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Sap Bw & Hanaarchitect/developer Resume


  • 11 plus years of expertise in SAP HANA, SAP BW 7.4, 7.3, SAP BI 7.0, SAP BO 4.1, SAP ECC Implementations. Experienced in data analytics, data warehousing and BI solutions.
  • Worked in five end - to-end SAP implementation projects, two BW upgrade projects (BW 7.0 to 7.4 & 3.5 to 7.0) & one upgrade in BO from 4.0 to 4.1. Two plus years of BW on HANA experience. Supported four projects post go live.
  • Extensive experience in Developing Business intelligence based solutions using SAP HANA, SAP BW 7.4, 7.0, 3.5, SAP Data Services 4.2 and Business Objects 4.1.
  • Extensively worked in various modules of ECC such as Logistics, SCM, SRM, HCM, FI/CO, PP, BPC, SPM, CRM, APO, CO-PA for extracting data and loading into BW Data targets. Worked on IP.
  • Involved in Implementations of NW2004s, BW 7.4, BI7.0, HANA and BW 3.5 which included Data-Modeling, Data Loading, Data staging, Scheduling, Monitoring, LO Cockpit, BEx Queries, Web publishing, Information Broadcasting and Generic Extraction. Data Extraction from ECC 6.0/5.0, R/3 and non-SAP Source Systems.
  • Worked on an end-to-end implementation of BW on HANA system. Deployed LSA++ architecture for Hana modeling.
  • Experience in Business Object’s Enterprise products including BI4, BICS, SAP BO/BW Integration, Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Analysis for OLAP & Office, Explorer Spaces, Crystal Reports, Xcelsius, Dashboard Development and Lumira.
  • Provided Business Intelligence solutions at enterprise-level by designing, developing and implementing, to address ongoing business strategies.
  • Built Analytic reports and intuitive visualization dashboards in HR to support the analytical reporting needs of the HR professionals.
  • Helped Business strategically to choose the right BOBJ Tools based on the requirements and the type of users.
  • Worked extensively on Solution Manager. Worked with SAP on SAP incidents (OSS tickets) on bug fixes.


  • Extensive experience in BI Architecture, Extended Star-Schema, Multi- Dimensional Modeling, Data Flow Strategy, InfoObjects, Defining Dimensions, InfoCubes, Composite Providers, Hybrid InfoProviders, Virtual Providers, Advanced Datastore Objects(ADSO), Open ODS view, SAP HANA-optimized DSOs, SAP HANA-optimized Infocubes, MultiProviders, InfoSets, DataSources, InfoSources, InfoObjects, PSA and DSOs.
  • Extracted data from different source systems like Oracle, MS SQL, flat files and loaded into the warehouse using BODS ETL. Extensively worked with flat files like like ‘txt’, ‘csv’, ‘xls’ by creating file formats in Data services. Extracted data from Legacy Systems, ECC, for, COPA from FI, LO Logistics Cockpit for MM-Purchasing and Inventory, HR, CRM, APO, SRM, Standard & Generic DataSources from Views, Function Modules and Flat Files.
  • Solid experience in Data Modeling, Extraction, Cleansing, Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, Delta Management and Reporting.
  • Expertise in front-end Business Warehouse components (BEx Analyzer, Query Designer) for Queries, workbooks, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, R/RI, Ad-hoc Queries and Web application designer, Web Items.
  • Evaluated performance using BW Statistics and suggested recommendations to Basis support for optimization. Improved data load and query performance by doing Compression, creating Aggregates, Indexes, Partitioning etc.
  • Good experience in ABAP programming to develop Programs, Function Modules, Start/End/Expert Routines, User Exits, BADIs to enhance the extractors, coding CMOD variables for reporting etc.
  • Created Universes to retrieve data from SAP HANA Views / BEx Queries, Web Intelligence Reports, Analysis for Office/OLAP, Xcelsius / SAP Dashboards, Crystal Reports, SAP Lumira.
  • Extensive experience in support, Data Loads, Validation and Troubleshooting of Transaction and Master Data, Change Management, Transport Management, Roles & Security, System Checks, Performance Tuning and Process Chains.
  • Good experience in researching SAP issues through OSS, applying OSS Notes and creating Customer Messages.
  • Extensively involved in End User training as well as Developer training, created Technical Documentation, Training Manuals etc.
  • Good experience in creating and presenting the Knowledge Transfer Documentation to the Support Team after the successful Go Live.
  • Excellent verbal/written/Communication skills, Team Player, flexible, ability to perform under stress and work effectively in fast paced environments.



