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Sap Wm/mm Resume


Objective: To achieve a position as a SAP WM/IM/MM Functional Consultant/Analyst.


  • Around Ten years of Business/Industrial experience and eight years as a SAP R/3 Functional Consultant in Warehouse Management (WM), Inventory Management (IM) and Materials Management (MM) .
  • Good understanding of Industry best business practices and sound knowledge of SAP R/3 WM/MM module Version 4.6C, 4.7 and ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0 versions including complete customizing.
  • Five full life cycle implementations of SAP R/3 WM/MM Module and post live support SAP WM/MM Module.
  • Involved in all phases of a life cycle implementation, including blueprinting, gap analysis, mapping, design, configuration, testing, go-live, user training and post production support.
  • Understanding & analyzing customer’s ‘As Is’ Business Processes and mapping ‘TO-BE’ processes. Finalizing the Business Drivers and project scope for the client by mutually agreeing and signoff on deliverables for the project.

Experience in new functionality like Storage Units, Handling Units and RF Solution/SAP Console, Bar code/label printing: enhancement by linking WM/IM transactions; PO put away in warehouse; Warehouse bin-to-bin move; RF activities monitor, bin stock inquiry.
WM-IM interface for various movement types and cross-functional applications, and WM-PP interface for GR from Production and material staging WM-QM Interface for external procurement and from Production and WM Interface with Shipping

Data Migration from Legacy system to SAP for up gradation / new implementation / integration, import of data from any other external system to SAP. Preparing the specifications required for uploading the master data and Interacting with the ABAP developer for the same. Understanding of ABAP programming algorithms and logic and various Tables and fields. Core Industrial and Manufacturing background with exposure to manufacturing environments, Purchasing Procedures, Warehouse Management and Inventory Management.
  • Excellent team member with good communication and interpersonal skills and an ability to perform, open to new ideas & concepts, ability to learn quickly and team builder.

SAP Functional Skills:

Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Article Master
  • Vendor Master
  • Info Records
  • Source List
  • Quota Arrangement

Configuration of Organizational Structures

  • MM-Organization Structures
  • Material Type

Procurement Process

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Purchase Orders
  • Request for Quotation
  • Subcontracting
  • Individual/Collective Release

Purchasing Optimization

  • Contracts
  • Scheduling Agreements
  • RFQ/ Quotation
  • Release Procedures

Inventory Management

  • Goods Receipts/Issues
  • Stock Transfers/STO
  • Consignment
  • Physical Inventory
  • Movement Type Configuration

Logistics Execution

  • Inbound/Outbound Deliveries
  • Route Determination
  • Shipment

Warehouse Management

  • Create complex warehouse structures
  • Warehouse Configuration
  • Material master views.
  • Stock placement/removal.
  • Goods issues for sales orders.
  • Picking for a delivery.
  • Transferring stock.
  • Manage several different types of storage, such as high rack storage, block storage or fixed bin storage.
  • Storage unit management.
  • Handling Unit Management
  • Bar Coding, SAP Console

Valuation and Account Determination

  • Material Valuation
  • Price Control
  • Account Determination
  • Split Valuation
  • Batch Management

SAP Technical

  • LSMW, InfoPak

Sales and Distribution

  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Document Types

Production Planning

  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Planned and Production Orders
  • Production Release
  • Production Conformation
  • SAP Query

Technical Skills:

ERP systems: SAP R/3, ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0
SAP: MM, IM and WM
Computer Languages: C, C++, SQL, VB 6.0.
Operating Systems: Windows XP/NT/2000 Professional
Databases: Oracle 8.0.3, MS Access
Packages: MS Office, MS Excel

Professional Experience:

  • Confidential,AZ (June 2009 – till date)
    Role: SAP WM/MM & QM Functional Analyst
    Environment: SAP 4.7/ECC 6.0 (Configuration, Data Loading, Validation & RICEF)


  • Worked with Business teams to understand the business process of Honeywell’s Aerospace Coon Rapids & Deer Valley plant, legacy data and specific business needs.
  • Identified the source systems available and analyzed the data being pulled from these systems and developed the scope and detailed process design for the conversion of the data from the legacy systems.
  • Facilitated and coordinated the data mapping sessions to get the rules required to convert data from legacy to SAP system.
  • Identified the gaps in the existing SAP configuration and made specific changes whenever required.
  • Facilitated and coordinated meetings between WM, FI, and PS teams to provide WBS elements needed for the conversion of Purchase orders and Government stocks.
  • Coordinated the development of LSMW objects and Functional specification, created test plans, provided test scenarios and documented them.


