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Sap Sd Resume



  • Total 10 years in IT and 8 years of SAP experience as a SD Functional Consultant in Implementation, Upgrade and support.
  • Experience with SD module integration with FICO, WM, MM, and CRM modules. Three full life cycle implementations experience.
  • Participated in Blueprinting, Realization, Go-live and Post Go-live phases of various projects using ASAP methodology.
  • Clear understanding of cross-functional applications of SD, FI, WM, and MM in industrial scenarios.
  • Excellent experience with designing, configuring, testing and documenting relative to SD module through versions 4.0B to ECC 6.0.
  • Solid understanding on SD & FI-AR integration and have extensively worked on SD and FI integration setting up the Account Determination procedure to support in monitoring and handling payments in to various Cash Accounts and Account Receivables (AR)
  • Provided Extensive Training for all Business Process Owners, Key users and End-Users
  • Worked in three full life cycle implementations of projects, two enhancement projects and two production support projects.
  • Configured Order Management, Basic functions: Credit Management, Pricing, Output Determination and Account Determination. Customer & Material Master Data, Billing, Billing plans. Transportation, Shipping, Picking, Packing, Reverse Goods Issue, Availability Control, Rebates, Text Control, Outline agreements as Contract, Scheduling agreements, Listing and Exclusion, Order types, Item Category, Consignment Sales, Item Categories, Schedule line categories, Copy Control, Customer Returns Processing, Debit and Credit Processing, delivery and billing blocks on customers, Product Hierarchies, EDI, Sales BOM, Reports, SIS, Intercompany sales, Third-party billing, consignment order processing, Route and Shipping Point Determination. Knowledge on User enhancements/exits, LSMW, ABAP queries and RICEF objects.
  • Excellent team player with good analytical skills.


  • Masters of Science


  • ERP - SAP R/3
  • Programming Languages - C, C++, SQL, Visual Basic, HTML
  • Operating Systems - UNIX, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
  • Package applications - MS Office Suite, MS project 2000
  • SAP R/3 Tools - CATT, eCATT, ABAP Queries, Report Painter, Report Writer


Confidential,MD May 2012 – Till Date
Role : SAP SD Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0


  • Involved in SAP SD upgrade from 4.7 to ECC 6.0
  • Participated in the SAP ASAP methodology - Project preparation, Business Blue Printing, Realization, Testing and Go-live
  • Creating and processing OTC (order to cash) sales document types, item categories, schedule line categories, document flow.
  • Supervised the designing of Functional Test Cases for system testing (Unit and Integration) and UAT
  • Performed GAP Analysis for system enhancements and development (user-exits and Z report), with the technical team
  • Configuration of various Account Groups as per customer classification, and defined partner functions, Maintaining Partner Determination Procedures in various objects such as Customer Masters, Sales Document Header & Item, delivery, billing docs etc.
  • Modified and generated reports as per user requirements
  • Validated the upgraded SAP system for client’s Sales and Distribution processes
  • Resolved several SAP SD tickets for different environments (DEV to PROD)
  • Utilized Solution Manager to implement the global template with ECC 6.0 and to upload the test results
  • As a Validation process generated reports using SE16 and used a lot of SQVI and SQ01 queries.
  • Understanding the process for transporting goods through external system (TME- Transportation Management Execution).
  • Using Variant Configuration functionality, developed and maintained configurable bill of materials for products based upon application data developed by Engineering, Customer Service, Construction, Installation and Logistics.
  • Using VC, developed and maintained configurable routing selection logic as determined by Manufacturing Engineering
  • Worked on the Order Validation Rules for manual orders and also EDI orders.
  • Designed the training materials for End Users highlighting upgrade enhancements and new functionality
  • Involved in Cross Functionality of SD with MM and FICO.
  • Coordinated with SAP Tech Support for the issues that needed SAP’s attention for fixes
  • Conducted Knowledge Sharing Sessions for the team members and developed presentations for the same

Confidential,NJ June 2010 – April 2012
Role: SAP SD Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 , ECC 6.0


