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Sap Resume

San Jose, CA

Professional Summary:

  • Over 8 years of professional experience in the development and implementation of Business Applications in SAP BW 3.5/BI 7.0, Business Objects XI 3.1., and ECC, CRM, SRM, SD, MM, PA, FI/CO, HR- ABAP/4 programming.
  • Extensively worked in Business objects reporting using Xcelsius, Webi and Crystal Reports. Created OLAP Universes on BEx queries and BI Info Providers.
  • Expert on BEx Reporting. Worked in front-end Business Warehouse components for Queries, Workbooks, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Structures, Variables, Exceptions, Conditions, Ad-hoc Queries, BEx Analyzer, Query Designer, Web application designer (WAD), Information Broadcaster. Extensively worked on Complex reports such as Reports on Virtual Key figures, Dashboard/Cockpit reports, RRI etc.
  • Proficient on Data Modeling; worked closely with business users for requirement gathering, gap analysis and modeling enterprise data warehouse for addressing long term reporting needs.
  • Worked extensively on backend development objects such as Info Cubes, Info Objects, DSOs, Info Sources, Transformations, Multi Providers, Info Sets, Data Marts and Open Hub Service.
  • Extensive knowledge on data extraction from SAP ECC, SRM and CRM. Proficient with LO-Cockpit, COPA, FI GL, AR, AP, HR extractions from ECC. Experienced in setting up generic extractors based on Tables, Views, Function Modules, and Info Sets.
  • Worked on Customization which includes activating standard Business Content, extending and enhancing Info Cubes according to the requirements, Data Source Enhancements, User Exit Variables, Virtual Key Figures, Start/End Routines and Formula Builder.
  • Excellent skills on Performance Tuning on Data loading and Queries performance by maintaining Aggregates, Compression, partition, indexing of Infocubes and use of BW Statistics for the same.
  • Designed and maintained BW Process Chains. Scheduled and monitored jobs including Process Chain administration.
  • Extensively worked on BIA to improve query performance.
  • Extensively Worked on BI 7.0 Data Monitor; OLTP extraction data, Loading (Full /Delta Up-Load), Error Debugging and rectification, Scheduling, Monitoring, Process Chains, Remote Cubes.
  • Worked on ABAP/4programming for enhancing standard R/3 Data Sources, creating Transformation, Transfer and Update Routines, and Customer Exits in BI/BW.
  • Managed and overseen the design and development of ABAP user exits and BI BADI/CMOD enhancements.
  • Used and Created Info Spokes for Open Hub Services.
  • Extensive experience in Production support, Data loads, Validation and trouble shooting of transaction data and Master data, Transport Management, Roles & Security, System Checks, Performance tuning and process chains.
  • Extensively involved in End User training as well as Developer Training. Created Technical Documentation, Training Manuals etc.
  • Worked on transportation of BW Objects from Development system across the landscape through Transport Connection.
  • Coordinated with security team to implement new BI 7.0 security authorization objects.
  • Knowledge on SAP Integrated Planning (IP) with SAP Net weaver BI 7.0.
  • Involved in BW 3.5 to BW 7.0 (NW2004s) upgrade.
  • Followed and implemented ASAP methodology and System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. Involve with the clients and expertise on cut-over activities and enhancements.
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills.

Educational Backgrounds:

Master of Science in Management Information System
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Technical Skills:

Data Warehouses:

SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, 3.1C

ERP Packages:

SAP R/3 4.6, ECC 6.0, SAP Net Weaver 2004s,

Reporting Tools:

SAP BEx, Web Application Designer (WAD), Webi, Xcelcius, Crystal

Operating System:

UNIX, Linux, MS-Dos, Windows 98/2000/XP


Oracle 10g, 9i, 8i, MS Access, MS SQL Server

Programming Language:

ABAP4, SQL, visual Basic 6.0

Professional Experiences:

Confidential, San Jose, CA Dec 2011 - Present
Position: Sr. SAP BI BW/BOBJ Consultant


