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Sap Principal Architect Resume

Houston, TX


  • Championed, Analyzed, architect - ed, implemented and managed projects and support to the business giving better system application capability with reduced investments.
  • Has in-depth knowledge and cross functional experience in managing and leading IT / SAP initiatives across versatile business types and organization structures nationally and internationally.
  • Also have proven record in effectively understanding relevant business processes, managing and leading the SAP initiatives across applicable platforms and executes to completion by facilitating and coordinating across multiple departments / towers and stakeholders.
  • Has great interpersonal skills to build teams and manage stakeholders and drive synergies towards a focused goal. Has 16+ years of SAP experience in his 20+ experience in IT.


Software: SAP ILM, SAP DVM, SAP R/3 ver 4.0B onwards till ECC 6.8, SAP ABAP/4 with FRICE, Smart Forms, ALV, Report Writer, Report Painter, LSMW, BODS, CATT, HP Quality Center (HPQC), Winshuttle, Solution Manager, Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000, Designer 2000, PL/SQL, Ingress 6.4, Prevue, SIVE, Unix Shell Scripting, K Shell, ANSI C, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Sharepoint, MS Office and it's Products and Tools, Java, Javascript, VB Script, ASP, HTML

New Dimension: XI/PI, APO CIF, MDM, SRM, BW, CRM, Cloud

Operating System: Unix Sys V, Windows NT/XP/8

Standards: DevOps, Agile, Six Sigma, LEAN, CMM Lev 4, PMBOK Guidelines

Management: Managed and Led teams and departments (78 associates). Budgeted and Managed a mix team (consultants / employees) onsite and offsite as the client. Was involved in the planning and setup of a Center of Excellence with balanced model of employees and consultants onsite and offsite.

SAP Functional: Materials Management (Master Data, Purchasing, SRM), Inventory Management and Warehouse Management, Data Life Cycle Management, Governance, Stewardship, Consolidation, Cleansing, Migration, Protection., Knowledge on CRM, FICO, PS, PP, GPD, GTS, APO, BW, Hana.

Administration: EDI Administration with SAP, eGate, Gentran, Workflow Administration, SAP Archiving Administration with Open Text

Business Environments Exposure: Aerospace and Defense (with ITAR compliance, GPD), Food and Beverage Manufacturing (with FDA compliance),Wholesale Distribution and Retail Business (in USA, Mexico, Canada, UK, Singapore), Manufacturing (Chocolate, Beverage, Aerospace, Electronics, Polymers, Oil / Gas, Packaging)


Confidential, Houston, TX

SAP Principal Architect


  • Initiating, leading, architecting and managing the data volume management strategy for the corporation thereby saving space investments, increasing system performance and productivity.
  • Stakeholder / Sponsor communication and Expectation / risk management.
  • Managing and executing key business initiatives in SAP with partners and managed services.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and addressing risk through design and solution implementation in data governance. Driving and championing changes in business process.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Business Advisor


  • Initiated, led and guided the SAP Archiving initiative thereby saving system space investments and increasing system performance and productivity.
  • Conceived, formulated, led and executed on the GuiXT initiative leading to increased user satisfaction with 30% operational efficiency and 20% reduction in errors.
  • Administered, improved, streamlined and managed the EDI, Workflow, SAP Archiving and APO CIF processes automating systems and improving accuracy. For EDI and Workflow increased automation by 40%, Enhanced productivity by 30%. For SAP Archiving increased system performance by 10% and infrastructure and space savings by 15%. Automated APO CIF process increasing data reporting and analysis quality and better forecasting.
  • Supervised and introduced better workflow management and its use to drive business process efficiency, eliminating process gaps with increased productivity. Increased turnaround time by 40% and optimized resource allocation and efficient management.
  • Implemented SAP in SBUs across USA and Europe thereby standardizing some business processes helping to leverage on common processes in P2P. Have better understanding on European business conditions and laws.
  • Advised, organized and shared best practices when asked, on Center of Excellence, pre and post merger scenarios thereby increasing awareness and eliminating legal and audit violations eliminating audit findings by 30% and legal / regulatory compliance by 100%.
  • Streamlined and executed Help desk and service request strategy with defined SLA metrics. This led to a consistent evaluation standard and 10% greater visibility to business process gaps.
  • Involved in coauthoring policy standard and metrics of Vendor evaluation and selection process.
  • Collaborated with senior management across different stakeholders in aligning and executing the IT / SAP strategy in alignment with business strategy.
  • Enforced and communicated company vision and company / HR / regulatory policies to stay in compliance. This enabled an audit compliance (no escapes) and pass all the years.
  • Cordial relationship and team building policy execution leading to an environment for innovation.
  • Team management and performance evaluation with resources career growth.
  • Negotiated and influenced stakeholders and resources to a focus towards common goal leading to fulfilling objectives with very positive team spirits and great work environment.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP Lead / Manager