  • Coordinated the data conversion process of vendor master, Purchase orders, Framework orders and Stock transport orders and various different stocks like Production order stocks, Vendor stocks, government stocks etc.
  • Made changes to the existing pricing conditions and developed new pricing conditions to include vendor specific discounts, plant specific surcharges etc.
  • Coordinated the ETL process of extraction purchase order data and conversion the data into the SAP LSMW load format.
  • Worked on creating SAP Queries for validating the LSMW loads for Inventory, STO, Purchase Orders, SL,PIR.
  • Developed a process for Non-Product POs to provide extracted data to the business teams to make certain changes after which the ETL will compare it with another system to remove the outdated data.
  • Coordinated the data conversion process of Storage bins, Stocks and updating of last cycle count dates and facilitated the conversion of 8 different legacy systems (UNIS, CASPER, ORACLE DB, etc.)
  • Created new storage locations for holding material at an intermediate stage such as production order partially issued stock, Materials under review, Bond stock etc.
  • Made necessary changes and created new storage types, stock placement and removal indicators, Storage type search sequences, automatic TO creation settings and confirmations.

  • Confidential,Bowling Green, OH (February 2008 – March 2009)
    Role: SAP WM/MM & QM Functional Analyst
    Environment: SAP 4.7 (Roll Out, Configuration, Testing and Post Production Support)


  • Design & Blueprint phase: In this phase, scheduled the necessary SME’s for design workshops and was involved in the discussion of the core business processes and mapping it with the existing Rexam Core model. Functional specifications (FSPEC’s & FIREC’s) included enhancements, interfaces, reports & Forms & conversions were documented as per the requirements.
  • Configured WM function in basic Master data update, Warehouse structure setup like storage type, Storage section, Bins, Quant’s, Stock management (for batch), WM movement types, Goods receipts, Goods Issue, Stock Replenishment, Picking and Put away strategies, HUM, automatic generation of Transfer orders from Transfer requirements during Goods Receipts by creating Special Indicators.
  • Define Packing material type and material group and assigning them for HU creations and created Packaging instruction using transaction POP1 and assigned material to the packaging instruction using transaction POF1 and extensively worked on testing Pallet and Carton Labels.
  • Activated WM – PP interface and created control cycle records for materials. Configured Goods issue from warehouse to Production order and finished goods receipt into warehouse.
  • Responsible for implementing user requirements for a SAP Console rollout to a all the sites. Designed SAP Console screens, including storage location to storage location move, with QA inspection lots, storage units and complex configurations. Also worked on goods issue and goods receipt from Process Orders, including the receipt of by-products and intermediate products, the staging of production raw materials and other applications. Produced detailed Functional designs for offshore development and tested the resultant code at unit, system and user acceptance levels
  • Configured Shipping parameters for Warehouse – processing outbound deliveries through shipping points and automatic specification of picking location and configured Delivery types for normal sales order and Return Deliveries Inter and Intra stock transport order types.
  • Handling unit management: Handling units from a business stand point was used basically for outbound deliveries. When the deliveries were created and material where picked and moved to the staging areas, the packing step was performed to get the no of pallet information on the BOL and this information was updated in the Header Text field of the Delivery.
  • Worked on Purchasing flow per the business requirements, by defining Automated Requisitions out of MRP, Release strategies, Request for Quotations, and creation of PReq, purchase orders, Info Records, Source Lists, special scenarios of shipping to External WMS, Subcontracting, Inter and Intra STO, Shipping WIP materials.
  • Customized the price determination process by defining condition types, access sequences, calculation schemas and schema determination using condition techniques
  • Worked on Inter Company Billing. Credit/debit Memos, Revenue Recognition and inter-company stock transfers
  • Configured message Types for Purchase Order and setup Release Procedures for purchasing documents
  • Inventory Management- Managed material stock by quantity/ by value, goods issue, stock movement documentation/ reservation/ quality inspection/ physical inventory, stock transfer, transfer posting.
  • Assisted the QM team on configuring QM in procurement/ production and shipping processes, setting up QM Master Data. Worked on configuring Quality inspection, Result Recording, Notification processing, In-process Inspection, Result recording process.
  • Worked on preparing Testing scenarios. Test scripts / Scenarios involved end – to – end based on the actual business. There were 4 cycles of testing which included integration and regression testing.
  • Involved in training the Key User and the End user in the SAP MM/WM process, and helped the Key Users in developing the End user Documentation.
  • Worked on Cut Over Activities, Go live and Post Go Live Support in supporting the business on the entire logistics front outbound and inbound along with the business personnel independently on site.
  • Confidential,Minneapolis, MN (June 2007 – January 2008)
    Role: SAP WM-LES/MM /QM Functional Consultant
    Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 Retail (Process Design, Realization and Testing)


