles
  • Created role from Transaction, SAP Menu, and other roles
  • Added help files and web location into the role
  • Familiar with manual maintained and standard object in the role
  • Worked with functional team to restrict the object values in the role
  • Understand the role of organizational values for restricting roles
  • Created multiple single and composite roles with proper technical name
  • Understand the difference between parent and child roles.
  • Familiar with Composite role concept and how it can reflect the job of the user
  • Very comfortable with transporting role from one system to another
  • Extensively used AGR_DEFINE, AGR_1251, AGR_1252 to extract data relevant to roles
  • Familiar with the Yellow, Green and red statuses in the roles
  • Inserted objects manually when required
  • Manipulated SU24 to update the object values based on requirement
  • Understand the implications of Upgrade from one version to another
  • Used ST01 to advice the client and Functional team on object required to restrict the transaction

SAP Role Administration- Production Support

  • Extensively used SU53 to interpret the error
  • Used ST01 when the error message was not clear
  • Identified the changes to roles from SUIM
  • Generated useful reports for like Roles to transaction, Role to User and Roles to Composite roles etc
  • Helped functional team with identifying the objects required for batch users.
  • Helped the client secure the table and programs with authorization groups.

SAP Security Audit Compliance

  • Checked for users who have any sap defined profiles
  • Checked for user who have table access with SE16, SE17, SE11, SE16N in connection with object S_TABU_DIS and S_TABU_CLI
  • Identified user with access to Sensitive transaction SE38, SA38 in combination with S_PROGRAM and S_DEVELOP
  • Identified user with access to SM59 Connection who can created connections to external system
  • Restricted access to User administration functions to specific group of users with object S_USER_GRP
  • Create roles for security administrator so they cannot change roles in Quality system and production system
  • Monitored the PFUD report for user comparison

SAP Security Testing and Documentation Support

  • Helped user test both positive and negative testing
  • Completed the unit test with test id so user will be able execute the transaction without any errors.
  • Documented the on boarding process of the users and user removal process from the sap system
  • Help client come up with users having elevated or extra access for limited amount of time
  • Completed documentation on the User creation and role creation process plus the dos and don’ts in the system
  • Trained and helped new SAP Security administrator with the transition process into the job
  • Mentored the new SAP Security Administrator

Education: Associate Degree in Computer Science

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