SAP BW & HANA Architect/ Developer


  • Worked on gathering the requirements in HR, analyzing the requirements, designing and realizing them.
  • Worked on DTTL FI project to model the new company codes that are added, which includes backend changes to extractors and modeling in BW.
  • Worked on reports for CORE & GFS changes in the Finance and HR area.
  • Worked on Hana modeling by creating Calculation Views, Analytic Views & Attribute Views in Hana.
  • Worked on the BW on HANA in building the Composite provider for the new reporting needs for GFS.
  • Worked on creating HANA views based on Composite provider for CORE & GFS.
  • Worked with security for building the new reporting role for GFS.
  • Created jump queries in Trend reporting for Summary level balance sheet to the Line item details.
  • Worked on new GFS reports using Bex as source in HANA.
  • Worked on the Dashboards like Headcount, Trend, Expenses to have the CORE & GFS data.
  • Created Process chains based on dependencies for loading the master data & transactional data.
  • Worked on the Analysis for Office queries for the additional changes to for CORE & GFS. Building new workbooks for the new GFS reports in AO tool.
  • Working on enhancement to adjust the region information coming from BW & BPC for Trend reporting in Analysis for Office.

Environment: SAP BI 7.4, HANA, SAP HR, BOBJ 4.1, MS Visio, Service Now, MS Project and, ECC 6


Sr. SAP BW Developer


  • Worked on gathering the requirements in PM and HR, analyzing the requirements, designing and realizing them.
  • Worked on Enterprise Estimating Solutions project to bring the Virtual orders data into BW.
  • Worked on End-to-End development of EES master data and transactional data objects.
  • Changing to existing Orders and operations in Work Management area master data to accommodate virtual orders. Created transformations to feed to the additional attributes added to the above master data.
  • Created Process chains based on dependencies for loading based the master data & transactional data.
  • Worked on configuring the Work management data objects to accommodate virtual orders information.
  • Worked on Learning Solutions design in BW HR for Gas Operator Qualifications Reporting.
  • Developed Apprentice Program reporting solution.

Environment: SAP BI 7.3, HANA, Data Services 4.2, SAP HR, PM, MS Visio, MS Project and, ECC 6

Confidential, Redmond, WA

SAP BW/BPC Sr. Developer


  • Analyzing the business requirements and converting them into Functional design and Technical design documents.
  • Worked with ECC and DB Connect to bring the Non-SAP data into BW.
  • Worked on End-to-End development of OPEX, COGS, Accountability Margin, Head Count, Ending Inventory, Monthly Currency and Budget Currency.
  • Created Actuals, Forecast and Budget related DSO's, Transformations, info cubes as per the Business requirement. Worked with Rule groups in transformations.
  • Worked on Currency conversion in BW for OPEX model.
  • Crated Account, Profit center and Geography Master data, Created Profit Center (Forecast and Budget) Hierarchies and Geography Hierarchy that will be used in BPC Input forms and Reports.
  • Created and Maintained models, dimensions, members, for Account, Product Family, Geography, Profit center and Allocation Rule, Input Currency etc.
  • Created Process based on dependencies for loading based on planning cycle for Budget, Forecast and Actuals.
  • Process chain development to support Master data and Transactional data loads from BW to BPC.
  • Worked with Unit Testing, Integration Testing and UAT. Worked with different defects raised by Testing team and Business Users.
  • Worked with Script logics/BADI and Member formulae's and included them into Data manager package.
  • Usage of conversion, transformation files for the data management process.
  • Configure data manager extraction for the actual, forecast and Budget data.

Environment: SAP BI 7.4, BPC, MS Visio, MS Project and SQL Server, ECC.

