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Sap Mm/im Resume



  • 6 years of professional experience in SAP MM/IM implementation and configuration activities.
  • Proficient in Business Process Study, Gap Analysis, Requirement Design, Configuration, Testing & Quality processes, end user training and documentation.
  • Experience working in Hi-tech, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing Industry Sectors with Global Implementation.
  • MM/PP Configuration: Bill of Material, Work Center, Routings, Component Assignment, Material requirement Planning, Demand Management, MRP, Planned Orders, Production Orders, Make to Order process, Make to Stock Process and SOP.
  • Proficiency in configuring MM/SD Integration points including Material Master, Post Goods Issue, Third party Item, Stock transfer, Inter-Company billing, Loading and Transporting Group, Schedule line categories, Plant data and shipping condition, Availability check, Outbound delivery and stock reduction.
  • Proficiency in configuring MM/FI Integration Points including Valuation Class, Valuation Area, Automatic and Manual Account Assignment, Planned and Unplanned delivery cost, Automatic Posting keys and GR/IR Clearing Account.
  • Enterprise Structure & Master Data Configuration: Extensively worked on Configuration of Enterprise Structure and Master Data including Material Master, Vendor Master, Quota Arrangement, Source List and Info Records.
  • Purchasing Configuration: Worked on entire Procure-To-Pay cycle including Purchase Requisitions, Request for Quotations, Comparing and Rejections of quotations, Outline Agreement, Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order, Stock Transport Order (Inter-Intra Company), Automatic generation of Purchase Order and Special Procurement in Purchasing.
  • IM Configuration- Goods Receipt with and without Purchase Order, Goods Issue, Stock Transfers, Subsequent Adjustment, Sub-Contracting material handling, Automatic Movements, Movement Types, Reservations, Material Documents, Physical Inventory documents, Inventory Sampling, Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory Process, RTP Stocks, Free Goods and By-Products.
  • Invoice Verification Configuration: Invoice Verification(Two and Three way match), Maintain Variances, Invoice Reduction, Blocking and Releasing Blocked Invoices, Credit Memo, Invoice in background and settlements, Planned and Unplanned delivery, Invoice Verification in background, Clearing Account Maintenance.
  • Worked on RICEF, Feasibility Analysis, GAP Analysis, AS-IS and TO-BE documents.
  • Worked on Data Migration and analysis from Legacy System to SAP R/3 using LSMW(Batch Input-Recording and Direct Input Methods).
  • Worked on EDI/IDOCs for Master Data and Open Purchasing Documents (850, 855, 860, 869, 870, 810, and 856).
  • Experience in Test plan Unit testing, Integration testing and training of End Users.

Work Experience:

Confidential, GA
MM/PP Functional Consultant
Jan 2011 - Present

  • PanHP PRMO (Puerto Rico Manufacturing Operations)
  • The purpose of this project is to enable PRMO to fulfill intercompany, TAM and International Direct ship orders by migrating to the go forward Pan-HP Fusion EMEA platform without impacting legal and tax advantage compliance driving $345M in tax savings.
  • Consolidate all current Supply Chain processes for PR company codes into one SAP Platform, Fusion EMEA using PRODUCE Model 3 / Release 2 Processes.
  • Enable the retirement of S20 SAP platform by migrating the PR Supply Chain entities to Fusion EMEA.
  • Procurement of components to PR factory from External Suppliers and Internal Factories.
  • Carried out prototyping for various IC vendors (systems) buying from PRMO on a new gFusion SAP Platform, maintained prototyping master data, created POs, tracked confirmations, Inbound deliveries and goods receipts.
  • Configured the leveraged Enterprise structure from the PRMO legacy system and also configured the new plant for a new HALO HW business and new purchase organizations.
  • Purchase order creation during the MRP run, , Availability checking, Reporting, MRP list, Stock/Requirement list, MRP Groups, MRP Area and order profile
  • Configured the entire Release strategy process on a gFusion SAP Platform including new characteristics, release group, classification, release code and strategies.
  • Worked on the (development efforts) requirement to prefix the Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement number range with the first two characters of the plant code.
  • Worked on the PO form Z1DRUCK_NEU to fulfill the PRMO business requirement to accommodate Purchase Order and Scheduling agreement fields for the purchase order print functionality.
  • Defined the text for purchase organization to assign invoice addresses to each purchase organization to be printed on the PO.
  • Created a new output type ZBUY for the requirement in which it is mandatory to send an email to the vendor and the buyer simultaneously, created new access sequence, maintained condition records and its dispatch time.
  • Configured settings for creation of purchase requisitions through MRP run and their further conversion to Purchase orders through a background batch job.
  • Monitor IDOCs for Vendor creation flowing in from other Non-SAP systems to ensure these were received and created on the DEV platform.
  • Leveraged Returns to vendor process from another system to be implemented for PRMO moved the entire tool onto gFusion, relevant modification and the tool functionality was checked. RTV was used as a returns tool for creating Returns PO.
  • Data Migration Tools - Wrote design documents and technical design specification for Material Master, PIRs, Source Lists, Quota Arrangement and PIR buy price.
  • Data Upload Tools - Developed new upload tools, the .CSV download files were fed as an Input to the upload programs to upload master data on gFusion.
  • Worked on partner profile set up for Vendors and logical systems and Purchasing EDI/IDOC standards 850, 855 and 860 for the current EDI supplier that need to be continued with the EDI process.
  • Wrote functional test cases for Procurement processes, supported the SIT & UAT process from the Procurement work stream.
  • Provided support guide and training sessions to the end users for new processes introduced within PRMO.

Confidential, GA
MM/PP Functional Consultant
Mar 2010 - Dec 2010
SAP 4.6C

  • Implemented Fusion-SAP platform (AMS) and Shop Floor Next Generation (SFNG) into Brazil factory to simplify business operations end to end, replacing multi-legacy applications and reducing manual intervention.
  • A roll out project for the inclusion of a new brazil based plant AC01
  • Business requirements were reviewed, cross functional review session, focus topic sessions were held and prototyping was conducted.
  • The Prototyping included creation of POs for IC vendors, external vendors and their corresponding XI flows.
  • Compiled the ADDs for the Configuration/development required in the Procurement work stream
  • End to End prototyping conducted in the analysis phase in the Procurement and Manufacturing work stream.
  • Proficient in Procure to Pay Process for material and non-material items, Configured Purchasing sub-modules including the Quotations, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Order, Automatic Creation of Purchase Order and Stock Transport Orders(Inter and Intra Company).
  • Creation of Purchase Orders in AC01/BR20 plant and company code. ORDERS/ORDRSP Idocs flow through XI between FAMS and IC Vendor Systems.
  • Worked on generating a report to see who/why/when a Vendor was blocked and generating the entire list of blocked vendors for AC01 Plant.
  • Provided solution to the business on their requirement of identifying the inactive vendors.
  • Provided functional design specification for the code changes required in the Return to Vendor tool, Analyzed NCT inventory tracking and NCT detailed report for the leveraged RVC Return to Vendor process.
  • Worked on the requirement where the PO prompts warning if the PO quantity is not within the minimum and the maximum quantity limit.
  • Managed PO approvals using the Release strategy concept based on PO Value for External and Internal procurement.
  • Worked on the standard PO drop ship process for AC01 brazil Plant.
  • Configured the entire Brazil Calendar including the Holiday Calendar and the Factory Calendar on FAMS platform for AC01 Plant
  • Configured the entire Workflow for executing back flush errors and cancellation of orders.
  • Extended the WCR (Work Center & Routings) from 5200 Plant to AC01 plant for BTO/CTO orders and also for the newer functionality in terms of having split rack orders
  • Training users on build triggering the sales orders, executing the workflow tasks for BTO/CTO and split rack orders.
  • Listed discrete and end to end test cases for the SIT phase to make sure whether these systems are successfully integrated and been up to date by exchanging data with each other. Used Quality Center tool to carry out SIT and UAT.
  • Also worked in the Manufacturing Work stream in the SIT phase of the project along with Procurement test cases.
  • Responsible for Build Triggering Sales Orders depending on the test scenario followed by Back flush Process, Serial number creation, HU creation and Put away.
  • Handled change requests successfully for the failed test cases.
  • Actively involved in UAT war room sessions for the tickets/change requests, running test cases in tandem with the users and resolving relevant issues.
  • Trained end users on new functionalities and provide support guide.
  • Actively involved in MTP tasks in Procurement and Manufacturing work streams in terms of reviewing transports moved to production.
  • Proficient in ALE/EDI and interfaces for data flowing to other systems (eg. For materials, vendors)
  • Supported the project during the warranty/post production phase of the project to ensure a smooth deployment.