  • Created custom condition types, condition table, access sequences, pricing procedure, pricing procedure determination, and customer expected price to suit the requirement. Added fields to field catalogs
  • Created configurable pricing reports with custom design screen layout
  • Configured condition exclusion functionality of pricing
  • Configured rebate agreements functionality
  • Designed and configured broker commission through pricing functionality
  • Configured copy control for conditions. Setup copying rule for condition types and condition tables
  • Designed and configured free goods functionality in pricing
  • Worked on several complex pricing process setups by designing and configuring up variant configuration functionality
  • Designed and created pricing routines, and requirements
  • Involved in Data Migration of Master data (plants, customers, vendors, Info records, Source lists) using LSMW
  • Configured price relevant master data creating new pricing group for customers, new customer price list category and also defined credit limits
  • Using VC, developed and maintained order entry and feature based pricing systems using information from product support personnel such as product definitions and pricing data
  • Prepared detailed training documents and conducted seminars for the users along with online production support
  • Condition records were maintained en-masse (i.e. instead of using VK11, mass maintenance was preferred)
  • Created Outline Agreements, Scheduling Delivery/Forecast Delivery, Value and Quantity Contracts
  • Configured Text Determination and Output Determination procedures and set up the parameters for communication
  • Responsible for developing functional specs based on the business requirements and interaction with the subject matter experts, developers and users

Confidential,Plano, TX Nov 2008 – May 2010

Sr. SAP SD Functional Consultant

Environment: SAP R/3 ECC 5.0


  • The project scope included \'AS IS\' analysis, \'TO BE\' model, Gap Analysis and Interacting with users and clients for business requirements.
  • Configured and Set up Distribution Channels and Divisions and Sales Groups, Customer Groups, tables and fields as per the business requirement.
  • Defined Copy Controls for Sales Documents and Worked on Sales Inquiry, Quotation, Rush Order, Credit Process, and Free-of-charge Sample Sales order types configuration.
  • Configured Blocking/Unblocking of Sales types for specific customers.
  • Customization involved Invoice and Billing Process, Rebate Agreements, setting up retroactive rebates.
  • Creation of test scenarios for unit testing and integration testing for all SD business processes and getting the sign-off after successful completion of testing.
  • Interacted with business users to analyze the requirements and designed the functional specification for RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms) technical objects.
  • Designed and provided completed templates for Customer Master, Pricing Master, and Open sales Order data migration from Legacy system to the Core SAP system.
  • Configured Account group for new customers.
  • Configured Account Assignment Procedure in SD module for monitoring and handling payments at the FI-AR module for executing debit posting on the Customer’s account and Credit Memo on the Accounts Receivable (AR) when ever an invoice is created for a customer
  • Configured partners using Partner Determination and identified various partners in sales order and customized a sales order report to list out the sales order with respect to each partner identified for commission purposes.
  • Configured Revenue Account Determination and Revenue recognition for different sales types
  • Configured a separate revenue recognition procedure for specific evaluation order types where products are delivered to the customer for evaluation purpose.
  • Created Invoices, Pro-Forma Invoices, and Credit & Debit memos.
  • Created Credit Control Areas and pre-defined credit limits for customers.
  • Developed Business Process Procedures for SAP transactions with reference to different business scenarios and provided User Acceptance as well as End User Training.
  • Actively involved in Cut over activities prior to Go Live and Provided Go Live and Post Production support.