  • Planned and managed SAP initiatives, projects, risks and necessary budgeting for bar coding and new gift initiatives thereby increasing revenue options by 50% and increasing efficiency in shipment deliveries by 30%. Reduced inventory loss by 80% and shelf life expiry by 90%.
  • Coordinated efforts between business, partners, end users and resources (IT and non IT) resulting in maintaining uninterrupted IT support to production within SLA terms.
  • Streamlined and standardized best business practices, methodologies and corresponding action protocols thereby laying foundation of IT for better versatility and improving better turnaround time for business changes increasing efficiency.
  • Evaluated and balanced activities between systems, resources, vendors as per allocated budgets driving increased returns on investments.
  • Assembled, researched and presented better data quality for my superiors and executive team as and when requested aiding to help make better informed critical business decisions.
  • Customer management, Vendor management, Key stakeholder management and Team resource management. Coordinating all that towards attaining business success.

Confidential, Austin, TX

SAP Tech Lead


  • Acted as a liaison between teams like business solution, architecture, global sourcing, basis thereby bringing and tying all discreet actions and objectives towards a common goal leading to synchronized orchestrated actions for business.
  • Performed reviews, analysis and testing on work outputs performed by technical teams improving quality and reducing errors and downtime for production.
  • Demonstrated to the Archiving initiative and established prototypes and proof of concept thereby gaining confidence of the business end users and buy ins for production changes.
  • Participated in SAP finance implementation and delivered objects as desired on time with desired quality improving customer satisfaction.
  • Exceptional analytical and problem solving with clear communication and presentation skills.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior SAP Engineer


  • Performed analysis and requirement gathering on P2P process and presented with requirement documents.
  • Great understanding to business process and complex solutions to the challenges.
  • Communicated, educated and drove negotiations between various stakeholders and resources to get into an agreeable solution to a business requirement.
  • Designed solutions for business processes and initiatives in Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Finance modules and presented with design documents eliminating redundant processes and steps.
  • Developed functional specs and program specs to Tech Dev team along with Test scripts and reducing turnover. Was involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP Consultant


  • Advocated and championed the consulting company and secured contracted completion by giving better returns on investments for the client.
  • Communicated, educated and drove negotiations between various stakeholders and resources to get into an agreeable solution to a business requirement.
  • Designed solutions for business processes and initiatives in Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Finance modules and presented with design documents eliminating redundant processes and steps.
  • Developed functional specs and program specs to Tech Dev team along with Test scripts and reducing turnover.


Programmer to Program Manager


  • Analyzed, implemented and managed solution in material and inventory execution using Oracle at Matshushita, Japan leading to 20% increase in productivity and 10% shortening lead times.
  • Introduced and redesigned applications in MDSI UK resulting in 40% increased sales.
  • Developed inventory and delivery functionality in Oracle for Tangs Store, Singapore resulting in 20% inventory and much improved customer satisfaction.
  • Developed scripts and Tested for regression testing for Local County, UK leading to improved methods and raising system efficiency by 20%.
  • Developed on security functionality using Ingress for Dixon Stores, UK leading to enhanced safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Designed and developed the payroll system using Ingress in Indian Oil, India increasing on time month end processing and improving employee morale.
  • Restructured, designed, implemented manufacturing application using Ingress at RPRL, India leading to increased productivity, sales and profitability by 45%.

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