  • Understanding user requirements, filling in the storyboard for the business processes, preparing the BPML (Business Process Master List) and business Blue Print in Warehouse/Materials Management for the SAP implementation.
  • Functional Team Lead - Managed a group of R/3 functional consultants to develop and integrate the SAP WM/MM module. Managed Project timeline and milestones for the team.
  • Configuration of the requirements to SAP WM module & deciding Organization structures in Warehouse Management and configured WM structure by defining storage types, storage sections, bins, Quants, doors, Defined Put away and Picking strategies and the system was configured for automatic generation of Transfer requirements, Transfer orders.
  • Detailed planning is performed for picking work packages using Wave Picks
  • Configured new movement types in WM with reference to Inbound and Outbound deliveries and configured various put away and picking strategies.
  • Customized and configured Stock Transport Orders (STO) for transfer of stock between the plants. Responsible for setting all the parameters; supplying plant, receiving plant and shipping point determination
  • Worked on Handling Unit Management for packing the materials, printing labels and scanning batches against Outbound delivery for better FR Traceability. Configured the Packing Proposals using Packing Instructions in Handling Unit Management.
  • Configuring Inventory Management Parameters for all Goods movements like Goods Receipts, Goods Issues, Reservations, GR for blocked stock, Goods returns and Created physical inventory settings, documents, posting differences, Annual Inventory, Inventory Sampling and Cycle counting.
  • Configured Output Determination for Deliveries and Billing Documents, Shipping Points, Shipping Conditions and Shipping Point Determination, Configuration of Shipping and Transportation activities – Processing Deliveries
  • Created Test scripts for Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) for all the different Business Process Flows as per the requirements of the client and tested them to check for the desired results.
  • Design, development and testing of functional specs for RICEFW objectsand executed SAP Query.
  • Worked on Integration of Quality functionality in manufacturing and extension of returns functionality. Processed QM Master Data, Quality inspection set up, Result Recording, Notification processing and Production order confirmation.
  • Configured Purchasing documents: Purchasing info records, RFQ/Quotation, purchase requisition, purchase orders, automatic purchase orders, source lists, and scheduling agreements.
  • Reviewed Characteristics and classes were and the same were created for release procedures to RFQ/Quotation, requisition, purchase orders, contract and scheduling agreements
  • Resolved issues in inventory by using Batch management, handling of special stocks, and creation of new storage locations for business gaps.
  • Analyzed and studied existing Production practices of company and identified areas for mapping into PP module using Release Order Part Method. Worked on the Production Order settings, carrying out material availability checks, scheduling and releasing production orders and confirming production orders.
  • Did warehouse survey, WM RF configuration from scratch, SAP Console and Greorgia Softworks telnet server installation, advice on hardware procurement, SAP Console screen design, developed Goods Receipt and Delivery Pick/Pack with Handling Units screens
  • Confidential,Plano, TX (April 2007 – June 2007)
    Role: SAP WM-MM Functional Consultant
    Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 (Blue Printing)


  • Involved in the gathering of business user requirements and created functional requirements for the same
  • Translated AS-IS business process requirements into TO-BE SAP functional and configuration blue prints to provide high-level estimates for design implementation efforts. Performed GAP analysis.
  • Translated business requirements into SAP functional and configuration requirements
  • Developed Flow Chart Documentation and Presentations for the Business Scenarios.
  • Understood the business process and prepared detailed report for converging four instances of SAP into two.
  • Assist in the definition and resolution of key business process issues within and across key business process areas as part of Global Template Design Phase.
  • Confidential,Cincinnati, OH (February 2007 – March 2007)
    Role: SAP WM/IM/SD & RF Functional Analyst
    Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 (GO- LIVE and Post Production Support)