  • Involved in full life cycle implementation, right from requirement gathering, blue printing, development, testing, go-live and post go-live support.
  • Actively involved in BW standard business content installation & enhancement of structures.
  • Collected & Imported BW objects from Development to Quality Assurance environments and subsequently to Production environment using Transport Connector.
  • Transformed business requirements into functional requirements and thereby converting those into technical specifications to formulate an appropriate multi-dimensional design.
  • Extensively worked on BEx Analyzer; experience on creating Queries, Variables, Structures, Exceptions, Conditions, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, and Formula Variable.
  • Analyzing the requirements, preparing the functional & technical specifications and developing the SAP BW data model.
  • Worked on customer exit variables and ABAP programs.
  • Experienced in generating Webi reports over various BEx queries. Develop the OLAP Universes using BEx Queries as data provider. Developed Webi and Dashboard reports on top of OLAP Universes.
  • Conducted end user training on running various queries and reports in BEx.
  • Extensively worked on APD to provide transactional level reporting to Business Users.
  • Involved in the gap analysis in the existing data sources and business content objects
  • Enhancing the data sources and creating the generic data sources as per the requirement.
  • Customizedthe business content objects and designed the Info Cubes, DSO and Multi Providers depends on requirements.
  • Extensively involved in performance tuning of the info cubes by using Aggregates, Indexes, Partitions and Compression techniques.
  • Created Transformations to do lookups from various DSOs s to derive the key figures as per thebusiness rules.
  • Implemented Start and End routines within Transformations using ABAP coding.
  • Created and automated Process Chain for periodic data load and data target administration.
  • Monitored and managed several data loadings, Error Debugging and rectification, solving issues, problems faced during Data uploads.
  • Responsible for all transports collection and moved to QA and Production. Prepared all tech spec associated with developments and uploaded it in Sharepoint.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, BW 3.5, ABAP/4, ECC 6.0, FI/CO, SRM, SAP BEx Analyzer, BOE XI 3.1.

Confidential, Toledo, OH July, 2010- Dec, 2011
Position: SAP BI BW/BOBJ consultant


  • Responsible for delivering the Business Intelligence solutions to the end user with in a structured framework based around the SAP Business Objects BI platform.
  • Gathering requirement from the client based on the Change Requests and doing changes for Existing BW objects (InfoCubes, ODS, Update Rules & Transfer rules, queries.. etc.) According to the requirements.
  • Perform analysis and design; write technical specifications; configuration and programming in the SAP/BI environment, including testing and implementation.
  • Analyzing the requirements, preparing the functional & technical specifications and developing the SAP BW data model.
  • Enhanced the existing BW objects as per the requirements.
  • Made changes to the BW Objects according to the client requirements.
  • Monitor, communicate and troubleshoot issues with data integrity, data design, and functional and technical software issues
  • Review and validate data loaded into the data warehouse for accuracy and at the same time, interacts with user community to produce reporting requirements
  • Optimize queries run time by creating queries with Variables (User Exits, Replacement variables and Manual input).
  • Create Jump Queries using RRI (Report to Report Interface) to give facility to drill down Report from summarized format to detailed format.
  • Involve on BO universe design and on integration of SAP BW and SAP BO using SAP integration Kit.
  • Extensively worked on creating OLAP Universes on BEx queries and BI Info Providers for Webi report.
  • Responsible for Identifying Business Requirements from end-users. Perform GAP analysis against Business Content. Modeling various objects like Info Object, Info Source, Info Cubes and DSO Object.
  • Implement various Performance Tuning techniques to increase the performance of Queries by Creating Aggregates, Partitioning and Compression of info cubes.
  • Work extensively on LO Cockpit and extracted data. The data included Sales Order, Delivery, Shipment, Billing, Purchase, Goods Movement, and Stock Revaluation.
  • Use of LSMW to check the data for migration against the current settings of customizing.
  • Extend the Business Content Data sources using Enhancements and populate the appended fields using User Exits. Create custom Info Source/Data Source, DSO, and Info Cubes for Data extraction, transformation and loading from SAP R/3 system to SAP BW.
  • Responsible for conducting Extractions from R/3, which involves Data source enhancements for FI and Queued Delta, V3 Job scheduling procedures for SD modules.
  • Work on transformations (start routines, end routines, Expert routines) to implement various business logics.
  • Involve in various Sales and Shipment data extractions like 2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM, 2LIS_11_VAKON, 2LIS_11_VASCL and Shipment data extractions 2LIS_08TRTK, 2LIS_08TRTLP.
  • Remodeled Info Cubes to add new characteristics key figures using new remodeling tools.
  • Create Process Chains for loading Master and Transaction data and running subsequent processes.
  • Work on Open Hub to transfer data from Info Providers to Flat Files.
  • Responsible for cleansing and Error handling of PSA data and loading PSA data to DSO objects.

