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Sap Bo/ Crystal Consultant Resume

Bloomsburg, PA


  • Experienced SAP certified Business Objects/Business Intelligence (BI)/ HANA Consultant with around 17 years of professional experience in Architecture, design, development and implementation of business and analytical applications using SAP Business Objects 4.1/4.0/ XI 3.2/3.1/XI R3/R2/R1/6.x.
  • Expert in Business Objects Data Services 4.2/4.1/4.0/ 3.2/3.1.
  • Well versed in creating Information Models, Attribute Views, Analytical Views and Calculation Views.
  • 10 full lifecycle implementations in SAP Business Objects/Business Warehouse (BW) projects for SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and core ERP areas of Financial Accounting, Controlling, Sales and Distribution and Supply Chain Management (Materials Management and Purchasing).
  • Experienced in all aspects of BI projects including: gap analysis, blueprinting, design specifications which include functional specification documents (FSD), business process documents (BPD) and technical specification documents (TSD), development, performance tuning, testing, documentation, maintenance, training, security authorizations and trouble - shooting.
  • Good understanding of data migration from legacy system to S/4 HANA data migration.
  • Extensively utilized business intelligence reporting tools such as Business Objects XI R 4.1/4.0/3.2/3.1 / R3/R2, Web Intelligence, Design Studio, SAP Lumira, Explorer, Dashboard (Xcelsius), SAP Mobile, Crystal Reports, Data Services (Upgrading from Business Objects XI 3.1/3.2 to Business Objects 4.0 & 4.1), SAP BW and SAP HANA.
  • Expertise in full lifecycle design, development, administration and maintenance of Business Objects Enterprise (CMC, CCM, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Info View, Web Intelligence, BI Launch Pad, Performance Management).
  • Business Objects upgrade projects from XI R3 /3.x to 4.0/ 4.1. Setup and configuration of Enterprise Server, Crystal Reports Enterprise servers, Explorer.
  • Excellent in SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , SQL Server Management Studio, Reporting Services, Analysis Services and Integration Services.
  • Excellent in DB2, SQL Server data models.
  • Created HANA Information models which are used to create multiple views of transactional data that can be used for analytical purposes.
  • Led offshore technical teams during various SAP BI Implementations.
  • Expert in business operations, data analysis, data aggregation, advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment with a strong desire to keep pace with latest technologies.


SAP Business Objects and BW (BW) enterprise architecture, strategic design and deployment of BI solutions, Business Objects migration specialist, Universe & Report Design, data modeling and metadata management. Excellent analytic and problem solving skills.


BI: Business Objects 4.1/4.0/3.2/3.1 , XI R2, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Web-Intelligence, Mobile, Desktop-Intelligence, Crystal Reports, CMC, Info View, Xcelsius, BI Launchpad and Data Services 4.1/4.0/3.2/3.1 , Information Steward, Design Studio, SAP Lumira, HANA and HANA Live (Rapid Deployment Solution)

Databases: SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , DB2, MS Access, Oracle 9x/ 10x.

Data Modeling: Erwin 4.1.4/3.5.2.

ERP:: SAP CRM, ABAP, S/4 HANA, NetWeaver, and SAP BW.

Languages: T-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL, C, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, VBScript, ASP, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, HTML, XML.

Web Servers: Tomcat, Windows2003/2000, IIS5.0, MTS, IBM RS 6000 (B50, F50).

Operating Systems: Windows SBS 2008/2003, UNIX, AIX.

GUI/Web Development: ASP, .NET, VB, JAVA, J2EE, XML, Visual Studio 2008/2005.


Confidential, Bloomsburg, PA

SAP BO/ Crystal Consultant


  • Worked with various BPO’s to collect the business requirements.
  • Used technical transformation document to design and build the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) modules.
  • Developed various Crystal Reports reports for Finance, Customer Service and other departments.
  • Designed Visualizations, stories in Business Objects Enterprise cloud (POC).

Technologies: Oracle ERP, SQL Developer, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Asana and IQMS.

Confidential, Malvern, PA

SAP HANA/BI/BO Consultant


  • Worked with executive/ project team to collect the requirements, analysing, understanding business requirements
  • Worked on Functional Specification Documents and Technical specification documents
  • Created ETL Jobs, Work Flows and Data Flows
  • Used different transforms such as Query, Case, Table Comparison, Key Generation, Merge, Date Generation and Pivot transforms
  • Automated jobs to run on daily basis
  • Developed various Design Studio/ SAP Lumira Dashboards for Global teams (Finance Dept).
  • Developed various Web Intelligence reports for Finance Dept.

