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Sap Bw Architect Resume

Chicago, IL


  • SAP Professional with 12+ years of experience in BW, BWoH, Native HANA, BO, and ABAP.
  • Strong experience in End - to-End Design, Development, Enhancements, Testing, Performance Tuning, Documentation, and Production Support for Reporting and Analytical Solutions.
  • Worked closely with business users and business subject matter experts (SMEs) to understand business processes and reporting requirements.
  • Extensively worked on creating InfoObjects, DSO’s, InfoCubes, MultiProvider, InfoSets, SPO’s, DataSources, InfoPackages, Transformations, Transfer Rules, Update Rules, Routines, and Data Transfer Process.
  • Good experience in creating Advanced DSO’s, CompositeProviders, Query in HANA Studio BW modelling tools (BWMT) and Exposed BW Objects as HANA views.
  • Experience in creating SAP HANA information models like Analytical Views, Attribute Views and Calculation Views.
  • Well versed with LO Cockpit Extractors, Generic Extractors, and FI/CO extraction methods.
  • Extensively worked on Real Time replication using SAP LT (SLT) Data Provisioning method.
  • Good knowledge with MM, SD, FI/CO, PP, PM, QM, CS, HR, APO-DP, and AFS solutions.
  • Good experience in ABAP/4 with User Exit, Start, and End Routines.
  • Experience in Open Hub (Info Spoke) to download data from InfoProviders to flat files.
  • Good experience in creating APDs (Analysis Process Designer).
  • Very good experience in Data Modeling, Extractions, Data Staging, Loadings, Transformations, and Reporting for Non-SAP systems data.
  • Well versed with BEx components - Query Designer, Analyzer, Workbooks, and Web Application Designer.
  • Experience in creating Variables, Calculated Key figures, Restricted Key Figures, Filters, Structures, Selections, Cell Definitions, Exception, and Condition.
  • Experience in creating Universes, WEBI (Web Intelligence) Reports, and Analysis for Office Reports.
  • Extensively worked on performance tuning using Indexing, Compression, Aggregates, and Partitioning.
  • Extensively worked on migrating 3.x dataflows into 7.x dataflows.
  • Good experience in creating Process chains to automate the loading process.
  • Worked on Transports Management System and fixed if any transport issue.
  • Involved in production support activities like to monitor data loads, correct data-load errors, re-run loads, research end-user issues, communicating to affected business users, and assisting with root-cause analyses for continuous improvement.
  • Good knowledge of Open ODS View and LSA ++ Best Practice.
  • Good knowledge of Security concepts including User Management, Roles, and Privileges.
  • Good knowledge of HANA Objects creation using SQL Script (Stored Procedures and Calculation Views).
  • Experience in Technical Upgrade Planning, Upgrade, and Operating Systems DB migration.
  • Good knowledge of SQL Joins, HANA Live, Data Services (BODS), Smart Data Access (SDA), and Smart Data Integration (SDI).
  • Knowledge of Design Studio, Lumira, Crystal Reports, Life Cycle Management (LCM), and CMC (Central Management Console).
  • Very good knowledge of managing Hot/Warm/Cold data in SAP BW on HANA using SAP IQ database as an Near-Line Storage (NLS) solution.
  • Very good knowledge of implementing Non-active data concept in BWoH using Unload Priority settings.
  • Knowledge of Designing CDS Views using ABAP Scripting Editor used by S/4 Analytics.
  • Knowledge of Designing Backend Data models in Embedded BW used by S/4 Analytics & BI.
  • Experience in creating Functional Specs, Technical Specs, Test Plans (Unit, Integration, and UAT), Document Test Results, and User Training Documents.
  • Good experience in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.


