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Sap Business Applications Senior Lead Developer Resume

Dallas, TX


To become part of a challenging organization that provides opportunities for personal and professional development in the field of Information Technology with active interest in the field of SAP that involves Technology Management, High Level Design, Project Planning, Implementation, People Management and Development of Procedures and Processes. To work in a quality certified organization, which gives me an opportunity to demonstrate my skills & in turn be a source of growth for the organization.


  • Seasoned software professional with a Bachelors in Engineering and Certified Scrum Master having 12 years of SAP experience which includes 12 years of SAP ABAP/4 Programming and 3 years of HCM/ABAP Programming and 3 years of SAP XI/PI development.
  • Good problem solving skills, analytical ability and an active team player with strong communication.
  • Three Full Development Life Cycles Experience.
  • Comprehensive experience in creating Data Dictionary Objects which includes Customized Database tables, Data elements, Domains, Structures, Views, Search helps and Lock Objects.
  • Good working experience in BDC techniques like Call Transaction, Session Methods, Recording and LSMW for Data conversion, field mapping and uploading data.
  • Experienced in Developing Dialog Programs Using Module Pool Programs and Designed Screens using Screen Painter and Menu Painter .
  • Expertise in Creating Classical reports, Interactive reports and ALV reports which involved creation of new custom programs and modification of existing programs.
  • Experience in Function modules and Remote Function Calls .
  • Expertise in SAP Scripts and Smart forms which involved designing of new forms and modification of existing forms.
  • Knowledge on Adobe forms (PDF Based Print Forms) in NW2004s.
  • Good working experience in User Exits and BADIs .
  • Experience in working with BAPI interface and RFC interface programming.
  • Experience publishing Web Services using BAPI/RFC. Experience working with SOAMANAGER transaction.
  • Work Experience in ALE - IDOC technology.
  • Experience Searching OSS Note and Manually Applying OSS Note on SAP Standard Program.
  • Expertise in Performance tuning using various tools like Run time analysis, SQL trace and Code inspector.
  • Experience in ABAP Debugging, ABAP Query and Trouble-shooting ABAP code and helping business to develop specifications and understand user requirements.
  • Expertise in designing Technical specs for the business requirements.
  • Working experience on SAP GuiXT .
  • Working experience with SAP HANA 1.0 and knowledge of SAP HANA 1.5 .
  • Experience in training end users and creating strong documentation for the project.
  • Strong exposure to Sales & Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Financial (FI), Controlling (CO), TMW (Terminal Management Workbench), TSW (Trader’s Schedulers Workbench) and Process Integration (PI) modules .
  • Good knowledge on System Landscape Directory (SLD).
  • Experience working with Integration Repository (IR) which includes creating Data Types, Message Types, Message Interfaces, External Definition, Import RFC and IDoc, Message Mapping and Interface Mapping.
  • Experience working with Integration Directory (ID) which includes creating Communication Channels, Collaboration Agreement, Collaboration Determination and Integrated Configuration.
  • Good working experience on Adapter Framework which includes File, JDBC, RFC, IDOCS, SOAP/WEB SERVICES and HTTP.
  • Experience working on Business Process Management (BPM) concepts.
  • Worked with Runtime Workbench for monitoring and testing the flow for different scenarios.
  • Payroll programming using Logical Database
  • Worked on Indirect evaluation and Dynamic Actions
  • Uploading of data using HR function modules
  • Programming knowledge in PA, OM, and TM Modules
  • Good knowledge in working with LDB’s and INFOTYPES
  • Creation of custom Info types and Enhancements to standard Info types.
  • Supported existing ESS and MSS forms.
  • Worked on Kronos Project for Time Management.
  • Currently leading ACA (American Affordable Care Act aka Obama Health Care) project.
  • Implemented Agile Scrum Methodology for two teams in the organization to improve communications between businesses and to provide more transparency across the departments to obtain great business value with short turnarounds.
  • Lead daily stand-ups and scrum ceremonies for two scrum teams.
  • Worked with product owners to groom the backlog and plan sprints.
  • Tracked, escalated and removed impediments.
  • Reported at daily Scrum of Scrum meetings.
  • Tracked burn down, issues and progress in Version One.
  • Worked on an upgrade project where all the forms from Microsoft InfoPath are merged to Winshuttle 10.9 version.
  • Created SharePoint lists, Assigned licenses and Trouble-shooted issues.


Languages: C, Core Java, ABAP/4

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005, MS Access, HANA 1.0

SAP Domain Knowledge: SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, HCM and XI/PI 3.0

Other Applications: Win Shuttle, SharePoint 2007/2010/2013.