Confidential, GA
MM/PP/SD/WM/SCM Functional Consultant
Sept 2009 - Feb 2010
SAP 4.6C

  • Archiving four of the HP SAP Instances in the current project including MPR, IPA, FPA and EMR, MPR is one of the Compaq systems which has to be decommissioned once the pre-merger and post-merger data has been archived. IPA/FPA/EMR are digital 7B systems with both SC and FI data to be decommissioned.
  • Implemented non-standard method of archiving by developing Print list programs rather than conventional Archiving Process
  • Working as an SAP SCM Functional Consultant and involved in archiving entire supply chain data in these instances.
  • Responsible for working in all the phases of the Project including Scoping, Analysis, Design, Implementation/Development, UAT and Warranty.
  • Analysis: Extensive interaction with the stakeholders/business users to finalize requirements for archiving on all different platforms.
  • Responsible for Archiving of Functional Groups such as MM,PP, SD and MD for MPR(APJ), IPA(APJ,EMEA), FPA(APJ,EMEA) and EMR(APJ,AMS).
  • Worked on GAP Analysis, programs to be leveraged from previous projects, initial review of the Record Retention Period during the Analysis phase.
  • Gathered all the business requirements and fields to be archived in each of the reports and updated them to Caliber.
  • High level analysis of Enterprise Structure including Company Codes, Sales Organization, Purchase Organizations, Plants, Storage locations and Warehouse numbers to use these entities as variants for running archiving jobs.
  • High level analysis of date ranges to be taken into account while archiving data.
  • Provided Enterprise Structure analysis to FAIT (Finance & Administration IT) team involved in developing FI-Fixed Assets, GL, Tax and AP/AP Reports
  • Design: Created ADD (Application design document) and TDS (Technical Design Specification) for all the reports that were required to be developed in the SC area. Few examples of the reports are Customer Master, Vendor Master, Material master, Production Order, Purchase Requisitions/Orders, Outline Agreements, Order Trace Reports, Shipping Reports, and Archiving Material & Accounting Documents.
  • Worked on prototyping of all the reports that were to be leveraged from the previous TSG Archiving Project.
  • Worked on the prototyping issues which were encountered on all the platforms.
  • Assigned Functional Groups and Record Series to each of the print list programs required for archiving.
  • Worked on determining the Record Retention Period for each SC requirement based on the GRM (Global Record Management) requirements. Record Retention period were dealt separately based on the regions.
  • Finalized all the Retention Period requirements with HP Global Electronics Record Manager.
  • Worked on gaining the sign off on all requirements on various platforms by various owners (APJ, EMEA, AMS) in terms of requirements and record retention.
  • Implementation/ Development: Closely worked with the ABAPer for development of all new reports, provided pseudo codes and logic based on the requirements given by the users.
  • Leveraged Wrapper Program- Program that runs the (developed) archiving reports in background by maintain its Z-table entries for header and items to automatically take in organization entity and archiving period.
  • Ran archival extracts in order to extract data out of all the systems, validation of archival extracts, encountering archiving related issues, routing of archiving text files onto local directory (application server) and then copying it to NFS.
  • Based on the requirements from Business, Worked on PDF conversion of IC, Misc. IC Invoice SAP Scripts ( OTF Format) to PDF by modifying a Function Module OTF_CONVERT
  • Worked extensively on UAT, Warranty and close out.