Environment: SAP BI 7.0/IP, BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0 SD, MM, FI/CO, CRM, SAP BEx Analyzer BOE XI 3.1.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ March, 2009 June, 2010
Position: SAP BW/BI Developer


  • Interpret functional requirements based on the design document and support the Technical Development Specifications for SAP BW database and reporting objects.
  • Creation of Generic Data source using Tables/Views, Functional modules and customizing the Business content Data source through User Exit in SAP ECC6.0.
  • Transformation and updating of Data from the source system using Transfer Routines, Update Rules, Start Routines, End routine etc.
  • Developing various kinds of reporting objects including the Queries, Web Templates, query variables, Variable exits, workbooks, RRI. Exceptions, conditions etc.
  • Customizing of standard BW objects as per the client requirements and extraction and loading of data from ECC.
  • Configured the V3 jobs for delta collection and Delta Extraction. On the BW side, have created necessary Info packages for Init & Daily Delta Loads for both Master & Transaction Data. Extracted & Validated Data; Created Process chains to automate the load schedule.
  • Used the BEx Web Application Designer, to create web reports which contain various tables, charts, existing exceptions, filters and alert monitor.
  • Used RRI interfaces, filtering, conditions, variables, currency conversions, and navigational attributes.
  • Created Aggregates for Info Cubes to improve query performance.
  • Extensively worked in BIA to analysis and repair of BI objects by using t-code RSRV. Check Aggregates/ BIA indexes maintenance in RSDDV.
  • Developed SAP BW Reports in support of Functional and Technical specifications and document the design and development of the Database objects and reports.
  • Transportation of BW Objects from Development system across the landscape through Transport Connection.
  • Involved in various kinds of Unit testing, integrated Testing, and Acceptance testing of the developed objects and checking the data quality and the functionality of the objects as per the requirements.
  • Lead the Quality Control team to review all the developed objects and checking the quality of development, functionality and the validity of the data to check if the objects are developed as per the Clients requirements.

Environment SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0, SD, SCM, HR,FI, BEx Query Designer, BEx Analyzer, BEx Web Analyzer, BEx WAD, BEx Report Designer, ABAP/4

Confidential, San Antonio, TX Jan, 2008 Feb, 2009
Position: SAP BI Techno-Functional Consultant


  • Involved in Full Life Cycle Implementation of BI 7.0 along with an up-gradation of clients present SAP BW 3.5 to BI 7.0/Net Weaver 2004s and Performance analysis.
  • Interacted with the Management and Business End-Users to identify business requirements and actively involved in implementing ASAP methodology.
  • Customized/designed Data Flow right From ECC to BI and further.
  • Extensively Worked on SAP ECC Extraction of Financial data, CO-PA and Sales & Distribution Lo-Cockpit.
  • Worked with FI Cubes to enhance the performance (Modeling, Data load) from other systems and did currency conversions for Country specific.
  • Worked on CO-PA extraction. Extracted Line Item data from GL, AR and AP.
  • Used start routines whenever possible for process transformations. Custom extractors were created for FI, SD, MM by using ABAP.
  • Created DTP’s to load data from Flat File via Data Source into Staging DSO and in initialize by Full & Delta process.
  • Activated and Customized profit center accounting cubes, accounts payable cubes/accounts receivable cubes. Created Multi-Providers on Sales, Deliveries and Billing Info cubes.
  • Involved in the design and development of Profitability Analysis (PA) Cube in Controlling (CO) and Profit Center Accounting (PCA) as part of SAP FICO implementation.
  • Created process chains to automate data loading process.
  • Worked on BEx Analyzer, BEx Browser and WAD (Web Application Designer) tools to generate reports related SD and MM.
  • Used BEx Analyzer to Create Queries with Variables, Filters, Calculated Key Figures, Restricted Key Figures, Exceptions, Conditions with Charts and Worksheets.
  • Developed customer exit for variables and coded in user exit for BEX reporting.
  • Handled performance tuning of queries using Aggregates, Table Partitioning and Indexing of Info Cubes.
  • Involved in transportation of objects to target systems and handled transport related issues.

Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, BI 7.0/ BW 3.5, SD, MM, FI, CRM, BEx Analyzer, Web Application Designer (WAD), ABAP/4

Confidential, Northfield, IL Jan, 2007 Dec, 2007
Position: BI Developer


  • Migrated BW 3.x Objects (Data Source, ODS, transfer/update rule etc.) to BI 7.O Objects.
  • Implemented business logic using start routine in update and transfer rules
  • Coordinated with security team to define roles and authorizations
  • CreatedInfo Packages and scheduled it using process chains.
  • Installed Business Content for standard Info Objects, Info Sources, Info Cubes, Queries, Workbooks and Roles.
  • Analyzed system for Gaps based on client requirement and created GAP documents & Implemented gaps in reports.
  • Worked on the reporting tools (BEX, Web Analyzer, Report designer) for front end reporting.
  • Involved in end user training.
  • Scheduled Business Content data extraction from SAP R/3 Source System and data load procedures.
  • Worked on standard LO extractors for SD module.
  • Extracted Data from SAP R/3 system and Flat file.
  • Data Mart: Used DSO to stage the extracted data before loading into the Info Cube.
  • Maintained Aggregates on Info Cubes for Query Performance.
  • Monitoring the data loads, editing erroneous records (if there are any) and uploading to targets.

Environment: BW 3.5, ECC 5.0, ABAP/4, SRM, SD

Confidential, Hartford, CT. June, 2005 - Dec, 2006
Position: SAP BW Developer


  • Exposed to full lifecycle right from BW configuration, modeling, analysis, design specification, development, performance tuning and maintenance.
  • Performed extensive FI-GL, AP, AR, CCA, PCA and CO-PA extractions. Used CO-PA structures for sales trace overview to facilitate the data extraction to BW.
  • Extensively used BW standard business content extractors to extract data from SAP R/3 to BW and performed enhancements to accommodate business needs.
  • Created Balance Sheet - Monthly and Quarterly Breakdowns, Profit & Loss Reports for financial accounting needs.
  • Involved in Extended Star Schema Design using multiple dimensions and fact table.
  • Created data sources using generic and application specific extraction (LIS) for SD and MM modules and loaded the business content.
  • Designed and developed Info cubes, Info Sources and loaded data from SD module to BW.
  • Used ABAP Routines in Update rules & Transfer Rules to update characteristics and Key Figures in the Info Cubes.
  • Created Info Packages and Info Package Groups to do Full, Initial, and Delta extraction for both Master and Transaction data.
  • Created Sales reports like Monthly Sales, Sales Growth, and Revenue by location and by product.
  • Analysis included reviewing SAP R/3, FI functionality, transactional data, CO-PA configuration & functionality.
  • Created custom CO-PA Cube, ODS, Data Mart to satisfy business requirements.
  • Managed and monitored several data loads. Optimized load performance by adjusting the packet sizes.
  • Extensively used BEx analyzer, created queries with variables, filters. Used RRI feature to jump between the queries to analyze the data.
  • Used BEx to create reports with exceptions, conditional formatting, restricted key figures and calculated key figures.

Environment: BW3.1C, SAP R/3 4.6C, FI, SD, APO, ABAP/4

Confidential, Everett, WA June, 2004 - May, 2005
Position: Jr. SAP BW Developer


  • Extensively used BEx analyzer, created queries with variables, filters, exceptions, conditions, calculated key figures, restricted key figures.
  • Created RRI so that the user can jump from one report to the other.
  • Developed several queries and the workbooks using BEx Analyzer according to end users requirement for SD (billing document, deliveries, planned sales/ actual sales).
  • Involved in activating the Master Data sources and loaded the master data in SD and MM areas.
  • Created and maintained the info cubes in SD for Billing, Deliveries and Sales Orders Overview.
  • Worked on Info Objects, Data Sources, ODS and Info Cubes to facilitate corporate reporting
  • Worked on the extraction of data’s from LO cockpit-SAP R/3 to BW
  • Extensively worked in extractions, LO-Cockpit extraction 2LIS_02_ITM, 2LIS_13_VDHDR and others using V3 update.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining the Info Cubes / Info Providers, in Purchasing for Purchasing Data (0PUR_C01), Vendor evaluation (0PUR_C02) from the standard Business content.
  • Created transfer rules, update rules and the start routines wherever required.
  • Maintained and created aggregates to improve the performance.

Environment: BW 3.0 B, ABAP 4.6C, SD, MM, PP.

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