Data Warehousing: BW/4HANA, BW 7.5 on HANA, BW 7.4 on HANA, BW 7.3, BW 7.01, BW 3.5

ERP: S/4 HANA, ECC 6.0, ECC 5.0, SAP R/3 4.6c, SAP R/3 4.7

Languages: ABAP/4, SQL Script

Databases: SAP HANA, Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server

OLAP/Reporting Tools: BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, Web Intelligence(WEBI), Analysis for Office

Testing Tools: HP Mercury Quality Center (ALM)

Methodology: Agile ASAP


Confidential, Chicago, IL

SAP BW Architect


  • Worked with the AR & GL Functional team to gather requirements.
  • Worked on creating InfoObjects, DSO, InfoCube, MultiProvider, Transformations, and Data Transfer Process.
  • Created APD to update AR Aging BEx results to Direct DSO.
  • Worked on writing End Routine to split the manual GL posting record by Business Unit.
  • Enhanced AR Aging BEx to add manual GL Postings and created Workbook for AR Aging Report.
  • Extensively worked on daily basis Production Support activities.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Senior SAP BI HANA Consultant


  • Extensively worked on designing HANA views like Analytical Views, Attribute Views and Calculation Views.
  • Extensively worked on creating Input Parameters, and Currency Conversion.
  • Extensively worked on Real Time replication using SAP LT (SLT) Data Provisioning for multiple SAP ECC tables.
  • Worked with the business and APO functional team to understand the APO-DP reporting requirements.
  • Created Data Model for APO-DP to BW archival process by Daily / Weekly / Monthly.
  • Worked on Eclipse based BW Modelling Tools (BWMT). Created InfoObjects, Advanced DSO’s, CompositeProviders, DTP’s, Transformations and Routines for the APO-DP archival process.
  • Worked on creating process chain to automate the archival loading process.
  • Extensively worked on creating the following APO-DP Reports; APO DP Daily Forecast Change Report, Forecast Exception Report (Forecast No History, History No Forecast), Forecast Monthly Waterfall Report, Forecast Value Add Report, Sales and Open Order 125% of Forecast Report & CVC Deletion Exception Report.
  • Good experience in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool.
  • Extensively worked on production support activities on day to day basis.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

SAP BI/BW Architect


  • Responsible for Architecture, Design, and Implementation of Confidential Project.
  • Extensively worked on business requirements gathering for Marketing Terminals Data.
  • Implemented solution to extract TOPHAT (Non-SAP) data into SXL BW system.
  • Worked on Creating Flat File Data Sources for Master Data & Transactional Data.
  • Extensively worked on creating InfoObjects, DSO’s, InfoCubes and MultiProviders.
  • Extensively worked on creating data flow which includes creating InfoPackages, DTP’s, Transformations and Routines.
  • Created Process Chains and Implemented solution to automate the flat file data load by writing upload program.
  • Extensively worked on creating BEx Queries for the following Reports; Crude Trucking Analytics Report, Additives transfer Report, Additives Rebrands Report, Terminal Forecasting Report, Movement Report, Activity Summary Report, Activity Comparison by Daily / Weekly / Monthly and Gain Loss Summary Report.
  • Extensively worked on creating WEBI Reports and Analysis Reports for above mentioned BEx Queries.
  • Created Functional Specifications and Technical Specifications for Marketing Terminals and uploaded them in Solution Manager.
  • Extensively used CHARM (Change Requests Management) to implement this project.