Technologies: SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.2, Data Services 4.2, HANA, Web Intelligence, SQL Server 2012, Information Design Tool, Design Studio, CMC and SAP Lumira

Confidential, Allendale, New Jersey

SAP Business Objects Principal Consultant


  • SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.1 Sp4 setup, Data Services 4.2 Setup, architecture, design and development.
  • Created users, folders, groups, repositories and implemented security.
  • Defined Custom access levels with specific read, write and administrative access levels for various user groups created.
  • Designed RPDW Data warehouse in SQL Server
  • Created JOBS, Work Flows, Data flows to load the data from Great Plans & I contracts data sources into RPDW data warehouse.
  • Most of the transforms used were Source Lookup, Case, Merge, and Sequence Generator, Query Transform, Map Operations, Table Comparison, SQL and Validation Transforms
  • Experience in debugging execution errors using Data Services logs (trace, statistics and error) and by examining the Confidential data.
  • Created mappings using Designer and designed workflows using Workflows to build DW as per business rules.
  • Involved in performance issues while doing Full load and delta load using data services.
  • Automated the ETL jobs, created email notifications about job status (failure and success).
  • Strong experience of BODS administration and Configuration.

Technologies: SAP Business Intelligence Platform 4.1, Data Services 4.2, Web Intelligence, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11, Information Design Tool, CMC and SAP Lumira

Confidential, Malvern, Pennsylvania

SAP Business Objects Principal Consultant


  • Worked with project team to collect the requirements.
  • Implementation of SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP4, SAP Data Services 4.1 and Information Steward.
  • Migrated users, folders, Crystal Reports from 3.2 to 4.1.
  • Supported Business Objects authorizations by provisioning application and folder level security.
  • Defined custom access levels with read, write and administrative access levels for Finance team.
  • Managing the administration of Central Management Console (CMC) for various server configuration, User groups, security access levels and promotion management.
  • Developed Varicent and Varicent Stage universes.
  • Developed Web Intelligence Reports for Finance team (DW, Sales, Liability, off cycle).
  • Created Executive dashboards for Finance team.

Technologies: SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.1, Web Intelligence, SAP BW, ECC, SAP Mobile, Information Design Tool, HANA, HANA Studio, SQL Server (IBM Cognos) and Oracle 11

Confidential, Denver, Colorado

SAP BI Principal Consultant


  • Used HANA Studio to do data modelling, created Analytic Views, Attribute Views and Calculation Views.
  • Consumed HANA Analytic views to build the Explorer Info Spaces/ dashboards.
  • Developed Booster Margin, Pipeline Barrel, Monthly Meter, Daily Meter, Pipeline Volume and Daily Location We Intelligence reports.
  • Developed Marketing & Logistics NGL Dashboard.

Technologies: SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.1, Web Intelligence, SAP Mobile, Dashboards, Design Studio, Explorer/Exploration, Information Design Tool, HANA, Data Services, HANA Studio and Oracle 10

Confidential, Horsham, Pennsylvania

Senior SAP BI and BO Consultant


  • Gathered requirements to create the SAP Business Objects Decision Tree/ Corporate Toll BI Strategy.
  • Developed BI Strategy to suit the needs for the end users.
  • SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.1 Sp4 upgrade from XI 3.2 (Dev, Test and Prod servers).
  • Collected requirements from Sales & Marketing Departments and supporting the ad-hoc requests.
  • Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence, Universes, users, groups, folders migration from XI 3.2 to SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.1.
  • Developed BI best practices for sizing, report development, users.
  • Developed SAP Mobile Dashboards (Sales & settlements, weekly reports, home sales, models reports)
  • Developed Operations, Marketing and Mortgage Universes.
  • Developed SAP Mobile Dashboards for marketing teams and developed SAP Lumira dashboards for sales teams.

Technologies: SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.1, Crystal Reports Enterprise, Web Intelligence, SAP Mobile, Dashboards, Design Studio, Explorer/Exploration, SAP Lumira, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Business View Manager, SQL Server 2008 and Oracle 10

Confidential, Falls Church, Virginia

SAP BI and Business Objects Architect


  • Business Objects Enterprise 4.0 setup, architecture, design and development.
  • Worked on Business Objects security by giving application level security and folder level security depending on the type of requirement for different users.
  • Defined Custom access levels with specific read, write and administrative access levels for various user groups created.
  • Configured the SSO connection between BW and Business Objects and also configured the certificate verification in Business Objects CMC.
  • Implementation of BW on SAP HANA where legacy systems data and ERP data is combined by using SLT method and also Data services
  • Used different transforms such as Query, Case, Table Comparison, Key Generation, Merge, Date Generation, Pivot transforms and functions like ifthenelse (), substr, lookup, lookup ext etc.
  • Made changes to the structure of the database tables in SQL Server for adding and modifying the column values and data types in order to accommodate the changes made to the ETL.
  • Created information objects such as Attribute Views, Analytic Views, Calculation Views, and Analytic Privileges
  • Created HANA Information models which are used to create multiple views of transactional data that can be used for analytical purposes
  • Developed Web Intelligence / Dashboards in O2C Area (VSOE reporting, contact analysis, days sales outstanding, AR Invoices, contract performance report.
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports in O2C, PA process area (asset master and equipment master, periodic reconciliation, utilization reporting.)

Technologies: SAP Business Objects Enterprise 4.0/4.1, Business Objects Data Services, Oracle 11i, CMC, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Dashboard Designer(Xcelsius), Design Studio, Web Intelligence, SAP Mobile, SAP MDM, SAP BW, SAP HANA, HANA Live, BPC, ECC, NetWeaver, Quick Viewer(SQVI) and BICS.