Confidential, Dallas, TX

SAP Business Applications Senior Lead Developer


  • Worked as a Techno Functional Lead in automating the ACH initiation process for tax payments (Income Tax, Excise Tax, Sales & Use Tax and Crude Tax) for creating addenda string through SAP using ZCASHPRO and then send the information directly to Bank of America from SAP through EDI820.
  • Automated new requirements for handling Escheat payments and allow Tax group to oversee the final payment out of SAP rather than paying directly from TRAFXS.
  • Modified DS load payable interface to handle U1 tax issue. This new process is able to post separate GL account for U1 tax portion (which was adding to GR/IR from SAP standard configuration) and system auto clears GR/IR line items via F.13 on daily basis.
  • Worked as a Techno Functional Lead in implementing IDOC Workbench (EDI410/210) for all freight vendors (BNSF, UPRR, GRTT and TNWI) to re-process the paid and/or un-paid BOL errors. Also, added a reporting functionality to transaction ZEFREIGHT to check for all Paid/Unpaid/Archived BOLs (it’s like a one-stop shop to check status of all Freight- related BOLs).
  • Worked as a technical role in Crude TSW Project where Crude blend plan figures as well as actual blend figures will be captured within SAP which will feed directly into the SPW statistics to support the crude scheduling process. With the SPW being more complete, the Crude schedulers will be in a position to use the BEx SPW workbooks which tie directly to SAP live data. Also automated, Crude nomination creation/maintenance driven by data in the BEx planning sheets.
  • Worked as a Techno Functional Lead in implementing HollyFrontier - Elemica - Cooper-Tires/Continental Tires Project to automate Receipt of Purchase Orders, Acknowledgement of PO's and Advance Shipping Notice without manual intervention to send to Cooper/Continental Tires.
  • Worked as a Technical Lead in automating the process of dispatching crude pick-up orders from leases to crude stations and optimize the process of dispatching orders. Created new transactions ZTMW PCRD and ZTMW RUNT for achieving this.
  • Created RFC for Inbound Delivery from Run Ticket Screen, Created Crude View for Open Orders, Dispatch Orders and Daily Shipment Orders
  • Worked as a Technical Lead in Crude Trucking Automation Project for creating below 6 Inbound and 3 Outbound Interfaces.
  • Created Error-Handling Workbench for Crude Planned Order to process automatically if erred out (Transaction code- ZECOM)
  • Created Error-Handling Workbench for Run Tickets to process automatically if erred out (Transaction code - ZERUNT)
  • As per the DOT rules, made the changes to the Asphalt and Lubes BOL layout.
  • Enhanced Crude Freight Engine Simulator resolving ALL performance issues.
  • Worked with different End-to-End development scenarios using SOAP/Web Service, RFC, File, SFTP, FTP and IDOC adapters for integrating & processing data between different systems.
  • Involved in Communication Channel, Adapter Engine and Integration Engine monitoring and supported various Missing BOL tickets.
  • Worked as a Techno Functional lead for implementing Sucessfactors Project where
  • Worked on HR Payroll Implementation Project
  • Worked on Kronos Project for Time Management.
  • Worked on an upgrade project where all the forms from Microsoft InfoPath are merged to Winshuttle 10.9 version.
  • Created and tested end-to-end 6 forms (GL Account, Cost Center, Profit Center, Vendor, AR Billing, Plant forms from the scratch in the new composer solution.
  • Guided junior developers and trained them in the upgrade project.

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI, CO, TMW, TSW, HR-ABAP, PI 7.0/7.3, Windows NT