Confidential, Findlay, OH

SAP BW/HANA Lead Consultant


  • Extensively worked on Data Modelling, Data Extraction, BEx Reporting, Scheduling, Monitoring and Performance Tuning.
  • Involved in assessing SAP BW system on SQL Server for BW 7.4 Upgrade and HANA DB migration project using DMO (Database Migration Option).
  • Extensively worked on Design and Implementation of FI-AP, FI-AR, FI-GL, CO-CCA, CO-OPA, CO-WBS & FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission).
  • Installed necessary standard business contents as per business requirements.
  • Extensively worked on Creating Generic Extractors for Credit Master & Settlement.
  • Extensively worked on creating InfoObjects, DSO’s, InfoCubes and MultiProviders.
  • Extensively worked creating data flow for FI/CO which includes creating InfoPackages, DTP’s, Transformations and Routines.
  • Created Process Chain for FI Master Data and Transaction Data.
  • Worked on creating the following FI/CO reports; Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Speedway Income Statement, Net Sales, Accounts Receivables Aging Report, Expense & Statistical Statement, Speedway Expense Analysis, Refinery Expenses Summary, Refinery Profit Cash Flow, Refinery Manufacturing Expenses, Cost Center Actual Line Items, Project Overview, Budget vs. Expenses, Capital Expenditures Progress, Net Rent Expense by City and State & Year End Tax Reports.
  • Worked on Creating FERC Income Statement, FERC Balance Sheet, FERC Unappropriated Retained Income & FERC Cash Flow Reports.
  • Extensively worked on enhancing DataSource (CMOD User exit) and Variable user exit.
  • Extensively worked on ATLAS Project Pre-Cutover and Post-Cutover activities during Go-Live.
  • Installed standard unit of measurement DSO for Quantity conversion. Created Quantity Conversion type (Barrels to Gallons) for net sale report.
  • Extensively worked with the Functional Process team to do reconciliation process between ECC and BW.
  • Extensively worked on loading FI-GL data into BPC Staging InfoCube.
  • Extensively worked on creating Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures, Formulas, Structures & Cell definitions.
  • Worked on creating Hierarchy Node (Authorization Processing) Variables for Company Code, Cost Center & Profit Center.
  • Extensively worked on Customer exit for characteristics Variables and Text Variables.
  • Created Aggregates to increase performance for Speedway Income Statement Report, Balance Sheet Report & Trial Balance Report.
  • Extensively worked on various Enhancements request to fulfill business needs.
  • Extensively worked on Production Support Monitoring Data Loads, fixed any data load failures, etc.
  • Involved in Unit Testing and Integration Testing for Backend Activities.
  • Worked on HP Quality Center tool for FI/CO Reporting Unit Test Cases and Integration Test Cases.

Confidential, Boston, MA

SAP BW/BO Lead Analyst


  • Created MultiProvider and worked on creating Booking Report, Order Entry Metrics, Shipment, and On-time delivery metrics BEx queries.
  • Extensively worked on BICS connection and created WEBI reports top on BEx queries.
  • Build WEBI reports for Booking Report, Order Entry Metrics, Shipment, and On-time delivery metrics.
  • Worked on scheduling and publishing above-mentioned reports.
  • Extensively worked on BO XI 4.0 SP04 tools and Administration.
  • Created Access Levels and assigned Access Levels to Users Group.
  • Involved in testing and reconciliation process between ECC, BEx & WEBI reports.
  • Extensively worked on Life Cycle Management Console (LCM) to promote objects.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Senior SAP BW/BO Analyst


  • Worked on enhancing Master Schedule (AFS) report to show On Hand Inventory, Sales Forecasts, Open Customer Orders, Unbought Customer orders, Sized and Unsized Planned Receipt.
  • Worked on AFS Purchase Order Receipt Report and Available to sell report.
  • Extensively worked on AFS purchasing extractors and InfoProviders.
  • Worked on ETL Process, Created Transformations and Data Transfer Process (DTP).
  • Worked on LO cockpit extraction method.
  • Extensively worked on Integration Testing, User Acceptance Test (UAT) and Involved in end users training to stabilize BW reports.
  • Extensively worked on loading FI-GL data into BPC Staging InfoCube.
  • Worked on Support Pack Upgrade Project. Involved in Production Support activities.
  • Involved in designing architecture for AFS data model and build the BW objects which include InfoObjects, Data Sources, DSO, InfoCube, MultiProvider, Transformations, and Data Transfer Process.
  • Created CKF, RKF, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions and Formulas for the above-mentioned reports.


SAP BW Consultant


  • Worked on building PP Data Model and extracted data from ECC to BW system.
  • Created generic extractor for Order confirmations from AFRU and Goods Movements Confirmations from AFWI.
  • Enhanced the standard PP DataSource using ABAP to get the production quantity fields.
  • Worked on Start Routine, End Routine and Characteristic Level Routine in Transformation.
  • Developed the following PP (MTS) reports using BEx; Scheduled vs. Actual Production, Production Rate by Product Group, Production Usage Report, Production History, Total Usage of Raw Materials for Environment, Weekly Demand report.
  • Worked on creating dashboards (WAD) for above mentioned BEx reports.
  • Involved in Functional Testing to validating the reports.