Confidential, OH (Full Life Cycle)
MM Functional Consultant
Nov 2008 - Aug 2009

  • Coordinated and performed the successful configuration, design, analysis and testing of SAP Materials Management along with Inventory management and Production Planning.
  • Experience in working on different EDI/IDOCs standards for Purchasing Documents (850,855,860,869,870,810 and 856).
  • Configured the Release Strategies for Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders.
  • Assisted in Weekly and Monthly forecasting activities for the Procurement division for MRP, Purchase order creation during the MRP run, , Availability checking, Reporting, MRP list, Stock/Requirement list, MRP Groups, MRP Area and order profile.
  • Set up configuration for Automatic generation of Purchase Orders through Purchase Requisitions and at the time of Goods Receipt.
  • Configuration of Inventory Management: Configured System Messages, Manual account assignment for Goods Receipt and Goods Issue and Automatic Generation of Physical Inventory document for goods movements.
  • Tested Reservation for material for Make to Order and Make to Stock Process.
  • Configuration of Logistics invoice verification: Configuration of System messages, Automatic postings to GL Account, Tax treatment in Invoice reduction, Planned and Unplanned delivery costs, Document parking, Invoice block and release, Account maintenance and Automatic account determination.
  • Worked on Configuration to set up automatic settlement of Invoices (ERS)
  • Created support documentation (User manual) for each functionality that included my involvement.

MM/IM Functional Consultant
May 2008 - Sept 2008
SAP R/3 4.7

  • Roll out project to add a plant for the new business/product line
  • Developed operations team project scope and plan in accordance with ASAP methodology including Business Analysis.
  • Involved in the Business Analysis, AS-IS and TO-BE documents.
  • Defined new plant in the Enterprise structure and relevant assignments for storage location.
  • Assigned Purchase organization to the new plant and defined a standard purchase organization.
  • Materials Management: Defined Master Data including Material Master, Vendor Master, Info Records, Partner Functions, Source Lists and Quota arrangements.
  • Defined External and Internal Confirmation categories for Vendor Confirmations.
  • Configured the Release Procedures for Scheduling Agreements, Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order.
  • Inventory Management: Configured Goods Receipts, Goods Issue, Transfer postings and Stock transfers, Reservations, Plant-to-Plant Stock transfers using stock transport orders and reporting in Inventory Management..
  • Documentation, Final Presentation and Training of the end users.
  • Prepared the Functional Specifications for various reports as per Client requirements.
  • Provided support for the subcontracting, third party and consignments Stock types.
  • Extensively worked on production support to resolve issues in given SLAs.
  • Provided system support after Go Live.

MM/IM Configuration Consultant
Jun 2007 - April 2008
SAP R/3 4.7E

  • Worked extensively on Make to stock and Make to order strategies for Production Planning.
  • Purchasing: Purchase value Key, Attributes of system messages, Tax jurisdiction, Purchasing Group, Number ranges for Quotations, Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders.
  • Worked on purchase order reminders, open purchase orders, posting periods and allowing posting to previous period.
  • Configured settings for system messages for Inventory management and Physical Inventory.
  • Worked on MM/FI(AP) integration including Automatic posting keys, Planned and Unplanned delivery cost, GR/IR Clearing Account and Invoice tolerances.
  • Data Conversion: Prepared data conversion documents on customer master data, vendor master data, GR/IR Clearing Account, Third Party, Consignments and Subcontracting material data. Coordinated with ABAP team in loading legacy data with LSMW.

MM Functional Consultant
May 2006 - April 2007
SAP R/3 4.7E

  • Efficiently networked with the Client to understand business process for GAP analysis and proposed long term and short term strategic solutions to the Global system design.
  • Analysis of Client's Business requirements and Operational processes to maximize market value and support major change efforts involving corporate, operational, informational technology, organizational, and change strategies.
  • Configured Source list requirements at Plant level, Quota arrangement usage, screen layout at document level for RFQs and Purchase Requisitions.
  • Worked on the concept of Expiration Date Check to set the material Shelf Life Expiration Date check for goods receipts for each plant and movement type.


  • Bachelors in Computers Science
  • Excellent skills in the following programming languages: C, C++, Visual Basic, Java.
  • Excellent knowledge of the following Applications: Microsoft office including Access.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience in requirement elicitation and precise documentation of the specifications.

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