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Senior ABAP Lead Consultant


  • Modified the report ZFIII300 of the custom transaction ZF37 because the custom JE upload program is bypassing the system requirements for profitability segment entry to accounts in the Z-COPA (Transaction GS03 ) set of accounts. Deleted adjacent duplicates from internal table to calculate the correct credit and debit amounts.
  • Modified the report ZCOR0030 of the custom transaction ZF21 to display the cost element (Transaction KAH3 )/cost center (Transaction KSH3 ) groupings for the six digit accounts in the hierarchical format.
  • Added code in the Include program ZXF06U02 of the user exit EXIT SAPLIEDI 002 (Invoice Receipt - Determine Additional Account Assignment per Line Item) to auto-populate the Canada profit center.
  • Responsible for creating couple ALV Grid reports Z AP EXTRACT (for extracting account payables for the vendor- account combination) and Z AP ORDEXP (A&P Order Expenses by supplier for Internal Order and Cost Center combination).
  • Created ABAP Query using transactions SQ03, SQ02 and SQ01 for tables KNA1VV (Database view for KNA1 and KNVV tables), T171T (Customers: Sales districts: Texts), T189T (Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts) and ADR6 (E-Mail Addresses (Business Address Services)) using left outer joins.
  • Created a custom ALV Grid ZSD WHPALLET SHIPPED (Warehouse Pallet Shipped) report using VBRK, VEKP and VTTK tables.
  • Created a main program ZSD REDETERMINE SALES DELIVERY which gets all the Sales Documents using inner join for tables VBBE and VBUK. This main program calls the SAP standard program SDRQCR21 passing all the retrieved sales documents to the selection screen in background using FM’s JOB OPEN and JOB CLOSE .
  • Created an ALV report ZMM MATERIAL INTEGRITY for checking the integrity of every material for material types FERT and HAWA using divisions 10, 20, 30, 40 and Sales Organizations 1000, 3000, 3010. If the material passes all checks then the message displayed will be PASSED else relevant error message is displayed. Tables used are MARA, MVKE, MBEW, MARC etc.
  • Copied the Standard Purchase Order print program ( SAPFM06P - ME21N/ME22N) to a Custom program ( ZSAPFM06P ) and modified the program in such a way that when a PO is Created or Saved, it is sent to all the email addresses specified at the Vendor Master( XK02 ) level.
  • Accessed and Analyzed SAP HANA data for GLPCA and BSEG tables using Microsoft Excel 2007 PivotTables.

Environment: ECC 6.0, OTC, MM and FICO.

Confidential, Tuscaloosa, AL

ABAP Lead Consultant


  • Created a custom remote enabled function module Z BAPI REPMANCONF1 CREATE. This simulates MFBF transaction for posting finished goods. From this FM, created a Web Service (using the wizard) which then goes into the SOAMANAGER configuration steps for creating a WSDL link. Worked with both Assembly Back flush and Component Scrap Back flush.
  • Has created Web Services using custom BAPI’s for BOM Single and Multi Levels which replicates CS11 transaction, Goods movement which replicates MB1B transaction and Stock Overview which replicates MMBE transaction.
  • Modified the Label printing program Z SC PRODUCTS LABEL for SC Products Label to restrict free entry for “Customer Part #” field for the transaction ZSCLBL .
  • Modified the copy routine RV50C604 for transaction VOFM to auto-populate the Actual GI date in delivery for the Sales Document Type ‘ZKE’ (Usage Orders). The Actual GI date = PO date in Sales order.
  • Configured “Activate change documents for material object to allow users to trace changes made to classification data”.
  • Created two custom database tables ZSD USAGE HEADER (which contains all sales and delivery related header fields) and ZSD USAGE DETAIL (which contains sales order and delivery related item fields). Developed an ALV Grid report which creates Consignment Sales Order BAPI SALESORDER CREATEFROMDAT2 and Delivery BAPI OUTB DELIVERY CREATE SLS using SAP standard BAPI’s with the fields in the above two custom database tables.
  • Worked with Delivery User exit MV50AFZ1. This is an Include program, where in it has the routine USEREXIT SAVE DOCUMENT. This routine can be used to save data in additional tables when a document is saved. I have written my relevant code in this routine in such a way my database table gets updated in case when a sales order is created and delivery is not created with the above specified BAPI’s.
  • Using SAP GuiXT tool removed the unnecessary fields on the Material Master transactions MM01/02/03 and modified the look of existing fields as per business requirement.
  • Created a custom copy routine 608 (PW Header w/o Order) in VOFM transaction under Data transfers Delivery which is the copy of routine 301 (Header w/o Order). Commented out the PGI date statement according to business requirement.

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, PP, FI.

Confidential, WI

Senior ABAP and PI Consultant


  • Developed Interactive Reports to produce primary list and secondary list for all the sales area, the customers for that sales area, materials ordered by the customer, its customer-material information and the net price for that particular customer.
  • Created an ALV report for Vendor Performance that lists the Vendor Name, Materials Supplied, Planned & Actual Delivery Times, Payment Terms, and Prices.
  • Developed custom table ZBALANCEDLC table and a report that uploads the data from GL files and the corresponding balance files.
  • Used dialog programming for creating screen exits in Sales Order. The additional fields thus developed were saved in the table using an append structure.
  • Responsible for setting up the Port definition, RFC Destination, Partner profile and tested the Inbound/Outbound IDoc Process.
  • Customized the smart forms for credit note and debit note .
  • Worked with SOAP/Web Service, RFC, JDBC and IDOC adapters for integrating & processing data between different systems.
  • Worked with End-to-End development where data flows from SOAP/ Web Service to SAP system (RFC) which expects response in synchronous mode.
  • Developed a scenario to upload FI Transactional Data from client database system to SAP ERP system using JDBC and IDOC adapters.
  • Created SOAP/ Web Service to SOAP/Web Service Synchronous scenario.
  • Developed Inter Company Stock Transfer Order between 2 SAP systems which is achieved by designing a BPM .
  • Involved in Communication Channel, Adapter Engine and Integration Engine monitoring.