  • Worked extensively on MM/WM/SD Interface through the Shipping module to process delivery documents
  • Help resolve issues related to Make to Order Production (MTO) and monitored the Warehouse Monitor and help keep all the parameters in check.
  • Involved in resolving and clearing issues related to Inventory, Interim Storage areas and negative stocks, Picking and Put away of Material from the Warehouse and Interim Production areas and shipment of Packing Materials and empty Totes and Containers.
  • Worked on Issues related to Outbound Delivery, Shipping, Customer Consignment and Batch Management..
  • Worked on Storage unit (SU) management to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow by utilizing storage units within the warehouse.
  • Involved in setting picking and Put-away strategies specified for the material/WM also specifying Capacity of storage bins correctly if they are incorrectly specified while being created.
  • Help familiarize the operations of RF user console like entry of data to post GI/GR, physical inventory count results, Transmission of delivery documents in shipping and resolve any issues related to it and to track the material receipt process.
  • Confidential,Tyler, TX (June 2006 – January 2007)
    Role: SAP WM/MM Consultant
    Environment: SAP ECC 6.0 (Implementation)


  • Involved in the gathering of business user requirements and created functional requirements for the same
  • Implementing Warehouse Management (WM): planning, design, development, configuration, warehouse capacity planning. configured WM structure by defining storage types, storage sections, bins, quant, doors etc.
  • Defining new put away and picking strategies and changes according to the requirements. configured automatic and manual generation of Transfer Requirement and Transfer order to handle goods receipt, goods issue and customer returns.
  • Created Physical Inventory settings, documents, posting differences, Inventory Sampling, and Cycle counting.
  • Worked on Storage unit (SU) management to optimize warehouse capacity and control material flow by utilizing storage units within the warehouse and configured Identification (ID) Points for the transfer of storage units in SUM.
  • Worked on creation of Automatic packing station according to the customer requirements in HUM and defined different types of Packing Material Types and Packing Material for Packing Groups.
  • Involved in developing Functional specs to Radio Frequency devices. Developed RF Mobile Front end configuration. Data collection and communication solutions designed specifically for mobile, in-premise, and transaction processing applications.
  • Worked on Shipping Configuration, Shipping Point Determination, Shipment cost calculation, Deliveries, Post Good Issue, Transportation Planning Point. Also worked on configuration of basic functions like freight, transfer of requirements, route and route scheduling.
  • Organizational Data Configuration: Created plants, storage locations, purchasing organizations and groups, Info record and maintained the source list. Also worked on the Material Master and maintenance of Vendor Master.
  • Creation of purchasing documents (like Requisitions, Request for Quotation (RFQ), Maintaining quotations, Info records, Purchase order, Contract agreement, Scheduling agreement, Goods receipt, Goods movement etc.), Release Procedures.
  • Designed Sub Contracting process with Special Procurement keys and Procurement types. documented the process flow for all the subcontracting Scenarios
  • IDoc types defined for data, such as purchase orders, invoices, GR, GI which was broken down into more specific categories called message types.

  • Confidential,WI (November 2004 – May 2006)
    Role: SAP WM/MM Applications Consultant
    Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 (Full Life Cycle Implementation)


  • Assist in the definition and resolution of key business process issues within and across key business process areas as part of Global Template Design Phase and developed the detailed TO-BE process and prepared business blue print, scope document and work plan for the implementation of SAP.
  • Configured Warehouse Management settings with various storage types, sections and storage bins and there structure and worked on configuring Good Movements, Movement Types and Warehouse Structure along with definition of the Put away and Pick strategies.
  • Implemented Cross-Docking, Flow through and Backorder processing concept in the Warehouse and implemented Storage Unit Management for specific Storage Locations and worked on configuration of packing and unpacking of HUM during picking/put away.
  • Customized Warehouse Management RF screens to automate picking of Deliveries and Handling Units, using hand-held and vehicle-mounted Radio Frequency terminals. Multiple distribution centers and a variety of work practices were supported.
  • Configuration of MM module Version 4.7 with the following functionality: Material Master, Vendor Master, Source Lists, Purchase Requisitions, RFQ, Quotation ,Contracts, Purchase Orders, Outline Agreements, Release Procedures, Good Receipts from Purchase Order and Production Order, Logistics Invoice Verification, configured automatic posting, set tolerance limit, block invoice, release invoice, and tax jurisdiction in invoice verification.
  • Worked on Batch Management using Batch class and characteristics, Batch classification, Batch Split and Batch Traceability.
  • Inventory Management Process including Goods Receipt, Damaged Goods/Discrepancy Goods Receipt from Production, Storage Location to Storage Location Transfer, Goods Issue, physical and annual inventory documents with automatic zero stock check display.
  • Configured Delivery - Individual Delivery, Combined Delivery and Partial Delivery and worked on assigning outputs types to smart forms for order confirmation, Delivery outputs (Bill of lading, Shipment notification, Advanced shipment notification, packing list), shipment and Invoice output.
  • Configuring Route Determination based on the shipping point and destination country. Defining mode transport and assigning shipping points.