Confidential,Framingham, MA Dec 2007 - Oct 2008

SAP Consultant SD/MM

Environment: R/3 4.7


  • Configuration for Inquiry, Quotes and sales order process, Returns Process on document Type & item category.
  • Condition exclusion groups were used to determine the best discount among multiple condition types.
  • Configuration for complete inter company sales with STO and billing (USA - Canada.)
  • Worked extensively in pricing with various pricing conditions for different scenarios.
  • Worked on replenishment for Bose stores and DCs.
  • Defined Shipping Points, Shipping Conditions and Loading Groups and worked extensively on routes.
  • Worked on shipment creation and shipment confirmation on doors, queue set in MDE.
  • Configured various Org units like Purchasing Organization, plant, company code, storage location.
  • Master data set up like source list, Material Master, Vendor Master and info record.
  • Pricing, release strategy, output determination and vendor evaluation configuration.
  • Inventory Management configuration like new movement creation, Cycle count process.
  • Master data set up and migration work with technical resources for enhancement and change
  • Configuration for invoicing like tolerance set up etc, credit/debit processes and settlement.
  • Automatic account determination set up and Batch management and classification.
  • Configured release strategy and workflow with classification and characteristics.
  • Solutions on Goods issue, Goods receipt and Goods transfer on inter and intra company STO.
  • Issues on output determination and printing in the area of PO, PR, shipping, handling units.
  • Extensive work on pricing and conditions based on clients requirement.
  • Issues related to product allocation, ATP and replenishment.
  • Put and pick away issue with transfer requirement and transfer order.
  • Worked on MRP, stock requirement list and MRP list.
  • Worked on shipment creation and shipment confirmation, doors, queue set in MDE and HU printing.
  • Issues related to Picking , packing, assigning HUs, shipment, RF gun involving output determinations .
  • Creation of organizational element like shipping point, doors, wave group etc.
  • Inter company STO process for replenishment and returns
  • Assign delivery type/checking rule, define pricing condition and assigning to pricing procedure and assigning to schema group vendor, assigning schema group to purchasing organization.
  • Maintained condition record for pricing with price list.
  • Transportation planning activities were handled for shipment purpose.
  • Created customized report for transportation planning list, shipment due list, shipment like optimized weight.
  • Configured automatic leg determinations for transportation planning.
  • Transportation planning extended to integration of express delivery company with configuration like service code with route determinations.
  • Dealt in EDI/IDOC output and inbound and outbound deliveries.

Confidential,PA Aug 2006 - Dec 2007
Role : SAP SD Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7


  • Customization of new sales/delivery/billing document types including copy controls and routines to take care of requirements & data transfer routines, item categories, Schedule lines, Blocks, Backorder processing. Consignment processing, Returns order, Batch Determination.
  • Configuration of Partner functions and Partner Determination procedure for customer master
  • Customized outputs and created special functions to send data to external groups either using EDI, ALE, Print Out or External Email address
  • Configured a new Web Based order entry system, where users can enters orders on the web and the order comes into the system as Inbound IDoc’s. The system was also configured to send outbound IDoc’s (Order Confirmation & Shipment Confirmation).
  • Created & configured custom IDoc extensions to make sure we include additional data like Backorder etc... in Delivery confirmation which is not a part of standard IDoc (DESADV01)
  • Configured complex pricing procedures incorporated custom routines to activate/deactivate certain condition types based on the business scenario. Customize different pricing/rebate condition types using condition exclusion & access sequences. Worked closely with the FI group in setting up Account Determination
  • Configured and setup rebate functionality for the business, this included setting up Rebate Agreements, Agreement Type
  • Provided functional specifications & worked closely with programmers to create smart forms for Invoice/Order Confirmation/Quotes/ Pick-Pack documents. This also involved print different texts depending on which Text Id the user chose.
  • Worked closely with Gentran Admin to map various input/output files for EDI/ALE Transfers.
  • Monitoring SD interfaces and sort out cross platform interface issues, inbound & outbound EDI/IDoc’s and the Web Ordering System.
  • Understanding new requirements, preparing functional specs, impact analysis with other modules, creating test cases & making users manuals for new functionalities added in SD.
  • Worked closely with the off shore development team to distribute R/3, BW reports through the MS share point portal services.
  • Currently Providing functional support to issues raised as tickets by the business group.
Confidential,Chicago, IL Sep 2005 - Aug2006

Role: SAP SD Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6C

  • Responsible to Evaluate, Design, Configure, Test and arrange release of developments for Purchasing, Inventory Management, Pricing, billing and master-data in accordance with the PepsiCo business process & Global design.
  • Configured customer account groups, partner types, sales order types, item categories, schedule lines, text, text procedures, sales status, condition types, pricing procedure, material determination, delivery blocks, billing block, delivery type.
  • Customization & Configuration of Customer & Material Master, Organizational Hierarchy, Corrections & Transportation, Transport Management System, Resource Related Billing, Pricing, Freight Contract Management, Shipping, Output determination.
  • Configured Billing to specific deadlines, Separate invoices for each delivery, Collective invoices, Invoice splits, Invoice lists, Billing plans, Revenue account determination and Integration of SD/FI.