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, FI, XI/PI 7.0, Windows NT

Confidential, Denver, CO

Senior ABAP Technical Consultant


  • Worked with PDF based Print Forms (Adobe Forms) to generate a placard when a return order is created and sent to customer via email or fax.
  • Worked with Adobe Print forms to generate Ocean Bill of Lading , Picking List , Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sales Sanitary and Purity.
  • Worked with various Transfer Order Forms ( TO Allocation, TO Put away, TO Picking ) based on Warehouse Number and Movement Types for Inbound and Outbound Deliveries.
  • Created different Invoices ( Standard Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Pro forma Invoice, Credit Memo Invoice, Debit Memo Invoice, Plant Invoice, California Cream Invoice, Federal Cream Invoice, Settlement Invoice for DLP, Settlement Invoice for Condensed Whey and Invoice Correction Forms ) using Smart forms based on different customer groups with different pricing conditions and pricing groups.
  • Worked with Implicit Enhancement Points for the transactions FBV0 ( to hide the CREATE BATCH INPUT button) and FV50 (to hide the POST button).
  • Worked with Implicit Enhancement Points for the transaction V.02 (Incomplete Sales Order Documents) to add the selection screen criteria based on the business requirement.

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI, Windows XP, OTC Processes

Confidential, New York, NY

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant


  • Involved in Developing Reports, Creation of custom tables, Batch Data Conversions, SAP Scripts, Smart Forms and ALE/IDOC as per client’s requirement.
  • Developed an ALV report program for date wise purchase orders and calculating net amount.
  • Created a report for Statement of Accounts for Customers.
  • Generated a program to extract the customer master information from SAP to Glovia system.
  • Developed LSMW for uploading vendor master data and created partner associations for the vendors.
  • Worked on Predefined Direct input methods like RFBIDE00, RFBIKR00.
  • Developed BDC Program to upload G/L account document data into SAP system using FB50 .
  • Designed the program to upload the AR open items with the use of BAPI’s (BAPI ACC BILLING CHECK and BAPI ACC BILLING POST).
  • Worked with an user exit for validation of certain fields during changing of existing sales orders in VA02 .
  • Customized the SMARTFORMS for delivery note and invoices .
  • Modified standard layout set MEDRUCK to get the company header and logo, supplier address, delivery address, total purchase order value.
  • Modified Standard SAP Script RVINVOICE01 as per the client’s requirement.
  • Involved in performance tuning of objects.

Environment: ECC 6.0, SD, MM, FI, Windows XP

Confidential, Plano, TX

SAP ABAP Consultant


  • Created various technical specs, UT documents and well co-coordinated with the offshore team which involved up gradation of SAP 4.6c version to ECC 5.0 version.
  • Mostly worked on SPAU , SPDD and SGEN transactions.
  • Worked with Interfaces using ALE/IDOC for Purchase Order, Sales order, Master Data, Vendor, Customer, M.R.P and Invoice.
  • Created custom segments and fields for transactional data to legacy system.
  • Created Message types, RFC, Customer Distribution model, Port and Partner Profiles.
  • Created an ALV report to change the status of the IDOCS .
  • Designed a BDC program for Sales Orders that updates data in the sales orders or will create new sales orders depending on the source data file from external Systems sent by sales representatives from different destinations into VA01 and VA02 transactions.
  • Uploaded Purchase Orders (ME21N) using BAPI function module BAPI PO CREATE1.
  • Designed various ABAP queries related to Vendors and Materials.
  • Changed Invoice Script by modifying the SAP standard layout set RDINVOICE01.
  • Modified the standard Script RVORDER01 layout to add static text, company logo and new fields in Sales Order form.
  • Worked with user exit EXIT SAPMM06E 012 to check the items available before saving the purchase order.
  • Worked with user exit EXIT SAPMV45A 002 to show a default sold-to-party in this field when the user creates a sales order (VA01).

Environment: ECC 5.0, MM, SD, FI, CO

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