Pre-Migration activities – Was involved in legacy data extractions and file creation, validation of those extracts and load using LSMW.

  • Regular training for the key users and end users on SAP functionality\'s and navigation through screens. Prepared documents and end user manual for training and worked on the Integration Testing Scripts and analysis.
  • Confidential,Lionville PA. (August 2003 – October 2004)
    Role: SAP WM/RF Configuration Professional

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 (Full Life Cycle Implementation)


  • Worked with the user community to identify their requirements, design enhancements and functionality to help meet user requirements using the ASAP methodology
  • Carried out GAP analysis and completed the study of system deficiencies with regards to SAP delivered functionality
  • Managed complex warehousing facilities including automatic warehouse, custom designed storage areas, high rack storage, bulk storage, fixed storage, fixed bin storage and other commonly used storage area,
  • Setup the system for the creation of automatic Transfer orders and Transfer Orders and involved in performing cross company Stock Transport Orders (STO), HUM and RF installation.
  • Batch Management activation for capturing different batch attributes throughout the supply chain.
  • Configuration of Shipping and Transportation activities - Processing Deliveries, Picking, Packing, Shipping Point Determination, Shipping Information & Analysis, Batch Splits, Routes, Transportation planning and scheduling .
  • Customize new order type, delivery and billing. Testing the same and transporting to QA and production server.
    Configuration and customizing of purchasing function by creation of Purchase requisitions, Purchase orders, Release strategies, RFQ, contracts, Scheduling Agreements and Outline agreements.
  • Preparation of Integration test scripts for testing ,End user training, presentations and creating documentation Involved in Go-Live and also in post-production support of the Project..
  • Confidential,Northville, MI (June 2002 - July 2003)
    Role: SAP MM/IM/WM Analyst
    Environment: SAP R/3 4.7(Up-gradation and Production Support)


  • Was involved in the upgrade of WM/MM module from 4.6B to 4.7 and Configured/Reconfigured and customized Material Master and Vendor Master.
  • Responsible for customization of WM/MM modules and integration with PP, SD and WM modules.
  • Configured automatic transfer order creation and manual transfer order creation to handle goods receipt, goods issue.
  • Configuration of Purchasing documents like Requisition, Source of supply, Quotas, RFQ and settings for Split Valuation and help configure and maintain Master data like Material Master, Vendors master, Purchasing Info record and Source list
  • Configured the settings for vendor evaluation and used LSMW tools for Data Migration of the same.
  • As a part of the Integration Team Tester, was involved in performing Integration Testing to validate the business scenarios and responsible for preparation of the test data for Super-User and End-User Performance based training .

Confidential,Kingsport, TN (August 2001 – May 2002)
Role: SAP WM/IM/MM Analyst
Environment: SAP R/3 4.7 ( Upgrade Config)


  • Carried out the mapping exercise of the customer requirements with a view to completing the PTP process.
  • Setting up screen layouts for purchasing documents like RFQ, Quotation, and PR’s, PO’s and developed enhancement for quotation comparisons and configured the Inventory Management of goods at the points of receipt and issue for all stock categories and special stocks. Viz. Consignment, Third Party and Sub-Contracting.
  • Configured WM / IM movement types, Placements strategies, picking, packing, shipping, decentralize warehouse, returnable packaging and defined storage types, storage sections, storage bins and number ranges in various warehouses.Custom software was also written for barcode analysis, for automatic creation of Transfer Orders triggered by SAP delivery screens, and additional standard (non-RF) screens for maintenance and support purposes in the warehouse office.
  • Resolved issues in inventory by using Batch Management, handling of special stocks and creation of new locations for business gaps.
  • Confidential,Goa, India (June 2000 – June 2001)
    Role: SAP WM/IM/MM Analyst
    Environment: Purchase/ Supply Chain Consultant/ SAP End User


  • Coordinating all Purchasing Department activities like Vendor development, Sending Inquiries, Receiving quotations, Obtaining Purchasing Committee approval and finalizing vendor, Order Scheduling, Placement, Expediting, and vendor correspondence for time bound realization of a required material.
  • Got trained and was a key user on SAP MM module for the upcoming SAP ERP software implementation in SAP 4.6.
  • Was involved in initial Blue Print Session and requirement gathering.
  • Created RFQ, Source Lists Purchase Info Records, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Vendor Evaluation, and GR/GI.
  • Help manage complex warehouse structures and processed all relevant postings and transactions such as Goods Receipt, Goods Issues and General Stock Transfer.


Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Masters of Science in Industrial Engineering

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