Confidential, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

SAP BI and Business Objects Architect/Senior Consultant


  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements.
  • Interacted with business leads to gather reporting requirements to provide business solution reports.
  • Architected the upgrading/service packs/hotfixes for the current version of Business Objects.
  • Developed Web Intelligence and mobile dashboards for integrated plan and collaborative plan KPIs (industries and regions).
  • Developed Data Services jobs to transfer data from marketing platform to downstream database.
  • Designed Universe on SQL Server to load federated targets.
  • Developed Xcelsius dashboards to track pipeline acceleration, movement (positive, negative).
  • Upgraded the Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) from BOE 4.0 FP5 to BOE 4.1.
  • Created users, folders, groups and implemented security.
  • Enabled mobile access for key Marketing leadership by configuring KPI planning dashboards on iPads.

Technologies: Business Objects Enterprise 4.1/ 4.0, SQL Server 2008/2005,CMC, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Dashboard Designer(Xcelsius), Web Intelligence, Explorer, Exploration, SAP Mobile, Data Services 4.0, Design Studio 1.1 and SAP Visual Intelligence 1.1

Confidential, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Lead SAP BI/Business Objects Architect


  • Setup Business Objects Enterprise platform 4.1/4.0 setup for Events and SAP CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Dashboards.
  • Setup Business Objects Enterprise platform 3.2 for North America Confidential Select, CAR and MIP marketing analytics.
  • Developed complex T-SQL queries, jobs, stored procedures to transfer data from multiple sources.
  • Developed Data Services jobs to transfer data from DB2 to support MIP.
  • Designed CAR Universe, Confidential Select universe to support Confidential Select segmentation.
  • Designed MIP Universe to support MIP Confidential Select.
  • Designed Events Universes to support SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando, SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid, SAPPHIRE NOW Beijing, World Tours/SAP Forums, and Tech-Ed.
  • Designed Behavioral Data Universe.
  • Developed SAP Corporate Events Reports in Web Intelligence/MOBI. These can be accessed using iPad (MOBI, Explorer and Exploration).
  • Developed Xcelsius Dashboard for Events (Pipeline summary, registration, L1s, leads, pipeline, MTP/MPP movement, booked & won).
  • Developed Xcelsius dashboard for World Tours & Tech-Ed.
  • Developed CAR reports in Explorer and Web Intelligence.
  • Created users, folders, groups and implemented security.
  • Implemented user security in CMO dashboards.

Technologies: BO Enterprise 4.0/ 3.2/ 3.1/3.0 , SQL Server 2005/2008, .NET,ASP, CMC, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool, Xcelsius/ Dashboard Designer, Web Intelligence, Explorer, Exploration, MOBI, Data Services, XML, JAVA, J2EE, Crystal Reports and DB2

Confidential, Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Senior SAP BI and BO Consultant/Architect


  • Upgraded the Business Objects Enterprise from XI 3.0 to 3.1.
  • Installed and enabled Business Objects Data Services. Created jobs to transfer the data from various sources (Customer survey data, CRM data, aggregated/ KPI data).
  • Designing the report in Business Objects and Crystal Reports.
  • Created complex report by using data provider, union and open document concepts.
  • Created the sub reports in Crystal Reports.
  • Created complex objects and conditions, created objects by using @functions and cascading prompts in the Universe.
  • Developed complex derived table into the Universe.
  • Created complex join in the Universe, created aliasing method and context method for resolving the loops and traps.
  • Created Xcelsius dashboards, Web Intelligence reports to support Benchmarks & Best Practices (HRM, TCO, BI, GRC, SRM, Finance, CRM).
  • Created high level dashboards for management by implementing data security; created interactive Xcelsius dashboard with hyperlink drilldowns to detailed Web Intelligence reports.
  • Configured shared folders to prevent users from accessing dashboard reports, prompts and filters. Created separate shared folders and permissions for users to share ad-hoc reports with other users.
  • Created row level security in the Universe.
  • Created dynamics universe connection based on the user profile.

Technologies: Business Objects Enterprise XI 3.2/ 3.1/3.2, SQL Server 2000/2005, CMC, Universe Designer, Web Intelligence, Xcelsius, Explorer, Data Services, Crystal Reports and DB2

Confidential, Florida

Senior Consultant


  • Developed scripts to create warehouse database table and temp tables.
  • Created entity, domain constraints and maintained relationships between tables.
  • Developed DTS packages to transform, and import data related to account dim, trade detail, Security Master, Wire, Customer, Account, Positions, Money Line from huge data files.
  • Created high level designs and Impact analysis documents.
  • Created universes for various functional areas.
  • Developed many Web Intelligence reports.
  • Worked on Business Objects XI R2 Administration, CMC maintenance, setting up users/ groups/ folders. Implemented row level and column level security.

Technologies: SQL Server 2000/2005, Business Objects XI R1/R2, .NET, ASP, XML, VB, JAVA, J2EE, CMC, Web Intelligence

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