Confidential,India Jun 2004 – Sep 2005
Role: SAP SD Functional Consultant
Environment: SAP R/3 4.6 C


  • Involved in determining the overall scope & design of the SAP SD functionality
  • Configuration expertise in the areas of Organizational Structures, Master data Order Management, Shipping, Billing, Pricing, Output determination, transfer of requirements, Availability check, Rebate Processing, Batch Management, EDI,Inter Company Business Process, Returns Processing, Procurement, Inventory, MRP
  • Worked on Configurable Materials, Bill of Materials, Configuration Profiles, Classifications, Pricing, Inventory Sourcing, Sales Order and distribution processes using Batch management.
  • Successfully handled all the complex scenarios in Pricing, Credit Management, Availability check and TOR, Account Determination and Partner Determination
  • Worked on Consignment Process
  • Maintenance of Batch Management
  • Configured different Pricing Procedures based on business requirements.
  • Resolved issues with the Client in existing business processes and issues that required configuration changes
  • Generated the reports as per the requirement of the client in SD module.
  • Interacted directly with users as a techno functional consultant role in SD, MM, and FI modules
  • Imparted extensive training to the End Users
  • Provided post go-live support and generated daily status reports

Confidential,India Jun 2002 – Jun 2004

  • Role: Business Analyst

Project Profile:
The Project was undertaken to enhance the existing functionality for individual client’s online banking needs which focused on (1) convenient access to real-time account information, (2) ability to download account information, (3) option to enroll staff or service providers (e.g., corporate accountant, auditor or financial advisor) along with addition of new reports.


  • Worked through the entire System Life Cycle (SLC) starting from Proposal till Implementation and Maintenance.
  • Gathering requirements from Current Account Group, Saving Group, Mortgage Group, Tax Group, identifying functional requirements & documenting them into a Business Requirement Document (BRD).
  • Mapped current business process, gathered Business Requirements and wrote in Business Requirement Documentation (BRD). Conducted walkthrough meetings with System Architects, DBA’s and other technical groups, discussed the requirements and elaborated in a System Requirement Document (SRD).
  • Designed and developed Process Flow diagrams, Use Cases, Use Case Diagrams, Workflow diagrams using MS Visio. Designed the entire System Logical and Physical Architecture and documented in the SRD.
  • Created Technical Documentation, Functional Requirement Specifications and Non-Functional requirement specification documents.
  • Created Narrative Use Cases, Use Case diagrams, Work flow diagrams, flow diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Worked with Business Owners, IT Group, QA Team to scope and prioritize development releases.
  • Involved in formulating the test plans and test cases along with the Testing lead for streamlining the testing process and also involved in the functional testing of the system. Worked closely with SME’s from various business areas (Fund Accountants, Cash Managers, Transfer Agents, and System Architects etc) to gather business and system requirements by conducting interviews, JRP sessions and technical workshop meetings.
  • Prioritized project efforts, developed Project plans, Process flows, Use Cases and System requirement specification and analyzed the Business requirements and the site specifications.
  • Documented Detailed Business Requirements for Automated Management, Automated Financial Reporting and Automated Process Notifications to relevant departments.
  • Analyzed System and Functional Specification documents for the Web System.
  • Worked with IT Development team to identify bottlenecks that could hinder progress of development.
  • Created a Test Strategy to be implemented across multiple projects across the web integrated system. Developed the Testing Strategy for the entire application and developed various test cases.
  • Initiate, coordinate and implement the system testing Process. Tested security privileges of the application for individual users as well as group access

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