Confidential, Roanoke, VA

SAP BW & HANA Architect/ Developer


  • Worked on providing BW Reporting Solution from requirements gathering phase.
  • Did the impact analysis of existing BW system. Later involved in configuring and setting up the BW system on HANA in DEV, QA and Production. Worked extensively on Enterprise Hana Modeling and SAP BW on HANA.
  • Provisioned data using SLT & BODS (data services) from SAP & Non-SAP Source systems into HANA.
  • Used the data services to stage the data from oracle for data profiling.
  • Worked with the Customization of the Infocube, InfoSets, DSO, MultiProvider and InfoObjects, Composite providers, ADSOs, as per the requirements. Deployed LSA++ optimization. Created generic extractors using BADIs, coded at Start/End routines, CMOD for reporting.
  • Designed and Created Calculation Views, Analytic Views & Attributes views. Created scripted views using SQL.
  • Worked on analytic authorizations in HANA. Worked on performance tuning in HANA.
  • Successfully completed migration project from BW 7.0 - BW 7.4 and BOBJ 4 to BOBJ 4.1. Worked extensively on resolving issues related to upgrade.
  • Created and executed test cases in BW for pre/post upgrade testing.
  • Worked on HANA Modeler created Attribute views, Calculation views based on ADSOs & Composite providers.
  • Responsible for working with the Requirements, Design, Development, Testing - ITC2, ITC3, UAT, Stress Testing, BASIS, Security, Cutover, Training, Transports etc.
  • Worked with the Business users and Functional teams for requirement gathering, developed Functional/Technical Specification documents.
  • Worked extensively on developments in HCM sub module like PA, OM, PD, LSO, CM, BN, PY, E-Recruitment & TV. Created BADIs as per the requirement. Worked extensively in Logistics, FI, BPC.
  • Worked on Analysis authorizations in BW HCM and defined security roles.
  • Designed data model and report for AAP project (Affirmative Actions Plan).
  • Worked on LSO project for reporting on historical data from BW.
  • Worked on Performance Tuning with respect to various objects in BW.
  • Worked extensively with BW for Modeling, Monitoring, and Scheduling DTP/Info package and Process chains that are scheduled via Redwood monitoring tool.
  • Brain storming sessions for Data Modeling the HR Solution for NS working with the Onsite & Offshore teams.
  • Worked on Travel Reports, created Jump queries for Travel (From GL report to Travel report for granular trip expenses data.
  • Created open hubs to send data to Teradata system.
  • Extensively worked with BEX Reporting, BEx Broadcasting, BOBJ CMC, WebI (IDT), BO Analysis for Office & OLAP, Explorer spaces, Crystal Reports and Design Studio. Trained Power Users on the BEX & BOBJ reporting tools.
  • Worked extensively on transports via ChaRm in Solution Manager.
  • Involved in On-call support for fixing production issues.
  • Worked with the Defects, Validation and provided Knowledge Transfer to users on various aspects.

Environment: SAP BI 7.4, 7.X, SAP HANA, FI, HCM, Logistics, BPC, Security, BEX, MS Visio, MS Project and ECC 6.0, BOBJ 4. 4.1, BODS 4.2, Solution Manager

Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. BW/BO Consultant


  • Involved in requirement gathering and worked on enhancing the existing systems.
  • Gathered User Requirements, Analyzed reporting requirements, Gap Analysis, Evaluated Standard Business Content, Design and Development - Data Mapping, Design of Functional and Technical specifications.
  • Participated in full life cycle implementation of SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI (BI 7.0) including requirements gathering, gap analysis, design, data model, development, extraction, transformation, loading, testing and cutover to Production.
  • Created functional/technical specifications. Designed, developed and created InfoObjects, InfoCubes, DSOs, Transformations, DTPs and MultiProviders as per the reporting needs of Sales Order, Delivery, Billing, Shipment, Purchasing and Inventory.
  • Identified, activated Master & Transaction DataSources at SAP ECC 6.0. Enhanced, Customized standard DataSources to meet various business requirements. Extracted data from ECC 6.0 to BI 7.0 using Logistic Cockpit extraction for SD (Billing & Shipping), MM (Procurement) and Production Planning.
  • Developed Purchasing, Daily Sales, General Sales, Comparative Sales, Generic Shipment Activity and Fill rate reports. Conducted user training. Coordinated with offshore teams. Tested and validated reports. Coordinated with business users for Integration testing and UAT.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0 SAP ECC 6.0, SD, MM, PP and BEx Analyzer

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