Confidential, Exton, PA

SAP BW/BOBJ Consultant


  • Build the On-Time Delivery, On-Time Shipment Data model in BW and created generic extractor to extract data from ECC to BI (Used Transformations and DTP).
  • Extracted Plant Maintenance Data from ECC to BI using standard extractor and Created the following PM reports based on end user’s request; Work Orders, Confirmations, Operations, Malfunction Cause and Damage and Notifications.
  • Created On-Time Delivery BOBJ Adhoc, On Time Delivery BOBJ QaaWS, On Time Shipment BOBJ Adhoc, and On Time Shipment BOBJ QaaWS queries using BEx.
  • Used ABAP for variable user exit to display the reports rolling backward by 12 weeks, 12 months, 12 quarters, 12 years based on system date.
  • Created Process chain for Plant Maintenance to automate the loading process and added Event Data Change to fill OLAP cache (Broadcast Settings in Queries) content to increase the Query performance.
  • Created Calculated key figures, Restricted key figures, Variable, Structures, and RRI.
  • Created Data Connection between BW system and BOBJ XI R3.
  • Created OLAP Universes based on Past Due Summary and Past Due Trend details BEx Queries.
  • Created Past due trend weekly, Past Due trend monthly, Past Due trend quarterly, Past Due trend yearly and Sales order details WEBI reports.
  • Worked on reconciliation process between WEBI reports, Dashboards, BEx queries, and InfoProviders.

Confidential, Lake Mary, FL

SAP BI Consultant


  • Worked on ETL Process, Created Transformations and Data Transfer Process (DTP).
  • Loaded data to Headcount and Personal Actions, Staffing Assignments, Employee Residence Status and Employee Education DSOs and into InfoCubes.
  • Worked on various HR Reports Actions by employee, Actions by day, Actions by month, Actions by type, Organizational details by Employee, Personal details by Employee, Employment details report and Employee Action Report.
  • Developed function module and used in Start Routines to clean up special characters for extractors to avoid the data load failure.
  • Involved in production support and worked in performance tuning techniques Aggregates, compression and partitioning.
  • Used RSPC for developing process chains to automate the extraction process.
  • Maintain Work History for all the tickets until it is closed down.
  • Involved in creating BEx reports, Workbooks based on end user’s requests.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

SAP BW Consultant


  • Worked on Purchasing Extractors like Purchasing Header Level, Purchasing Item Level and Purchasing Schedule Line Level.
  • Extensively worked on Extractors for Service Notifications - Activities, Causes, Items, Tasks, customized it as per Business Requirements.
  • Extensively worked on PM extractors Maintenance Notifications, Activities, Causes, Items, Tasks and customized it as per Business Requirements.
  • Extensively worked on production support activities like monitoring the daily data loads, fix report issues and reconciliation issues.
  • Involved in the Enhancement (User-Exits) to extend the standard Data Sources for Master and Transactional data.
  • Designed, developed and load the data to the Custom InfoCube, DSO for Backlog Summary and Details using Generic extractors and created the functional specification.
  • Created Open Hub Services (InfoSpoke) to extract the data from SAP BW system.


SAP Technical Consultant


  • Worked on loading OTC (Order to Cash) data which includes Orders, Delivery, Billing extractors.
  • Created and maintained the InfoCubes in PP for Period-Specific Order/Material View, Plan/Actual Comparison Material Consumption, etc.
  • Extensively worked on Standard Extractors Component View, Material View and Work Center View from PP.
  • Extracting Master & Transaction Data using Generic Data Sources from OLTP.
  • Involved in Creation of process Chains.
  • Created calculated key figures, restricted key figures, filter values and exceptions.
  • Developed reports using query designer, BEx Analyzer, and web application designer.
  • Developed documentation, including functional requirements, test cases, test plans, test scripts according company work instructions.
  • Involved in production support activities like monitoring the daily data loads, fix report issues and reconciliation issues.
  • Maintain list of all the activities for all the tickets until it is closed down.

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